I guarantee it's going to be garbage

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I'd say 60% of being garbage with no hope whatsoever in the horizon.

>mid-tier specs with iphone price

Might as well just buy samsung, sony or HTC at this point.

Hahahahahahaha looking at the leaked pictures on /r/Android, I hate to say it, but the iPhone 7 won this cycle.
This shit is ugly.

I seriously hope those are unfinished cases OR the camera which took the picture was absolute shit.

>that abrupt color shade change

Looks like the iphone 3g (so like shit)

>Another new device by google
>full of hopes and promises
implying that google doesn't seize the fuck out of this just like the glass and ara

Looks pretty good. RIP iPhone.

>empty rectangle
Does it mean screens were the last thing keeping us away from the thinnest phones?

Fuck, I thought that bottom 2/3s were blurred out.
Jesus, this is ugly.

>I swear we did not try to clone the iphone, we put a big block of white stuff at the back!

>caring about smartphones


There's no headphone jack. Screencap this.

People said the same about the visor thing on the 6P leaks but look how that turned out. I'll wait for a few reviews but definitely looks like a winner. HTC build quality with nexus stock, yes fucking please.

I really want it. I really do. But I'm so comfy in the OSX eco-system.


iPhone can never win because it runs iOS

>no SD card
>no removable battery

Throw it in le garbage

>living in the past

Why wouldn't they be unfinished? Are you retarded?

Which font are they using for that promotional website? Because that's the one they need to use for Android. Roboto is a monstrosity to look at

the only thing that matters at this point is the fucking price
$650 and this thing is an overpriced piece of shit
$400 and we have a serious contender for phone of the year

stupid, but that's just kind of how it works

Product Sans. Same font as their logo

Who gives even the tiniest of a fuck about how the back of a phone looks. If it feels nice in the hands, who gives a shit?

I think I'll stick with my Nexus 6 for a while. Hopefully there's a way to get the rumored Pixel exclusive features on older Nexus phones.

I bet the 5 inch version will be $399

fucking htc and their overpriced bland irreparable bland shit

Whi the literal fuck got a job designing these. Hey lets copy apple but make it look retarded. One of the worst designs ever. Oh and the camera bump is gone so we know its camera is worse than 6ps camera...

And the visor still looks ugly, people were just worried YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO USE THE PHONE PROPERLY

So its probably coming out at PDT or some American time

that or you're a pajeet

>Doesn't know about V10 and V20


Sounds like some shit that doesn't get Google updates

No SD card...
No removable battery...
Still no keyboard...

absolutely nothing interesting to see here.

it's fucking ugly as shit

Nice try mr. Alphabet
But your garbage phone with a garbage os doesn't interest me.

People where criticizing the 6P befre its release, look how it turned out.

- Firstly it might be the kind of design that grow on you

- Secondly it's only leaks

- Lastly but not leastly I get the feeling people shitting on it recently purchased a phone and hope the pixels are shit to avoid buyer's remorse and vile jealousy!

Who cares

What is this? Just another nexus?

>No SD card...
>No removable battery...
>Still no keyboard...

Uhh sounds like you want a laptop, not a phone.

Please be a good phone. I need to move on from my oneplus one I want a new damn phone.


What's your problem for Roboto? It's very clear without looking too dull.

Nah m8 it's the all new Pixel™ Phone!

Google is a premium company now.

But user, you ARE buying HTC with this phone...

Nice try crashing my phone Faggot, didn't work cause I've got clover limited to 50 MB :^)

why is google so proud of this phone? for real. the galaxy s6 edge was the most flawless looking phone ever made. the iphone 7 is pretty good looking too.

this looks WORSE than huawei/oneplus/whatever. I got a £70 alcatel pixi 4 and other than the fact its made of plastic, it actually looks BETTER than this $650 piece of google shit.

What is the selling point on this phone you reckon? I really doubt it has an iris scanner, HDR screen, waterproofing or anything else that the S7NoteEdge or iPhone 7 plus has.


It doesn't explode in you're pocket and has an headphones Jackson


Not sure if I'm having a stroke or user's autocorrect has gone mad...

>rumor the smaller base model will start at $650

This is what I've been waiting for?


Wait a month and they'll be $200 cheaper.

>no headphone jack



I want to replace my Nexus 5 but now I've heard that the Pixel will start at 650$ (and probably even more Euros) and I'm not willing to pay more than 400 for a phone. Is the 5x any good? I like stock Android and updates.
Otherwise what's an alternative?

No, only iToddlers fall for it


>the entire front is a screen
fuck off with this meme

hoping for those leaks to be fake?

lel.. iOS is only good thing about their phones!

>This shit is ugly.
No matter how you look at it, it's still a rectangle with rounded edges and a couple circles where cameras, speakers and buttons are. Phone design hasn't changed one yotta in almost 10 years.

And all those identical looking phones are ugly. So I don't really care about the position of circles on my phone, I just wish it had a different shape altogether, like one I can hold.

>doesn't sit flat on a flat surface

sony wins again.

That's not the xperia z

I would rather buy RN3 and spend the rest on food!


>determines who "won" a smartphone gen based 100% on appearance of the device

This is an 18+ website

>$500 for 2014 hardware made by HTC with permanent Google botnet
Pretty grim, family.

>end caps


That's the antenna band.

Can it run Windows 10 Mobile?

all smartphones have keyboards.

>The current state of things proves the current state of things is superior

That's not how logical arguments work.

apple thinfag children

>primary concern is aesthetics

Your opinion isn't valid.

>the plastic piece is the antenna

who's the idiot?

Yes, and confirmed upgradable to the next Windows version whenever it comes out.

>wake up
>no allo
Just end my life already

when will this shitty rectangle phone meme fucking die

fuck phones and fuck phone culture and fuck your stupid ass thumbs.
absolute regression of technology, holding back proper computing and human brains all at the same time

I hope your necks bend so far foreward that you topple over, crack your screens, and gouge out your eyes with your thumbs all at the same time

fucking consumerism

Phones are a social symbol, aesthetics are important

It would be really awesome if this was teasing an edge-to-edge display.

As a current iPhone user I really want Google to offer some non-Samsung competition to Apple. I want to move over to Android and I'm hoping that this announcement will be the final nail in the coffin for my iOS experience.

So, which company is going to be the one to make an actual breakthrough in battery technology?

Samsung Note batteries have been breaking through all over the place!