Is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 The best phone on the market?

Is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 The best phone on the market?

Megapixel camera
.5Inch 1080p Display
GB RAM , 32GB Storage
>>Octa-core Snapdragon 660 CPU
>>Great battery life
>>Very aesthetic phone

Only downside is MIUI OS which can be replaced

Name 1 ( One ) reason why i shouldn't buy this before stock runs out

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Just got mine yesterday (2GB RAM / 16GB Storage). First impressions of this thing are fantastic, but IMO it's just a tad too big to use one-handed. Other than that it's been performing wonderfully

from what i read, it is the best phone for its price range, previous phone was a samsung s3 but im looking to getting a small upgrade and i cant find any faults with this one

a friend of mine who repairs pc's & phones recommended i do some research on it and ive loved it since

im just trying to find any reason not to buy it at this point

I got the 3s the other day which is basically the same thing with a 720p screen and a slightly worse CPU (on sale for £90, roughly $105?)

It's fantastic, but be warned, some of the built in chink apps push ads on you and its menu layout is a bit annoying to get used to compared to a western phone

Build quality is fantastic, the fingerprint reader works great and battery life wrecks every other phone I've ever had

When I am pooing in the street I am the envy of everyone in mumbai.

LeTV LeEco Le Max 2 is so much better.

Alternatively, Le 2 pro is better for a similar price.

When you want this phone but it doesn't support American GSM bands to get lte

>Doesn't work on T-Mobile
>no dual speakers
>5.5inch screen

I'll stick to my unlocked moto x style Senpai.

how is it to root and put a custom rom on? was looking at getting one since they have sd card slots

Still a thing in America? Died here years ago, awful company

Pretty simple
Some minor fuckery is required but its fairly easy, I rooted to delete aforementioned annoying chink apps

So I'm guessing there's no clean stock roms without the chink shit in them? I love a vanilla android experience, maybe i should just get a nexus or the new oneplus.

It's probably the best company. Cheap LTE, data won't cost when you are streaming music from various apps, and YouTube either. Plus T-Mobile Tuesdays, which are sometimes a hit or miss

I rooted purely to remove chink bloatware, I run the phone completely stock otherwise

I use the default front end which looks like IOS but its entirely possible to have absolute vanilla android experience without flashing a custom rom

Pajeet that is you? I see you pooing today on designating shiting street, with redmi pro I am of jealous!

Guys, help, I can't make a damn decision.
Kenzo: Cases fit, easier to get updates for (including custom roms) but not compatible with my provider (will however still work for calls and texts)
Kate:Cases won't fit, more shenanigans required for updates, and compatible with my provider.

The phone isn't the sturdiest thing ever either, so a case would help.

Where do I see this Kate/Kenzo stuff I keep reading?

Check the available bands for the phone. Kate is referred to as the "international" version, and has access to more bands (In my case, Band4 3G and 4G) and is 2mm longer (152 VS 150).


Damn thanks.
I didn't see anything like that on the various sellers pages I've visited.

You're welcome, but in the meantime I still can't make a damn decision.

No case compatibility for Kate annoys me.

Maybe someone in this thread can help me. My friend had one of these phones but dropped it a few weeks ago and now the thing gets stuck on the boot screen.

He basically gave me the phone and said I could keep it if I managed to fix it since he's already gotten a replacement.

I can access fastboot but can't enter recovery mode. Is the phone salvageable? What do I need to do? I don't have much experience with android

you ever think about how some things are too good to be true?

well i just cant seem to find a flaw in it, but im terrified of ordering it- it just seems....too perfect

For those who are seeing chink ads: Flash the goddamn global rom, shop rom is pure cancer

There's tons of cynagenmod 13 roms for the RN3P, including one officially released by cynagenmod.

How good is the battery life on those and which is the best or at least how good is the official cm release? Based on what i heard some cm roms have bad battery life. I'm planning on buying one too since my redmi 1s is showing signs of its age.

>No headphone jack.
>Small battery.
>No OIS.
Almost a good phone.

wasnt aware of headphone jack issue, doesn't bother me though, battey is extremely big and one of the key selling points of this phone, terrible os can be managed through custom rom

check out these prices from aliexpress;200001047-200005426,200001046-8175;200001046-8176;200001046-8177&isPremium=y&needQuery=n&isrefine=y

Try using Android ADB for it, like from the command prompt.

memes sell

it still able to make 10h SoT

Has OIS you fucking liar.

>3000mAh = small
Fuck off

>Snapdragon 660

>name 1 reason why I shouldn't buy this phone
If you care about good camera. Lowlight photos are uttershit

Just got mine last week. The only issue was an issue with data sync, but some futzing around in the (admittedly deep) settings seems to have sorted it for the most part.

Resting RAM usage is about 1.7 free/3 Gb

Is the display quality on this thing better than an iPhone 7?

because i bought a redmi 1s for $50 and installed cm13 on it.

Redmeme is cheaper and has 4000mah and 9hr SOT.

And a shitty Camera, and only 1080p screen, only 1080p video recording, less ram, weaker SOC.

Redmi note 3 pro is done, time to let the big boys play.

I'm glad I got my Note 3 pro for $180.

$130 here.

it's not available in like.. more than half of the world?


I swear chinkmi shills are the worst shills I've ever met on the internet. Samsung, apple, Microsoft, nvidia shills? Nope, nothing is worse than a chinkmi shill. It's even worse since chinkmis marketing budgets is close to zero meaning that these guys shill FOR FREE

Enjoy your commie backdoored, poorly built, crappy ios clone chink shit

2 years ago, 3,000 Mah was big, nowadays it's okay and if a device is running a flagship chip like the 820, then it needs a bigger battery.

It has SOME stabilisation, but definitely not proper OIS.

It's almost the GOAT phone, but they fell just short.

Boot into edl mode with fast boot then use the mi flash tool to flash a ROM. Google it and you'll find a guide on MIUI forums.

Do I take MIUI off this thing? I use it for work so stability is paramount. Don't want the chinks knowing what I do though. How's the stability of CM13 or 14

>Using a chink interface android mod

Not even once.

>21MP Sony Exmor RS IMX230 camera sensor with a dual-tone LED flash, phase-detection AF, optical image stabilization; 2160p video recording @30fps
>3,100mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0

Battery life is average. Not spectacular, but not bad by today's standards either

180$ in India. Got QC 2.0 working on mine too

My sister has one, the GPS started shitting itself and now she has a choice of having a crippled phone or sending it back to China at her cost.

The only downside:
Luckily, it's fairly easy to install CM.

>he doesnt use a custom ROM

Looking to buy this, but i want muh warranty. Is there really no way besides rooting to remove the chinkware?

I want to retain the MIUI system and don't install CM yet because it has a lot of problems still with the fingerprint sensor.

If I read correctly, i need to flash the global developer ROM. Unlock the bootloader. Flash TWRP. Flash SuperSU. And after that i am rooted right?

Which apps should I then delete?

The Xiaomi botnet can be bypassed by modifying the host file right?

It is when it works.

Mine stopped charging after two weeks and now I'm enjoying the slow Chinese customer support.

Is there an equivalent to this phone but with a 5" screen?

Don't bother getting a phone that can't be fixed within your own country. Fuck having to send it to the other side of the fucking planet for basic repairs.

Getting a Zenfone 3 instead, actual warranty, better specs, costs almost the same where I live.

repair it yourself fag

>he doesn't solder his own cpus

Any downsides? I've been looking for a phone that actually has support in the uk for a similar price.

Yeah let me wait 6-8 weeks for a replacement USB port just to find out it was the motherboard instead.

>posted from my nsa backdoored operating system

>below average camera
doesn't have Qualcomm quick charge >enabled
>speaker is pretty bad
>screen is hard to read in direct light, it's very glossy and turning the brightness up destroys contrast and color accuracy

but for the performance and price I'm OK with those weaknesses, I'm pretty happy with it

>doesn't have Qualcomm quick charge >enabled
I just used my quiet 18w charger and it charged way quicker than the original charger.

I thought T-Mobile was one of the few it worked with

Fingerprint scanner (and FM radio) works absolutely fine on the Redmeme with the Resurrection remix rom CM13 rom.

I think you can install a custom kernal that will enable quickcharge 2.0.

Since this is the redmi thread, does anybody know if you can unlock the bootloader without asking them for permission?

Unlocking the bootloader unofficially is more annoying then it's worth. It takes about 2 days for Xiaomi to grant you permission. If you do it before you order the phone you will have permission granted before it's even delivered.

I got a oneplus one for $150

>13 mp camera
>5.5 1080p Display
>64GB Storage
>Snapdragon 801
>great battery life
>very pleasant to hold in hands
>looks very aesthetic

Implying google services running in the background of any android phone isnt the exact same thing

maybe I should try to get a more powerful charger
the standard one says 2A and ampere registers 1.8A

could you please tell what current does ampere read when you charge your phone?

What about the XRMi Note 4?
How does it cost less?

Why not get the MiMax? If the MiMax had 1440p panel, it'd be literally perfect.

I have the Nexus 6P and I'm selling it since I get a new phone every year. Not going for the Pixel XL, fuck paying $650 for a phone. $500 was already pushing it with the 6P.

>Implying google services running in the background of any android phone isnt the exact same thing

At least they have the decency to use SSL encrypted connection not plain text

I would recommend a 1A max output charger. That would charge with 0.25C and your battery will last you a lot longer

I actually just upgraded to the Redmi Note 3 Pro after accidentally breaking the glass on my OPO which made the touchscreen stop working.

I think the Redmeme is a better phone than the OPO because

>Double the battery life because of 4000mah battery
>Expandable storage. I prefer 32GB flash +128GB microsd card over just having 64GB flash
>Snapdragon 650 is as powerful as Snapdragon 801 but optimized for more battery life
>FM Radio
>Custom rom scene getting nearly as good

I'll admit the camera isn't as good but I never care about Camera quality that much anyway.

> (You)
>Fingerprint scanner (and FM radio) works absolutely fine on the Redmeme with the Resurrection remix rom CM13 rom.

Official CM ROM is from a 18 year old Indian. But still more trustworthy compared to a random XDA ROM

Mi max has no US or Europe LTE support.

Wait really? Shit I was about to buy it.

So yeah, 1440P/US band support and it'd be perfect.

did you already tested that?

>Snapdragon 650 is as powerful as Snapdragon 801
i thought the 650 was better than the 801

Explain screen protection to me

It seems like evbery phone I've used so far had some form of gorilla glass. I've looked at the specifications of this phone and it doesnt

Does that mean shits gonna break when I drop it?

it's scratch resistant not ape-proof

All I wanted was an upgrade from my nexus 4.

Never going back to a small screen now wew. Though I miss the completely one handed use. I was looking to get a redmi note 3 pro but I couldn't find a good deal anywhere.

I actually like having a good camera now because Snapchat selfies are no longer simply pixels.

>gorilla glass
>not ape proof

Hmmmm.. Really makes you think

So does that mean I can drop it on accident or not


Well fuck

Are there any quality chinkphones that have ape-glass?

why don't you use a goddamn tempered glass

Because I don't know what that is

i don't think there's an ape proof phone

every normie has an iphone with a broken screen and now samsung phones self destruct

tempered glass + a good case will protect your phone from the most hard falls

Gorilla glas is a meme.
I dropped my phone exactly once from waist height, ~30% of the screen was shattered.

There are a few other apes in addition to the great apes, called the "lesser apes". The family Hylobatidae consists of many species of gibbons. They are different physically, socially and mentally from the great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and humans). Specifically, the gorilla glass doesn't specify exactly which apes they're referring to. Common marketing ploy.

I dropped my Samsung 3 so many times I lost count, it shattered recently on the 40th or so time

I need an ape proof phone

I don't fucking know because it stopped charging a few days ago

I'm never falling for Cred Forums chinkshit memes ever again.

The 650 feels superior in almost every way, especially power consumption

ive been looking around the redmi charging problem

are you using the stock OS?

some posts claim you can charge while the phone is off, or fixed using another charger

im kind of worried the phone wont charge now after a random period of time, especially with the non-removable battery, any other issue i can live with

I switched between miui and cm maybe twice then it started.

Once I realised I still had 60% or so left so I flashed everything back to stock using the official tools and still nothing.

Phone doesn't charge when it's off, in fastboot mode or any other fucking mode. I can however flash firmware in fastboot and edl mode that's about it.

It's really fucking weird. I wrote an email to xiaomi customer support to which I got an instant reply from saying I will be contacted within "24 working hours" whatever the fuck that means.

I will never buy a device that doesn't have a maintenance center in the country I live again. I'm not looking forward to battles with chink customer support.

Btw I tried 3 different chargers and cables. The phone just gets hot, it doesn't charge.

Why would you ever expect customer support when you're already paying 50% of the price of what any competing phone would cost...?

So you wouldn't even have tried to write them a fucking email? Plenty other people got their shit replaced by chinks. The problem is getting to that point.

>Implying price matters

Niggah my Samsung S4 melted when I charged it with official charger and Samsung denied me warranty now fuck off.

thats a shame im sorry to hear that, looks like you got the lemon, 1 in 1000 phones are just DOA

Everyone else seems to be pretty happy with theirs :/ my old nexus non-removal battery was the best phone i ever had until the network carriers stopped supporting its bands otherwise i would have never bought another phone

best of luck to you

There's small claims and consumer groups for that. But I did hear Asians are not fond of black people, so maybe you can sue them for racism too!

I consciously chose the Mi5 knowing I might have had to pay import tax and would not receive support. If I wanted support I'd get a Nokia phone or a Nexus or something. Which is why my mother has a Nexus.
I expect the worst, hope for the best. Guess I got pretty lucky.

Yeah if you don't mind the backdoor installed.

Does the backdoor reside in the firmware blobs used for CM14?

Pretty sure it doesn't support very many (if any?) LTE bands in the US.

I'm pretty fucked off because it was an excellent phone all around.

If only they sent some chinks over and opened a service center in yurop somewhere. They'd make a killing.

From a US perspective, if you buy this phone you are obviously concerned with getting value for your money. The only reasonable unlimited plans are from tmobile and it's MVNOs. It doesn't support these.

The other option is sprint but I would be even more surprised if it works on their networks. Unlimited data isn't optional for me so this phone isn't an option and I believe that most others in a similar situation would feel the same way.

I tether my $66 unlimited lte plan(inc tax) to an OpenWRT router through easy tether as my home internet. Went through 300 gigs last month no issue. No hardware is worth sacrificing that. My $15 moto e works on tmobile bands and VZW should I switch to cable internet, and it's CPU and ram is sufficient for clover, flud, aimp, easytether. Don't use it for anything else.

>Gorilla glas is a meme.
>I dropped my phone exactly once from waist height, ~30% of the screen was shattered.

Well Gorilla Glas is specified for scratch resistance. But the process they use includes pressuring metal ions in the siliciumdioxide matrix which gives the glass a constant stress. So gorilla glas breaks actually faster than a compared engineered glas which was not optimized for scratch resistance

>I'm pretty fucked off
That's a weird expression.
Don't you think the price would skyrocket if they'd have to go set up and train people all over the world and support devices all over the world?

UKfag hence the expressions

I knoww it would drive the price up. I'd still pay £270ish for this if it had real support.

Vendor rom. flash global rom via edl.

270 quid, pounds or even lbs wouldn't be the price for it if it was global. Licenses, marketing, staffing, supporting. And the price would also be really high if you would only have the support, not the sales, because then.. well, you have a global support staff without selling the phones there.

when will my redmi3 get marshmallow :(

my xiaomeme meme max says 2480mA using a qc3.0 charger (sameish soc and also not officially supported I think)

has lte in NL on T-mobile desu senpai

Would have preferred the SD 820 processor desu.


I managed to get it to work! Thanks so much user

>Redmi Note 3
>not Redmi Note 3 Pro
hmmmm I like mine desu

I upgraded from an S3 because the nand seems to become faulty. I was surprised how quickly you can adapt to such a huge display. I mean 5.5" is really pushing it and I don't have big hands either.
One-handed operation is difficult, but typing feels a lot more fluid.

I miss the amoled screen, but you can't really complain about the rn3p's display. It's better in daylight than the s3.

Of course, performance and multitasking are miles better. Wifi reception seems to be better as well.

It's a very good phone and I would recommend it. Oh yeah, and the fingerprint reader is amazing. many phones have it on the back these days, but the feature in general was new to me. It's really really nice to have and I almost exclusively use it to turn on my phone.

slightly smaller battery depending on which model you get, but overall all other specs are better than the RN3

Who else /Closed order/ here?

How do I import this to Canada? pls help.

I want to change my 2014 Moto G and I'm poor and this seems like the best deal

Compared to the Moto G4 how does this stack up? Which one has the better camera?

>Replacement USB ports.
Those are like available everywhere and is not really that hardware-specific.
Even phones screens are not really hardware specific.

Anyone know what the first X30 device will be?

I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro and TMobile does support it in the US. I get 4G, just had to manually set up the APN in settings to

That being said I love it, except MIUI is kind of bullshit and I'm ready to switch to CM.

Umm screen sizing?