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What do you guys think about Brave browser? I'm using it right now and man it's fast. It's still in development, but it shows promise. At least it's the first browser that has the balls to block ads and trackers by default, and its open source.

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it's the next best browser. it just needs a few more feature updates and it will be good to go as your default. i already use it and it works better than any other browser minus a few missing features i need.

I concur

Stop shilling your Jewish botnet browser.

Is it a botnet though?

The alternative is fitecocks SJW browser or the botnet browser itself. If not this then what do you suggest limp dick?

Of course it's fast, it blocks ads and Javascript.

Literally blocks ads and tracking scripts by default
>Is it a botnet?
It would be against their mission. Guess not.

>blocks javascript
So it's also completely useless?

Blocks sites' ads and tracking scripts. That doesn't mean it itself doesn't send your data to whatever

You can block javascript on a per-site basis. It only blocks *tracking* scripts by default.

It doesn't block ads. It replaces the ads with their own ones.

>We collect user data regarding crashes and requests for updates. We do not store any personally identifiable data of our users, IP addresses, or unique IDs. We send a request to our server to see if an update is available and whether it was the first ever, first daily, first weekly, or first monthly request. These requests do not rely on third party software. We use a Node.js heroku server, which is based on Electron.

Um, no. You can OPT-IN to switch ads to their own.


Its just a dank meme bruh

What is it based upon?

>At least it's the first browser that has the balls to block ads and trackers by default, and its open source.

If it has extensions equivalent to FF and Chrome it has a chance or else its just going to be SeaMonkey tier

Probably Safari :^)

It's getting extension support soon. Right now it supports password managers.

botnet full of ads. avoid at all costs

it's built with electron, so it's based on chromium and node.js
Pretty much cancer: the browser

Nigga what's built with nodejs is their fucking server. Don't you know how to read?

>Right now it supports password managers.

Anything less than GreaseMonkey equivalent is practically trivial

It'll support Chrome extensions

most jewy botnet browser out there, it doesnt block ads, it even comes preinstalled with its own ads to replace them

richard stallman recommends icecat instead

>another botnet
Another piece of trash.


>I actually want deadlocks to fuck all my shit when I'm fapping to qt3.14 waifus on a weeb image board

I can see some promise in it then

Who's paying you?

who gives a fuck about their server. I confirm what I said earlier.
Brave - THE BROWSER - is built with electron and so it's based on chromium and node.js

Chromium engine with an Electron front end. So basically a hybrid app.

>inb4 cancer
Firefox has done something similar with their front end since inception.

>it doesnt block ads,
except it does
>it even comes preinstalled with its own ads to replace them
only if you want to make bitcoin money from viewing them
>richard stallman recommends icecat instead
he also recommends eating your foot callus

Microsoft Edge team

When will our browser get attention?

No one, but I bet that the one that is paying you has a big long nose.

Why the fuck is a browser involving itself with bitcoin payment system?

desu it's pretty ingenious
>why don't we outjew websites by substituting their ads with our own ones?

To support payments to web owners so they can't whine about losing revenue because of the ad-blocking.


i use it daily as a secondary browser. it pretty good and i give suggestions to them every now and then and they implement it a week later.

it has its quirks here and there and doesn't play DRM content like amazon prime video but it's solid.

it has the potential to be atleast as good as chrome but they need certain things figured out until then.. they probably have a huge list of what they want in their browser in the future

i already requested it and i'm probably not alone. it is in their pipeline for a few months now but only now got mentioned to find implementation very soonish, so yeah, we will get it

what i also requested is to merge the menu bar with the url and arrows like chrome does to lessen the bezel

I need a vertical style tab tree and some form of httpseverywhere, does this do that?

It's got HTTPS Everywhere out of the box.
The other... don't think they're gonna do that.


I think they're at least trying to solve the "adblocking is baaaaad" dialectic.

bcrypt pls go

It's a milestone at least?

Oh wow didn't know. Looking good then.

i wonder how the transaction amount is determined

hopefully it doesn't end up sucking your wallet dry when visiting 1 scam site

>node js based browser
>what can go wrong

>inb4 npm fixed leafpad
it doesn't stop isArray (one line node module) replace his code with some dict pic.

I feel so courageous.

>installing adware
Good job.

where the fuck is the fucking download button, it links to a shit site with 876 files, my fucing god

You should
What site are you on?

This is what I did:

Raw x64 binaries:

wget -O brave.tar.bz2
tar xvjf brave.tar.bz2

then just ran it by going into the dir and typing ./brave

How are the plugins/extensions?

Supports Flash and only password managers atm. Will get better.

latest version has an extensions page already so it sounds like the whole thing will be implemented soon

That sounds pretty fishy of them tbqh

>I need a vertical style tab tree

Does any browser actually do this?

Proudly built on Electron.

show the full extension list

also nice double doubles

It's empty, except for the PDFjs viewer, if you don't install any password manager. He means that the "about:extensions" page is there, for future versions.

thank you for stating something that has been said various times in this thread already.

Brave is simply a dishonest attempt at managing ads by hijacking them. Brendan Eich has ruined his career by doing this, there are pending lawsuits to stop Brave.

>dat font rendering

As soon as there's money involved they have every incentive to sell out to the ad mafia, like ABP did.

>Proudly built on Electron.
proudly built on top of JS shit.
no thanks.

Deprecated, use epiphany instead.

I would be all over this, but chrome extensions like dark reader and tabs for a cause, plus the integration of google drive/docs and offline features make it really hard to leave.

It's faster than Firefox, Electron or not. Mozilla should be ashamed.

>tabs for a cause
so you installed an extension into your browser to be bombarded with advertising from charities?

everything's faster than FF because FF is a piece of shit. that's not a good argument.

>that's not a good argument
neither is shitting on everything made with electron

it is because Electron is built with JS.

JS = total shit.

I actually just like the way it gives you more new tab customization than basically any other extension. Plus raising money is nice.

The only purpose for it to exist is REPLACING ads. Not blocking them. Other than that, it's just a Chrome clone. It's shit.

It's completely FOSS, just like Firefox, you fucking morons.
- 100% licensed under MPL (a GPL compatible license)
- you can compile it yourselves
- source:

If you find any "botnet" in the code, then raise an issue and people will make a big fuss over it. Until then you're just lying and going off of little to no evidence.

how can it be a chrome clone if its written from scratch? and how can it not "Be for blocking ads" if the option is right in the bravery menu?

Wow. Are you really this stupid?
>written from scratch
See And in I provided you a screenshot directly from their homepage that proofs that their main purpose is replacing ads, not blocking them.

Tried it when it first appeared, it's fast for sure but limited. Tried it later on with successive versions and it's still fast but limited. Tried the latest version and yes it's still fast but limited.

And by limited I mean I can't fucking customize it like I can customize Firefox so, into the trash it goes.


Very telling. Almost feel like trashing it over this.

It's based on Chromium, the open source aspects of Chrome (that's two different browsers in case you're not fucking paying attention which you apparently aren't).


>and how can it not "Be for blocking ads" if the option is right in the bravery menu?
It has the same problem as ABP: A conflict of interest. It wants to show me ads. It just wants to show me ads that it selects by its criteria, instead of whatever ads happen to be on the page.

If Brave was a browser with a baked-in ad blocker that blocks everything all the time and had no provision for collecting payments from me or showing me any ads, then I'd be behind it 100%. The interests of users' security and privacy and the interests of advertisers are diametrically opposed. You're on one side or the other. You can't split the difference. Brave is on the side of advertising.

So basically what you actually want is Opera?

thats the fucking web page renderer you brain dead faggot

This browser is not good.