Do you like living in the future Cred Forums ?

Do you like living in the future Cred Forums ?

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Not really. The future is full of fag and hipsters and they think that mobile devices are good for any real work.

>three separate devices

Shitty future imo.

As opposed to someone with a portable CD player with earbuds, some airport-thriller genreshit and some equally useless 720p flimsy laptop

What's Hi-Fi? Don't you mean radio or music?

>tablet as a main device

It's 2016 grandpa

>a shitty phone dock

Every car, even Tesla has radio

>listening to radios still put in cars for dumb old people addicted to commercials and bullshit mainstream music

>he only listens to channels with commercials/bullshit mainstream music on radio

kek, next you'll tell me you only use computer for playing games and clicking facebook memes

>Listening to music


Real Cred Forumsentoomen would only ever listen to white noise.

>In 2016

>white noise
So any music made after 1995.

>Watching music
I can't be the only one who thinks music videos are retarded, right?

>Seeing with eyes
>In 2016
Get with the times Gramps, everyone's a multidimensional traveller that sees all, without needing eyes in this day and age

Says the technology hipster

i use a kindle, but still have a rather large library.

That radio cant replace a HiFi-Setup, and Apple is a joke when it comes to HiFi (cant even read flac)

an apple tablet can never replace a pc

Three examples where old school is superior.
Well done, (OP).

No they are good except for Rap videos Just dumbasses weaving back and forth flexing guns money and drugs doing stupid dances and their monkey home boys in the background throwin up gang signs. Fuck new age rap

Hell no

I think technology is better than it ever has been but unfortunately it coincides with at corrupt US government, corrupt companies that influence them to write legislation that is hostile to me and a fucking culture war/takeover by people who didn't even have any interest in tech or the Internet until it became chic. And that's without even getting into the bullshit that is the DATA ECONOMY or whatever you call everyone and his uncle wanting to make money off of my personal information, causing them to sell technology that is insecure by design and often dependent on calling home to even function.

What happened to being able to walk into a store and buy a box with a fat manual and software disks and being able to use it on every computer in the house? What happened to being able to buy a computer, or even a fucking video game console that you can plug in and get to work/play without having to download gigabytes of updates from the internet; or having to electronically sign agreements with unreasonable terms? Recent developments have all but killed my interest in tech. Technology is good for making people money, killing other people, and doing things you wouldn't dare try (like tracking the movements and communications of an entire population) if you had to do it manually..

npr nigga

> 2 of 3 devices are made by Apple, the biggest DRM lover
> Third is a Kindle which deletes books on its own
How it feels to suck big corp's cock?

>In 2016
What? You don't have a 16K composite video feed with 5.1 surround directly into Your brain? Get on with the times, old geezer.

Social Justice ruined the future

>biggest drm lover
That would be the RIAA, MPAA, and whatever organization represents publishing companies. Apple doesn't even require a key to install their operating systems.

Maybe that's because it's not possible without some fuckery with emulating their hardware (EFI, SMC)?

I'm more of a deep brown noise myself.

Still not DRM

are ebook readers fast yet?

I got the Kindle 4 and it's slow as balls in PDF mode

>deep brown noise
t. Pajeet

We have state radio/TV here and there's one cultural channel (radio3) which basically puts always classical music, obscure rock/metal/electronic/whatever, news, scientists and professors explaining something and other things for smart people. No ads cause no one would put an ad there, I think it has like 20 listeners top.
I like it a lot, only listen to it in my car when there's not a CD or Spotify.

>not being omniscience


designated relaxing audio

Add Thunder on fairly low volume and and you got yourself a nice background sound

Wish we had this here in holland

Hahaha, no, that thing is by definition not hi-fi.
Well... Technically that's a computer. An utterly useless one, but still a computer.

>Do you like living in the future Cred Forums ?


the conveniences of our time are nice - fast food, can order things online, free market makes anything accessible to anyone, but i don't like the people i share the future with. its full of muslims, black people (criminals), and crazy rebellious white youth who decide to commit abominations like homosexuality and heresy

if i could, i would have chose to be born in the early 1900's so that i could have died in the 90's and not have had to see everything go downhill so fast

>that thing is by definition not hi-fi
How so?

Was better than I expected.
I usually listen to stuff like for relaxation.

Everybody always complain about RAI here (italianfag) cause they suck a lot of money and the main channels they had on television are pretty mediocre and basically government's bitch but I have to admit that for things nobody cares about like these is fine, cause they are services out of the market and the state should sponsor

What is the thing on the right?
A modbook?

When the fuck are you people going to realize that the tablet is fake? Apple doesn't make tablets with macOS on them

>High fidelity—or hi-fi or hifi—reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners, audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound to distinguish it from the lower quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction that can be heard in recordings made until the late 1940s. Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has minimal amounts of noise and distortion and an accurate frequency response.
Ignoring audiophoolery and ridiculously expensive setups, a shitty ipod dock/radio thing is no match for entry-level hifi equipment. It's like comparing a pair of $10 walmart headphones to something in the ~$200 price range.

Looks like it.

Apple doesn't make OS X tablets but they do make MacBooks which get turned into tablets.

I looked up the same definition of Hi-Fi and see absolutely no reason that thing cannot fit.

I like these that feel like they are inside your head.

I used that thunder+deep brown noise as background when I went to bed a few days ago, had the thunder thing for ages but deep brown compliments the rain in it and the low sound of thunder makes me calm.

The iPhone docking device is Low-Fi compared to even the cheapest full range speakers as seen in pic related.

See you keep saying that but you seem incapable of providing any reasons why.

>reasons why
Because I don't even have to look at the iPhone dock to know it's trash.
If I did a blind test I'd say it's around the $10-$20 range until I remove the blind fold, see it's an Apple and now know it's just overpriced useless trash that doesn't have proper inputs like RCA/Toslink/HDMI etc.

You've yet to provide a reason though, you just keep going trust me I'm right

Because it doesn't provide high-quality reproduction of sound.
It doesn't have the full range of speaker units to do this, certainly not without a subwoofer that would likely only contribute to making the sound even muddier than it already is by providing more bass than it should.

You're both deaf and blind then.
Reason is stated in plain text and your ears can't hear the difference between skrillex and a soft violin.

>shows a product that doesn't exist

No, I know it's not Hi-Fi, I was just asking you to tell why. See what this user did? Is that really too difficult for you to do? Whether you know you're right or not, because I say so is not a valid explanation.


It requires a specific chip whose sole purpose is to validate that it's apple hardware.
That's drm.
That said, apple is average drm wise for the industry.

>I looked up the same definition of Hi-Fi and see absolutely no reason that thing cannot fit.

>I know it's not Hi-Fi, but I'll claim it's Hi-Fi anyway.

Are you having a mental breakdown?

If that was the chip's sole purpose you'd have a point, but that's false.



That's not even lo-fi. That's just shit.

>not having a tube amp with hand-made german acoustics to play your FLACs.


welcome to my life

we live in the present you dumb idiot

All of these do a shitty job compared to a desktop PC with half-decent display and speakers

I don't get e-readers. Why not just use a tablet? I get tablets cost a little more, but most people who use e-readers have tablets as well. Am I missing something?

No. 20 years ago tech was comfier. Internet kinda ruined it.

E-readers are all about the e-ink display. They do one thing, and they do it incredibly well, by pretending to be paper.

Pretty much me, except I don't listen to music and thus get away with shit headphones/speakers, and don't read, ever (unless you count endlessly troubleshooting my distro).