Is this still the GOAT?

Is this still the GOAT?

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Other than mayonnaise, yup.


Yes, silver compound is unbeatable.


Ew, must smell horrible.

>Chocolate is worse than nothing
Fucking swedes


This is the new paste to beat thus far, but availability is shit

This. If you can't find it, the next best are Prolimatech PK3 and Gelid GC Extreme.

>not using mx2
have fun with your electrically conductive trash user

No joke, my mom freaked out when she saw a tube laying around, she wanted me to tell her "why you're using hypodermic needles in this household"

>not the superior mx-4

C'mon man

>why you're using hypodermic needles in this household


let's just agree that arctic cooling is better an as5

W-what about cum?

not for GPUs


if i'm gonna switch my gpu paste, i'm going full crackhead and getting some coollaboratory

>not changing your GPU paste every 2 years

it's still the good enoughest of all time

>good enoughest

I liek you. You die last.

>having a gpu for more than a year

Why would you bottleneck your rig like that?

If I wanted to replace my GPU once a year, I would just build a new computer once a year


No, I really want to know why you bottleneck your rig like a faggot?

implying i don't build a new computer annually

Honestly this was never GOAT, it has a pretty low operating time compared to MX-4. Sure, it cools a little bit better, but you'll have to replace it much sooner.

? How often are you supposed to change AS5?

every 7 years i think

I don't think there's a specified lifespan on their website like there is for MX-4 (8 years), but in my experience it falls on it's face in less than 2 years.

It dries very quickly, so not very well at all

>arctic silver
You might as well put nutella on it.

I have been using the Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400 for awhile now and it works pretty damn well.

I keep seeing this one topping the charts on most review sites

what's Cred Forums's take on it?

ITT: Snake oil

to be honest arctic-cool mx-4 and deepcool z4 are both really good better and better than the OP's thermal paste

silver is a bit a a meme and you have to be more careful as it can fry your cpu.

Was great when it came out, but it fell behind for better stuff since then.
>electrically conductive
>hard to work with
>needs curing time
>dries out stupidly quick

cum is mostly water

I don't think cpu's have been bottlenecks because of gpu's since the i7 920.


How often do you replace your thermal paste for a CPU on a computer that runs nearly 24/7?

Overall, yes absolutely.

For safety, no
For cooling, no

It lasts a hella long time and has very good heat transference. Only downside is the cost but every now and again you can get the big tubes on special deals.

nigga what? my 290x is still running fucking strong. its a soon to be 4 year old card bruh.

at this point its more fun to see how long it will last before it dies.


Fucking this. When there's an eight degree temperature delta between the best stuff out there and *lipstick* then you know there's something wrong.

if all you play is csgo and dota 2, sure.

I seriously wonder how well mayonnaise holds up in the long term.

Well it does cool down hotdogs so why not CPUs

I would assume they test it based on normal usage. ie not 24/7 operation.

Mmmmm~ Marabou

Use this.

>cropped to not show prolimatech pk-2 & pk-3
wew lad

>mayonnaise on your hotdogs

If it was actually being sold in more than a handful of stores, people would be willing to try it, but if you're out of Germany's range, it's a bitch to find, and since it's pricey, no one wants to take chances on literally-who Amazon and Newegg sellers

>He bought an Nvidia card

my mom came to my appartment and saw my thermal paste on the desk and goes what is that, and I said "its my heroin needle" because it kind of looks like one LOL! IM SO RANDOM!

>having to buy shitty gpu's every year as he cant afford a good one

Yes, but hotdogs don't constantly generate heat and remain in the same position for months once mayonnaise is applied.

is this a trick question? the answer is obviously never because it then wouldnt be on 24/7 otherwise.

no. if you had to buy thermal paste for some reason (all coolers come with some) you should buy prolimatech pk3. there's some other good stuff like thermal grizzly but it's not as cheap or widely available. for the best at a price premium, look at coollaboratory's liquid metal shit.

>he doesn't have self-heating hotdogs
It must suck to be a europoor

Sheit what a coincidence, i was going to buy one of those.