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it's $410 after taxes and next day delievery
good deal? or should i wait around 6 months for new cards, realistically 8 months for availability
i know we're on verge of new gpu tech coming out soon that's why i'm on the fence about this
using it to run ultrawide 2560x1080

coming from 7950 1100 core/1575 mem

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shameless self bump

More Info?

what other info can i provide?
i7 4790k @ 4.8ghz
16gb 1866
anything else?

looking for some recommendations that's all
i know what kind of performance it has vs the competition, just wondering if it's worthwhile to get it now that's all

Look for something with 8gb vram

buy a 1070
20% better performance at 100x better drivers and it wont set your house on fjre

I bought one. Works great, runs cool and pump whine isn't too bad. Probably outclassed by 1070 in most dx11 titles but if you're going AMD that's a good price/performance.

I too came from a 7950 and decided to trust once more in the longevity of their parts

another user recommended the Sapphire Fury Nitro, it's available for $325 after taxes.
i would save about $85 for about 3-5% difference, seems like that's a good trade off to me

what's really putting on the fence is whether to buy the fury/fury x now or wait 6-8 months for next gen cards, i know it's going to be 2x more expensive, but if the performance was up there around 1.5x then i might be worth the wait?

6-8 months is really long since i have a bunch of games i want to play with very high settings

Buy a Fury for $300 and unlock CUs to a Fury X

unlock CU?


unlocking cu = luck of the draw though :-/

but the fury nitro for $325 after taxes seems like a decent way to go?

anybody eant to chime in on whether i should pick up a fury for $325 and enjoy it for 6-8 months cause that's when it's rumored that next gen card coming out right?

no inputs on whether buy now or wait?

buy now as in buy a FURY now or wait

the fury has very good price/performance at the moment, better than the rx480. if you can afford those $300 it'll serve you well until vega. you most likely will not be able to unlock it to a fury x though, so don't ruin your card.

As someone who went from 7950 -> Fury X (XFX also, not that it should matter) and uses a 2560x1440 screen, I fucking love the difference it made.
Getting to enable freesync, the extra fps was a big jump, temps ran at 60 load (but is now 40 load under a custom loop) and it runs really well IMO.
I would however say wait for 490 at this point, see how it turns out, because 490 should be stronger + 8GB GDDR5X as a minimum, if not 8GB HBM2.

The 490 is only speculation. There was a gpu with the name Rage listed under AMD's future developments, which would likely replace the Fury X. Vega is HBM2, but won't be out for a while yet. Could be out Jan 1st, or Jun 30th, nobody knows.

No one ever unlocks a Fury to a Fury X except in rare cases, the most you usually unlock is 3840 cores max, which is still a pretty decent bump from what I've seen mine do

2560~ might be pushing it for a Fury depending on the game, but an X should be fine. 4GB of HBM is the biggest chokepoint more than anything, but the only time this has been an issue is with DXMD, and I was limited to no MSAA and only the very high textures

>buying tech showcase most expensive GPU which is outclassed by midrange next year
>buying LAST GEN one at that
yeah man

went from dying r9 290 to used fury x for 360€ in germany

the coilwhine on the pump is acceptable, especially if you have a dampened case.

the volume build up is reasonable and you can cap the fan at 40% on full load and it doesn't get above 58°C on my machine.

i keep it at 15% on idle which is barely noticable