What are the worst lunix distributions and why?

What are the worst lunix distributions and why?

Any one you build yourself on custum hardwares. those are the worts

Fedora. It's literally shit.

All of them


ubuntu with unity

what an ugly pile of shit

Probably Gentoo. If you fuck up one little thing it'll be reinstall time.

t. experienced GNU/Linux user

I've had the most issues with Debian/Ubuntu and its derivatives. The most useless distro I've used has been Slackware.

Pretty much. Hard to find anything more detestable. Especially with the amazon spyware and ads. Cancer desu senpai.

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Most of them are alright. But Corel and Zorin, I hate those with a burning passion.

You do realize this is the "Technology" board right? I'm not the guy you responded too but it still is pretty stupid.. Why do you think this board is dedicated to Linux only and not even take in consideration that Windows might just be better than GNU/Linux for different tasks.


what the hell do you need to fuck up in order to destabilize gentoo?
Using it for 2 years already, legitimate question. Was able to easily recover (less than two hours of google & OS fiddling) without reinstall from:
> bootloader fuckup (caused by my careless handling of the ESP)
> wiped out more than half of the /usr/bin folder by replacing them with symlinks to some python shit (never use pip as root, user - NEVER)
> portage death (was trying to clean /var/tmp/portage, cleaned the wrong folder. Learned to never do serious system management while speaking to relatives via VoIP the hard way).


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anything made by red hat. Just stay away from that shit. Coming from someone that tirelessly tried to use fedora, then CentOs on a laptop for one and a half years.

Noobs don't realize most any fuck up can be fixed in any distro.


well, I did it in gentoo because it's the only distro that made me want to learn it better - but mostly you're right. It's not windows.

You sound like a raging newfag. But that doesn't have anything to do with the point, just an observation.

The point is that there is a clear distinction between people who discuss technology in general and for various reasons (UNIX hobbyists, specific devices like watches, etc) and those who see technology as a means to play video games. I love video games (I don't play them much anymore because I work and go to school, but I think they are the next art form when done correctly), but if I want to discuss video games or make points relating solely to video games I keep it off of Cred Forums. Things such as "Linux sux because no gaymes" is both bait and only about video games. Either way it doesn't belong here.

The point is that the two groups described above have overlapping interests (I need to troubleshoot X to make Y work vs I need to troubleshoot X to make Battlefield Y work) but it is clear that they are different subcultures.

There is no governing body to determine what does and doesn't belong and it is up to the community to regulate these things.

At cost of time. Look, time's money, time's your LIFE. Its better to reinstall (half an hour or so) than fix the problems. Personally i've spent like a a week fixing things in my Ubuntu that could be dealt with through reinstall

Why did you do that? What makes you regret it now?

There is nothing called best/worst distributions because it's a fact

ubuntu, not rely though, just unity



Time that you would have spent fapping to chinese cartoons anyways, otherwise you wouldn't be here. And, by the way, knowing your OS is important if you're a software engineer, it's like knowing more about the house where you live in. Plus, you get to do more cool shit with it. No time spent having fun is wasted.
I did it because, first of all, fuck ubuntu and every-six-months-reinstall. Then I realized that fedora is no different and all that bullshit "seamless upgrade to the next version" that it offers simply does not work.
After a major fuckup with nvidia drivers that cost me a day of my internship (I would've smashed the head of fedora lead developer personally, I swear) I decided to switch to something more stable - so, just to stay in the same ecosystem, - Centos. Same crap without the instability, literally no packages unless you go for rpmfusion or some other crap like that, issues when you install packages for one version of centos on another - etc, etc, etc. That's what I call wasted time. Never again.

Damn Vulnerable Linux.
It's pretty damn vulnerable and hasn't had an update in years.

This image sums it all up

Tbh I'd rather spend the time on programming than on fixing broken things.

Yeah, you shouldnt have tried it. After fedora 23 was released they basically had to get even packages like mpv from this rpmfusiin shit.

Personally, I'm going to try Open SUSE. It seems to have more packages (most of what I use is in the official repo) than Fedora and I'm okay with compiling/converting from deb files if i don't find something in the official repo.
I'm not saying user repos are full of malware, but still. I once installed (on Ubuntu) a console client for qtox from one of their users repo. It ended up eating some 1000MBs of RAM after running for 12 hours...

As for the drivers, why didn't you use nouveau instead until nvidia fix? You could have also made use of btrfs snapshots to prevent the situation when your computer was temporarily rendered useless

Containers? Or hacked screenfetch?

Arch: Cause they don't ship with sane defaults and developers don't integrate Lennartware correctly.
Slackware: Literally, the fundie luddite distro
Crux: Same as Slackware, but more retarded because they want to be BSD, but they can't.
Any boutique distro, really.

GNUSense. While it's a good idea, having no non-free software basically means having no software.

The ones with GNU. Many real Unix operating systems have much less of the GNU problem.

Try ROSA first. They don't make you go to a third part repo for proprietary stuff.
It's great.

Lunix itself.

>(never use pip as root, user - NEVER)
What? Never seen that happen.
How the fuck that happened?


Worst I have used is probably Fedora and Debian.

All Debian-Based Distros

What are sane defaul s?

Mint - it's shit
Kali - literally gives script kiddies hacking tools

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Ubuntu, I swear I had more fucking issues with that than I did with Arch which is notorious for breaking all the time

anything with systemD sucks, i refuse to use them

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I think you're just retarded. Red Hat is a billion dollar company and has huge customers such as Telstra and the United States Defence. With proper know-how you can easily set up CentOS or Fedora. Hell, I run my home sever off of CentOS. The lack of included packages is definitely a ball breaker but in no way is it unfixable.