Decide to try linux again after about 6 years

>Decide to try linux again after about 6 years
>Try 4 different distros (Slackware, Debian, Mint and finally Ubuntu
>NONE have working wifi
>try 3 different wifi adapters
>same shit
>give up, reformat and use drive for porn instead.


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Your inability to get a simple feature working isn't the fault of the operating system, you cuck

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it was my fault for expecting something as simple as fucking wifi to work on a hobby OS. maybe they'll figure it out in 6 more years



Funny... I installed windows 7 the other day... nothing was working out of the box... not lan, no wlan, trackpoint not properly detected, fn-keys not working, nothing...

slackware woudn't even boot. and debian couldn't install because NO FUCKING WIFI


>still using windows 7

Well, seeing as how it works for almost everybody else who gives it a go I guess we can narrow down the error in your case to being somewhere between the keyboard and the back of the chair.
Random quote very fitting your situation:
>Linux is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are.

Wi-fi sucks anyway...

Buy a better pc you wagecuck, nobody is going to support your wifi card which has 10 units ever released.

>Asus ac56 with broadcom chip
>10 units ever released

what a fag

I have same problem on my HP ProBook 450 G1 could Cred Forums help me somehow?

i kekd hard, and i hope this is b8.
all you need to do is wifi-menu

>try 4 different distros
>3 of them are debian reskin
>none of them are gentoo

yea, it happens with shitty broadcom adapters, otherwise, I've had no problems with any wifi cards at all (throw noob friendly loonix on pc/nb -> wifi works out of the box)

For me wifi has always worked out of the box. What kind of wifi adapters do you use?

It works on my shitty netbook but i can't get it to work on my probook it's probably lack of drivers or sth. If you suggest any legit solution i'm installing linux for main system again today

>Things that never happenned.txt

At least be more subtle, rajesh

>install debian on sandy bridge laptop
>everything werkz

My anecdote>yore ancedote :DDDD

Have 3 laptops, 1 netbook and 1 desktop. All installed various Linux OS's on them. 100% functionality works. I have also set up linux on many friends' computers when they have had enough of Windows.

Perhaps the anagram P.I.C.N.I.C. applies to you OP:



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Youtube celebrity that got famous after the Internet turned her into a meme.

Even fucking arch had working wifi OOTB, you just have some shit obscure wireless card.

You probably have Broadcom.

Broadcom and Linux don't get along too well. Not Linux fault, just Broadcom's for not supporting their hardware better. I think the proprietary drivers are basically reverse engineering apple drivers.

Never had a WiFi problem on my ThinkPad.

If you're OP then yep that is what I have. I would reckon Ubuntu should have it included, but if not you need the "broadcom-wl" driver. In arch it's not even in the official repos because of the poor support. I'll have to install Manjaro or antegros if my arch fails.

It's honestly a huge pain in the ass. I'm never buying Broadcom again honestly. Sometimes I have to start the service myself even if claims to be running.

Is there Mediatek MT7630E driver for arch or am I blind/retarded?

What do you Windows babbies always say when something doesn't work on Windows for someone?

I think it was
>muh anecdotal evidence

Seems like this thread is nothing but
>muh anecdotal evidence

>But it's your fault you are so dumb OP!

That may be the case, but this is the reason Linux will never be mainstream. People just want shit to work out of the box the way Windows or OSX does.

if you couldn't get ubuntu working correctly, you fucked up really hard

Windows never works out of the box either until recently.

You always have to grab a mess of drivers either way.

Right, but support is aplenty for normies.

Retards can drop their shit off at geeksqaud or whatever. Normies aren't going to scour usenet for days to figure out why they can't upload all their family pics from their stupid camera.


I'll give you that one although I think Ubuntu is pretty driver friendly otherwise.

It's hard for me to comment on driver support over on arch, but Ive never had a serious laptop Ubuntu issue. I usually keep a xubuntu or similar flash drive for troubleshooting purposes.

I think it's progressing anyways. I would say in five years, a lot of things people desire will be present in most Linux builds, especially since people seem to be getting sick of Microsoft and their shit. Even a few of my non tech friends are installing Linux.

Wow have I ever been lucky. Never had that problem even once.

Is you're house wired for wifi?


I have a feeling OP's post is fake

But there are unsupported network adapters.