Sudo lynis audit system

sudo lynis audit system
>post results

Program version: 2.3.3
Operating system: Linux
Operating system name: Linux
Operating system version: 4.4.20-1-MANJARO
Kernel version: 4.4.20
Hardware platform: x86_64
Hostname: thinkpad

$ sudo lynis audit system
sudo: lynis: command not found

install the package....
how fucking stupid are you?

Program version: 2.3.3
Operating system: Linux
Operating system name: Debian
Operating system version: stretch/sid
Kernel version: 3.18.3
Hardware platform: mips
Hostname: ci20

>2000 + 2^4
why don't you have a firewall

I haven't bothered setting one up on this system because I'm building a server for a hardware firewall.

just git clone then ./lynis audit clone the script.
No package install required.

>muh linuxmint 17.3

i meant ./lynis audit system

So security is really something you configure after all

Program version: 2.3.3
Operating system: Linux
Operating system name: Arch Linux
Operating system version: Unknown
Kernel version: 4.8.0
Hardware platform: x86_64
Hostname: localhost
It's ok considering I haven't taken any steps to secure and am currently using the latest git kernel.

Lynis is kind of shitty. It doesn't test for a lot of hardening features.

it's an industry standard though

don't hack me bro

How do you get Compliance Status checked?

Does this thing use linux security advisories?

Pretty useless if it doesn't.

lynis is for unices in general
glsa is specific for gentoo

Most distributions have security advisories.

Error: Invalid option system!
See man page and documentation for all available options.


but it defeats the point of standarisation among platforms like {screen,neo,gui}fetch

If it doesn't check for vulnerable packages what the fuck is the point?



Program version: 2.3.1
Operating system: MacOS
Operating system name: Mac OS X
Operating system version: 10.11.6
Kernel version: 15.6.0
Hardware platform: x86_64

why is linux so insecure, bros?

It checks configuration.

what maleware are you using?
used sophos.

just rkhunter

>not using DISA STIGs

fucking plebs