HP pre-programmed failure date of unofficial/ non-HP ink cartridges in its printers

Why do you continue to support companies who artificially cripple their products?


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I like brother laser printers.

Fuck HP, Fuck inkjet bullshit.

I bought a Canon printer.

When it thinks the cartridge is empty it just goes "hold a button to ignore ink level and continue printing".
Then I drill a hole in the cartridge and refill it.

My old HP LaserJet works just fine with 3rd party toner.
Got it used for $40. Duplex printing & LAN.


I like how they confirmed it was true.



same with my Epson, but soon once you reach (1000 paper+ print) you gonna have shit message saying printer need to be maintenance, and need to reset printer clean waste InkPad to continue printing. all printer manufacturer are asshole.

>all printer manufacturer are asshole.
Why there are no cheap Chinese companies making cheap printers?

what the fuck is a printer

Why do you continue to use garbage tree-destroying inferior technology?

> deal w/ it nerd go buy overpriced hp branded cartridges
Is this shit even legal? it's like a ford card that only works with ford branded gasoline.

>not printing your own pcb designs using mono laser printer

Can I turn Raspberry Pi in a printer?

Can you turn yourself into a printer?

Can you turn yourself into a printer?

Yes. What about you?

Yes. What about you?

I bought a Brother laserjet like 5 years ago and it's still running fine. I spend about $30/year on ink and if I need to print color I just run down to the print shop/university library. Because of shit like the OP, I strongly recommend against buying an inkjet printer, especially one made by HP.

Am I the only one who gets whatever cheap printer is on sale for like $50 then just throws it out and buys a whole new printer when it runs out of ink? They last me like 2-3 years since I hardly print shit and its like the same price as new ink cartridges

do you get em online?

naw Ill just go to like walmart or best buy around aug/sep and there will be some year or two old model on a back to school sale. If I was using it for professional purposes I'd invest a little more, but for just printing text and the odd picture for whatever reason they work alright


>you wouldn't download a printer

Well the cartridges that come with it are usually not as full/big as the ones you buy afterwards.

why not just get new cardridges? cheaper or lazy?

This has been known for ages. It's planned obsolescence.

I recommend watching this great documentary:


Fun fact: Richard Stallman's hate of proprietary software stems from a bad experience he had with a printer.

> "updating" printer firmwares
It's like y'all are asking for this

Ok, now explain why he is a Communist.

Free software = communism

>HP inkjet printers
>HP printers in general
It's almost insane to think I have a single brother laser printer that is outlasting every piece of shit HP printer I have combined. Seriously, don't buy HP printers unless you really want to mentally kill yourself.

Communism doesn't work.
Free Software just werks.

>not this lighbulb shit again

On a related note to OP's how are epson workforce printers ?

I had one that lasted probably like 5 years but somewhere around 2 years in the blue ink stopped working, I'm guessing due to the print head being clogged. I just set it to print everything in B/W after that.

I hate printers more than any other computer accessory.

>how are epson workforce printers
I have never bought anything from Epson.

You're a big printer.


Can someone recommend a combo laser printer and scanner?
It should
* work out of the box with GNU (plus Linux)
* have duplex printing
* copy documents
* have an Ethernet port

>MFW I'm still using a LaserJet 5 from 1996

rolling for this

HP printers is my go to for linux because their driver are Open Source and included on most distros by default.

And I mostly just get my inc cartriges directly from HP so I don't really have to deal with this bullshit on OP's part.

I refill them, it's really easy but after some refills the cartridge dies. Anyways, it's still cheaper than buying new ones every time they run out of ink.

I mostly get a 60% discount on them because I buy them in bulk so the price ends up to be almost the same at not costing my printers to suffer a paint explosion on the inside.

Besides refilling the cartriges is hell on your hands.

Because then instead of artificially failing, it'd actually fail.

If you want color, google CIS printer. (Continous ink supply).
If you don't, get a laser printer.

I like my HP 4200 since it prints duplex and staples shit as it comes out, which is handy. Can print my reading before bed, then grab it on the way out nicely stapled and stacked. Also from HPs pre jew days, so pretty solid, no BS.
Has 750,000 pages, so it's lasted a while.

HP 4200 DTN.
I use it only from linux, works pretty well.
I had to install HPs driver for staple support, but it was easy to do, and I think it's open source.
If you just want duplex it should work ootb.

Oh, didn't see you needed a scanner.
I'd reccomend just get one separately, see the sane project for well supported ones.
Or get a combo with a well supported scanner section and ignore the printer part if it's a standard inkjet printer.

I need multi-layer PCBs.