Alright, I now switched to Firefox. What should I know? What to install?

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>Adblock Plus
>HTTP Everywhere


Google chrome


>>Adblock Plus

>HTTP Everywhere
>Self destructing cookies

If you don't want to fuck with umatrix then install privacy badger instead.

session manager
adblock plus
https everywhere


uBlock Origin. Remember to enable the extra filter lists.

Also, Classic Theme Restorer

Just get the developer version for the dank theme + ublock

What extensions should I install on the Android version? I already have AdAway and MinMinGuard so I don't need uBlock. I already have that cookie manager that I forgot the name of. You know the one.

Google " hardened firefox user prefs." If you dont its basically as botnet as chrome

In addition to the rest of the thread I use tabgrenade and tile tabs

tab grenade helps me with my bad habit of opening 20+ tabs. push the button, it closes the window but saves all the urls of the tabs, you can at a later point hit the button again to get a list of all the tabs you ever 'saved' (multiple sessions) in this manner and open them again.

Tile tabs allows for displaying 2 tabs in one firefox window, split down the middle, by double clicking on a tab. You can also do other setups like 4 tabs on quarters of the screen. I could get the same effect by getting 2 firefox windows and windows key + left, windows key + right but I'm lazy, so.

Lastly if you want you can get an addons for downloading youtube videos or something, in case your fave shitposter produces a video and you want to save it before sjw's use the flagging system to unjustly get it taken down.

Most other stuff you can just directly download off a page by using rightclick->page info (or tools>page info on menu bar) -> media -> scroll down to element and hit save as.
For example you can download .swf from /f/ in this way.

>Adblock Plus

Some of these suggestions, lmao.

Basic kit: uBlock Origin, Stylish, Classic Theme Restorer.

That gives you reasonable security and some customization tools.

Paranoia Kit: (add some or all) uMatrix, Self Destructing Cookies (make a whitelist and disable notifications), Better Privacy.

Since nobody mentioned it yet, YouTube Plus is great if you use YT semi regularly. It's basically YouTube Center, but better AND it's not broken.

Tin Foil Hat Kit: CanvasBlocker, Decentraleyes, Google search link fix, No Enumerable Extensions, No Resource URI Leak, Pure URL, Random Agent Spoofer, Smart Referer

Those don't do the same thing. If you don't want the extensibility of uMatrix, you'd want Policeman.

ABP is shit, use uBlock Origin, Ghostery is useless with uBlock Origin as well.

You can use the Dev. Edition theme on Stable also.

If you hate how much CPU the HTML5 and Flash players on YouTube use, you can use Viewtube isebaro.com/viewtube/?ln=en.

It allows you to embed your chosen media payer within the page and watch the video through that. Works with VLC and MPV, not sure about MPC-{B,H}E.

Ublock origins

Switch to Vivaldi.

Don't listen to that user, just install uBlock Origin and Greasemonkey,

Classic theme restorer
no resource url leak
random agent spoofer
self decrutinging cookis
ublock origin

Use this user.js

And follow this guide for your perfs.js

my firefox absolute bare essentials are

it's all text
super start

>switching to an slower, clunkier, inferior browser

why, you fucking retard?

>literally every letter you type is sent to google cloud


>I now switched to Firefox
Congratulations, you just switched to the slowest browser in business.

> Viewtube isebaro.com/viewtube/?ln=en.

whoa this owns wtf

how has nobody posted this in one of the mpv threads

Because this exists

Some security extensions cover what others do not: AdNauseam, CanvasBlocker, Decentraleyes, No Resource URI Leak, Priv8.

You shold check those if you are concern about privacy.

the addon page is a bit vague, will this embed mpv or just open the video in mpv on my desktop?

because the latter is what I already do by passing the url as an argument to mpv.

The latter, but it saves you having to do it manually. You can also pass additional parameters with it.

Is there some scenario where you would rather have a video embeded in a page than in a free floating window?

i'd wish there was some addon to embed mpv, so it can go fullscreen easy

>Is there some scenario where you would rather have a video embeded in a page than in a free floating window?

It fixes the content to its context, which can simplify focus switching and reduce window clutter.

i often would prefer having it in its own window, but not always.

>it saves you having to do it manually
see pic related for how I do it, but looking at the addon more closely it is superior for the situation where you're already navigated to the page as opposed to about to navigate there.

I shit on Cred Forums X, broken piece of shit. It refuse to post properly when using Random Agent Spoofer.

Also, I recommend you guys use panopticlick.eff.org/, so you know how much fingerprint you got.

Debotnetify the browser itself: Firefox Hello, Pocket, Telemetry...

For hello and pocket you can install either IceCat (recommended) or IceWeasel. Both more secure firefoxes.

For the telemetry thou, the addon Privacy Settings disable that for you with much much more options for security. Is like having a user.js one click away, pretty much like uBlock interface.


>May 3 2013

Or use the official release with Fat-Free Fox. Or development releases.

After much tinkering, I think I am moving from uMatrix to back Policeman.

The added functions of uMatrix seem like snake oil, I got better results in panopticlick using Random Agent Spoofer.

My guess that using Policeman + Random Agent Spoofer + CookieKeeper replaces and surpasses uMatrix functionality.


>people still use the ugly flawed logo
user, I was upset at first when they switched too, but I got over it in literal hours. This was 3 years ago. It's time to move on.

Yeah that's the most recent one have

Fat-Free Fox looks like it has less than Privacy Settings thou, less even than the Tinfoil addon.

switch to palemoon it's the same but better.

>not using noscript

>using the inferior version of uMatrix

Umatrix don't work when you use userchrome.css file.

>HTTP Everywhere

but I use userChrome.css and uMatrix and it works fine user, you fucked something up.

my css hides 99% of the firefox ui and everything still works perfectly.

Thanks m8. I always saved my 100+ open tabs in a folder and bookmarks are a mess


my css: pastebin.com/XvWGsigq
and umatrix/coincidence detector buttons don't work

#nav-bar { display:none!important; }

it's this. you can try replacing it with

#nav-bar { visibility: collapse !important; }
#navigator-toolbox::after {display:none !important;}

or something, I'm not sure what look you're trying to get so I can't be more specific.

>Both more secure firefoxes

>For the telemetry thou, the addon Privacy Settings disable that for you with much much more options for security. Is like having a user.js one click away, pretty much like uBlock interface.
Are you really that much of a babby that you need an interface for about:config?

HTTPS Everywhere

you can just open a youtube url in vlc and it just werks

Okay WHAT THE FUCK is going on. Where does FF save the search plugins all of a sudden.

Here's the deal:
1. I have 47.0.1 - I had it for a while.
2. I have the addon "Add to Search Bar" - had it forever. I creates xml-files in a folder called "searchplugins". I used to back that folder up and just paste it into new installs. Done
3. Now I tried a lot of different addons recently, they messed up my settings. Went for a fresh install. Removed everything.
4. Reinstalled the same version - 47.0.1.
5. Now there's no searchplugins folder anymore. FF won't recognize if I paste in the old backup
6. Installing the newest version of the addon and using it, seems it doesn't create xml files and that folder anymore either

WTF how does this work now? How do I back this up in the futureu. Do I have to redo all my search plugins from scratch now?

I just want to remove address bar because I use vimperator. I try this code later, thanks