Has there been any successful technology as fashion beyond cars, smartphones and smartwatches?

Has there been any successful technology as fashion beyond cars, smartphones and smartwatches?

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>made in california
wew lad

>putting this much status in a phone
double wew

Eyeglasses. You don't see people walking around with fake phones, watches, or cars, but glasses...


not eyeglasses but sunglasses
and fake watches are very common

>giving a shit what some instagram slit has to say about phones

Literally who
also, both phones looked 'shopped in. Claiming OP to be a faggot

>incase I need to turn this in for servicing

>tfw I always had an android phone
>tfw never needed any repairs

>hot bish
Always pick two

Though I use an iphone, its not a fucking status symbol, its not even expensive for fucks sake (like in dollars, but for what it is vs android ofc it is expensive)

Fake ass Instagram post


All these thirsty dudes

Seriously there are only two types of phones I'll stand :

> Latest tech, fastest OS with good graphics and processing hardware for running dank meme programs
> $40 burner

Then get it on a $10/mo prepaid plan with no data because wifi is dank

>instagram slut


It's not "fashion" if it's just for whores, poors, and kids, user. It's an incidental social trend. That's like saying harley davidson motorcycles are successful as fashion because of all the poor and insecure middle aged men who dump out their bank accounts for them. Nobody calls an ego-booster for losers fashion*. It's a trend. Like shooting up cocaine.

*except for neo-neo-liberals that want to over-generalize every term to over-legitimize everything and everyone so no hurt feelings ever, oddly something actual fashionista's don't do unless it's their own shit

omg I'm in love with her

Headphones kinda
Most people will think you're a douche, but plebs do try it

Op pic is clearly fake. But the woman in the pic plays one of the best Villainess characters on TV. She rescued a Sinking company. She is also responsible for the "stay worked...mark" memes and copypasta

I think she has a man face though

she has a man body with tits, get some standards

>oh wait, apple user

wow those phone makers are so bad she is prepared to turn it in for service..
also, you are now aware that shoes are technology.

>stay worked...mark
I've never even heard of this. Is this some gay leddit meme that thirsty white knight faggots keep going on about or something?

She's only popular on Cred Forums because reddit hates her. And she triggers fat neckbears easily

Enjoying your autocorrect phonefag?

>more expensive and with a shitter screen and processor (+ no sd card slot) than my chink phone
literally 0 fucks given where it was made


>implying i and u aren't directly next to each other

lol why are blocking out the name of an instawhore?

I knew Asian Moot would be the death of this hellhole.

She seems to have surprisingly few tattoos for a slut with pink hair

Dumb Bitch

>Made California

These are the types of people Cred Forums supports and eggs on when they hate on android and say Apple is God Teir hahahaha

Is she famous? Google now gives me see divas options every time I put the screenshot on the screen.

>people watch this shit

>Implying it makes her less of a slit

well this thread is going to get hundreds of butthurt fandroid replies, enjoy!

yeah but the FBI can't just chip-off the flash and read it, it's more secure. (inb4 ancient iphones are crackable)

unless, you know, you don't value privacy...

>block name

>very well known Instagram slut
>block out name

Why you fucking mongoloid retard?

Why are you blacking out her account?

Shes literally WWE superstar

Her name is Eva Marie


you don't get to make this relevant

it's not


>implying it was auto correct
I meant slit you stupid autist.

>Posting shopped pictures

You should probably consider killing yourself


Fucking nothing then?

probably the #1 sign of a blue pilled consumerist pleb

>tfw can't hide my G4 in public because it's too big.