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Curry edition

Old >New to /ptg/? Have an inquiry? Consult the wiki or the PDF before asking redundant questions

>If you have a question check Google and if you can't find an adequate answer, ask here.

>What.CD interview info:
whatinterviewprep.com/ and the wiki

>Various tracker IRCs and sites open for signup:
pastebin.com/dD3cqWKc (embed) (embed)

Use as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before
>staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>sneaky bastards will try to convince you into believing that cheating can be evaded, it can't and you will be banned with those bastards laughing at you
>people may report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope - begging for invites is a waste of time and you should just interview at What.cd

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Do I qualify to join a private tracker?
Since I got no data cap that cucks the speed

Going for that iPhone 7 in the ipt lottery

and now I'm hungry...

you're fine

Good luck to you!

it's a scam you idiot

LaserEyess did AB


Fuck off spaghetti

Why is nobody talking about AHD being down?


We only care about ptp,wcd,emp,ipt

it's a bait you idiot. No one here is that stupid

I love properly cooked chicken curry but then again it is true that India is the country with the smallest avg. upload and probably even seedtime on HDB

because there's no news at all

Wouldn't it be really easy for someone to fabricate this conversation?

Perhaps they make up the smallest demographic

you seem to be missing the best hd tracker :^)

f for spaghetti

It's out of context but laser actually said that. If you have logs of #oppaitime you'll find it

>inb4 le hdb wizard man

>caring about a mediocre HD tracker that is not even good as a backup

That's an old image. There have been 2 new news posts since then.

Wtf i hate AHD now!

>1 day

>outdated screen
>hes not the real hdb wizard man

>this guy is

I prefer 0day

tell me about tor trackers, I already heard about scream bitch.

All shit with abysmal seeds. Not worth your time

You just got /marked/

hopefully they change recruiter when back up :^)


That's an old announcement. You photoshopped in the text.


Why did you delete this?

because, as pointed out, it was an old news post :^)

What's wrong with inviting people from Cred Forums?

Trackers do not allow you to invite people from public places

usually people from Cred Forums are Cred Forumsay horse cock suckers


Kek le hdb wizard got marked and will be banned

>implying i left any info in to identify myself
oh m8, you gotta learn a lot :^)

>he doesn't know about embedded CSS code
You're fucked.

Serious question would you cry if you got banned?

>le css boogeyman

Some guy from here invited me to WCD a couple years ago. I ended up forgetting the pass and got disabled.

Oh well

kek, sure, if it pleases you.

He's probably crying already. I'd wager the cabal is already heading to his house.


>Open signup for TorrentLeech (not the .pl one)
>sign up since I have a seedbix and am interested in a general tracker that I can use that isn't IPT
>it fucking sucks, worse selection than either IPT (how is that possible) and lower quality encodes than HD-Torrents

Have I been memed?

IPT has the best selection so no surprise there.
And no you've not been memed, since literally no one is praising TL for anything ever.

Torrentleech has always been a shittier IPT when it comes to content

I'll probably just let my account be culled then. Is Alpha Ration any good as a general tracker, or are they shit too?

They're shit too. The only good general trackers are IPT (obviously not staff though), bB (for recruitment forum at least), filelist.ro, and nCore (kind of).

You could still use it for cross seeding

I guess I'll stick with my one-two punch of IPT and HDT then.

He has a cheatbox, I don't think it's needed.
You should literally sell your account.

Is there any good cross seeding scripts? Sort of like how plex can check and match files using databases, except for torrents? Becuase manual cross seeding is a major pia

Join PTP and filelist

Is TSH good enough while I wait on WCD for the rest of the trinity?

Where can you join filelist

Good enough for what?

Is ptp aware that they have staff members that sell invites for money?


What does PTP offer I don't already get with HDT? HDT has only one stupid rule about quarterly downloads, but their actual content quality is superb. Why should I care about PTP? Genuine question.

Movie and tv shows

Is it worth donating to IPT for SSL Tracker?

Wow that was a quick reply... huh really makes you think

I don't donate and I have ssl

>donating to use ssl
That can't be real

>Why should I care about PTP
Invite forum

I get that with HDT as well.

So after what interval of time should I drop the WCD freeleech picks


And this is why you literally never invite anyone.

there's nothing good in HDT's invite forums

I'm having trouble understanding some of What.cd's rules, the Multiple IPs FAQ tells me
>you may log in and browse the site from as many IP addresses as you wish
Meanwhile the Proxy/VPN rules tell me that I should not use the site with any dynamic VPN/proxy.
How would they know the difference between using a VPN/proxy with a dynamic adress compared to me just logging in from different places?
Feels like I'm missing something.

anyone can find the IP ranges of vpn providers

Yeah, but what difference does it make when they both work the same way?

doesn't matter, they probably just check the IP and see if it's from a VPN/proxy

Is freshontv alright?

Why does the wiki say they have shitty practices?

HDBits is but hurt because the owner was selling invites

yes just fine

It's alright for what it is, a TV tracker. It's not good and not bad, but it's better than TTN.
I honestly have no idea why the wiki says the have bad practices.

How to get quick ratio with a seedbox on PTP?

My friend gave me his seedbox that is valid for 4 more days. Its a 500GB one.

PTP doesnt have much freeleech, so what torrents would give me the best upload gains? Should i just autosnatch new stuff?

not true

i host my own VPN on my server and when i asked in IRC if i can use it they still said no.

It isn't.

Is IPT really private if you can just pay a small fee to get in?

kinda retarded if they disallow only dynamiv VPNs

Private tracker just means you need a passkey to download.

How is the average seed time calculated on TehC? Do you really need to seed 1.5TB every hour on average to be an "archivist"?

The real question is why would you want to be an archivist?

why the fuck would you want to be an archivist on TehC?

Well I don't know. So let's say Fanatic instead. Do you have to actually seed 10GB every hour on average? I don't really get it.

And why would a VPN make them mad and create this rule for?

No, that's not how it works. Go read the wiki.

you average seed size has to be 50 gb

I have read it and it doesn't make sense. Is it just the total size of files you're seeding? Why call it average in that case?
Yes but what is a "seed size"?

>mfw HDB is now my main source, has no hit-n-runs and it's comfy as fuck with all the bros
no need to rely on PTP anymore: lovely site and great selection of content but the forums and userbase is toxic garbage for the most part

kek..loving all the right wing threads and the backlash in those

>using the smiley with a carat nose

yeah i mean faggots here will complain about autism on HDBits but PTP really has some of the most obnoxious and virulent bastards i've seen on any forum, ever

:^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)

are you upset?

>Having less than 50 meg up and down

>using the smiley with a carat nose


>using the smiley with a carat nose


what private tracker has windows software?

the adobe cc pshop/illustrator torrents always seemed to have problems. any trusted ones on public trackers?


ipt has a ton

probably most 0-day trackers

got my adobe shit from what.cd, no problems with blocked hosts

>using the smiley with a carat nose


>using the smiley with a carat nose





Only thing to come up is this carat nose bullshit, y'all fags need to kys

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>Click on it
>"Thank you for visiting the donation page!"

>click on IPTORRENTS banner
>redirected to donation page

half the buttons on iptorrents lead to their donation page

quality tracker, lyl

CGPeers, they have lots of tutorials and plugins too. Open sign up the 1st and 15th of every month.

Just moved over to Transmission-QT
How should I set up the Download Queue it's different

Are you on windows?


Then I would use a different client like Deluge. trans-at on Windows is a buggy mess and lacks features

Doesn't deluge start to mess up when you have loads of torrents

>using the smiley with a carat nose

Not sure

>tfw on WCD, AHD, BTN, SCC and HDB
>nothing to climb up to anymore
well, it was a fun 8 years..

took you long enough

>tfw not even on ptp

meh, took it slow

>8 years
>not even on DB9
haha is this a joke?

>implying i care about DnB
oh no..

It's been a week. Is it time to message Winter or should I give it a few more days?

Nice one, mate. He once took a 5 month break from recruiting people. If you send him a message, it might get "lost".

You can go ahead and bump the message.

Be polite

because a fat weeb recruiting is so hard you need a break


>that haircut
2009 was RAD!

>2009 YouTube.
>No introduction followed by an intro

Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the *tink tink*


Forgot that.... And Dreamscape too.

can i pirate a gf?

Is filelist any good? Are there any better general trackers?

Anyone else unable to log in on animebytes.me?

fuck off already

Laser pls

Is IPT a honeypot tracker?

Not all the torrents on there, but there are ones that are, yes.

Their sister site Torrentday is for sure

There was that one game of thrones torrent that was shared outside ipt and got a bunch of people letters.

Which was due to the site being so poorly coded that it allowed thousands of IPs to use the same passkey

>have thousands of torrents seeding in ruTorrent
>didn't label around 20 of them as my uploads
>don't know which ones they are
>don't know what to delete

Deleting your torrents from your client won't remove your upload from the site.

But what if my torrents get removed in 6 months or whatever cause all the current seeders leave? Doesn't that looks bad for me?

ugly font-rendering, kill me now

Go to torrents.php?type=uploaded and re-download the torrent files if you see you are not seeding them anymore. Simply point the new torrent to where the data is, force recheck, and continue seeding

Golden Popcorns

PTP: the movie site that relies on other sites work and doesn't do any itself

Only if you prefer handjobs :^)
kuzeth is pure shit

Civil War GP

Are there any trackers that ban seedboxes or make life very difficult for people who use them?

hdbits doesn't give freeleech to seedboxes

Not really. HDB doesn't give you freeleech if you have a seedbox but if you have a seedbox you dont need freeleech in the first place.

fuck ptp, those racist never give gp to other encoders except selected hdb/ahd encoders

is the ptp soupwhale kill?

>visiting spaghettio's various honeypots

What are the maximum allowed dimensions for a custom icon on AB?

Derpta are you dead? did you get banned from HDB yet?

PS: you're still a nigger

Does ImmortalSeed.me contain any HDB encodes?

Does BitHDTV get any HDB encodes?

Do any trackers have The People Vs. O.J. Simpson?



Thanks for checking, I certainly couldn't find it anywhere.

Only place I can find it is on Amazon for 20 bucks.

its on BTN

its on ipt

I don't see it on BTN. I looked..

Don't have IPT. Or I think I used to but got disabled for inactivity.

Fuck off Microsoft shill

look up american crime story you fucking retard

Oh thanks. I was searching for People vs. O.J. Simpson and variants.

Someone ban this bigot

Someone ban this IPT shill

>using the smiley with a carat nose

AHD dead?

yeah feds got em

they got EMP too

Someone execute this BTN shill. If the cabal is reading this, I have traced his IP and am willing to cooperate. You know how to contact me



damn are you a hacker?


But I (312c) posted that in the first place...

I'd rather upload an image of my reaction

thank god it's finally over

>spaghetti still banned

how did this happen? should we be worried about other trackers?

>tfw you tryna join #support to get your account re-enabled but the irc server ain't workin
What's a noodle to do?

You should be worried that you are this retarded

I need to reinstall Linux. If I just copy the ~/.config/transmission folder to my new installation, will all the paths get transferred too?

ab has been slow as fuck
you're ddosing them too
i knew it

You're probably connecting to the wrong domain.
.me is nice and snappy

kill yourself


>someone comments on his profile
>banned 3 hours later

Just how far are they willing to go with this

use the new domain bro

Test it and see

Can anyone tell me what releases of the Korean TV series Signal there are?

>log into .me
>picture of a twinks asshole
yeah epic

How much yen would it take to get a pic of your boyhole, qt?

Trust me, you don't want to see it

Please respond

>he fell for the lunix meme

Why don't you just answer me you faggot

Have you tried installing Windows 10?

I have Windows already you autist, stop memeing.

Your question is way too vague

It's crystal clear though. If the path for a torrent saved in Transmission is, for example, ~/Movies, will that path get transferred if I copy my entire transmission config folder?

Here lies spaghetti, we'll never forgetti
He was a fagetti, who tried to phishetti
His friendships were plentii, with oppai so menii
Here lies spaghetti, we'll never foregetti

Blossom will unban him. She's not really a cunt.



Get out of here you disgusting stinky weaboo!

We're all weeaboo here, even you

N-no I'm not.
They're just reaction images I swear!

It's nothing to be ashamed about. Don't fight it. Close your eyes and feel yourself slipping into this purest bliss.


I will be a Power User on what.cd in a week, maybe I can get someone in.

Rent a seedbox.

Reminder that wcd is awful.

Report that shit as bad tagging.

You deserve it.

>implying it's limited to one band
This kind of shit is way common on WCD.
To the point that trying to fix it would be like trying to cleanse Cred Forums of shitposting.

He invited me within a month.

It's how the CD was made you fucking idiot. Blame your shitty band not WCD.

I decided I'm going to leave him alone for another week and then send a quaint little, "Hi, sorry to bother, but..."

>The original physical release features 25 tracks. The music begins on track 13 and ends on track 25, Starting the album with 12 hidden tracks consisting of five seconds of silence each, totaling 1 minute of silence out of respect for a deceased fan, who also had track 10 (Justin) named after him. Later prints move the silent tracks after the music. In interviews Jon Davis also mentioned he was very superstitious and did not want to end an album on track 13.

Okay, fair, my mistake.
wcd is still a shit, though.

come on man
nice username btw

They're just the most recent examples I've downloaded.
>nice username btw
Oh no, don't 1/4 username dox me :^(
My ip is too.

jesus fuck and i thought my taste was bad



>wcd is still a shit, though.
Stop using it.

>Stop using it
There's no good alternative.
WFL is bad, and Pedro's and Exigo are even worse.

What's the cheapest 1Gbps seedbox?

>AHD still down

I just shook a hand for the first time in a year and I feel like I squeezed way too hard. I won't be meeting this guy again, but I still feel a bit weird about it since he's higher up.

there is nothing worse than shaking another mans hand and they have a really limp, pathetic handshake
so it least it wasn't that

That's totally fine, user.
You should only worry if you don't shake hard enough.
Nobody likes limp wrist faggots.

It wasn't a hard shake, I just feel like my fingers sunk into his hand, as if they were claws. Almost as if my fingers had suction cups.

On WCD when you download and go past the ratio threshold, your leeching privileges are getting blocked. When and how does it happen? Is it automatic system, or moderator approved? What if I start downloading let's say 100 albums, and somewhere in the middle reach the threshold, will I be allowed to finish my downloads to 100% or will I get blocked in the middle? Does it actually blocks downloading or just snatching new torrents? If it's moderator approved, will I have enough time to finish downloads before I receive my block?

>not having an HDBits account for when AHD is down

I just got inactivity pruned from BTN... for the second time.
How fucked am I? Is there any way to get my account unblocked again?

It's automatic and will interrupt any ongoing downloads.

It's automatic. Soon as you hit it, getting in and out.

How hard is it to log in once a month?

You clearly don't care enough about your account to keep it alive.

No, the policy is that you won't get it back again for good. You should have signed in.

>How hard is it to log in once a month?

Actually BTN is 90 days like most trackers so he is even more retarded than you think.

Sounds like you don't care enough about your BTN account so your permaban is probably for the best.

Try EZTV you pleb.

Why the fuck did I join TehC? Someone post their invite forum

Damn it. I have 130 bookmarked torrents and shit ratio. They give freeleech tokens occasionally right? I hope they give like 100 on tracker's 10 anniversary in 2017.

Because it's the best you can get into before PTP.

because you're waiting 6 months anyway

Pretty sure there's nothing. It's an okay backup for ptp though.

pretty hard when you're in rural China for half a year ;_;
should've just donated I guess

Should've talked to the staff before.

Should have locked your account

What were you doing in rural China senpai?

Then upload something you dumb nigger.

Working as an English teacher, while at the same time practising my Mandarin

There's nothing worth mentioning. No trackers even recruit there, it's all just user threads.

Yea fuck off.

When I make upload a seedbox snatches it (if that even happens) and after that I'm not getting any upload credits. And I'm not playing your bullshit seedbox game.

that's just how it is everywhere. stop complaining

Then just keep uploading stuff you dumb nigger. Quit crying about it and do something about it or wait for the next freeleech in 2017.

Has the wcd haze stylesheet been topped yet?

>join AHD they said
>its comfy they said

Did you get some of that tight pussy over there?

That's not how it is on rutracker.

I literally have no time for this. I can run my torrent client 24/7 and seed all files forever, but if it is not enough I'd rather spend $$$ to buy whatever media I need, or wait 17 years for freeleech. And no I'm not going to buy seedbox instead to play this stupid game, I'm not a kid who have a lot of time for bullshit like that.

I dont know what is more embarrasing... wcds economy or the apologists that defend it

We told you to join HDBits instead of AHD but you didn't listen

>I'm not a kid who have a lot of time for bullshit like that.

Yet you have enough time to complain like a woman on a message board about a tracker instead of actually fixing your problem.

Believe me, you have plenty of time, you dumb nigger.

>I dont know what is more embarrasing... wcds economy or the apologists that defend it

The most embarrassing people are the retards who joined WCD instead of joining Bigboyz when it was wide open and people from /ptg/ were joining it to avoid WCD.

I'm on HDBits, PTP, and BTN. Never needed a fucking WCD account.

Thank you, based Bigboyz.

>The most embarrassing people are the retards who joined WCD instead of joining Bigboyz

Lol yeah and now they come to /ptg/ every day to cry about not able able to get any upload on WCD.

Time to buy that memebox, you dumb niggers!

Yo which anime tracker is dank and is open rn. I have 3 private trackers all with a ratio of about 6 on them. I NEED SOME HIGH QUALITY ANIME MY FUCKING LIFE IS EMPTY SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE HELP.

Why the fuck someone even bother to shop chopped leaf on that curry!?

>I have 3 private trackers all with a ratio of about 6 on them.
AB recruit on 'good' trackers in the PU forums
there's no account age requirement either

Animebytes, but they ban a lot.

3 actually

Kuro is the best

Whats up with ahd?

>Whats up with ahd?

It's not HDBits, which is up.

6 month requirement on BigBoyz

It isn't

Animebytes is closed D:
I'm not on any "good" trackers. I could only get in on open registration pleb tier shit. but I've uploaded over 300 gigs. Any open registration anime trackers rn?

Oh, sorry I didn't see "open" ^^'

GGn is open registration
AB recruits on GGn pro gamer with no account age reqs

>Any open registration anime trackers rn?
Open reg will never get you anywhere. Just do the what.cd interview.

open application i mean, it's not hard though

If i take their masks would they die?

Are PrivateHD and CinemaZ considered to be good private trackers?


Why not?

they're always open registration

>3 months remaining for account age

Good trackers: HDB, PTP, BTN, whatcd, AB, bib, emp, AHD (borderline)
Okay trackers: TehC, GGN, BCG, MaM, MTV, Myspleen
I've probably missed a few but basically everything else is shit tier. This isn't including niche trackers which can be okay if you have a specific interest.

Oh, yeah that's how I got in. I have to admit, the community is more like Kickass' old community (which was shit) than What.CD's community. I'm still looking for a better private HD tracker and one with a lot of "foreign" movies but unfortunately I know no one that's part of such a tracker.

>tfw the only people you know who are in private trackers are all Anonymous and tripfags

>AHD (borderline)
what are the issues with AHD? i'm not into movies/tv enough to warrant having a PTP/BTN account, but i do care about quality.
AHD has a selection of both, right? is it alright for general HD movie/tv/documentary/whatever?

AHD is good, I was just meming. People say their internal encodes are a bit bloated but you have to be pretty autistic to care. It has a good selection of HD movies. I'm not so sure about tv though (I don't watch it myself).

already in What.cuck are you 100% sure there's no open registration anime trackers?

The only good private anime tracker is AB. Just use something public like nyaa or bakabt if you can't get into AB.

>wcd thread: 14gb remux, 18gb internal encode
what do they mean with this?

>already in What.cuck
so get power user and get invited to AB in the official thread

TFW I just wanna watch Koe no Katachi but all the public trackers are empty or full of shit. If one of you guys are one AB could you check if they have it? If not I'll spare myself the trouble of trying to get in.

>Koe no Katachi

Fug thanks homie, guess there's no DVD release yet :/

what, this came out? how has no one upped it to AB?
maybe it's a shit release

Just DL'd that one about 4 minutes ago and I GOT REALLY FUCKING MAD. It's just a bullshit interview with the creator and some of the voice actors with little 6 second clips of the movie here and there. Don't waste your bandwidth.

GGn and BCG are the best in the game category.

That's not saying much.

Well you're still forgetting ADC

What the hell is ADC?

All Dicks Cum

>only 20
fucking go find out fag


why are some torrents on ptp checked almost instantly and mine is waiting for like 3 weeks already?


mark my ass

They are checked according to popularity you dumb nigger. Your obscure upload are not a priority. They want to first check the stuff people are actually downloading.

Uploaded an obscure movie a week ago and it got checked 2 days ago.

Would you rather watch a shitty 1080i encode or a perfect 480p encode?

perfect 480 any day, i watch stuff in its encoded resolution on my monitor, not a huge ass tv

Could someone see if "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story" is on PTP in higher than standard def?

don't call me nigger nigger

Only standard def. Highest resolution is 720x480


Damn, thanks for your help.

>using the smiley with a carat nose