Backdoor found on Chinese smartphones

Xiamoi phones comes with backdoor

Cred Forums and /csg/ BTFO

Hasn't this been well known since many time?

What, you thought they'd modify them for outside of China?

And your point is?
Only reason these backdoors are found is because it is a chink phone. In china they forbid using western phones for they found backdoors in them. Why most people in Cred Forums use windows 10 knowing it has backdoors.

I'm running CyanogenMod on my Redmeme note 3 anyway. Even if I was running the chink UI it would still be the best phone I ever brought.

>In china they forbid using western phones

Is this for real?

They are absolutely paranoid not only of western technology, but also jealous of their own markets and sales. They are an extremely xenophobic race.

Very similar to the cheating husband that constantly accuses and suspects the wife of cheating, because they're "transferring" their guilt onto the other party.

Nope, I just visited Beijing and saw a ton of iPhones.

Could be that the ones sold there all have additional backdoors, though.

How is this news
ALL chinese products have a backdoor in them, the same way all US products have a backdoor in them.
Russian ones, british ones, etc, they all have fucking government backdoors.

>because they're "transferring" their guilt onto the other party.
No it's more the case that thieves think everyone steals.

>Chinese electronics
>expecting there to not be backdoors
Regardless I'd rather it be the Chinese than my own government. Chinamen have no authority over me.

>Not rooting

>Broenink couldn’t find proof
Wow it's fucking nothing.

>Oh no a Chinese phone has a Chinese backdoor
>Posted from Windows 10 full of NSA backdoors
Fucking retards.

Also this

iPhone is allowed in China with of course caveats
Most people have the bootleg ones though

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Good thing i jumped from MIUI to AOSP.

So it's okay for China phones to have backdoors, but there are dozens of threads and discussions about Android vulnerabilities?

Now the real question is how stupid do you have to be to be affected by any of these backdoors and vulnerabilities?

>/csg/ BTFO

Wait, /csg/ aren't joke threads? I thought it's just trying to find cheapest items and see if they work.

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Windows has the same vulnerability. As well as most software that has auto-update function enabled.

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There are more iphones sold in China than in the US.

So no.