Getting this sexy beast tomorrow, ama anything

getting this sexy beast tomorrow, ama anything.

>Ask me anything anything

Great post OP

have you given up in life?

How do you plan on using your hand grenade?


Thats an s7 edge not a galaxy pocket nuke


>mfw when appleboys are this butthurt
in what sense? material life? no, graduating from college this year. as in an existential purpose through which i want to interpret and make sense of life? i read a lot of philosophy for that.
kek m8 gr8 joke. lol! upvoted!
s7 edge doesn't have that problem though.
it's sexy and better than any other phone when rooted. i can disregard the locked bootloader.

I'm not even an apple fanboy, you moron.

RIP in Peace, douchebag. :^)


Wait for the note 7. Using the one I got on release date and it's great.

S7 is good and all but why not just go for the note. At least with that phone you have a chance of dying or getting injured.

One less shitposter

>willingly buying a product from the company that makes exploding phones

Top cuck

>it's a feature(tm)

>This poster blew up

Enjoy your shattered screen

The screen LITERALLY sticks out
It's begging to take a hit
Completely retarded design
If a screen should be curved at all, it should be curved INWARDS to protect it, like the LG G4/G Flex 2, not curved OUTWARDS like this shit

I seriously hope you're baiting, OP

>what is a rugged case


Dank meme.
The whole thing was blown out of proportion.

Somebody shoop the grenade so its a note 7

2 galaxy s7 edges have blown up already.

I'm sure there's more but they're probably keeping it quiet.


>using the smiley with a carat nose

I hated mine and sold it.

Hoped teh Iphone 7 would be better.

currently back to my 4s.

Samsung touchjizz bloat sucks balls. Don't do it.

Totally, and don't get the edge. It looks nice but it is terrible to use, constantly detecting touches on the edges.

>buying a Samsung phone ever


Totally not worth buying a "flagship" android. Get the cheapest chingchingchina pos you can find. There's no advantages to buying a premium phone with shitty software.

My edge crashed and lagged from brand new - ridiculous garbage software.

If my 4s dies i'll buy a redmi or something.

>Hoped teh Iphone 7 would be better

nigga the iPhone 7's hardware is destroying the ever loving shit out of every android flagship, all the for the price of a headphone jack.

between exploding notes and flagships still getting btfo by the 6s its just fucking sad that chingchong cheapos are the only androids worth looking at.

Nice OP. Using a golden s7 edge and love it. Coming from a G5

>implying i was that poster

Yeah, but its not enough to justify the upgrade for me. Its too much like the 6s which will be dirt cheap soon.

Eh... i may get a 7 still, i'm just underwhelmed.

You're right thi the only Android phones worth the money are sub 200 chinkphones.

Buying a premium android phone is like buying a luxury Hyundai. Fucking pointless.