Get ready to pay $650 for a new Nexus, I mean "Pixel" phone Cred Forums

Get ready to pay $650 for a new Nexus, I mean "Pixel" phone Cred Forums

so they're as bad as apple now without an sd slot still.

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>Phone has no front facing speakers

If this ends up being a solid phone, wait 6 months and prices will drop to 400 and under. It's the Nexus 6 all over again.

How big will the phone be? I have a 5.7 inch Moto X Style right now and would prefer 6 inch. 5.5 is too small and I have womanlet hands.

>giant bottom bezel
>no speaker
>no captive buttons
>no fingerprint scanner
>completely useless

I just can't understand. Why Google? Why HTC?

>mfw bought pic related just the other day and now feels totally justified

>no speaker
>no fingerprint scanner
>completely useless

there's clearly a fingerprint scanner in the picture

Was talking about the bottom bezel, not the whole phone. Didn't make that clear enough

>no removable battery
>no sd support
>high price

>I just can't understand. Why Google? Why HTC?

I could give you a million of different reasons but the real reason is very simple. You customers are stupid and will buy it anyways.

enjoy your one year of support i guess

Even if Google offers financing nobody wants to pay flagship money for a midrange phone. This is weak af.

how do you justify the lack of sd support besides being a cuck?

It's like Google doesn't understand why people bought Nexus phones to begin with. They were niche, had pretty good hardware with some obvious cuts in some departments, were a developer focused phone, completely stock and had a very good price point.

With them cutting out all of the above except completely stock, you aren't looking at the same market segment as before. They're going to another manufacturer who at least tries to fulfill some of those points. Today that's most likely OnePlus as they are giving close to stock, good hardware (with cuts), relatively niche, extremely good price point.

So Google is fucking up. The users of the Nexus 4 and 5 did not want premium bullshit, they wanted pragmatic phones with some faults at a good price.

3 years, actually. 2 major Android updates and a year of security patches. Still too little for 650, should expect iPhone support for iPhone prices.

>With them cutting out all of the above except completely stock

Even stock Android isn't the same thing anymore. With every release more and more apps become proprietary Google apps and get added to the store. It gets harder to get a working build of AOSP even for Nexus hardware. They are even building they own skin with the Pixel Launcher. Google doesn't care about devs anymore and the old Nexus is dead.

>they are even building their own skin

You do know the "default" is just Now Launcher right

I doubt this is true. We'll see in a month.

Pixel Launcher is going to be exclusive to Pixel. They are also making the SystemUI (recents, notificiations, toggles, lock screen) proprietary, so expect Pixel's Android looking different than Nexus on 7.0. Now isn't this just like OEM skins?

Haha oh wow.

This is going to be retarded.

They should've just kept the Nexus line for dev and poor phone purposes if they insist of entering "premium flagship" territory.

should I just buy an HTC 10 then?

Enjoy your bent piece of shit

>implying i need space to hoard media

I came from a Note 4 with touchwizz and never going back to that piece of shit. SD card is great and all but I've realized I'll never use more than 20gb of storage besides maybe a few 4k videos I just want a pure Android experience that isn't garbage.

Also 64GB is plenty.

Bought it for $500

>iPhone 7 finally makes you want to switch to android
>hate samdung
>oh I know I'll go nexus
>this happens

Get the 5X

If I was going to buy an old phone I'd just keep my 6 plus.

>This is going to be retarded.

The only upside to this is that they will be able to update the SystemUI through the store, and maybe in the future other OEMs will allow you to install Google's systemUI on their phones. But yeah, development for the Pixel is going to be worse and Google will never touch the source of the old AOSP apps ever again (remember Android Gallery, Music, Internet, Calendar)

Those new touch buttons look so dumb. Why must they keep changing things for the sake of change?

lol pajeetdroid gettingcucked again

I'd rather just get a moto x pure than this pixel crap

Enjoy getting cucked by lenovorola, they probably won't even release Nougat for it

>google will never make a good phone
Why is this true? Do they hate making good things and then supporting those things?

I was hoping the phone would look a lot more like the other Pixel devices. I was imagining a Google branded Nextbit Robin, essentially. Essentially, I was hoping they would just do something like this and get rid of the gimmicks

If it's an iPhone running Android then it's worth $650 tbqh

What a load of shit. Fuck you Google.

I make a living designing custom apps for small businesses. What's the go-to dev phone gonna be now?

I just bought a nexus 5x.

How screwed am I?

Wow, looking great. Hopefully the build quality is like that of an iPhone.

Hopefully you didn't pay more than $100 for it, because that's all it's worth hardware wise

We're getting cucked from all directions at this point.
Am I going to have to go with a chinkshit phone with zero support?

Nexus 6P is the answer. Still going to receive OTA updates for the next 3 years.

What's wrong with the pixel?

you joking? Its ugly as sin

Anyone suggesting 6p is a fucking tardy. Shit was outdated on release. If you want one, wait until Christmas. It'll drop lower than your dad's balls kiddo.

No, I think it looks great. But I have a fondness of iPhone 6-esque designs.

Proprietary software. Midrange price for two android flavors and maybe 3+ years of security updates. Even if hardware is lackluster, we should at least get several years of continuous software support.

xiaomi is fine, gets updates weekly

and RN3P is popular enough that CM13/CM14 are stable as well as all the spinoffs like RR. Chinks are the future unless you want to give 4x the amount of money to the jews so they can remove your headphone jack.

October 4th announcement

The locked down custom version of Android is going to be why the phone will be so good. Just like iOS os optimized for iPhones, 7.1 will be optimized for the Pixel. This is Google software engineers mind you, not Samsung clowns. This is what Google wants to use to legitimately compete with Apple. I have no doubt that the Pixel will be outstanding.

>my second nexus 5 is on it's last legs
>was very hype for the HTC hardware

I'm scared

Do you really spend time listening to your phone speakers?
What kind of creature does this. Just drop a few dollars on a passable Bluetooth if you absolutely must be like that

People said they saw that ad on Tv. Google is serious about marketing this.

In fairness, your point is made complicated when most Android users have been waiting for this Gen of Nexus devices since the 5x and 6p were so disappointing

>no speaker
>no fingerprint scanner

A custom launcher for the device doesn't mean it's "optimized" like iOS is for iPhones. It's still going to be java-based android, you're a fucking retard.

>itoddler still thinks android uses java

omg i know that music from the guaridans of the galxy i wnt gogle phn now

Why would you assume that I was just talking about the launcher?

I only buy lg phones now because they have a removable battery and SD card slot

I'm not an iphone user, I use an RN3P.

>generic black slab that is almost an imitation of iphone

Just stop, please. Don't buy this garbage.

Only if that $650 includes 256GB NAND since no microSD.

Smartphones are now beginning to die. First iPhone 7, now, Google Pixel.

Thank you Lord.

My only gripe with the design is the useless bottom bezel. If it had double front speakers it would have been perfect. And the antenna lines are probably useless since there is that giant glass window on the back to let the signals through. Other thank that it looks nice and fresh - no stupid logos on your face, clean front and chamfered edges.

Nexus 5X is arguably the best smartphone available right now, you did good.

The 5x is great. You're far from screwed.

What the fuck else should they do? A polka dot pattern?

A hexagonal phone. Heck, even a circular phone. At least you could use it as a frisby on those warm, summer days.

Do you also complain that all TVs are giant black slabs as well?


>tfw first "smartphone" was Galaxy Nexus
>tfw upgraded to Moto X but regretted not being able to flash ROM easily and patch the Stagefright problem

ehh now I switch between my blackberry classic and the moto X. blackberry is fairly feature complete and has a real keyboard. if you're not into playing games, it works well.

>harder to get a working build of AOSP
The only thing that doesn't run in Nougat on my Nexus 4 is video recording, and that has ALWAYS been a pain in the ass because of proprietary drivers.
You're fucking retarded.

>just run this thing made by some random Pajeet on xda, what could possibly go wrong?

It's not just the drivers. Google simply doesn't maintain AOSP anymore. It took forever for even the Nexus 5 to get a stable unofficial build. PureNexus and Copperhead devs were all complaining about that following the N source drop

I'll stick with my 6P for another year. I just hope they release some smart watches. I suspect that's the reason other manufactuers are not releasing their own this year.

No waterproof

No sd card

No button

Fatass chin

$649 for the 32gb model


My Nexus 6P has been running like its new, no thanks

What a sexy phone

>needs 250gb to store chinese cartoons

get a 6p or OP3

well, time to move to oneplus

>bezels larger than the ones on iPhone 4
>looks like complete ass
>huge glass back panel but still has fucking cheap plastic antenna lines
>looks like ishit 6
All I've ever wanted is a Nexus 5 with better internals. Looks like I'll be deciding between an HTC 10 and the Nexus 6P.

I'm afraid the one plus will have a disappointing screen

>How are you going to store all of your scat anime porn?


>This phone makes the iphone 7 look good


>people complaining about bezels

But you can download the pixel .apk and install it on your device. I tested it on my zr with android 6.0.1.

It's dogshit tho because the icon in the upper left corner doesn't vanish when you don't have gapps installed.

fingerprint scanner on the back, where it should be

the antenna lines are just brushed magnesium, not plastic

nice shopping faggot

Nexus 5X

Using Nexus 5 atm, gota swap the battery and wait for stable N ROMs(Dirty Unicorns most probably)

I laughed too hard at this.

The bezel isn't big enough

I have a nexus 5x for half a year now. I think you did very good. You're not screwed at all - it's a relatively good price / quality phone, although, it has some annoying things.
But it's still better than most of the smartphones on the market (and at least it doesn't blow up, haha).

OP, for me, the last very, very good smartphone was the Nexus 4 (the Nexus 5x is also a good phone, but you can feel that they intentionally left out features from the 5x so people would by the 6p - so the 5x could've been better, but well, shit sucks). Google never managed to nail the Nexus series ever since then (in my opinion, at least).

Why not the 6P? It has better specs.

Chink build quality

must be an african-american gentleman

Yeah, fuck that. I might just buy a Note 4 and be done with it.

>3.5mm port


so what brand do i buy then? always liked the cheap google phones

Ill be keeping my Nexus 6 for another year. I'll just convert it to white though, since it's pretty beat up and so want to feel like I have a new phone

I hope that shit's gonna be ported to other phones.

Xiaomi Mi4C motherfucker! It's just $120.

Abso - lutely!

I'll be keeping my nexus 4 for another year. Still great.