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Yes, we know everything already is from China but in here we discuss the no/low-name cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

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Christmas Wishlist Code Thread #3

We are petitioning chinese sites such as Gearbest and AlIExpress to include some sort of wishlist feature in time for Christmas so that we can gift each other secret santas etc

And with only 96 days until Christmas we might be able to make this happen in time, maybe we can try and enlist the help of /cgl/ in our endeavour. Here's a standard message you can just copypaste and send to Gearbest to let them know you want this feature >News
• user isn't entirely sure if the 8(?)cent rubber duckie was worth it • user gets a pokemon plushie and some other 'things' • Just as user tries to quit buying chink shit Gearbest rewards him points for the product reviews he made • user bought a Nilkin screen protector and a 32gb MIXZA shark • user gets a message about his dispute • AliExpress SUPERDEAL for just 1cent(!) a $2 off coupon on orders of $2.01 or more. CC check-out only. • user got three things, a replica Triwa Falken, a fake sub and a fabulous Sanrenmu • user posts his chink shit collection so far reviews LiitoKala charger • user got his $12 custom XL mousepad in the mail • Retail working user runs in the Xiaomi Mi Box • Gearbest packing employee accidentally moved the package camera • user got a Xiaomi Pocket and Pokemon Go patch Previous thread

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first for kill all men

Last minute news addition
• user buys MAGA hat • Some rules apply to that AliExpress 1cent coupon:
1. In order to qualify for this promotional offer, you must be:
i) a newly registered member of AliExpress.com; or
ii) a registered member of AliExpress.com but have never made a purchase before; and during the promotional period, add a new payment card (credit or debit) to your account.

used uk express post with gaybest.. figured from google that it's a yodel tracking number this morning. the fact it's now in their "sort centre" means my chink shit has successfully slipped past her majesty's revenue and customs, r-right?

what's some neat things around $2.5 that I could spend the coupon on?

Maybe some Halloween chink shit or Christmas chink shit?

>not putting the female /csg/ in the news

You might want to check again.

yo m80 are you working the afternoon shift this week

t. other OP

it's very easy to overlook since you generically tied it in with the wishlist thing, not even explaining to other anons who might have missed last OP that /csg/ is the female /csg/

Is it worth buying a 16gb Mi Max?

I only want it for manga because my workplace doesn't allow us to bring in tablets or other "Personal Entertainment Devices". There's lots of downtime and they don't care what we do on our phones but you can't bring in other devices.

Don't intend to use it as my daily driver and I would prefer to spend less because I already have a tablet.

friendly reminder that this is the /csl/ version of BMCV
>that one user that was planning on buying one if the hand can be made into deathgrip

oh boy china stuff came

>mfw that one is marked Toy

here's the "Toy"
iPhone 6/6S Plus screen protector that I got for 1 cent

what the fuck is that

here's the other thing

a fancy as fuck iPhone 6/6S case that I got for 8 cents

It's got a neat pattern that reflects light in a cool way. Also it's made out of this cool to the touch plastic that almost feels like metal.

/cgl/ being mainly female is pretty much a given, considering the board's theme.

Baby Hand Car Wankie

can't tell you how unironically unimpressed i would if i found out the girl i'm seeing:

a. ordered shit off ali
b. used Cred Forums

Wish they'd make shit for Huawei P9 already. No good covers, no roms, nothing...

that's what you get for buying chink

Anyone got a link to the Chinese guy who sells Fake DW watches? Remember seeing a seller that would sell ones with the DW logo, if you asked nicely. Can't seems to find them anymore.

Has anyone been given a fake tracking number from gearbest before?
Last tracking message says
>shipping information received by australia post: processing
Update was over 1 month ago and tracking not recognised by aus post


Aski him for DW watch and send him the picture you want

Tracking posters KYS right now.

Since I am in China these days amd busy shopping. Heres a small assortment of Xiaomi batteries that I will use as gifts.

You do realize that lithium battery devices aren't allowed on as checked in luggage and that there is a limit of how many you can bring as carry on right?


>implying every single piece of baggage gets xrayed
source: work in an airport

>tfw in the news
haha yes

Nice anything else you buy?

>tfw still no new chink packages for me


Yes I do. 2 per Person, so I have 2 for myself, 2 for the gf.

In China every suitcase is in fact checked for batteries directly after Check-In. You have to wait at the counter and unpack batteries if you have any inside.

Same here m8. I just want my chinky earphones ;-;

>tfw 3 (1 minimum) chinky gifts will arrive in just 9 hours
my damn emacs shirt still hasn't left China though

2 OrangePi PC, 1 OrangePi One, 2 NanoPi Neo
Gonna use these as servers for all kinds of things, maybe some emulation, one for Kodi for my parents. Also bought 25 heatsinks for 10c

Xiaomi Mousepad, Xiaomi Router (big one), Xiaomi scale, Roidmi 2s, phonecases for the family for very cheap

My gf is chinese, so I can go shopping here once or twice a year.

you do realize what checked baggage is right?
You're trying to tell me every massive suitcase is xrayed as the person is waiting to check in to get their boarding pass. Do you realize just how incredibly retarded that sounds.
Here's what actually happens. You bring your passport/ID to check in counter with suitcase
Passport gets verified, boarding pass printed, suitcase is weighed, checked luggage tag gets printed, this gets put on suitcase and suitcase is sent on it's way on a conveyor belt.
All this usually done in under 5 minutes

Daily reminder that using tracking is not the real /csg/ experience.

He is actually right, and you're retarded

Daily reminder that the same forced meme every thread is the ultimate /csg/ experience

Daily reminder that forced memers should kill themselves. Also, tracking is a bad meme and is not part of the /csg/ experience. It only costs more and is either fake or giving autists anger attacks because it takes too long.

>there are multiple airlines
>each airline has multiple checkin counters
>each checkin counter has a big xray machine for checking luggage
>each airport has hundreds of suitcase checking xray machines
>each person checking in luggage has to wait while the suitcase gets xrayed
>two retards in this thread believe this is what happens

>costs more
what the fuck kind of garbage carrier are you using
literally every item I have ordered has had free tracking

I guess you have not ordered enough.

>item arrives destroyed
>send seller a message
>no response for 4 days
>open dispute
>response within a few hours
Should I accept his proposal?

do it

OP here, I've tried to drum up support with here's hoping we can count on them, they are of course more than welcome to join in the Secret Santa gift giving /CSG/ threads should Gearbest adopt such a Wishlist system (or any other chink site for that matter.)

if you want the item yes, extend the protection and wait one more time.

This: With 200+ orders a year I can guarantee you 80% didn't come with tracking.

y trust him he is good chinkman

Ask for money back, and order again.
Trust me. Fucking chinks.

/ C G L /

I noticed aliexpress has an "App suggestion" menu in the menu of the app.

We could send an edited version of to ali that way

/cgl/ - /csg/ dating app when

You might want to go there yourself to see it.

buy a bunch of xiaomeme pen and resell them

Sure! Feel free to give it a try, the more anons that do the larger chance we have of it happening.

that guy was saying the people need to wait at the check in counter while the bag is xrayed
So either the bag gets xrayed right there and then meaning there is an xray machine for every checkin counter (doesn't happen)
or there is maybe 1 xray machine for every airline, meaning that one machine xrays the bag for every passanger checking in a bag meaning all the passangers wait at the counter until they get an ok (also doesn't happen)
I've already said I work at an airport so I know that guy is full of shit
It's police or airport security who handle xraying bags not the fucking pleb giving you your boarding pass, and as I said not every luggage gets xrayed amd if they are and that xray finds something, the bag will be opened while you aren't there by security and either the offending item is taken out or the luggage doesn't go on the plane

Ordered something at gearbest, like a month ago or so. How exactly do I track my order? The website just gives me a tracking number, that is a clickable link which leads to the same website. Using that tracking number on 7tracker doesn't work either. View Tracking Message does nothing.

tried 17track?

In Northern Africa and Turkey half the airports have you go through security before getting on the airport ground, and all your luggage goes through xray right there in front of you.

Why is it so hard to believe in some more modern airports they have an xray and other security devices somewhere on the belt network?

>Using that tracking number on 7tracker doesn't work either
Sorry, I meant 17track, yes, no results.

Looking for a pre-amp with phantom power for my condenser mic.
any good, cheap ones out there?

checked in luggage isn't carry on luggage you fucking moron
also it does have an xray on the belt network but not for while you are next to it waiting for your boarding pass to get printed as that other retard implied

is anyone having trouble checking out on ali express? the captcha code wont work and i'm not sure why (i've tried being case sensitive)

>have you go through security before getting on the airport ground

Literally implies they scan both checkin and carry on.


I don't know about China but where I work in the USA, baggage gets weighed, tagged, and dropped on a conveyor belt. Baggage travels to a large TSA screening room with machines that scan for suspicious items. I don't know if people monitor the scanned images or if there's some sort of automatic detection. If a bag is suspicious or gets randomly selected, it gets pulled and manually searched. Items not allowed onboard aircraft are either removed and the customer is given an option to ship it to their destination (at the customers expense). After it passes TSA, the bag gets sorted to whichever airline. Even then, a bag is sometimes taken to be manually searched randomly or if the images don't turn out right. Different stations and countries might have different procedures though.

t. Ramp worker

Recommend me a good earphones

airport ground is seperate from public ground
when you go check in your luggage and then sit in mcDonalds you aren't on airport ground yet.
It's only after you go through the process of security screening that you are in fact on airport ground
Are you seriously trying to imply that every single person going into an airport, even just to do some shopping goes through a security screening?
Anyone coming to pick someone up who is arriving goes through security xray.? Really? Can you understand now how retarded you sound?

I'm pretty sure it's still primarily people that look at the bag.

Buy some KZ or Xiaomi perhaps?

How do you want them to sound?

exactly what I was saying
So if a battery is found like said. Is security going to run around the airport looking for the guy the suitcase belongs to so they can unpack it? No.
You will never be in a position where you need to unpack batteries yourself from a checked in bag. Carry on luggage yes, but not checked in luggage

Warning: Only 60493 of 60494 MByte tested.
The media is likely to be defective.
7.3 GByte OK (15457167 sectors)
51.7 GByte DATA LOST (108432497 sectors)
Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
51.7 GByte corrupted (108432497 sectors)
0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x00000001728cc000
Expected: 0x00000001728cc000
Found: 0x00000049728cc008
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 8.20 MByte/s
Reading speed: 9.20 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

so is this just an 8GB card?
How to reform it to proper size

I mean, the kiosks or ticket agents should be asking you about prohibited items. You'll have the chance to unpack them then unless you want to risk getting butt raped by fines if they find it.

These checking rooms are at the end of every check-in counter aisle. All the luggage goes through this room on a conveyor belt. If you have a battery inside, they will call your name, you go to the room, open the suitcase and take the battery to the airplane. Almost nobody keeps batteries in the luggage, so its not busy there.

My and a friend had out laptops in the suitcase and both had to take out the batteries and bring them separately. We were the only people called to the room during the time at the airport.

I still have no message back from Helen guys.

How much you paid of that?

Anyway, quick and dirty fix is just making partition that small.

I wasnt sure if they are that good... One pen is around 3 euros here and its just a pen.

An orange pi one is 8 euros and is a mediocre set top box. Might sell these instead

I received one today, they're good, and very elegant

Ordered a ZUK Z2 from gearbest. Did I fuck up?

I didnt buy it. Not a Mixza by the way.

Best chink dual driver IEMs? Wanna try out something different for cheap. Currently looking at KZ ZST.

Xiaomeme Hybrids

Dirty Reviews - the granddaddy of them all and the man who brought us the Mixza shark meme.

Unbiased Tech Reviews - after losing his leg in an exploding chink shit accident, Unbiased dedicated his life to preventing another tragedy occurring.

Comfy Tech Reviews - bird loving Brit, most well-known for BM-800 videos and cutting peppers with chink knives.

OneBoxing Video Reviews - no narration reviews with cheesy music, pretty much a vehicle to make money off referral links

TechTablets - Still the best resource for chinky tablet and phone reviews with a ton of knowledge.

Fyodor Dostomedsky - an arthouse experiment to see how unrelated and weird video reviews can be before Gearbest rejects them. So far they've accepted them all.

Awful China Loot Reviews - famously unwatchable rambling reviews filmed by a bumbling migrant "from" Sweden

/csg/ reviews - Canadian reviewer, had to retire after his parents remortgaged their home so he could see Kanye West

>Are you seriously trying to imply that every single person going into an airport, even just to do some shopping goes through a security screening?


>Airport grounds security, everything is xrayed, you go through metal detector, etc.
>Check in, drop of your lugage
>Go through security again to get in the duty free zone
>Go through security again when boarding the plane

This was in Atlanta Airport, as well as in Egypt

Captcha won't work when ordering from AliExpress. Anyone having the same problem?

no because i'm human
nice try mr roboto

the captcha is in the sorry

Fucking checked nigger

why are you even resolving a captcha? don't you have alipay?

Except at my local airport they have a fucking TV that shows your luggage contents being xrayed right at the check in counter.

This doesn't need posting every thread dude.

came here to check this

Notifying PLA of foreigner with battery bomb at airport

get some cheap Orico microusb cables, 50cm for $0.98, 80cm for $1.18 and 100cm for $1.28.

Write wiki as wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Chink_shit_general
Or else I cant get to it faggots

Best chinkphone with removable battery and custom rom support under 200 eurobucks?

Unbiased tech review here. Can you take me off this list. I don't like to be shilled, it makes mefeel dirty inside everytime I see this.

thank you.

p.s my dog ate my Rock Zircon earphones, I'm devasted.
Looks like I'll have to reorder them.

Anyone know what's the favourite meme of the week for earphones?

you missed the 1cent ones for an hour

So, Xiaomi Redmeme 3 pro or 3s?
Read here that 3s has better specs but 3 pro has better community support.

KZ has a bunch of new models out that were posted over the past couple weeks.

KZ ED7, KZ-ZS3, KZ ZST being the most recent

>write gearbest review
>also add pictures and a video
>only get points for the text

Do I need to wait? How does this work?

Or should I wait for Xiaomi Redmeme 4 to be possibly announced on September 27th's event?

No point in arguing with a cavedweller who's never been on an international flight

The chunks found us months ago and now they advertise to us

Why is it taking so long to ship a simple USB flash drive from China?

Do you get any views or subs from all this shilling? I never see these channels get any bigger whenever I check in.

You get points for the photos separately, usually takes awhile (a week, sometimes more)

>doesn't use an adblocker

I bet you buy a lot of dildoes too

It must really piss the chinks off having to hand over money to a Jap for advertising space.

they will never send it. I did the same shit, even extended the protection. They never re-sent it and I waited around like a retard for another month before opening another dispute.

Redmi 3s has better GPU.
Redmi 4 won't be out till January 2017.

Helen gave me a refund I think. She said she did and told me to check my account but I see nothing from my bank. She didn't ask for paypal. It takes a week or two right?

I'm not so sure about this russian coupon

Is alipay /csg/ approved?

didja check the wiki?

You got me.

Anybody else heard about this?

>20 MP Sony Sensor
>4K video
>touch screen but no EVF
>Chinese price is 329 USD

Sorry if this seems like a shill post (I own a Sony), but I just find it a bit that Xiaomi is entering the enthusiast camera market. I just wanted /csg/'s reaction.

The first site I encounter after Googling:

Lithu is shitposting it up in /cgl/ now, falseflagging as Dirty Reviews

Redmi 3 pro is $145 on banggod, gpu is secondary since I don't play games. Should I pull the trigger?

First chink photocamera that doesn't suck, that would be a first and it's by Xiaomi too so you know it's going to be gud.

These just came through in the post, how long do I have to live until I burn in my own home?

Call me back when chinks make cheap e-mount lenses

Camera seems nice though. Picture quality a bit meh. Cheap build won't last. Good for Chink tourists

Just report it.
Don't spread all our autism to other boards.

NiMH are pretty safe, so I'm afraid you'll continue living a while.

Why does gearbest show raspis as 61% off but they are still 35 burger coins? is this some not so sneaky chink sales tactics?

On yodel tracking it says 'WITH SENDER
Your parcel will be with us soon
13 September at 00:00'.

The 13th was like one week ago
Have I been chinked?

Sony makes MFT sized sensors? huh.

Yes. The Panasonic MFT cameras with the larger megapickles are Sony's

can i get a link on those? a built in charger seems actually really useful for some applications

>he doesn't know about the female (male) lolita scene

That's a neat gimmick but I suspect those are inferior to real nimh batteries as far as capacity goes.


Anyone bought a laser engraver from china before? Any you'd recommend?

Redmi 3s Prime is $133. SD616 in the Redmi 3 is overheating shit.


Overall performance wise, it seems like the 3s is better than the 3 pro despite the 3 pro having supposedly better CPU and worse GPU.
But since the 3s was just recently released, there's still little community support on it, so less tool support for flashing and whatever.
I'm almost pulling the trigger on the 3s.

daily reminder to tip your mailman

Oh I make sure to give him the tip every day ;)

the 3S is shit because it doesn't have a cool pattern on the back

m8 it's been 2 days, give it some time

CPU is slightly slower but more power efficient/heats less. GPU is better. EMMC is faster, comes with marshmallow. Benchmarks better (~42k antutu). SD430 is based on a newer manufacturing process, has a newer GPU, has more LTE support and should generally run cooler and more efficiently.

I'm not sure about community support because I plan on staying om MiUI 8 anyway. the CM ports for the budget models are always full of bugs.

Why it's better*. that pattern is ugly as sin.

you're objectively wrong

please drink bleach

pretty much, or customs got it are my guesses

Looks like chinkmas came early

please stay out of of AE and taobao threads
love, /cgl/

Will black Rock Zircons ever be back in stock on gearbest? Those are the cheapest for me out of all chink websites.

no u

How much time does priority shipping from China warehouse usually need?


I never check.
I doubt it though.

I'll check them out, thanks.


First the stuff from aliexpress:
It's the $0.06 meme duck!
A $0.10 stylus pen
$0.11 finger protector thingys
$0.80 Remax usb cable
$0.59 4gb flash drive

If you're wondering what women buy from these types of sites, I did some digging and found the answers
user buys lots of false eyelashes user worries about starting a fire in her home
user buys a sexy body pillow, hopes it has pants
user's shopping service fucks up

I came back from China once and Taiwan twice, and they do say no batteries inside luggage. They ask and check. Carry-on is fine

From gearbest:
Rock Zircon memephones
Phone tripod for the gearbest video reviews
Mini usb fan
Storage pouch for all my chink shit
And $0.10 finger led lights that I ordered with those russian coupons two months ago

Better photo of the storage pouch (it smells terrible)

I'm looking for those shark micro SD cards they had around a while ago?

I want a 32 or 64gb one, where should I look?

Uh so can some veteran /csg/ers post their points ranking?
Still a greenhorn desu

And lastly some $0.01 stuff from miniinthebox:
Waterproof phone bag
Phone stand
Adapter to use a headset with a phone
Usb charger (for $0.01, what could go wrong?)
A water bottle (BPA free but what about lead and cancer?)

I'm at a2 currently and have been buying from Ali for about a year

any cheap earphones recommendations ?

did you read the wiki?


Yi Technology is not part of Xiaomi, they just had a partnership for the actioncams.

There is no Xiaomi branding on the Yi M1 because it's a Yi product.

got a £1 clip for my kodak gopro.

>no points for orders under $2
someone needs to post an infographic on how to get points fast
Do you stack points by shopping on consecutive days?

why bother?
ali points are pretty useless

Here's mine
Didn't bother to cut out stuff because I'm at work anyway


fuck, i want to replace my NX3000, and as long as that has timelapse, phase detect AF, proper video out i may have to jump on it


> Gearbest packing employee accidentally moved the package camera → →

He was probably way behind on his chinking quota so he had to step it up.

I also got shitfaced at a streetparty last Friday and destroyed my Redmi 3 glass screen (the digitizer part, screen itself is okay).
Already ordered a replacement, cost me $10 with the tools included.

>mfw I drop it face down on a concrete block

Nobody cares, leave them be.

Can I change my feedback rating after the fact?

You got chink'd

Is it a holiday? USPS has been sitting around in Kentucky for 4 days straight lazy fucks. Im only going to tip them 8% max

I got refunded already but the seller is cute and I feel bad.

>3$ shipping for $1 shoelaces
why is this allowed

Had to go in the room because of a pocket knife in my checked luggage.. Not sure why they asked about it since it was checked but they put it back and that was that...

>you will never be a qt bunny
>ywn even have a qt bunny gf
What doth life?

Holy shit, a courier. What's inside?

IML? Holy shit user, I just got my package shipped from Moscow with IML today. They spent 1 week sending it out and only did it yesterday. How much time do they spend and do they deliver on your door or post office? I live in like nowhere.

Tigernu backpack.

4 days from order to reception, and it could be 2 days faster if a retarded operator didn't make a typo in my phone number.

Sorry for my retarded phone rotating pics.

Is it any good user? I'm looking to buy one myself.
What model did u bought?

>Usb charger (for $0.01, what could go wrong?)

Oh boy

Good quality, a lot of compartments. Also a lock is included.

2016 New Designed Men's Backpacks Bolsa Mochila for Laptop 14 Inch 15 Inch Notebook Computer Bags Men Backpack School Rucksack
(from AliExpress Android)

The road to 500 is long

Thanks user! surprisingly it looks very good!!

Got my Xiaomi hybrid Mi IV headphones today,anyone interested in a small review?

Look what I got

Boy, did you fuck up.

Yes go ahead.


Maybe don't live in a third world country.

rn2p kate cases WHEN???

Any decent but cheap non-in ear earbuds?

Like those old ones I mean. The ones that you don't shove into your ear canal that hurts really bad.

Whay sellers have genuine piston 3s?

Why does Alipay need my identity information, should I put real of fake info?


Sennheiser MX 170

The USA is a 2nd world country

No one here can help you, its just shitposting kids. Ask /cgl/

Oh right. Remember looking at those a while ago. thanks.

I said cheap. And implied chink.

You don't gain anything from those stupid levels anyway.

aint nothing wrong with fun 6h long DIY kit

watch out that fan kills the iPhone if plugged in wrong

My first post here... Sorry if my grammar is poor.
I have a Nokia asha 302 and now I have a job that would be much easier if I had a smartphone.

Thinking about a chink Android, there are a couple of candidates I found on the wiki. But then someone mentioned Yotaphone 2 and I instantly loved the idea of dual screen with eink. The design and quality also look pretty neat, but it doesn't have a big user base and reviews are mixed...
I'm guessing most negative reviews are because of the price (many compare it to the iPhone) and/or commie russians...

Is this phone a good idea for someone who doesn't have experience with smartphones? The price on aliexpress looks to good to pass. Does it need special software because of dual screens or something?

I am not a power user (I never get in situations where I would need to use it ), I just want quality and usability. Does an older Android version hinder browsing the internet in any way?

If it was worth it to you just for the fun of putting it together and you're aware those cheap DSOs are useless crap, then it's okay I guess.

Well,ill try and do my best then.
I've ordered the headphones from GearBest on 7 September,received them today,so thats less than 2 weeks,pretty neat for chink stuff.
The box it came in is pretty simple,nothing special(you can see it in my previous post)
Now lets talk about the headphones.They seem pretty resistant,they have a comfy design and they certainly fucking stay in your ears. Tried headbanging like a retard in my room and they didn't even flinch. So thats pretty good.
The sound quality is pretty solid,played some music on my iPod™ and I could hear the notes loud and clear.Now excuse me,I'm not an audiophile,I'm just an autist that needed to buy a new pair of earphones after my Razer Hammerhead Pro® broke,so I will not pretend I know anything about music quality.
In conclusion, I've got them for 14$ and I'd say the price is totally WORTH it. I'm very happy with them and I recommend them to everyone that wants to buy a new decent pair of headphones for ~15$.

It's a cool phone user.
You could also check out the Xiaomi phones but I don't think you care much about getting the latest Android version / fastest CPU etc.

I would get the Yotaphone 2 if I was you.
Keep tax / import costs in mind of your country. Most cheap products don't have an import fee but phones might. And MIGHT. lot's of phones go trough without paying extra.

Don't talk to me lowlevel.

Stuffed it with some shit. The "book compartment" is almost ideal for storing a backup laptop battery.

>plugged in wrong
How exactly do you plug it in wrong? Got any source for it breaking phones?

Canucklefuck reporting in.

Running the rn3p international version (kate) on Telus in Montreal.

Great 4G coverage and speeds.


I just bought a 128 GB Mixza Shark and tested it with the USB that it came with.
Is it legit?

Does anybody have any recommendations for chink cameras? Not anything fancy like what user posted, I just want to take pictures that are better than what my phone can take (HTC trash). No need for 4k video, I probably won't take videos at all.

USB 2.0 speed you dumbfuck.

What are the cheapest but prettiest shirts and dresses I can buy for my pillow

>tfw no qt gf to buy chinkshit for

Rock Zircons

How's the bottom like? I always get lazy and some pens fall into my bag, and eventually tear small holes through the bottom.

Hey guys, how often does GayBest do the flash sale promos?

The redmeme I wanted was ~10% cheaper just yesterday on a flash sale, a sale on top of the regular sale they already have. Should I wait for it again?

xiaomi piston 3
xiaomi hybrid
senfer ue

anything that arent Rock Zylcon Bs

do gb and ali do something like this? from cgl
>singles day (11/11) is like the American Black Friday. It's the one day that shops go crazy with sales and you can basically find stuff 50% or more off if you're lucky.

11/11 is called Singles Day because it started out as a festival to celebrate being single among young people. I'm just guessing but I like to think it's because South Korea turned 11/11 into Pepero Day which became a sort of extra Valentines where you go out and buy Korean pocky and exchange them. Then Japan made Pocky Day on the same day so someone got it in their mind to turn China's 11/11 day into something different and China has a LOT of singles.. thus, it was born.
As for why it's the biggest shopping holiday? Well, it's either because it caught on and retails saw it as an opportunity OR because being single means you sit at home sadly and online shop to make yourself feel better so why the fuck not make it a shopping holiday?

It's so big that most shopping services put out advances notices requiring that you place orders for 11/11 at least two weeks early and even then it's not guaranteed that you'll get everything because everyone saves up orders for that day.
The shops usually start advertising their 11/11 sales weeks in advance and will either show the full price or a 'mystery' price like:
>Normal Price: 143.78Y
>11/11 Price: 1??.78Y
Where you don't know what you're paying until that day but they can still advertise a big discount. This method though is a bit of a gamble since you don't know if you'll get 43Y off or just 14Y.

Taobao also updates their site so you can search solely for 11/11 deals ahead of time to make your cart lists.

I've already got a cart going for 11/11 with stuff I want to buy and when it gets closer and they start showing sales prices I can go through my cart and if an item isn't on sale, I can just copy+paste the keywords, sort by 11/11 deals, and find a cheaper option!

(I never get in situations where I would need to use it )

I meant to say (but too retarded to follow through on my own thoughts):
*I never get in situations where I would need to use it for more than 3 hours per day (usually up to 2 hours per day)

And thanks for the reply.
Also a big thank you to OP and whoever maintains the wiki, it is awesome.

Synthetic cloth (nylon?) and foam under it. Feels more durable than others, but pens will eventually pierce it anyway.

Only 3 days of purchase protection left and my 3cent rubbery ducky still hasn't arrived

Also no Chink shit in the mail today


about to buy me some Piston 3 earbuds...
how can i tell theyre not fake or get chinked?

>lewd body pillow
its like looking in a mirror

Says the scrub.

Does CM13 have an off switch for root like MIUI chinese dev does?

Pokemon Go bans rooted phones

also interested

Isn't fast refund useful if you order a lot of items though? The A3 tier bonus? Well, they will still process it just faster or so...

whats a good usb 3.0 card reader i can get cheaply then?

also install xposed when you install cm13 and use your root privileges to hide the fact that the phone is rooted from pokemon go

If it's a stable release it wont be prerooted, if it's a nightly release root can be switched on/off from developer settings


The value of your orders is really high, I bought much more items (more feedback points) but only have about 1/3 of your value of orders.

Seems the $0.05 soft toys won't be shipping ;_;

>Processing Time remaining: 3 hours 36 minutes
Don't give up hope, user!


got a pair of these en route to replace my piston 3s. the packaging on those was over engineered I thought. this looks much more sensible. in the poly bag you have spare buds?

Store is shut down.
I reported them for review manipulation.

any /csg/ approved Christmas shit?

buy them from a reputable vendor not a random off ali


Does anyone here have any experience with buying GPUs from alibaba ?

>tfw banned from /cgl/ for posting the BMCV

Today my Barsh watch arrived!
I bought it for ~€3 and the quality is great for the price. I mean, as far as I know, the strap's made of metal :D

I have no idea how to read it however, anyone got a review that explains this? the hands are a little confusing.. anyway, I'd recommend this if you have a small wrist and like chink watches.

pls excuse my crappy laptop webcam, my ulefone paris is still broken and the only replacement I have is a goophone i5c which isn't any better than this

Anyone planning on pre-ordering this? It seems interesting and with such a design for $67 I can't complain..


interesting watch (an hour long) but there's definitely anons here that will appreciate


>The Silicon Valley of
>geared towards Ameridumbs
No thanks.

You keep forgetting karpathy, the man who invented /csg/ and made it hugely popular by mentioning us in a video.

Just search for "usb battery" and you'll find it.


i'm not a burger, i thought it was a really decent watch desu

anyone clarify how to get this? ali is offering me $4 off a $20 purchase for registering but that's all I see

in side news (not a normie i swear) this site is a godsend for being able to buy my gf necklaces. im getting shcit on here for .90 that would cost $15 on amazon

I'm about to buy like ten necklaces and give her one a week. Dog bless her for just appreciating the jewelry i give her despite it not being expensive. as long as it looks ok

My first ever chinkshit: a MiGEER watch with Nato strap

It seems pretty decent, at least for 2€. The smaller dials don't work at all, and pressing the two buttons does nothing. The outer portion is clean and scratch free, but the inner metal (under the glass) has some pretty distinct scratching around the 3-4 o'clock area. All in all I'd say it's worth it, at least so far. No idea how long well it keeps time over long periods.

also, s-sorry for my twink wrist...

Nice, another user with a Barsh. I agree with it being a bit hard to read. The long end of the white hand shows hours and the long end of the red hand shows minutes.

i'd allow 4chin to advertise to me if it wasn't always anime stuff (no offense to animefags) but i browse with people around sometimes

does anyone have the mod that was posted for the BM-800 to eliminate self-noise? i want to get rid of it, without buying an audio interface

Thank you very much, kind user!
Barsh meetup when

>I'm about to buy like ten necklaces and give her one a week
That's a dangerous game you're playing. I wouldn't if I were you, just saying.

real obviously if you want to buy stuff.

Can anyone find a brighter flashlight than this? 35k lumens... crazy


Honestly thinking about getting this though


I actually fell for the audiobudget meme and purchased an UiiSii HM7. The HM7 just arrived and i'm actually quite impressed. Buds are pretty small so they fit nice in my ears. Because of the fit the noise isolation is also very decent. Music sounds pretty good too. No muffling of mids and highs by the bass. Downside is that they sprayed some girly perfume on it. The perfume will probably fade though. Build quality is also pretty good on first sight.

is there a list of good buy watches? I'm a manlet/wristlet myself, and would like a decent looking watch too. Yours looks nice but maybe a bit too big for me ? I don't know what size ur wrist is. Also something a bit higher quality, I mean it could be nice if atleast the buttons could work. under 30 dollars could be nice. Fakes too.

The lumen values which Chinks use to advertise for their flashlights are often exaggerated.

yep,got 3 pairs of replacement buds in 3 different sizes: small,medium and large

Ali seller wants to refund to paypal is she trying to chink me?

She's trying to steal your credit card

Poor Vicky. What was your dispute about? A product worth 87c?

This watch has a 36mm dial so it's perfect for wristlets like you and me

Yeah I was just looking at the number of diodes. 24 on the big one, 11 on the smaller one.

no she's 100% good girl
honestly I don't know why people bother for something that price

Gosh, imagine getting your dream project started by professionals while living in this cyberpunk heaven ;o;

Has anyone tried this 360 wifi camera (the brand's 360)?
Looks like a better alternative to yi home camera
Tried the app, but I don't what else can be configured with the settings since it's locked for the demo mode.

>seller sold 0.67m cables
>bought 4 of them for 2.5€
>it was sold as 1m cables

Fucking chink I swear.

>I am 100% good girl
Ask her if she can be a bad girl

What's you favourite shipping option /csg/?

E-packet seems to be only $1-2 more and shows up in Canada in 7-14 days versus a month with China Post. However it's hard to find sellers offer E-packet.

E-packet seems to ship directly to my mailbox, China post will stay at the post office and require a signature.

Although Gearbest offers e-packet on everything somehow...

A pair of socks that came with the wrong pattern

I'm thinking of adding a section in the wiki on watches. As for slightly more expensive ones, Chinese brands like Curren and Sinobi are generally reliable.

Us wristlets are mostly screwed, though, since oversized watches are fashionable in Asia. You'd think the tiny chinks would have smaller watches - nope, they're even bigger than ours.

Got any other earphones to compare them with?

>tfw my report actually did something

>honestly I don't know why people bother for something that price
I remember I messaged a seller once asking about the second band that came in a package of 2 bands + one of those Xiaomi smart things. Then they opened a dispute for me to give me store credit for a few dollars.
That was a while ago, but they seem like nice people.

If you're sure it was advertized as 1m and you received 0.67m cables, then Ali really appreciates it if you report that. I think a low rating review can help too, but Aliexpress does not generally like scammers. Hence the money held until goods are confirmed delivered option.

>Ordered a Xiaomi XL mousepad from GB the other day
>Free shipping 7-10 days

Man was I pleased. Didn't know it could be that fast.

the free one

pls explain

last time i gave her a cheap necklace from amazin she wore it every day till it broke.

We live together so it will be tough, but i'm going to james bond pretend like a new one came in the mail every now and then

"always buying her stuff" wew

She's easy, it won't morph into wanting anything crazy. She has her own money...like I said, the thought

lads i don't mean to sound needy but sock man up there, where's you get your socks from the 100% good girl?

I'll report them after having my money back. I really hate how many sellers know they are wrong because they use order messages rather than dispute appeal.

>Check out the old /cgl/ thread

>Half of /csg/ is there sperging out on the poor girls


I never came across those sellers after a year of purchasing various little and less little things there. Thanks to people like you reporting I guess.

>about to buy chinstrap on amazon for $20 plus shipping
>check Ali just in case
>chinstraps on amazon are just jews flipping chinkshit at double the price
>get two straps with epacket for $7
really makes you think

This Nomos is available in both "men's" and "women's" sizes, men's is 40mm dial and the women's 36mm

ask them about stallman and linux

fellow wristlet here and bless you

pls anytime you get something that fits us share

I hear the genuine ones are rebranded now
Fast refund only works if what you bought was worth above $35 or something. Good if youre buying a lot of chinese statues and anime figurines

what's the chinstrap for user?

Whatever one is free

If you do add the Seagull 1963.

It's a more expensive chink watch and pretty well know desu


Aren't you sort of mildly curious what the female version of /CSG/ is like?

I made a post there offering my skype if they wanted any advice with their ali purchases etc. it got deleted!!!

the DIY amp?

>cant pay with iDeal

What the fuck

Constantly giving trinkets like that will just devalue the next one. Materialism can really destroy a healthy relationship.

You sound like a decent enough guy so I'm just trying to say that the odd necklace or whatever jewelry is fine but don't overdo it or it'll seem, well, cheap, ironically enough.

New and fun experiences always come first and stuff like fun socks isn't that bad of an idea either, especially if you know she likes the theme of them or whatever.

Do I need a new account?

>had to cancel credit card today because lost wallet on the street
>new one won't be here until monday


what a life I live

Close my mouth so my nasal mask doesnt leak at night
I-Im not fat or a bodybuilder! my airway is just fucked and Im getting surgery in a few months. Chink straps will hold until then


was it? i just remember seeing some circuit diagrams of something you can add to the mic

>$0.02 CAD

Doesn't seem so

because girls love to add a random stranger from the internet on skype let alone from Cred Forums

Even Cred Forums's Steam friend requests were awkward as fuck


I have awei es900i and Brainwavz S3 earphones i can compare them with. I use the awei's the most and the UiiSii clearly surpasses them in the mid-high department. The bass is almost the same but the better fit makes the UiiSii sound better. I don't have the brainwavz with me right now but i don't think they can compare to them. But that is reasonable because the brainwavz retail for 75$ on amazon (bought them way cheaper).
I also own the Takstar Hi2050 open back headphones. But i dont think it's fair to compare an IEM to it.


maybe this


>can't see different colors except for a 2by2pixel preview image
which color should I get anons?

Why isn't this product in their normal store?

>scroll down to bottom of orders on ali
>see this

>mfw all the orders u make on the $0.01 earphones will be frozen and reversed

that's it thank you. I'll see if i can do this somewhat neatly

they probably give you cancer

i thought the first one was a bane mask

>dvw credit card van papa

Did any of you guys manage to pick up one of those $1/10 Banggood deals during their "sale" a while back?


The perfume doesn't fade, at least not in a few month.
I like it though.

Wait a while and make sure you are not using the order# by accident


It is
Costs $2,53


really makes you think

What a fucking day to have my cc stolen. Fuck.

Kek, did refuges stole your cc?

I got the first one, apparently it's blue

Don't have any refugees here but I did lose my wallet and had to close it.
Enjoy those 1 cent items for me, I guess.

Yeah, it's not like they won't cancel them, yousaved yourself a few clicks.

Those gooks really make my heart go toki doki

>tfw live in a shithole in America
>tfw no qt 3.14 asian girls here to impregnate and take care

I will order at least 20 of this.

actually, thank you for your advice


>tfw live in a shithole in America
at least you have amazon

>tfw living in a real shithole in the third world
>no amazon for fast free shipping
>no 2d girls

HOW ABOUT 2.00$ coupon for 0.01$?



What's with this $0.01 shit today?

Do you have more deals like that user ?

I meant America the continent not the US, I hate that America means US.

I have an Amazon store tho but it's shit

>Nexus 6
>Almost 2 years ago

The Nexus 5 still seems like a new device to me
When did time start to go this fast what the fuck lads

Practicality > Innovation

Want a nice coaster set but none of that hipster numale wooden trash.

You meant Brazil, huehuehue.

>trying to get that sweet, sweet 0.01$ coupon
>this shows up
>this is why I'm paranoid

>tfw better living


I wonder if they'll burn you on credit card fees.
$2 fee for a 1c purchase for a $2 coupon.

I posted this there as some girl was asking info about chink birth control, and I got banned for a day on /cgl/




Last ones are the best tbqh

I like the doremon one but overall the silicon isn't what I want
Something cyberpunk would be nice

The $0.01 stuff and the $2 coupon is supposed to be only for new customers so I wouldn't be surprised if the orders are cancelled for the rest of us

Looks fine for me.

Yeah, that plus Iike I'm gonna give them my full CC number again.

>chinese birth control
americans ladies and Cred Forumsentoomen
I just tried it and I wasn't banned kek

Not the $0.01 stuff, just the coupons are for new customers. I somehow got it anyway, but haven't tried to use it yet. Wonder if it'll give me an error.

Why are men not welcome in the general cosplay boar?

>Connection error with sys.Cred Forums.org.

Also got coupon. Next mystery is what I should buy with it.

I have both an A1 and A0 account.

Buying the coupons on either. Will let you know how it does it.

thanks but I found these that are on sale really cheap

Those are better yeah

I'm a bit sad I didn't get the black ones (they appeared back in stock after I already placed an order), but I can't complain at the price.

>none of that hipster numale wooden trash


$1.12 sunglasses

Anyone else got their $0.01 orders "frozen"?


Apperantly ancient chinese magic medicine is a bannable offense.

I think this is the one you want
although they spelled it wrong.


Has anyone ever ordered clothing off of these chink shit sites?

Thinking of ordering this product. Not necessarily the design, but the model:

REEEEEE 1cent earphone sold out

holy fucking shit guys the coupon worked

wait how can I get the $2 coupon? Is it for new members only?

just buy it from the link the user posted, new member or not, it works

you aren't missing out on anything

I mean, this is really cool but there are no reviews or videos anywhere so you dont know how it would sound

Let us know if verification goes through.

I think i missed the discussion about this a while ago but are the fake rotring mechanical pencils (redcircle) any good?


W-Why not combine them?


Just got a chink 1cent notebook

Bought a notebook

No sissy shit thanks.

You know Apple cannot possibly do that, right?

1c Airbuds? Where?

Post more sissy shit so I can dress up my pillows

There goes my $2 coupon.

>not using the $4 quepon

How long is this coupon good for?

same feelings, got the kit, soldered it... bit sad I dint order a case... was planning to do a 3d print....
75 euros and got a 100Mhz analog 2 channel one.
this is 2 years ago.

Dont get that thing unless you wanna solder some kit.


Where the hell did you get an analog 100MHz score for 75 euro?

Bought one of these watch straps abo8t a month ago, was worried the pins would come out around the watchmaker. Nope, the one holding in the buckle popped as I was walking into work. The pin is a bit bent but seems to be working for now

Glad I had already ordered a pack of replacement pins honestly


Bought one of these watch straps about a month ago, was worried the pins would come out around the watchface. Nope, the one holding in the buckle popped as I was walking into work. The pin is a bit bent but seems to be working for now

Glad I had already ordered a pack of replacement pins honestly



>This coupon can exclusively be used above US $20.00 order

No luck in /tpg/.

Anyone ordered an EXP GDC from Gearbest? It's v7.

Hope someone here has one and has been using it for a while.

so what should I get for 2.01$?

tfw shipping is $1.22 on the $0.01 notebook ;_;

Are xiaomi pistons good? Looking for new earbuds

>Sorry you can not get the coupon. You are not eligible for activities.

what kind of a shithole do you live in?
>inb4 huehuehue

Hybribs are excellent.

Finland :/

From lurking these threads I've figured that it is between those and the Rock Zircons.

does aliexpress take paypal? will my credit card get chinked if i use it there?


my wive order a shirt, she is XL, ordered XXL. fits OK. (thats not perfect, bit smaller than needed)

Overal good. some shit is sold, too cheap to be true. Dont risk on too expensive... Alixpresss is like the cheap cloth store in town. if you get a good item, your in luck but you probably never buy a expensive coat from them if they would be bankrupt next week.

(I generaly dont buy clothes more then ($/€20 a piece)

Doesn't take paypal.

Take your gamble


>all these retards ITT wasting their time with coupons that only work on NEW accounts

Is there a rn3p tier phone with removable battery?

new 0.01$ deals will be there

those "deals" don't work you fucking dumbass


link ?

oh fugg :D

Anyone get fake security cameras off Ali?

Alright. I think I'm going to pass on Ali, since they don't take paypal. Going to go ahead and assume the same principles apply for Gearbest when shopping for clothing.

1c for 24 hours of thrill (before the order gets cancelled), we're touching the very essence of /csg/

I trust Alipay more than Paypal desu

Alipay refunds for me are fast as fuck taking a day at most while PayPal refunds take like two weeks.

Gonna need a new thread soon

make a new thread assholes

Cancelled an order I made earlier today and reordered with coupon.
Thanks /csg/

not the youth edition.
Go to that audiobudget site, very helpful.

bumping cause I'm a faggot.

Dear Friend,
We are sorry yuor Original New Thread has not arrived. Pls do not open dispute we will send you replacement thread soon.

Hope you are happy,

u cant fool me, Chink.

New thread here

new bread W H E N



Man, Alipay is definitly fine, and I used Ideal aswell. Ebay sucks.

if time allows, ask seller for wich size you must order if you send them your measurements in CM and/or inches (do the calculations yourself, they just look it up and can still chink you)

Somethimes you get a refund and you can resell the wrong size to get the other half back.