Of Intel and Cores

Hello guys.

Im going to buy a new laptop for the university, and im going to use some CAD programs. Im wondering, which is a better processor for using last-gen CAD programs, the Intel Core i7 or i5?

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if you can get a good i5 or a poor i7 for around the same price you should get the i5


all intel CPUs use the same silicon.

i7's are just clocked higher and have their cache intact, where i5s have 25% of their cache disabled, and if they're a quade core, they also have hyper threading disabled.

What that actually means?

How do I difference a good one from a bad one?

it means they're jewing you.

but in all honesty, get what ever is clocked highest (if this is a laptop) if its a desktop just get an unlocked i5 and overclock it, unless you have $100 to blow, then go for the i7, and over clock it.

Don't fall for the i7 meme


get the top i5, don't waste money on an i7, it makes very little difference w/ most CAD packages; singlethreaded cpu performance is the bottleneck, and overclocking is your friend

Get whichever has better iGPU. All worthwhile CAD programs can use GPU acceleration

get the i5 unless you're looking at 6/8 core i7's.

If you're looking at 4 core i5 vs 4 core i7, get the i5.

laptops need high efficency. Most of the Processors are downclocked to reduce heat.
A normal PC would be perfectly fitted with a regular i5, but the downclocking on a laptop requires a i7 to get a good speed on the computer

o wait I missed the 'laptop' word
Get an i7, laptop i5s are only 2c/4t

>laptop i5s are only 2c/4t
Same thing with laptop i7s.

i7 4790k. Best single thread core out there. Literally minimal stats also between them and the 6700k

Laptop CPUs are very different from desktop CPUs

They don't make quad core laptop i7s anymore?

If you want to actually use a laptop for work, get a CPU with HQ designation. That means it's a genuine quadcore as opposed to dual-core with hyperthreading.

They do, that pic is the Core M SKU lineup.

They do but picture only shows 15W cpus
Quad core ones are 45W

You're looking at the low power i7s then.

They have some very powerful quad core i7s available.

i7-6970HQ, i7-6920HQ, i7-6820HK, i7-6700HQ.

Any of the i7's that end with the "u" identifier are ultralow power, and dual core only.

core M is 4.5W
pic related shows iX-xxxxU lineup with 15W cpus

>my girlfriend got a 2k MacBook with a Intel m because the guy told her that the "Intel core "m" is faster that the "i7" because it comes after in the alphabet".

Can't wait to see her face when she tries to use solidworks or autocad, the poor laptop stuggles with safari and iTunes open