Be riding the bus from my tech campus to the main campus at my university

>be riding the bus from my tech campus to the main campus at my university
>75% of the people on the bus are Indian
When the fuck did this happen?

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When you started attending a university in India?

I grew up in Toronto. 75% other ethnicities is standard and the ethnic groups change dramatically depending what part of the city or surrounding area you're in.

Nothing bad happens and everything is great. Dont panic.

I attend a university in Texas.

>tech campus
There's your problem.


Enough elaboration...

Was it today? I'm guessing this happened today.

Obama letting foreigners take American jobs

>first week of university.
>All profs are poo is loos and allahu akbars
>can't understand a shit they're saying.

wtf. i love humanities now.

How bad was the stench?

Why is Cred Forums such a festering hive of white supremacy? Do other cultures frighten you that much? Please, kys and let the rest of us enjoy the splendid variety of humanity.

Why don't you have a car?

>Nothing bad happens and everything is great
you're an idiot. thats how countries turn into shitholes.

Maybe he doesn't enjoy traffic jams, paying for insurance, tax, gas, and every other problem that comes with car ownership
Now, if that's better or worse than riding a disgusting bus full of pajeets, that's up to each person I guess.

you have to go back, rajesh

There's a Texas in India?

Muslims too. All the terrorists we hear about are with engineering degrees or engineering students.

So much for they need school and jobs.

A bike or skateboard would make it a lot easier.

There's a pretty nice Huffy for $80 at Amazon.

>be riding the bus from my house to the university
>50% of the people on the bus are PeruANOS, BoliviANOS and ParaguayANOS
When the fuck did this happen?

Absolutely disgusting. 90s rigid MTB or roadie is the way to go

Most of them come from mud poverty families and they just latch themselves onto whatever they think is going to make them successful the fastest because they are retards who think the American dream is actually real. Even if they are not ever going to fully comprehend it, it always happens with 1st gen minorities. They are just going to be immediately partitioned to the bottom of the barrel in their field and work themselves to the bone as barely above wage slave pay grade +incurred debt so they will just break even with the investment the poor suckers.




This turned into /pol. ?

>get a job interview at a bank in Jersey City, NJ
>go there for my interview
>at least 2/3rds of the population is pajeets, walking around in their ill-fitting shirts, and sandals

wtf when did this happen

and why is every single pajeet a skinny-fat

Texas Instruments is the reason why Bangalore is a tech hub. They were the first high tech company to expand into India, so there is a lot of immigration back to Texas. The following video is my source.

> Canada, Toronto, shithole
Yeah, OK.

Your non pajeet peers were smart enough to go into MIS instead.

enjoy your loos, america