Windows 10 is better thany any of the irrelevant lonix shitros

Windows 10 is better thany any of the irrelevant lonix shitros

Source: reality

But but muh terminal and anime ricing and inferior open shit programs and and muh fedora tipping and games r gay anyway and we dont need professional programs anyway and driver are gay anyway >:(

All computer illiterate retards in the world use windows.

Source: reality

The paid MS shills aren't even trying any more.

Yeah mostnof the companies, defense stuff, banks etc etc

Delusional lincuck

No need to shill when everyone uses it

True, most of these computer illiterates also use internet explorer.

And noone uses lonix

Because it's too hard for computer illiterate winbabbies.

They are probably busy with their 500 tabs and toolbars in their internet explorer.

Why did they remove commercial spam from the reports? Are they paying Cred Forums to advertise now?

Post more Avril

Just an unpaid indian shill trying to earn some bing points

I respect your opinion, but I disagree.

Thank you, and God bless.

More likely that there is no reason to use an
inferior lonix shitro

Im a jew :^}

More likely that winkiddies have less IQ

Keep up the good work

ur retarded diagram shows that you have less iq than a 12 year old

>shit UI
>privacy invasive
>forced updates
Yeah, nah.

such kissable lips ... well, until you think about who has kissed them before

>i use looonix

>im smartur than the majority of the wurld bc im a spcl snoqflak with an anime riced os

Better than lonix in every aspect still

Your grammar suggest that you are a butthurt underage gamerbabby

It is true though. I'll say it again: All computer illiterates use windows

>Better than lonix in every aspect still
Fuck no, literally every single other OS in existence is better than Windows 10. I'll go back to using Windows ME before I use Microsoft's new atrocity.

u mad? XD


Because everyone uses windows

R u xd

>Because everyone uses windows
Because every computer illiterate* uses windows


Because every turbo autist manchild uses lonix

>n-no I'm right becuz I sez so!
Eat a dick, Rajesh.

No im right because facts are on my side

Actually all of the basement dwelling gamer manchildren on earth use windows

Yeah okay Pajeet

Actually all of the basement dwelling animefag manchildren on earth use lonix

Just report these paid shills and message Cred Forums admins that this shit is flooding Cred Forums and MUST be dealt with the same as any other troll/attacker/etc flooding any other board with garbage, low quality posts.

If we block Microsoft, Cred Forums will dramatically improve overnight.

Ah the tumblrina cow mentality, ignoring every fact and goes to namecalling