ITT: shitty programming languages

ITT: shitty programming languages

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I'd rather use D or Go or Rust.

The shittiest.

What's wrong with C#?


There is literally nothing wrong with being a java developer

It triggers NEETs on Cred Forums who don't know anything, but obscure C code.

Outside of being forced into the microsoft environment literally nothing.

welfare pays more than you earn a month doing 2$/h code pajeet

Keep telling yourself that.

t. Garbage man

quiet, you'll make him want to get an h1b and come over here

Does Cred Forums like Lua?

Wait for Web Assembly

Lua's a fun little language to mess around in.

I get that the C/C++ interop is a lot easier with Lua, but I sitll can't understand why anyone would use Lua over Python.

learn to program you fucking idiots. C++14 is literally flawless

Lua is python without the autism

Python is slow as fuck.
The runtime is a lot larger than Lua's.

Whatever helps you feel better

>Piling more shit onto a pile of shit makes something less shitty

C++'s only flaws are the fact that it's backwards compatible with C and the clusterfuck of a syntax.

have fun writing c in a notepad

This is the perfect description desu

And the unstable ABI.
And how ridiculously difficult it is to implement.
And by being such a clusterfuck that there are a million subsets.

>super fast thanks to LuaJIT magic
I love it.

>Whatever helps you feel better
I don't need help feeling better, because I know that I'm better than some smelly ass NEET who writes in C.

C++. It's hard to learn, hard to use and hard to debug and on top of that the syntax is a mess. If C woudnt be so good for embedded & OS use I dont think anyone would even remember C++.

Using VS literally fucking kill yourself, immediately.

Uh huh, keep licking your ego wounds bb, it's amusing to watch.

you aren't forced to use every single feature. nobody uses bitfields or function pointers anymore. doesn't change the fact that it is the best object-oriented system programming language at the moment.

As a language Java is actually very well designed. JVM is the reason it has such a bad reputation and even that is getting pretty good with JIT and other optimizations.

>hard to debug
you must be a huge retard

I think we can all agree on Scratch being the worst.

All of them.

c,c++ fags how does it feels like :
-managing memory for a program thats not even yours(it belongs to the company you are working for)and pulling out your hair.
-using the worlds's hardest,most clusterfuck language
-writing a shitty program for years which is ready in months with c# or java
-your new "features" all stolen from c# like async/await.

is it fun living in 1980 user's?

Yeah, but it's more of a toy rather than a real programming language.

Oh shit saved the thumbnail

>forbids multiple inheritance, but allows multiple interfaces
>forbits operator overloading EXECPT for string +
>forces everything to be a class
>mfw sin(x) is part of a class
this is one of the worst programming languages there has ever been and the fact that it is still actually in use makes it even worse

>c/c++ world's hardest language
>c# invented async
Go be retarded somewhere else

>There were errors compiling see the console for more info
>switch to console
>There were errors compiling see the console for more info


>all these web """""""programming""""""" shitters who dump on C and C++

I'd hate to see how you lot would deal with x86 assembly


if all of Cred Forums could write their dream programming language none of them would work or look alike.

+its still better than 90%of languages

enjoy your VM, cuck

All of those are minor, except the first one which was good until they introduced default methods.

Good C++ code will always beat any other language. You legitimately can't deny this.

If it's pajeet-tier like most of Cred Forums, well it's no wonder why everybody hates it around here.


You really think comments on the internet can hurt?

> nobody uses bitfields or function pointers anymore
You still have namespaces with :: all over the place, pointers, memory addresses, its syntax is heavily polluted, the library is bloated.

... also Object Pascal. God-tier.

>namespaces with ::
there's nothing wrong with that. even if you dislike it, there's namespace aliases, using and ADL.

>pointers, memory addresses
>what are smart pointers, what are containers, what is RAII

>its syntax is heavily polluted
your only valid point

>the library is bloated
the STL is actually extremely minimalistic compared to C# and java

Would anyone be able to help with a C++ assignment.
#include "Inventory.h"

// Allow the compiler to define the remaining
// comparison operators
using namespace std::rel_ops;

:data( Item(0, "Air"), 0 )
this->next = nullptr;

Inventory::Node::Node( ItemStack s )
this->next = nullptr;

this->first = nullptr;
this->last = nullptr;
this->slots = 10;
this->occupied = 0;

bool Inventory::addItems(ItemStack stack){

Node *new_node = nullptr;

new_node = new Node;

if( this->occupied == 0){
this->first = new_node;
this->last = new_node;
return true;

if (this->occupied < slots){
Node *it = new Node;
it = this->first;
bool match = false;

while (it != nullptr){
if (stack.getItem().getName() == it->data.getItem().getName()){
it = it->next;

if(match == false){
(this->last)->next = new_node;
this->last = new_node;
return true;

return false;

The item stacks are composed of another struct which are items. I keep getting "undefined reference to Itemstack" and "undefined reference to item".

That's a nicer way of saying
>Everywhere is hell if you don't have the will to live

Namespaces aren't that bad to look at, plus you have

using std::cout
// or

>forbids multiple inheritance, but allows multiple interfaces
This prevents method name collisions which can cause unpredictable behaviour.

>forbits operator overloading EXECPT for string +
Again, to predict unpredictable behaviour when combining things that are not numbers. It's more of a "prevent stupid people from doing stupid things" though so it's a valid point.

>forces everything to be a class
It is object-orientated language after all.

>mfw sin(x) is part of a class
Is Math.sin(x) triggering you somehow? I think this is actually good, because all of the math functions can be found at one place. Makes it easier to search for something from the documentation.

You didnt even mention any of the big flaws (multiple classes doing the same thing, null pointer, primitives, using interfaces as markers, Cloneable etc.)

Literally every fucking faggot in this thread is shitposting C++ is fucking awesome and everything else is shit, then some faggot shitposts some assignment that the stupid cuck can't do.

The irony is glorious.


So mean, just say no. Haven't done anything all summer lol.

because he didn't post the class' definition you retarded dipshit. are we supposed to read minds?

>because he didn't post the class' definition you retarded dipshit. are we supposed to read minds?

Better luck next time faggot.

Unamployed freetards hate it. I'm a bit of a Freetard myself, but I get paid to do frontend work in C# and it is really just a less fucked java and I appreciate that.

enjoy your compile times and shitty IDE's.

>dumb frogposter

class ItemStack{
Item item; ///< Item out of which the stack is composed
int quantity; ///< Number of items in the stack

* Default to an empty stack composed of Air

* Create a stack of type *item*
* @param item Item out of which the stack is composed
* @param s size of the stack
* @pre (s > 0)
ItemStack( const Item &item, int s );

* Retrieve the Item out of which the stack is composed
Item getItem() const;

* Retrieve the size of the stack
int size() const;

* Increase the size of the stack
* @param a number of items to add
* @pre a > 0
void addItems( int a );

* Consider two stacks to be the same if
* they contain the same type of Item
bool operator==( const ItemStack &rhs ) const;

* Order stacks based on Item id
bool operator


class Item{
int id; ///< Unique numeric identifier--e.g., 1
std::string name; ///< Short title--e.g., HP Potion

* Default to id = 0 and name = Air

* Create an Item with an id and
* a blank name
Item( int id );

* Create an Item with a specified id and name
* @pre
* - all items that share an id are of the same type
* - id is strictly positive
Item( int id, std::string name );

* Retrieve numeric id
int getID() const;

* Update numeric id
* @pre i is strictly positive
void setID( int i );

* Retrieve name
std::string getName() const;

* Update name
void setName( std::string n );

* Check for logical equivalence--based on numeric id
bool operator==( const Item &rhs ) const;

* Check ordering--based on numeric id
bool operator

>ctrl f
>no Javascript
Webfags get the fuck out

this->first = nullptr;
this->last = nullptr;
this->slots = 10;
this->occupied = 0;

this hurts my eyes tbqh

Does this know about the Item class ?... Included the "Item.hpp" header or whatever ?... it doesn't look like it's included in the .cpp file you shitposted.

I didn't, but now I do xd

i dont care if it's shit since i'm paid to use it

You say that as if it was a bad thing

Yes, I am only supposed to be altering the Inventory class, which is the first post. I just posted these for context.

>impliying javascript is bad

Didn't write that, can you help or no?

Undefined references are usually the result of the linker not being able to find the object code for a particular function call. Look through code and check if there is any function calls that don't have any implementation.

>you need to be able to program in ASSEMBLY to be considered a real programmer
l m a o

Checked that, still getting the error.

You got those two wrong.
As a language Java is very badly designed. The JVM is the reason it's even used at all.

>null pointer being a flaw


>t. Pajeet

>Needing 18 GB of bloat to compile Hello World
No, thanks.

>hard to debug

>14 tries to make the language "flawless"



That is one ugly editor.

14 just means 2014

Why the fuck people do this? Just prefix your member variables' names with m_ to avoid confusion with function parameters, this shit isn't PHP.

I'll remember that for next time, but that still doesn't solve my problem.

>mfw someone calls C++ shit when things like static_assert, enable_if, rvalue references and variadic templates exist

>implying it isn't

>"C++ is a horrible language."
– Linus Torvalds

>"C++ is a badly designed and ugly language."
– Richard Stallman

>"C++ is a pile of crap."
– Theo de Raadt

>"I invented the term Object-Oriented, and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind."
– Alan Kay

>terrible shit
>best paid devs
Worth it.

its better than other languages for the most part

snap crackle pop i remember that, kinda fun i gotta admit, but annoying (use once toss away)


>Linus Torvals
a dictator with huge ego.
>Richard Stallman
crackpot cental, what contributions did stallman made over the years in computer science?

>the people thought c++ was implementable rather than other, better convinced languages

c++ is best programming language ever.

this, C++11-and-later is a top tier language.

it depens on what are you working on

absolutely based

for you

>what contributions did stallman made over the years in computer science?

what is GNU
what is GCC
what is FSF
what is GPL

Are you retarded?

all programming languages are shitty. seriously there is not a single language that is actually good. they are all just "good enough" to get the job done in a shitty way.

Im Just starting Out Herning code. My for language is f#. Whats the general consensus on that?

so much this.

youve clearly never used it

VS is by far the best IDE on the market.

So many freetard neets on this board...I really dont know why I come here.

Pick a different language.

Lua is Javascript in a tweed jacket, fighting a drug habit.

Why the fuck is VS so big?

Can you help?

>ctrl+f my favorite programming language
>no results found


Are you actually including the header that contains the definitions for those classes?


your programming language hasn't made it until someone hates it with a passion

Yes, Inventory header includes the Itemstack header, and the Itemstack header includes the Item header. I get these errors " undefined reference to Item::Item " and "undefined reference to `ItemStack::ItemStack"

>undefined reference to
Sounds like a linker error, make sure you're building and linking all of the files. Check your makefile, CMakeLists or whatever you're using.

It has to be in the Inventory Class files, because the teacher provided the makefile and everything else. The inventory class is the only incomplete adt.

Did you define those functions then?

Name mangling in C++ vs C shared libraries... absolutely disgusting

I guess Objective-C would throne as #1, followed by Go (kys).




#include "ItemStack.h"

* An Inventory is composed of n slots. Each slot may store only
* one type of item--specified by *slots*.
* Once all slots are filled, no additional Item types may be
* stored. Individual slots may contain any number of the same
* Item.
class Inventory{
* Each Node represents on Inventory slot--i.e., space
struct Node{
ItemStack data; ///< One ItemStack
Node *next; ///< Next ItemStack Node

* Create an empty *Air* Node

* Create a Node that contains an ItemStack, *s*
Node(ItemStack s);

Node *first; ///< First inventory slot
Node *last; ///< Last inventory slot

int slots; ///< Capacity
int occupied; ///< Number of occupied slots

* Default to 10 slots

* Create an inventory with n slots
* @pre n > 0
Inventory( int n );

* Add one or more items to the inventory list
* @return true if *stack* was added and false otherwise
bool addItems( ItemStack stack );

* Print a Summary of the Inventory and all Items contained within
void display( std::ostream &outs ) const;

* Print the Inventory through use of the display member function
inline std::ostream& operator

Meant to link you this

Nothing. NEETs like to complain about it because they're shitty programmers and can't get a job, while the rest of us don't care and will code in whatever language puts food on the table. At least it's nowhere near as bad as java.

Pic related, a homeless NEET in its natural habitat.

It's a god tier language but it's multi paradigm so if you're a noob and you haven't learned about the different programming paradigms than it will just confuse you and teach you bad habits. Start with something procedural (C), move on to OOP (c++, c#, java) and then maybe play around with a lisp language before attempting F#.

>not even mentioning Haskell

Indeed. Haskell is god tier but IMO it's best learned after a multi-paradigm language for the sake of ones sanity (unless your some kind of rain man turbo autist).

>Before you learn Haskell you should learn multiparadigm langauges
>Before you learn that you should learn object-oriented languages
>Before you learn that you should learn procedural languages


You can get by with knowing some math and logic. Besides, Haskell is on a level of abstraction that makes it quite intuitive and easy to understand.

True, I just think that a pure functional style is hard for some people to wrap their heads around when coming from OOP, so they need to be able to use OOP features as a crux until they realise why functional is a better way of doing things. Kind of like how newbies use C++ as a bastardized version of C until they properly learn OOP.


haskell was my first lang
its really easy in my imo

I'm curious, do you have a math background? I'm starting to notice that engineers have an easier time with lower level languages while mathematicians have an easier time with functional.

I do like math and am above average in it.

that one GNOME Project made for some ungodly reason.

The only bad thing about it is it's locked to Windows.

What kind of dragon is that supposed to be?

An Object Oriented one.

>mfw making $115k/yr doing c# 3 days a week

And it's upgraded version is called D.
Also there is Nim-lang.

besides the memes its actually pretty gud besides being extremely annoying

well both are shit because neither of those produce a dragon

Install i3

>big flaws
>null pointer
You what?

Fuckin this. Do you fucks realize how goddamn easy it is to make money rolling your face over the keyboard in VS with C#? And Microsoft will literally give you every tool you could possibly want to learn for free.

What are you doing with your lives?

>making shit up on the internet
Absolutely nobody makes good money with C#. I say this as a former C# developer. Java is where the money is at.

Fucking laughable, the average in 2015-16 for C# devs is below that of PYTHON devs.
Yep, Java is still top dog on average. Tons of good paying gigs

What is a language literally all programmers like and respect?

Is it C?

I imagine if you polled a thousand devs Python would come up as the most widely accepted as not-bad due to the fact that it's simple and useful in a pinch.

>no unsigned integer
>no operator overloading means().that().you().have().to().write().this().shit() for abstract data types operations
>Language leads always to overengineering, case in point JavaFX
>Primitive/Wrapper schizophrenia where an array of Integer objects is not an array of ints

Ada takes the cake.
>syntax all over the place
>leftovers from ALGOL
>the class/object mechanism is pants-on-head retarded

>What is mono


.net core is on Linux and Xamerian can be ran on platforms outside of Windows.

>What is a language literally all programmers like and respect?
I respect anyone who can bear writing x86 asm for more than five minutes. Those fucking instructions.

I started learning Java not to long ago, and I'm jumping off of that fucking ship. Java is the fucking worst.

// ...

this language was created 100 years ago or some shit of course it sucks cock get over it and play with your scratch blocks faggot

ITT: People who learned to program using web-based languages and/or Python