EVGA 1060 or ASUS 1060?

EVGA 1060 or ASUS 1060?

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dont get a 1060 meme

Never EVER fall for the Anus meme. Get the EVGA.

Get 1070

By all memes buy the evga. Asus us only good at mobos.

Get the good one

What is up with asus graphic cards?

Are they shit or just sub par?

Asus Turbo 6gb

Go with the cheapest card, the Gigabyte windforce.

That's what I have to deal with. -_-

OP here, if I was to go for ASUS the Turbo 6gb would be my pick, however it seems the EVGA is looking to be a better choice..

EVGA is housefire tier.

Get the Zotac 3gb

I have a 1070 and coming from a 750 ti I'm not sure the money was worth it. I think I have too much of a poorfag mentality or fear it getting crushed by DX 12.


I just bough that one for $275 CAD, did I do go Cred Forums?

Get the EVGA one

Not everyone needs +60 fps in the latest version of Autism Simulator in a meme resolution.

Asus graphics cards are literal shit.

Part of why I said this I'm not sure if I could have just spent less and put it else where but £80 more than a 1060 is pretty good.


wait for 1160, 1060 is shit


you magnificent idiot


RX 480

Is the 1070 better than a Radeon HD 7950

7950 / 1070 = 7.43

so the 7950 is 7.43 times better

I won't be when the 1100 series is out


When senpai I don't know google

Too many memes and shit tier customer service.

Zotac's 5 years warranty master race here senpai.

Which rx 480 should I get and why?

Msi 1060 here, silent under full load. Say no more.

Na stay with what you have mate

i ordered the zotac gtx 1060 6gb yesterday

did i fuck my shit up?

That's fine if you enjoy noisey fans, blue screens of death and immense power usage

b-but it's just 120w

my actual asus 750ti it's 60w i think?

i'm pretty sure my old palit 550ti had higher power usage

don't know about bsods or fans

Get the cheapest 3GB you can find. It's a pretty good card anyway, you won't notice a difference.

6 GB?

no, 3GB but i only have a 1080p monitor, poorfagging it.

ASUS's GPU prices are consistently inflated for no valid reason.

Get whatever's cheapest/fastest for any given class of GPU unless you're looking to spend a fortune and get the absolute best.

>AMD makes their cards stutter like fuck so it seems like they have higher fps in benchmarks
>shit performance on DX11 games
>higher power draw and temperature
>terrible OC

Thats frame time and not frame rate, so I dont think its a conspiracy for higher averages, but that performance is still liquid shit.

So if my 1070 stutters like a twat in that game how bad is the r9 fury x?

gigabyte 3 gigabyte
As long as you don't care about 1080+ resolutions, vram intense antialiasing techniques and texture packs you can't beat the price here. It also seems to have the best cooler of the bunch. Mine runs quietly around 70-75 in games in a tiny ITX case with a single front fan. Stable 80 under stress test.

Forgot to mention it's the short version, wouldn't fit the case otherwise.

Oooh, what build you got for your ITX?

Second this, my fucking r9 290x died and they will not replace it.
When i suspected my EVGA PSU of going they jsut sent me a new one no questions asked.

Case: Cooler Master Elite 110
PSU: 500W FSP Hyper M (semi-modular with 5 year warranty)
Motherboard: MSI B150I Gaming Pro AC
CPU: Intel i5-6500
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 3G
HDD: WD Blue 1 TB
SSD: Goodram CX200 240 GB
RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR4 2133MHz

Cost me roughly 900 dollars in Hungary and believe it or not that's a good price for it here. It's funny how we have to pay more while at the same time have 1/5 the salary as the rest of the world.

Anyway, the point was to make a small portable lanbox PC that I can also use for school work (hence the 16GB RAM for virtual machines).

Been getting EVGA cards ever since BFG left us.
Tried switching it up once with an Asus and got some really shitty coil whine. Never again.

I heard the non-SC EVGA 1060s have a worse fan (the ones with the symbol like in OP are the non-SC ones) and despite having lower clock speeds run hotter, can't remember the source though, just throwing it out there as something worth a bit of googling.

Another note, while the Gigabyte version has 2 DVI-D, 1 Displayport, 1 HDMI; the EVGA/Zotac ones have 1 DVI-D, 3 Displayports, 1 HDMI. Just something to note for those with multi-monitor setups.

>having asus 560ti Direct CU2 graphics card for 5+ years with no problems

What the fuck are you dipshits going on about? They're pretty good imo. The only reason I went MSI 1080 armor is because I found it £100+ cheaper than any other 1080 for a grand total of £570 or something like that

Of course I write the wrong GPU, it's actually: GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 3G

It's not the fan that's the problem, it's the heatsink. It uses a cheap heatsink akin the an Intel stock cooler and thermal throttles. The SC uses a proper fin array with heatpipes.

>muh anecdotal evidence

The last Asus card I bought, a 280X DirectCU II TOP, was faulty out of the box. Fuck them.

I feel like it's telling that there's no AMD cards with a 5 year warranty opion, especially since XFX got screwed over by bit coin miners

I can't speak to any of that. I've only ever gotten the FTW, SC or SSC variants.

The ports aren't the biggest deal.
Adapters are cheap as hell or come with your card. Displayport cables cost about the same as HDMI.

>1 faulty card out of the box

OH GOD THE HORROR not like RMA or warranties don't exist.

1070 owner here and I upgraded from a GTX 285. Even I'm not sure the money was worth building a new rig now. Now that I've tasted 4K I wish I could have waited another couple of years to upgrade. 1080p looks like such garbage.

too many shills in here.
always get the asus card
get a 980

Prepare for cheap build quality with noisy parts, with cheap parts that are overclocked, and eventual instability after 18 months of gaming.
>I own a windforce R9 280
>Wish I didn't

>how bad is the r9 fury x?
I've got one and play @ 1440p and haven't exeperienced any problems. Perhaps the issue is at 1080p, which the fury x is bad at, but I don't know.


I have 4690k at 4.2ghz
8gb of ram, 16gb of fresh sticks on the way.
Maybe it's the 60hz monitor or the cost of it and I'm used to spending £260 max?

I dunno I as on my 750ti until now.
I even got it for only £330 instead of 400.
Why aren't you too satisfied?

evga is garbage, get the asus.

Any advice on my my 1070 is stuttering and what settings you use? I know it's a different card but maybe it's my 8gb of ram.

I really don't know, sorry.



good goy

a 2,5 GB GTX1060 is being shipped to your location

Doesn't Visiontek offer lifetime warranty on all of their cards? I know they used to back when I bought my 4870.

buy a ROG 1070 user, I did

Either is fine. ASUS has shit customer service but honestly their products are built so well you never need it.

>dat timestampname

I got a Zotac one cause it was cheap, pretty happy with it thus far.

should I get a 6gb msi 1060?

The EVGA 1060 is nice, but you need to flash the BIOS. The temps will go up a bit, but the fan noise will go down significantly.

If you're autistic about fan noise/temps, just get the MSI 1060 Gaming X, it's literally the quietest and coolest 1060 available and only $280 on Amazon.

Thats just the way 280x was.
Had a MSI one fail on me out of the box

The current year.

>cherrypicked 2013 games

wew lad you sure convinced me, I'm off to get a 1060 as we speak


nice nshitia gpu pajeet, you posting from the call center?

>try so harder

What is your point? Read the thread


Nice cherrypicked games from 2011, truly a not biased benchmark we have here

>Deus Ex: Performance Divided
come up with a game whos dx12 support isn't in beta

>DX12 games

Ashes of Singularity or GTA V?

>What is battlefield 3?

>+35 games
>Nice cherrypicked

>Ancient games + gameworks
yea they are cherrypicked you stupid nigger

MSI gaming x or evga ftw 1080? The msi is nearly $200 AUS cheaper


get the MSI one then you retard


Are you happy now?

>being this mad that your cherrypicked autism graph gets called out
nvidiots everyone

More like nvidia sold a complete product while amd drivers were so shit it took years to fix.


>nvidia loses performance


Same* FTFY

maybe they will fall for your marketing pajeet

Look whats happened with Fury X at the lauch: Wait 4 months for decent driver for compete with the 980ti...

I recently built my first pc and decided to drop dosh on a 1080. At first I had picked the asus strix, (only because it was the top rated one on pcpartpicker). Before I pulled the trigger though I found the EVGA FTW which both looked danker and was like a $100 cheaper.

I had no idea that asus is apparently a shit brand, I guess I dodged a bullet huh? Why is asus so bad outside of customer service?

>AMD cards are now faster with the new drivers
>blame Nvidia

>Driver improvements are a bad thing
nvidiots everyone, how do they get this fucking stupid

Jesus Christ, I never said that...

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back to /reddit/ nvidiot cuck


Get a EVGA 1070

Go back to Cred Forums (((nvidia))) merchant

Why should I back to Cred Forums? I don't like the Asus.


My GTX 1060 was advertised as having a boost clock of 1759MHz but it was doing over 1900 right out of the box, can I get a $30 refund?

>completely missing the point

Kill yourself, you stupid faggot.

I bought a Sapphire one to replace it and it worked fine for over two years. Nice meme though.

Asus's customer service is based in Taiwan. Too many (chinks?) asians willing to commit suicide on bridges over there, they couldn't give a fuck if your asus built shit fails.

Gigabyte, ASUS both have short cards with 3yr warranty.

If length is no issue, ASUS Strix.
If it is, then Gigabyte 1060. It has this auto on-off fan, and it's veeeeery quiet.

Just bought the Gigabyte.
ASUS also has a short version, but it's got always on fans, which sucks.

Who cares about customer service?
You literally just RMA the card if it breaks and you get a new one.

Not to defend ASUS, but they could be fucking aliens if they replace my card for free within period. I don't see the point.

You get the jew edition that only jews get.

But honestly I would just buy the gigabyte one anyway.

6 gigs, on-off fan, quiet fans. everything one might need.

the 1060 is not a top-top-ultra-high-end chip, so even if you buy a STRIX or whatever "ultimate edition", you just waste money.

even if the card is like 1.5x longer, and has 3 fans, it won't perform that much better. I doubt you can OC the 1060 so much either, and it boosts out of the box.

Just bought an MSI 1060 Gayming X for 290 on Jewegg

that's an amd card of course it's poo

nah, gigabyte's windforce is horrible with larger TDP cards. it's noisy, loud, vibrating, it's pure dogshit.
it's ok with the 1060 though, since it's low TDP, but never buy a Gigabyte for 1080, 980, Titan, etc.

Alright retards.

MSI, EVGA or Gigabyte 1060.

I want something cool and quiet.

Already answered.

IF long card is OK, ASUS STRIX.
They are top notch quality, but the card is long, heavy.

IF you want to save a couple of bucks...
Go with short length, Gigabyte 6gig version, the normal one.

1) their site is confusing as fuck
2) cannot find any information about all the 100 models for each chip

EVGA... only 2 years of warranty. Nope.
Also EVGA? What the fuck? It's cheap shit.

The RX 480 4Gb was advertised with 4GB but instead had 8GB. Can I get a refund?

If you're retarded buy the ASUS STRIX. It's $330 for a 1060, you're too retarded to just save an extra $100 and buy a 1070, so just buy that.

If you're autistic and noise hurts your ears, get the MSI 1060 Gaming X GPU, it's the quietest card. It's 33 DBA idle and only 37 under load.

If you're cheap and want a cheap cooler, get the Gigabyte one.

The issue is, all these cards are the same but with different coolers. Some are better than others. The $260 Gigabyte one runs hotter and louder than the EVGA and MSI. The $289 Gigabyte does the same, but the EVGA one has some weird software. You have to flash the BIOS to get the fans a bit quieter.

If you want something that works OOTB with a bit of a ceiling to tweak and want quiet/temp bests, get the MSI one.

If you want to save $30 and don't care about noise or temps and want something that just werks, get Gigabyte.

If you moderately care about temps/noise, don't mind flashing your BIOS but still want to save a buck, get the EVGA 1060 SC. Don't get the non-SC.

I haven't heard of them, sorry. I got the Zotac 1070 as it was £330 otherwise I would not touch it with a pole.

Shit where did you find it for 275?

Everywhere I look in Canada for new gen shit is like 320+

Bought a 980 ti for $320
Did I make a mistake Cred Forums?

No, it's a very powerful card.
A 780 or 780 TI is also a strong card even today.

why are so many people saying the asus card is a meme ?

>tfw i bought an asus rog strix 1060

I think the biggest thing for me is that on my GTX 285, I could play decent-looking games at near max settings but just at a lower framerate but it was still playable for me.

Getting the 1070 with a 6700K basically made all those games run smoother at max settings, but it still looks the same. There's no massive jump to the next resolution, there's no newer hi-res textures to play with. I played at 1080p 7 years ago, and I'm still at 1080p now, just with more FPS. 1440p is barely a difference with slightly less performance. 4K is what I really wanted now that I think about it. I basically payed extra just to play the same games I've already played.

The only problem with the older GPU was DirectX 11 compatibility. It can't play Overwatch or Doom or any other modern games, but modern games still don't look much better than say Bioshock Infinite, or the new Shadow Warrior which my GTX 285 could handle, even at 1080p. Sure it was a choppy experience but I feel like the new rig is just a quality of life improvement rather than a new experience like when I first built my older PC.

Borderlands games still drop massive FPS with PhysX even at 1080p. I feel like there's not much point in upgrading if Devs don't let our hardware take advantage of increased power. If the game is not optimized, it's still going to run like shit even with high-end gear.

Spoken like a true console gamer.

If all you care about is how pretty something is and not something like having a 144hz monitor with a constant framerate, why the hell are you playing on PC in the first place?