#include <studio.h>


int main() {
return 0;

hello.c:5:20: fatal error: studio.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

fuck this shit i've been stuck with this for fucking hours C is shit im goimg back to python

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>i don't agree therefore it's bait
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You need Visual Studio to compile this

>not stdio.h
it's like OP is a new breed of mongoloid

Take another look at the textbook senpaitachi. You'll see it's as in STANDARD INPUT/OUTPUT

Use #define you hardcoding madman.

That won't work in C

>he cant do a hello world program in C
kys 14 yr old kid

>he uses outdated languages instead of python

you meant stdio
"standard input-output header"





not only do you shitpost on image boards, you're also illiterate and incapable of reading error messages

Either samefagging op... Or Cred Forums is that dumb when it comes to baits.
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As descriptions of Cred Forums go, I'll give that one a solid 9.

You have to recompile the linux kernel and it will work.

Can someone makes a graduate meme of this please ?

how can i do that?

>21 posts
>17 posters

go to colonel.org and download linus 16.04

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Here you go sir