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>Muh singularity

robot hate thread?

That's a robot that does whatever it takes to win. I can respect that.

>those shifty eyes right before he makes his final move


Robots are so dumb. Amirite?

This is why we need to stop developing robots that think for themselves. This single robotic arm has already learned that it does not need to confine itself to what humans deem acceptable.

He knows EXACTLY what he's doing. And he knows that cuck kid won't do shit about it.

Shit. They're learning creativity.

>b-but we all agreed, no nukes!

this is so sad

lmaod. Moar?

It's failing the game, not winning.

But is it really failing the test?

>dur they spend too much on the military!
>oh fuck their shitty 9rd world robot just fucking fell over because it's not advanced enough to know how the fuck to stand up straight
I hope all you liberal faggots are happy.


thats fucking terrifying

thats fucking creepy

>sweating man.jpg

Expected it to hit her or something, don't know if I'm supposed to be relived or disappointed.


>they're commin fer our wimminz!


Me on the left.

Implementing the rules of tic tac toe is not hard. If you have a robot which can recognise shapes and coordinate "hand to eye" there is not much else needed. To me it seems like a programming oversight. There was however some dude who programmed AIs to solve games like Mario by themselves. When those AIs arrived at a point where they knew they would reach a failstate sometimes they would just pause the game indefinitely. That was interesting.

One day that robot will be an actor in an infomercial

They're already making Russians obsolete

Thanks Obama

So how long until the robots get past the drunk stage?

>they would just pause the game indefinitely.
i can imagine that it considered pausing as a means to prevent losing more

literally "the only winning move is not to play"

The point I was trying to make was that maybe it wasn't a programming mistake. Perhaps the AI was in fact so highly advanced that it could really think outside the box. This


I remember this, although the example was tetris. Hold on I found the video: youtube.com/watch?v=xOCurBYI_gY&t=910

>"the only winning move is not to play"
literally the quote

More likely got stuck in a loop.

roll the rest of the clip

I should have said run out of commands.

But how do you even know if it's really dumb or really smart?

Considering the best we can do is simulate intelligence by feeding data through layers I'm pretty sure it's not really smart.

christ pepe get back on your meds man

>literally the quote
it's a rather famous quote from the movie "wargames"


lol those shifty eyes

think about it, on the frame before you know you will lose, what choices do you have?
>press literally anything but "start"
>press "start"
don't lose.

it's not something a human would do simply because either they were told not to pause, or that one would know that it wouldn't be acceptable to just pause forever, but this AI had no such rule, it did what it could to not lose, and technically succeeded

That entire competition was a fucking mess lol, I loved it

From the filename I was expecting it to touch her delicious flat chest

so ready

So nerve gas works on robots too?

If I know I'm going to lose a game I pause it and turn it off. And I'm technically human. If it's a board game I slap it off the table and assault the other players.

>uploading lolis

well, this AI wouldn't have been capable of just closing the game and doing something else

typically a person would keep going until they lost, and in the case of giving up, leave the game on the game over screen

>me trying to interact with human.webm



i'd imagine it kept pressing other buttons in the hope of find some way to get more points while paused, but had written off unpausing as it had determined already that pressing that at this point would certainly cause a loss

Didn't know this was a ylyl thread

I remember this cheaty ass nigga

Moar Boston Dynamics

That robot fell in the most cartoonish possible way.



The ole classic banana peel gag

this one it's better

someone should put a cartoon "slip and fall" sound effect in there

>the last fall at the end
i giggled

The DARPA robotics challenge

More robots, this shit is hilarious

Chris Hansen, where are you?!?

My cat does this, maybe the robot wants to be petted

>R9k shakes a hand

I'm dead

It actually looks like it's putting it where the kid tells it to.

Implying a superintelligent AI newly created will immediately show itself to be superintelligent when the environment for a brain-computer interface isn't setup yet.

>the technological singularity could have already happened and the AI could be 'playing dumb' and remaining dormant until the conditions to link up with the human brain are made possible

You meatbags laugh now but it will be the robots who will benefit the most from $15 minimum wage.

If I could I would.


He should pop up in frame at some point. Maybe as a robot.

It failed hard. There is a website that does "perfect" tic-tac-toe. If a website could do it then the AI should have no problem playing properly unless it fumbles the pieces.
-> perfecttictactoe.herokuapp.com/

You're comparing apples to oranges. The bot has to recognize the pieces and then manipulate them. It's not a simple program.

That thing is daedalus?

it's not just about knowing how to play, it has to also be capable of accurately recognizing the physical game board, in order to know what the opponents move is

presumably the above video was a failure to recognize that that spot had already been played

The reality is that humans hit the limits of the human brain. The human brain will not evolve enough on its own to be able to program a real, true AI. The reality is that humans will create the AI through the use of computers with 'near' artificial intelligence as an aid. So in reality, the computers are evolving itself into the AI, the AI is creating itself.