Adderall significantly increases ability to perform in the tech field

Those of you that are unable to get motivated or focus, why not hit up your psych and see if your laziness isn't laziness, but instead is ADHD? Medication exists that lets you focus and preform better, you don't just have to accept that you're easily distracted and unable to work for serious lengths of time.

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People want crazy money for it now that it's hot with college kids.

get a prescription
At therapudic doses (Even if you don't have ADHD, the therapudic dose is the same- low. In the case of vyvanse, it's like 30-40mg. I take 40.) it's fairly cheap and it won't make you "high" past the first few days- plus, you don't really develop a dependance to it.

I used to feel bad about needing to take ADHD medicine to focus until I read up on Paul Erdős

>meth increases productivity
Who would have thought, asians do that all the time.
Bad meme, 3/10.

I take 10mg vyvvanse prescribed, and when I don't take it, I don't feel so hot for a few days afterwards.

>get a prescription
Haha, nah.

Enjoy crippling depression when you stop taking it.

Is that true?

That is called withdrawals. Enjoy your addiction.

Adderall is not meth
It's just Amphetamene, there's a LARGE difference between it and Methamphetamene. It doesn't get you high.

Oh, I mean sure, there's SOME dependence issues, but it's not like with other medications. I'd compare a Vyvanse/Adderall "addiction" (assuming you're taking your prescribed dose and not over) to a less-intense caffeine addiction

That's never happened to me. Perhaps that's because I take breaks (I don't always take it on the weekend).
That being said, if it was a problem, just... don't stop taking it. My copay is like 10 dollars a month for medication that fills out every single day

I've had it happen to friends, but it's not "crippling" depression. They just feel really bummed out and sad for a few days (They can't stop thinking about death etc but it's not crippling). As far as I know, the depression is the result of cumulative malnutrition if you don't monitor your eating habits since you won't be hungry on the stuff.

I know you're memeing on me, but there's a difference between mild downregulation and addiction.

My point was just that there are downsides and it isn't a silver bullet.

>It doesn't get you high.
You sure about that, buddy?


Yep. I feel stimulated and energetic, but I don't just feel good even when I'm not doing anything (You DO feel this in the first few days of taking it, worth noting). I feel good when I'm working, but it's not like I'm "high". I just feel rewarded for getting work done, like normal but with a little extra kick.

You probably have ADD.

Vyvanse is the fucking best, I would have dropped out of school in 3rd year had I not got a prescription(BS econ/minor math). I take 30 mg about 3-4 days a week for the past year and a half, don't feel any withdrawals or anything, never had too bad of an experience.

Adderall is it's addictive cousin. Don't take adderall.

Back to vyvanse, with a script it's easy as fuck to sell the extras for $10-15 a pill, which profits about $150 a month.

>needing drug influence to be good at anything

Subhuman trash

By the way, not being able to focus for 1 hour or more is not ADHD, that's fucking normal human behavior
ADHD is the dyslexia of the 21st century, every kid that won't sit his ass down due to being raised improperly by their parents is immediately diagnosed with ADHD and every special snowflake who finds himself unable to focus on a boring task self-diagnoses ADHD too. Wow, who would've thought focusing on a boring, tedious task is hard!!!! I MUST HAVE ADHD!

It was the same with dyslexia, retards couldn't get a grasp of orthography and suddenly they're all dyslexic special snowflakes

Instead of finding stupid excuses and getting drugged up on chemicals, find ways to fucking better yourself as a human being

>needing fucking meth to function


Well I mean
this is why I got the prescription
The truth is, it doesn't affect people with ADHD differently than people without it. People just get scared (rightfully so) that there's a drug that flat-out increases work performance, even more so because it's a scheduled substance. It's not magical and there are downsides, but it does work for everyone IF taken in low doses.

Adderall is no fun in comparsion to Vyvanse. Well, I mean, it IS fun. That's its problem. It's like you're taking speed.

>By the way, not being able to focus for 1 hour or more is not ADHD, that's fucking normal human behavior
I can't focus for more than 10 minutes on something without the medication unless it's something I find interesting, in which case I'll get sucked in for hours when I should be doing something else.
And I have found a way to better myself, my study habits while on adderall have been affecting my study habits as a whole. I think that in a few years I won't need it at all.

NEETs detected.

I'm on 70mg of Vyvanse daily.

I have noticed that I do feel depressed on and off, but not suicidal.

Definitely might lower my dosage, if I'm not working on what I need to work on when shit kicks in, it's incredibly hard to get out of hyperfocused distraction and do by uni work.

All this shit kicks you in different ways. If I take a few days off it, I'll be really goddamn lethargic.

When I'm on it I don't feel high, I fel like I can keep up with everybody else.

Why don't you actually look into the facts instead of listening to what pseudoscientists of /fit/ and Cred Forums tell you.

My parents WERE strict, they WOULD kick my ass if I didn't get my shit done, still needed the dextro Jew to get shit in order.

I hear that, Adderall just fucks with your mood way too goddamn much

vyvanse is just a prodrug for amphetamine

its the same as adderal

Can confirm, used it for a week, ran out, crashed hard for next week.

>$150 a month profit selling prescription drugs

What did you major in? Just want to make sure I don't turn out like you haha

>I don't understand how neurotransmitters work, yet I'm enough of an expert to judge others!

Everyone needs neurotransmitter levels within certain ranges to function. For instance, I could quite easily induce serotonin syndrome in you without giving you any pharmaceuticals, and you wouldn't be functioning very well after that, I think. You would also probably be heading to the nearest ER looking for some of those pharmaceuticals to save your life.

What's really fucking pathetic is having no respect for the body of science supporting these types of disorders, and that you think you are somehow better because you are merely an idiot rather that disordered in the same way.

60 mg? You gotta be nuts or a fatso for that.

Well yeah, depends on what kind of Adderall, XR is just dextro I think, bit IR is Lexo and dextro salts.

Vyvanse is fucking smooth. Helps me not eat like a goddamn pig too.

>it doesn't affect people with ADHD differently than people without it.
Yes, it does.

Hi user. I don't know if you are baiting or legitimately enraged, but I don't think you are correct.

There's a pretty good amount of scientific research supporting the existence of attention deficit disorders. As far back as the the 1700's, it was noted in french insane asylums that some inmates responded very favorably to stimulants, producing a counter-intuitive calming effect. Today with pet scans, there are very visible differences in brain activity in those with adhd/adhd-pi.

With regards to lack of attention being a normal human trait, you are of course correct.

The difference is in the details. It is also normal to feel sad occasionally, or twinges of pain. But there exist clearly recognized and verified depressive and chronic pain disorders.

All disorders involving sensation/feeling and thought or what have you must be variations of preexisting normal ones by definition.

Overmedication is a problem, but disregarding disorders on this basis is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Psychotropics don't work that way.

Well, pharmacologically yes but the effects are very different.
I'm on the "same dose" of vyvanse now that I was on adderall.
The thing is, on Adderall, you get HIGH AS FUCK twice a day and are manic, riding high on life, and you feel like you can take on the whole world. The crashes are just as severe, and you feel like you want to just die, or at least sleep- but you can't.
Vyvanse isn't like that. It's a smooth come-on and a smooth come-off.
Even if it's the same amount of Amphetamine in your system either way, adderall is way more addictive since it's all released at once. Additionally, if you get incredibly drunk, you can't make bad decisions like snorting your vyvanse (and people won't steal it because you can't get the same high)

Those studies were found to be inaccurate in all the research I've found.

For some people who's ADHD is terrible, I suppose it would be needed. I had a friend with TERRIBLE ADHD who took 80mg and it set him straight.

or maybe you learn to do your job without being a druggie?

>Those studies were found to be inaccurate in all the research I've found.
Provide it.

how do i go about getting a prescription for this stuff?

If you are a college kid or are probably get charged like an extra 5-10 usd a pill I can usually get like $2 a pill

i have taken both vyvanse and adderal and how you guys are talking about it feels smooth is true

vyvanse felt alot "cleaner"

>Adderall is it's addictive cousin. Don't take adderall.

Bullshit. I've been taking Adderall XR for years now and I never feel the urge to take it on the weekends. I actually wish I didn't need it in the first place, because it barely has any effects on me anymore, but I do take it because it's better than not taking it.

I dont get how it's nuts with college kids, you should be able to succeed without it

>The thing is, on Adderall, you get HIGH AS FUCK twice a day
>adderall is way more addictive since it's all released at once
Except if it's Adderall XR which is slow release.

>amphetamine doesn't get you high
First, yes it does.
Second, if it works that well, why can't you spell two words properly?

You're assuming I think ADHD doesn't exist
I don't, my point was that a ton of people falsely assume they have ADHD after they're unable to focus on something that doesn't interest them. That's entirely normal. I see heaps of such cases every month, so seeing kids take adderall and other drugs because they "have ADHD" triggers me.

It's why I've compared ADHD to dyslexia, since pretty much every parent would immediately assume their child is dyslexic because they can't write, rather than ask themselves whether or not their child actually made an effort to learn how to do it.

I'm not arguing with those people who are properly diagnosed by a doctor and I'm not arguing with scientific research.

I didn't assume any such thing.
I pointed out how it's stupid to assume some random person is malingering, when the diagnostics that check that very thing have gotten very good recently.

You are the one making the assumption and following it up with flaming randos on a taiwanese nootropic dispensary, not me.

First off, ask yourself if you actually need it. Medication of this type is not to be taken lightly. Second, ask yourself if your family has a history of heart issues- if it does, don't. It's not worth it.
Go to a psych and explain the problems you're having. Mention that you thought it was normal to experience the symptoms you have, but you realized that not being able to focus is actually not normal after speaking to friends. Mention that you're not averse to medication, and if they don't respond negatively then mention that you'd be willing to try the lowest dose of whatever they're offering to see if it'd help.
Some psychs won't prescribe it. Some will. If you live in the LA area, I can recommend you a doc that will prescribe it if you need it but won't if he doesn't think it's a good idea.

XR still gave me two bumps. I didn't like it, I felt like I was fiending for that high bump

I'm on the bus so I can't pull it up right now, but essentially stimulants stimulate the parts of your brain associated with working and reward from working, so there's overall more stimulation but subjects act calmer since they can focus

Because I'm typing on a phone.

>seeing kids take adderall and other drugs because they "have ADHD" triggers me
Why? If younger children take adderall for a short period it can actually "fix" adhd permanently, requiring no more medication after a certain age.

There's bona fide tests and shit ask your doctor, or buy it of college students.

I don't sell my shit, I need my fucking pills.

How do you handle the comedowns? I usually have 10mg IR Adderall that I take in the afternoon. 7-8 hours into my previous dosage if I need to keep doing work.

Vyvanse takes around 45min to hit me, then I feel jitter for around an hour. The it tapers off into background alertness until around 7 hours later.

It's not a feeling that I would call high.

Prodrugs are some good shit.

xr releases half your dose immediatley and then maybe 4 hours later the second release

>Why? If younger children take adderall for a short period it can actually "fix" adhd permanently, requiring no more medication after a certain age.
If they're actually diagnosed with it, sure.

>Everyone needs neurotransmitter levels within certain ranges to function. For instance, I could quite easily induce serotonin syndrome in you without giving you any pharmaceuticals, and you wouldn't be functioning very well after that, I think.
Wtf are you talking about?

90% of the spectrum is just jew psychiatry scam false diagnosis to sell kikeotropic drugs and label the goyim who do not fit in with their shitty degenerate system

also stimulants are the worst drugs ,they age you and cause heart disease and other health problems

I wish I lived in murica where you can get perscriptions by simply asking for them and putting enough money on the counter. I think I got a ADD diagnosis as a child but my mother refused to give me any mediation. I've always whondered how much those pills would help but I have no intrest in the years-long medical bullshit surrounding them.

Oh well, it doesn't really matter at this point anyways. Too late to un-fuck my life now.

it definitely helps me get better grades in my cs/math classes


that was enough to make me high
I don't think that stimulants are something that it's good to have large release sections of. You're just not as productive and you feel good even when you're not doing anything (and work doesn't make you feel good during the "dips" rendering it useless)

I personally handle comedowns by eating enough food, taking a Zinc supplement, and having an incredibly tiny booster (2.5mg ritalin) when I'm coming down, but I don't need it. Crashes are totally manageable and I can even work during them.

>the spectrum
since when was ADHD related to Autism?
>jews jews jews
who curr? My copay is less than an hour of work and I'm a college student with a shit college student job.
>stimulants are the worst drugs
Painkillers are the worst drugs
>they age you and cause heart disease and other health problems
[citation needed]

>I don't understand how neurotransmitters work

>Taking a shit tier drug like Ritalin

Not him but ADHD is essentially like an unstable undervolted IC. Body overabsorbs the neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that allow signals to pass between neurons. There's basically not enough in the synapses of my brain.

Not just eating the cotton out of benzedrex tube?

What is the zinc supposed to do? I also notice that Vyvanse gives me oily skin so acne is an even bigger pain than usual.

it is well known that stimulants cause enlarged heart and weaken blood vessels and arteries
>pain killers are the worst drugs

wrong you can take opiate all your life and not experience any long term ill effects, nothing but but constipation they do not kill your liver kidneys and heart,circulatory system

>since when is ADHD related to autism

different spectrum there is a spectrum of severity for ADD/ADHD too you know

it's not except that they both fall under jewish psychiatry scam and over diagnosis

your co pay means nothing

I'm embarrassed to go to a psychiatrist

methylphenidate is not as bad as adderal

From someone not willing to go to a doctor, what's "Natural" Adderall?

why would you be embarrassed, you are not the one who chose a fraudulent pseudo science parasitic jew profession

It's different for each person but with any stimulant, due to diet or other factors you're going to be stripping out certain vitamins. I found out that for me the #1 cause of me feeling crappy was an electrolyte (including Zinc) deficiency.

>it is well known that stimulants cause enlarged heart and weaken blood vessels and arteries
which is mitigated by regular checkups, assuming you inform your doctor of the fact that you're taking them.
> you can take opiate all your life and not experience any long term ill effects
If you have a long-term addiction to painkillers, you can literally feel like you're in pain/uncomfortable/sad ALL THE TIME when you stop, FOREVER. Painkillers can really fuck you up.
>different spectrum there is a spectrum of severity for ADD/ADHD too you know
I'm aware of that, I've only heard "the spectrum" to refer to people with Autism, though.
>it's not except that they both fall under jewish psychiatry scam and over diagnosis
I don't think there's as much of a scam as you think. This medication is helping me, what's the problem?
>your co pay means nothing
....why? It's all that I'm paying for the meds.

Why? Doctor-patient confidentiality is a real thing, it's not only on TV.

It just makes me feel like I "lost"


Getting help doesn't mean that you've lost. Losing would be having a problem, not getting help (whether it be therapy, medication, or any other method of improving your condition) and then having that problem result in you not achieving your potential.
Don't be afraid to seek out help if you have problems. This applies to everything.

Anyone have experiences with nootropics know how effective daily usage is? I have ADHD, but always feel shitty when I take adderall and I think I'd rather take the weaker alternative as long as it's effective.

students are getting so dumb they need a pill to finish their college homework. I don't even want to imagine how "good" they will manage real problems in their future career.

>falling for the confidentiality meme
My parents are in medical professions and break hipaa like every day

you should try naturopathic solutions and meditation for your lack of concentration not stimulant drugs
yeah sure the docs will tell you whatever you want to hear to meet their quota and get their kickbacks from big pharma

opiate withdrawal does not last forever , the worst is over a week or a little over and effects can last for months ,insomnia but not forever

the point is that they do not do long term damage if you had an unlimited life time supply of opiates an unlimited lifetime supply of stimulants
you would not have any long term ill effects from the opiates but you would have significant health issues from prolonged use of stimulants
stimulants are not good, they increase the likely hood of heart attack and stroke and aneurysms
and they age you

22 here, been taking this shit for 14 years.

Bloodwork is great, heart beats strong but that's fine. Shit's fine man.

This. I had to watch my Dad go on heavy opiates when his cancer metastaticised to his spine.

It wasn't the cancer that killed him, his heart gave out because the painkillers stopped working.That or we had to beg the hospice doctors to give him more morphine so he wouldn't die in pain and maybe they panicked and gave him too much.

If you niggas have played Silent Hill 2, then hear this. James did nothing wrong.

No man is an island. You can grit your teeth and bear anything. But some shit will save your life or make it easier.

Same shit with antidepressants, you're supposed to take them while you make attempts to turn your life around.

Nigger I get like 3 hours of sleep per night, I need all the help I can get. I can power through a normal workday but it's the nights doing homework and studying that really get to me.

>Why? Doctor-patient confidentiality is a real thing, it's not only on TV.

I really hope you don't believe this senpai, doctors love sharing embarrassing stories about their patients

Meditation/ mindfulness of your condition is ACTUALLY part of modern ADHD therapy.

It ain't just pop a pill

This is a really bad place to be asking medical questions. Its a matter of dosage, drug, and your personal response to that drug, none which should be fucked with without medical supervision.

I have a really hard time focusing. I mean I can't even flip through a picture book without getting impatient half-way. Even if something interests me I find it hard to focus on it.

But the side-effects of meds make me too scared to take them unless they are absolutely necessary.

Just look at

Nootropics are shown to be effective only in short-term usage. They might feel less addictive, but in reality most of them require you take more and more in a very short time window to get the same effect. If you have an ADHD diagnosis, see if you can get a low-dose vyvanse script. I know I sound like a broken record, but when it comes to ADHD mitigation for most people it's just da bes

Well then they're breaking the law- but the important thing is that they're not going to go to a patient's family and gab about them getting help unless that person has expressed a desire to kill them. Nobody cares about personal conversation

>you should try naturopathic solutions and meditation for your lack of concentration
I did (and do) this. it helped, but not enough.
>yeah sure the docs will tell you whatever you want to hear to meet their quota
I don't need my doctor to tell me I'm doing better, I figured that out myself.
>opiate withdrawal does not last forever , the worst is over a week or a little over and effects can last for months ,insomnia but not forever
My cousin used to be a Heroin abuser and while it's gotten better, in 15 months he's still going through withdrawl in that his perception of pain is completely fucked- a single sad thing can ruin his entire day, and stubbing his toe is like getting shot in the foot.
>you would have significant health issues from prolonged use of stimulants
this is the thing that I don't think you're getting- Therapeutic doses and recreational doses are different. Additionally, as long as you monitor your cardiovascular health (by telling your primary doctor your medication and that you want it monitored) there's no elevated danger.

I'm referring to them telling your family/friends. of course they gossip, they're human beans.

Only 10mg? I take 80mg (2x40/day). 10mg wouldn't even touch me. I've been taking it for a while though.

I went a month without taking it one time and it felt like time was going way slower. It's a terrible feeling. I'm pretty much addicted at this point.

your brain need sleep, why are you following such unhealthy lifestyle?


what does that mean? NOTHING

they can't tell fuckall from bloodwork

nor can they from an EKG or a stress test

the best test you get is a cath inserted through your groin and even then there is no guarantee they can see anything

you could just drop from a stroke or heart attack or aneurysm at any time ,there is nothing medical science can do to detect the kind of damage caused by stimulants , circulatory system damage is extremely difficult to detect unless it s a glaring obvious condition

I've never heard of anyone on ADHD prescribed Modifanil. It's a nootropic from China that you can buy on Amazon.
Amphetamines at low to moderate doses have been studied for many many years and the side effects are fairly minor.

Yeah but the studies suggest that its about as good as a vacation on your mind. There's no way that shit has a negative effect. The point is does it specifically treat the disorder? Answer is definitely no. No one wants to hear that meditation/hypnosis is probably more effective over time with less chance of fuckery than drugs though, because it takes more time and focus than people would like.

Adderall Vs Modafinil

GO GO GO faggots, fight it out.

I look into vyvanse and see how affordable it is. I don't need the attention of a hawk, I just want to be able to think a complete thought without becoming side tracked.

That's why your doctors will try to put you on dosages where you can tell if you're taking to much or not.

It's a process nigga.

Also you guys should look up coupons, I'm in Florida and had to change Insurance providers, there's coupons that'll give you a script for like 10 bucks.

Get good grades. I'm not that naturally intelligent so I have to overcompensate by studying a lot. I also need my school to keep paying most of my tuition or I'm screwed. It's hard to find a balance as I'm also working part time.

THIS my doctor started me out on 50(!)mg vyvanse and after months of taking it i stopped cold turkey. My life has been a wreck ever since.

your cousin is just bitching cause he is jonesing a fix
either that or he has fibromyalgia
it is not from opiate abuse or withdrawal 15 month out

How do you like two dosages instead of one?

Im on 70 but wouldn't mind switching to two a day.

DO NOT take stimulants if you're only getting three hours of sleep a night.
You WILL fuck your brain up. You need like 7 hours of sleep minimum on amphetamines if you're using them daily. Low sleep + amps is how people on the street end up clanging (saying words with no relation to each other). Your brain needs time to rest and restore itself.

I dunno. They might have something else going on, but they seem pretty serious about kicking the addiction- I don't think they're jonesing.

Fuck off with that why are you in uni if you can't get sleep?

Sleep is literally the top thing to have to be smart.

I actually have ADHD and use vyvanse. Neither pill gave me withdrawals or any ill-feelings afterwards, but Adderall made me angry/short-tempered until it wore off.

I got one of these here in Cali, my first script cost like two dollars; it was a way for me to see if it worked for me.

Well, that warning aside, it might have been correct for you then. Doctors won't recommend something that's bad for you unless they're one of those sketch doctors that just want to unload meds onto you, and those are usually easy to tell (because they go after clientele who don't really have problems but want the meds, and they actively seek those drs out)

Not sleeping in Uni is actually quite common

Adderall comedowns suck dick. I don't know why I had to take a month of adderall before being prescribed something that fucked me up less.

>Paul Erdős
Vyvanse binds the drug to a protein called lysine, and since your body can only metabolize so much lysine in a hour its a smooth delivery of drugs

Believe it or not, many/most doctors actually care about their patients

Sounds like you need to find a better doctor, even my psychiatrist banters with me for like half an hour to ensure that the drug is helping and not harming me, and to assess my overall mental health. He isn't even my GP doctor.

>Not sleeping in uni a problem
I know it first hand and it's a plague

I had a shit roommate who kept me up using his MacBook League of Legends

I'm halfway done with my cs degree on scholarship with a 3.88 GPA. If I dropped out because of my sleep schedule, I would have basically nothing besides a shitty 10/hr part time IT job, and I fucking hate it. It's not really an option. Also one of my professors is basically a father to me, so I couldn't bring myself to disappoint him like that. If you can't tell, I'm a whole basket of psychological issues

I take both at the same time because they don't make an 80mg.

Taking 2 at different times would be terrible. They last 12 hours so taking 2 would make it hard to sleep.

I don't get it man, cant you just do your work and get a job from that?

That should leave plenty time for sleep.

You don't need to drop out to get more sleep, just manage your time better and make sleep a higher priority. You will be happier overall.

i really don't want to work in IT for a career, I would rather do web dev or software dev

>Those of you that are unable to get motivated or focus
I swear, every fucking millennial claim that they're not lazy, they have ADD or ADHD or whatever.

Just pull yourselves together, you lazy fucks.

I took adderall and it made me nauseous, dizzy, ruined my ability to concentrate, removed my appetite, and ultimately led to me starving and dehydrating myself. Whenever it wore off at the end of the day I'd get depressed and angry and really fucking hungry.

And this was on a prescription, recommended dose for my ADHD. It fucking ruined my health and my concentration. It's not a fucking miracle meme drug like everyone says and it's not compatible with everyone. Most people will have negative side effects and you have weigh the pros against the cons.

It didn't work for me or my mother or my girlfriend. I dunno why everyone thinks its some fucking miracle drug that turns you into a work machine. It just made me nauseous and depressed. I feel happier and more productive off of it.

What is the difference between laziness and ADD?

ADHD is a recognized psychiatric condition, it's not just people being lazy
There are definitely some self-diagnosed lazy fucks but it's not all of them.

Sounds like your dose was way way too high. You should have talked to your psychiatrist about it- a recommended dose will not work for everyone.
Also, nobody claimed it was a wonder drug. In fact, a couple people in this very thread said that it wasn't a silver bullet.
It also sounds like you were severely dehydrated and malnourished. You're supposed to eat a meal (even if it's not big) before you dose in the morning.

ADHD (add isn't the term used anymore) sufferers typically have periods of excessive misplaced focus combined with inability to focus on what they need to + easy distractability.
While a lazy person might just not want to do something, someone with ADHD will want to do it but will find themselves doing other things, often without them even realizing it.

i'm lazy. not really at work. but in my personal life. I took the first A+ test on april 1st and I'm taking the second test Oct 10th.

so yeah I'm super lazy. don't know if it's some clinical thing, but you kno

>taking pills just to earn more money for Mr. Goldberg
Video related

>take adderall
>masturbate furiously for 6 hours nonstop

>sleep and adderall will fuck you up
This is interesting, I haven't heard of this before. Im not saying I doubt you, but do you have a source?

I personally find 25mg ephedrine+200mg caffeine to be comparable to low dose (5-10mg) Adderall.

I don't have the paper on-hand right now, and I'm not sure if it was a completely widespread clinical trial to be honest. I just know for a fact that taking amps and not sleeping messes your brain up. I'm not sure if it's permanent or not, but I've heard people say it can be so I wouldn't risk it. Personally I've taken vyvanse one day, not slept that night, then dosed again in the morning and I was having major problems remembering how to speak at a speed required for communication with people face-to-face.

Sleeping 3 hours only can fuck anyone but when you force your brain to be active it's a fast track to destruction.

LSD is a better long term motivator dont have to use it at work, no harm from it or addiction. just 1 12 hour sitting on one of your days off. Fuck adderall if you want to go the amphetamine route get Dexedrine a more pure(stronger) and no jitters or twitchy amphetamine.

Is Vyvvanse known to cause/worsen depression? I am finally feeling okay not taking antidepressants and really don't want to fuck that up

Different dosages do different things to different people. I've taken adderal quite a few times and am a completely different person for better and worse. My memory is better, but I can completely miss something because I tend to be too focused on one thing. I ended up taking some to study and spent an entire night studying, but the adderal had worn out before my exam and the lack of sleep hit me so god damned hard.

If you're gauging amps effectiveness for work in terms of strength then you're looking at it the wrong way.

I have nothing distracting me. No video games or tv shows. I don't care for those. No friends either. I also have something I am passionate about. Yet I can't find the drive to study it. I just keep lying in bed staring at the ceiling, meditating, eating, going for walks, doing sports or compulsivly browsing the internet even though I don't care about any of the topics I read about.

What do?

It's a very weak prodrug amphetamine more for kids in my opinion

>tfw someone describes your life nearly perfectly

Does Adderall also helps with learning the subject you are interested it but you find no motivation to learn about them? Does at least force you to focus or concentrate on them if you start to learn them after you take it?

Jokes on you I had crippling depression because of my ADHD symptoms before taking meds.

That describes me also, except I have nothing I'm passionate about

>ADHD is a recognized psychiatric condition, it's not just people being lazy
I didn't say it wasn't, but 99% of this board is self diagnosed and 90% of Americans with ADHD have doctors who make big money from pushing unnecessary pharma.

I mean, Americans even diagnose fucking 7 year olds with bipolar. SEVEN YEAR OLDS. It's completely fucking normal behaviour for a seven year old to cry and then laugh 5 minutes after.

>using Adderall to do better to make more money for your white investors

Nah I'm good

>now that
You mean ten, fifteen years ago?

I was charging yuppie shitheads $10-15 for a single 30XR back before Obama was a household name, buying them for a little less than $3.75 at times.

Don't give a single fuck what doctors say, it's amphetamine, it's a fucking amphetamine. It rots your brain out the same as the methyl variety. It feels petty much the same, does the same shit (hardcore reuptake inhibitor), has the same effects.

Don't use the shit. It's sick enough we give it to our kids willy nilly.

I can't even focus on the things I am interested about.


I really cannot stress how much nicer seeing a psychologist was than I thought it would.

More than just getting meds, talking about how ADHD fucked me up and sorting out other issues. YMMV, but I almost enjoyed it.

Should I go to a psychologist before going to a psychiatrist?

>I enjoyed someone allaying my childish sociological fears and the feelings from societal pressures to perform into a personal issue that can drift away with a simple pill
Fuckin' pussy, nu-male extravaganza of the common variety. Suckered into the machine and welcomed it with open arms.

Nobody will give me the prescription for it.

What do?

What did he mean by this?

yeah how do you get ephedrine in america though

Got diagnosed with ADHD when I was a kid and got a funky drug cocktail with all sorts of mood- and behavioural-altering drugs, that made me fat and suicidal.

Fast forward to being an adult, lived with ADHD and various ADHD drugs for 15 years... Turns out I have a fucking gluten allergy/coeliac and not ADHD at all. Turns out if I just mind what I eat and stay away from gluten, I don't have concentration issues and learning disabilities at all.

Fucking psychiatrists, man. They always resort to easiest way out, which is drug the hell out of everyone.

Bronkaid, Primatene, etc.

how long until companies replace their coffee machines with adderall dispensers? they serve the same function

ADHD: Get the speed that you need to succeed. By speed, I mean amphetamines.

I don't really know what the difference between them are, I'm not a native speaker

Yeah maybe I just go back to being a loser fuckup with no future.

It really doesn't fucking matter what you think about the system or whatever, for me the choice is simple, take meds and enjoy life and reach my ambitions, or not take meds and be a fuckup.

My ex got dextroamphetamines for her ADHD. Got to try some of it, I understand now why some people get addicted to amphetamines.

If I understand correctly, one is more of a therapist, and the other one gives you drugs

>I don't really know what the difference between them are, I'm not a native speaker
Psychologist -- someone who studied psychology (aka a liberal art).

In most countries (the US being a notable exception), psychologists are not licensed to prescribe medication.

A psychiatrist is a doctor (normal med school) that specialised in psychiatry. They can prescribe medication.

>this thread
>Cred Forums in charge of giving medical advice

Might as fucking well choke on a cyanide pill.

Psychiatrists give you therapy too, but they will quickly dismiss you and recommend a psychologist if your case isn't severe enough.

Unless, it's a private clinic psychiatrist of course. Then they will just charge you a gazilleon dollars for your time.

>Might as fucking well choke on a cyanide pill.
Do it, faggot