Will anything ever replace wood...

Will anything ever replace wood? Or will GMO trees make wood even more relevant since you can theoretically tailor the properties of the wood grown by the tree?

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That actually makes me wonder, why *don't* we have crazy genetically custom made wood? It wouldn't be hard, we've been doing this shit with other plants for fucking ages.


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Wood is a renewable resource

Not sure why we should stop using it

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it has been replaced already in 75% things it was used at his apogee, but it will never be completely replaced in human societies.

artificial wood sounds pretty retarded, since shit is super cheap to produce, but maybe at some point in the next 5 millennia.

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Wood is already being replaced. Eventually, I imagine, we'll reach a point where it's only used (in the first world, anyway) for luxury or ornamental looking for that specific look and feel.

We can modify the properties of the wood but we can't really make it grow much faster. Not exactly worth making a wood that will be strong and tailor made for a good bookcase if it's going to take 25 years to grow.

The "test & debug" cycle is too long between generations, and trees grow at a relatively low density compared to other organisms - you need a *lot* of land for optimal growth.

In 50 years you can go through 50 generations of corn.

50 years gets you *maybe* 15 generations of a fast growing tree like Poplars, but trees that grow fast are generally going to give you shitty wood.

Compare trees to crops like Corn and Chickens that have been heavily genetically-modified and/or bred:

1 year per generation
~34K seeds per acre

< 1 year per generation
~10 sq feet per chicken

Poplar tree (which grows fast but is low quality wood)
~3 years to seed
~25 sq foot per tree

Pine tree (moderate growth rate, reasonable construction material)
~6 years to seed
~70 sq foot per tree

Walnut (slow growth rate, desirable for upscale furniture)
~8 years to seed
~100 sq foot per tree

Pic related is a relatively high-density walnut farm.

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Because we don't know how to genetically engineer stuff.
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We cannot make a material that has all the same physical properties as wood or a cheaper price than just cutting down trees =/


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I was waiting for someone to say this. That is not the case, there are a number of processes for making plastic from biologically derived sources:

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from personal experience working with farm grown trees that grow super fast the wood is always flawed its either knotted or warped in some way its never as good as naturally grown wood and especially old growth wood.

i dont think you can genetically modify a tree to grow quick and have high quality wood but who knows

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