Video games are more important than freedom

>Video games are more important than freedom

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nobody cares about a philosophy if it doesn't produce tangible results when not caring about that meta crap does actually get you tangible results

the world will go linux when linux becomes a viable alternative to all the rest and stops being a pain in the ass, and when all the rotten cancerous filthy rich and top company people die like the scum they are so people with the right mind and technical skills can start making decisions instead

>being able to hoard CP is more inportant than a usable computer

basically the tldr to

>Usable computer
>Can't even hoard porns

I'm not using Linux cause it's littered with weebs like you. Good thing is you will all die out since you never leave the house.

>current year
>not having both

ok bud

>video game playing manbaby needs instant gratification

What a shocker

>after ridding myself of just one component of the worldwide surveillance state and corporate oligarchy and further hampering convenience and enjoyment in my life I am truly free

Why do lincucks always point out only video games? Your shit """""""""""OS"""""""""" doesn't even have proper software and that's the main reason no-one uses it

>the tripshit is desperate for a (You)

What a shocker


>potsmoking linuxist militant commie thinks having standards and demanding tangible results instead of vague ideologically charged speeches means instant gratification
what a shocker

>use windows
>nothing to do other than playing videogames and browsing the internet
>use linux
>nothing to do other than ricing my desktop and sudo apt-get updating

Modern Computing was a mistake

>video games
>"""""""tangible""""""" results

Oh and the hits keep coming

>mfw video games


I haven't played a gayme in over half a decade. Still can't use Loonix in any serious way.

>weeaboos that hate video games
How? Do you all just play on PS4 or something and are only hating on PC gamers?

No, we literally do not play video games

I remember a decade ago, when Slashdot was still relevant, users were congratulating each other for buying PS3s instead of having a Windows partition.

The "Play Station" contains non-free software

But it's not a "computer" :^)

>pure, unchained savagery.


Anime is made on computers running non free software.


nice meme

I don't need to run non-free software to watch Anime

>Playing videogames

>Freedom is more important than fun

>Wincucks will defend this.


Remember when you could run loonix on a PS3?
Those were the times.

Video games became shit after 2007. Oversaturated market full of shovelware-grade indie games masquerading as art on one side and QTE-ridden, "cinematic" AAA bullshit with postprocessing effects being the largest part of the development budget on the other.

Part of me is glad that we never got a Half Life 3, because I know they would have utterly ruined it like they did Thief and Duke Nukem.

>implying anime is a better time sink

The video/audio codecs are FOSS?

Remember PowerPC?

>The video/audio codecs are FOSS?
Of course they are.

Who the fuck cares about freedom, I just have a decent file manager, a decent file system, better battery life and a cool and modern desktop, a decent and fast boot/shutdown and it doesn't reboot automatically when I'm working with documents, stay with your "cool" operating system unless a day you'll have random bsod's, and don't tell me about unstable drivers because I was always using the ones from windows update, I also can't wait until they'll put advertisements in the start menu.

Or maybe the random 100% CPU and disk usage from unknown shitty things inside the "system" executable, and no, it wasn't windows update.
Deal with it, I don't care about freetards, just Linux and OS X are 500% better than this shitty thing. Windows 7 was "decent" at least. 10 Years and I've never seen a kernel panic on OS X or Linux.
If I need to run games or video editing software I use Windows thin pc.

Ohh yea fucck linux cuccks why I would have to sswitch to a sshitty and complicated operating system no one is using it

Pic, the post


>In 2015, 22 percent of lower-skilled men [those without a college degree] aged 21 to 30 had not worked at all during the prior twelve months

>"Think about that for a second,” he went on. Twentysomething male high-school grads used to be the most dependable working cohort in America. Today one in five are now essentially idle. The employment rate of this group has fallen 10 percentage points just this century, and it has triggered a cultural, economic, and social decline. "These younger, lower-skilled men are now less likely to work, less likely to marry, and more likely to live with parents or close relatives,” he said.

>So, what are are these young, non-working men doing with their time? Three quarters of their additional leisure time is spent with video games, Hurst’s research has shown. And these young men are happy—or, at least, they self-report higher satisfaction than this age group used to, even when its employment rate was 10 percentage points higher.

Video games are literally destroying the world.

If you play video games for a significant portion of your time, you should instead consider freedom. You can be free and still not have a job.

How can you be financially independent without working? Asking seriously

Worth mentioning that I have few ethical stipulations and my standards for living are low

Video games are for manchildren

You can't. They are leeching off of relatives and SOs. It says it right there in the article.

You can apply for disability, if that isn't one of your ethical reservations. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with you if you have no motivation to do literally anything. Probably mental illness.

Agreed. I've never met a gamer that I thought was a decent human being.

It's not that I don't want to do anything
It's that I don't really like socializing, which most jobs require, and I want more time to stay physically active and pursue my interests


>you'll never be this mad
kekkity kek