Hey Cred Forums what computer is this i found it in a dumpster



That looks like a Dell.


I meant what model, its missing the front and side panel i want to see if i can buy new ones

Give it back Jamal.

>Pentium 3

Is it usable nowadays ?

it's trash put it back in the dumpster

So it's a P3.

More commonly known as PoS.
Unless you're going to run that thing filled with AGP cards and playing retro games its not going to be of any use to you.

As for the model google the stickers to the side of the dell logo.
Don't bother investing more then 10$ into it because you can get another one for 20$

It's a pentium 3 box and p3s were produced from 1999 to 2003 IIRC so it's old. You can sell it on ebay if you aren't interested in old computers. Btw can you post a pic of the GPU?

Dude, you got a dell!

I still use an old dell P3 as a router. Rock Solid. Probably uses a shitload of power but I'd never trade it for a consumer or gaming router.

You can install linux on it but don't expect something that you can use as a daily driver.

>rock solid

I can't even use an old mid range CPU from 2006 in Youtube. How do you do it ?

It's a 16 year old Optiplex GX110.

Your best bet would be to put it back in the dumpster where you found it.

That processor looks to be a P3 733, and it looks like 256 MB of RAM on that top stick, so I'm assuming the 2nd stick is the same.

Pick up a couple cheap network cards and use it as a router, use it for retro gaming or play around with Linux on it. There's literally no other use for such a machine these days.

You're right those things have a nasty habit of multiplying

The Dell runs IPCOP, it only functions a router. My parents still use P3's for email and light web browsing, it's pretty brutally slow and YouTube is no bueno.

It's a Dell OptiPlex GX110, shipped on 11/17/2000.
I was gonna list the original CPU/RAM / other components, but it seems they don't either didn't store info that far back, or purged it after so long.
Source: looked up the service tag.

What's it good for? Anything that doesn't require much CPU power or RAM, i.e. retro computing, light web browsing, email, basic word processing, etc.

How about you google the god damn bar codes and numbers on the fucking motherboard!!!

That would be great as a simple samba server in house or an FTP or something low power.

When they throw it away, it's fair game.

>low power
You do know that this thing probably uses 70W+ and has lower performance than a recent m3 with