Visual Studio

I want to know the reasons why Cred Forums hate so much Visual Studio.


I don't hate it because it gives me a well paying job, and because at least they had the decency to give it a vim mode. Otherwise I'd rather use absolutely anything else. It does seem to be the best windows ide, but that's like being the tallest midget

This and Freetardism.

>implying there are better on any platform
Aside from intelliJ with specific jobs who can beat VS overall? It's not even close.

My only complaint is that it's slow to catch up with new C++ standards.

Otherwise no IDE pretty much comes close.

I do know colleagues who staunchly take the position that "IDEs make you dumb", though.

People dont hate it, just dont care about it cuz it's shit

It's slow, takes a lot of space, has a lot of features but you won't use most of them anyway. Other than that it's really good if you're using C#.

I don't hate it but I don't use it because I don't use Windows.

this VS 2015 is bloated with useless shit but i still enjoy using it since i use mainly c# for my job

>You can choose which components to install

It's really bloated.

>It's popular
There, I just described the reason for Cred Forums hating most things.

Is C# even worth learning?im taking a required class on it right now and I'm debating actually learning it or skimming by.

>i don't care, dat's y i shout about it so loud!

Poo in loo

For rapid Windows based development, absolutely.

It's pretty performant as well.

I use it pretty regularly both for work and my own development. Don't learn it to the exclusion of lower level languages like C++ though.

Also, it's similar enough to allow what you learn to be fairly readily transferable to Java.

Aaaaand it's still bloated

Cred Forums hates anything Microsoft, especially consumer-facing products.

I use it for my job and the only real issue I've had is a few errors here and there, I had this one error where I'd just get "it's fucked" with no error code or anything, took me the entire afternoon to troubleshoot and had to reinstall the entire thing on an 8Mb connection, fuck that was painful.

As an IDE it's not bad, albeit a bit bloated.

In my country it's pretty easy to find job for c#
that's all,and i'm doing good even if i never had a single class on it

It is worth it if you're going to program on Windows. Standard library is nice and it is pretty easy. I'm using it in my job and it can get things done in it pretty quickly.

Y so original?

Cool I guess I'll pay attention then. I'm into Linux sysadmin but I reckon it can come in handy.

Yeah, jobs where you use C# are typically comfy pleasant offices full of white people, as opposed to dirty nasty programming holes full of pajeets.

>inb4 Microsoft + OOP = pajeet
No, that hasn't been my experience at all.

It's great for knocking out really fast code work.

I found a problem with a website we use for an internal tool that was causing it to threadlock and not do its job.

2 hours later I had a program in C# that does everything the website did and then some. Developers of the site were still arguing about the problem, not to mention fixing it.

It's a great language, but like all things, it's good for some things, but that doesn't mean it's good for all.

I would love to learn Rust/Dart etc