Explain to me how to make money off developing open source videogames?

explain to me how to make money off developing open source videogames?

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you put a donate button in the official website

that's literally the only way, unless you put ads on the game

by selling it?

you can sell open source software

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Capitalism is not a Cred Forums topic.

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>make open source online game
>make it excellent and keep updating it excellently
>wait for capitalism to kick in
Thats how it works right?

>>wait for capitalism to kick in
Capitalism isn't some magical force that works independently of society. Part of capitalism is that it is up to the entrepreneur/content creator to find a way to monetize their creation.


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Minecraft only ever made you pay to have a custom skin on their database (many servers allowed users to upload their own without premium), and to be a "registered" user so admins can choose to restrict their server to paying players only (supposedly to help stop hackers).

They made billions right?

You are going to love this part, in the early days Notch didn't even really work on the client nor server. The client was maintained by WoM, and the server was split in to a dozen competing forks. All Notch did was define the protocol, and come up with an exceedingly shitty proof of concept. Everyone else ran with it from there. He hired people and guided it the way he wanted, and when he monetised he did it very smartly.

So what do we learn from Notch?

>Encourage modding of all aspects of the game, the community will happily do all the work
>Allow people to host their own servers, to reduce your costs
>Monetise being an "official" user, only have to maintain a login server.
>Perhaps offer some other perk (server independent skin) to sweeten the deal

This system can work in any and every game.


Selling DRM free physical copies

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money is not technology

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Open source the engine
Sell the assets


>sell logs to China

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but user told me capitalism will reward excellence
so it doesnt reward me if i make an excellent game?
it only rewards me if i make excellent marketing?
then whats the point of making good products?

You have a mistaken assumption in your logic that I'll point out for you in greentext

>Work, by its very nature, creates value equal to the skill of the person doing it

This is untrue.

A more true statement follows

>Value is created by the desire of one with resources, against the inherent resources that is posessed.

Or, in other less wanky words

>Something's only worth what the customer will pay for it

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so my question stands
whats the point of making a good product?
all you have to do is to trick customer to pay


Sell the artwork (graphics, music, models, ...)
Free the software

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Legit though, the problem is that you still think that you, the creator, is the person who defines "good" or "value". It's actually the consumer that defines "good".

If your product is known to break, then consumers won't want it. If your subscription service feels like it's ripping the consumer off then they will stop using it. Tricking people is a good short term strategy, but you'll go broke eventually.

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Apple realized this 10 years ago.


>open source
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Kickstarter. Sell the game before it is developed. If you don't make , don't make the game. if you do, send the doners a disk or a USB with the game on it, along with the source code and a copy of the GPL.

It's hopeless. 99% of Cred Forums is children. If you worthless kids knew anything about the video games you like so much you'd know video games like Doom and Doom 3 are open source now, yet they still make plenty of money on those.

It's a matter of LOGIC. The software is free. The media assets aren't, those are protected by copyright.

Patreon and other donations. Needs to be open sauce *porn* game to work.

Or load with ads and sell shit for the game on Android. 98% of plebs won't bother to get the open sauce variant off f-droid.

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Microtransactions, subscriptions, buy to play, ads, donations, or make physical peripherals for it that AREN'T open

However, the only way you make money is if
>1) people want it
>2) nobody distributes it for free elsewhere or forks it and removes your monetary sources
>3) enough people are too stupid or lazy to build it from source themselves and just buy it from you

If you want to secure yourself from 2), then it can't be open source

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Doom is open source and you can still buy it.
Releasing the code of your game DOES NOT change your business model.
The graphics,music and other assets are still copyrighted so the only way to play the game is to buy it.
So basically, the userbase will port ,mod and mantain your game for free and anyone who wants to play it has to buy it.
If you are not using a middleware like unity and you are not planning on selling the engine of your game, not releasing the code is stupid.
The main problem is that, if you game is open source you can't use conventional DRM or things like denovo so you are pretty much defensless against piracy.
*Also you can't use steam API if your game is open source but you can still publish it on steam.

Again Look at Doom. Anyone who wants to play Brutal Doom online using skulltag/zandronum on his BSD ARM machine has to buy the game from ID software.

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>explain to me how to make money off developing open source videogames?

How do you think artists make reasonable amounts of money?
(Protip it's not by selling their art works.)
It's by teaching, making presentations, talks, curating, and so on.

Put up source code and put the compiled version up for sale.

>next day someone forks it and removes ads