Do you have any other hobby besides programming, Cred Forums?

do you have any other hobby besides programming, Cred Forums?

i like to put ship in bottle

I like to put dick in bottle

I help put dicks in bottles


I like to put bottle in dick

I watch people put dicks in bottles

I shitpost 12 hours a day on a tibetan cartoons appreciation bulletin board

yeah cocaine trafficking

Football, baseball, gaymen, fixing broken shit, thrifting and looking for broken shit to fix plus more 'retro' games, reading, video editing.

i bottle like ship in dick

A wee bit of gunsmithing (mostly for home made paintball guns)

Some weekend racing (road course, not drag)

Fun posting on a Mongolian cave drawing board.

I would consider myself a porn connoisseur.

Games aren't a hobby


noun, plural hobbies.
1 - An activity or interested pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

So what you're really saying is games aren't a hobby for you, right?

Can you identify someone for me?

Serious question guys, what do you answer when asked about your hobbies? I don't want to say anything computer related because that makes me out to be a nerd, and although I have been going to the gym I'm not big enough that I can say working out is a hobby.
I usually just end up jokingly answering sleeping and the other person laughs and drops the subject.

Ring making but i don't have my tools anymore, lost during moving. Other than that all i do is gayme and play with guns. Sadly i had to sell my guns after i lost my job, couldn't afford rent or college and had to move.

>tfw all i do is gayme
>tfw neet with literally no income at all

Protip: keep a waterbottle with hot water in it near you when you jack off, use it to warm your hand up. Feels fuckin great.

Fucking kill me.

Explain the water bottle trick please

I like riding my bike in the morning. I study Japanese and play go (8k KGS). Watch anime and read translated Japanese/Korean/Chinese web novels. Also dabble in cooking when my finances are in order.

Fill water bottle with hot water and close it back up.
When you go to jack off just hold it in your hand tightly for a few seconds to let it heat your hand up, put it down and start fapping. Super simple.

Have to do it fairly often though as it lasts for only a few seconds, but if you do it too much it will start to not feel as good anyway.

When you're edging is probably the best time to do it, alternate them fuckin hands.

Need a god damn heated fleshlight.

Shit posting, hiking (rare), camping (rare), watching YouTube, fishing, hunting (rare-ish), and I used to game but not anymore.

By rare that means that I can't do it often, I live in a big city.

I refurbish pre Lenovo Thinkpads

Please don't let anybody be stupid enough to fall for this.

i like to put bottle in ship.

Bicycles, film and television

I enjoy exploring various methods of sexual self gratification. Sometimes involving bottles.

observing lgbt trends and how lgbt issues are handled in other countries

I want to grope her Ahagon's if you know what i'm saying.

>Completely ignores all the other shit to hate on gaming


i like to put moot in ship

I want to teach Ahagon how to poo in loo.

I refurbish early pre-chink Lenovo Thinkpads to use libreboot

im fluent in /k/ and /o/ mostly and just started lurking programing threads. I am fluent in consumerism Cred Forums though.

when im not lurking Cred Forums im either hand making food for my rifles and going to the range to shoot bottles or browsing CL for car parts mod my impreza.

I make conlangs

fishing is fun. it's quiet time in beautiful locations and there's a lot of interesting tech that comes out every year. if it weren't for fishing I'd probably spend all my time inside.

Going out to my yard, just sit, look at landscape of forest think(living in small village)
What I'm doing with my life

Why is there a tape on the Garand smaller version ?

do you sell them

My hobbies and interests,
Far Right politics

Fulfilling. Enough for many life-times.

What? It's great. Its not like you're burning yourself, just feels good man.

are you LGR?

anime and porn


Just add a swear and you're all good.

"Oh I sometimes fuck around with computers."

I like to ship dicks in bottles

No. I don't even like dick kickem that much

I would guess it would provide a slightly better grip as it looks like batter's tape.

Playing guitar and masturbating, which are pretty much the same thing actually.

I would totally be /k/ if I had my own place and /o/ if I had any money

photography, longboarding, guns (I'm a rifle guy myself, however I do own a few pistols for carry), occasional vidya with friends.

being depressed, drinking, crying, contemplating killing myself, browsing Cred Forums

suffer from anxiety and reading

I don't have any hobbies and programming's just a job.

Photography, firearms and anime but don't tell anyone

does anyone seriously program as a hobby ? to me it's just a fucking tool i have to use to get shit done or as a PoC

It's fun

>paintball guns

Jesus Christ, I can't fucking handle this level of faggotry.

I like history: reading history books and magazines, listening to history podcasts, watching history documentaries. Going for a run or a walk every once in a while too. And drinking a beer while watching something on Netflix after a long day at work.

the one on the left is not a garand. it's a ruger 10/22
hes got the right idea.

side note. I have sucked down the 10/22 koolaid and threw so much money at it. It's fucking true what happens when you buy one of those. you end up paying for the gun a few times over in upgrades.($199ish msrp) And i still cant stop fucking with it. It looks nothing like the pic i posted as of now.

That's actually a great idea

>Serious question guys, what do you answer when asked about your hobbies?

I lift weights and watch anime.

Leave out the anime part though.

Working on family farm

>Cred Forums

I play guitar but I'm really bad at it

In no particular order
>watch Chinese girl cartoons
>read Chinese girl comic books
>jerk off to 2D Chinese girls
>constantly shitpost on Cred Forums (especially /k/)
>clean my firearms
>count ammunition
>rearrange safe every other week
>watch gachimuchi videos on youtube and nicovideo
>recite lines from said gachimuchi videos
>wonder where everything went so wrong in life
I'm surprised I'm not dead yet, desu

nigga, you triggering harrd

No compromise, fampai

music, both listening and making it myself, although i'm lacking creativity


Reading books/manga, watching anime, cooking. I hunt/hike/camp whenever I can. Owning a firearm in Canuckistan is suffering.

I need to get myself an e-reader. Also

collecting shit I don't need, but I want anyways.
Also going to weeb conventions and talking to touhou fags online.

You know, I don't actually program as a hobby. Maybe that's weird, but almost everything I've coded was either for school, job searching portfolio, or work.

I enjoy cooking and hiking. I've done a little bit of woodwork (made my desk, some wall mounted shelves, a futon frame and loft bed. Gonna make raised garden beds soon) and sewing (making my own gear for hiking and doing some alterations on my pants and shirts to make them fit better).

I'm trying to learn to draw, but having trouble forcing myself to make the time to work on the exercises from Keys to Drawing.

I pick up heavy things and put them down, and sometimes I swim, but I'm not sure those count as hobbies, since I just do them for my health not because they're fun. My gym does have a rock climbing wall and I'm going to start learning to do that once I reach my weight and pull-up number goals.

Oh, I also have "passive" hobbies. I buy a new album about once a month (pretty eclectic, mostly older stuff), and I read a lot of genre novels and manga. There are a few shows I keep up with on Netflix, but if it weren't for my parents using it, the fees wouldn't be worth it at all.

For job interviews and such? Sleeping is actually a good one since it's humorous and they don't really care that much.

Hiking's a good one unless you're really grossly fat. Either to actually do it or to lie about it. You can add "but I can't get out there nearly as often as I would like," that's relatable and would explain a lack of lots of hiking stories. You don't need to know much about it to do it (though make sure you know what the local places are and are like), it doesn't make you look any different since almost anybody can hike slowly and rarely enough to lose weight or gain lots of stamina. And it's generally perceived as very wholesome. It makes you seem healthier, in touch with nature, and ready to deal with potential problems all at once.

Another is to say you read a lot, but nothing really deep or interesting. It's still more intellectual than watching anime, but avoids any potential pretentiousness as you risk from reading literature or non-fiction, and people rarely feel like it's worth making a lot of conversation about.


I have to do this shit in order to eat and pay rent you fuckers

Nope. Programming is my work and hobby.