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/fag/ - Friendly Apple General

Discuss everything Apple

>MacOS officially releases tomorrow, 9/20
>iPhone 7 is out
>Buyers guide

who's updating to sierra?

How do you guys clean your buttplugs? Oh and im loving that no 3.5mm jack innovation, fucking ludites I swear.


>Discuss everything Apple
Do you know the origin and meaning of Apple icon?

Why are democrats such pervs?


>implying conservatives aren't

they just hide it better

I usually let my boyfriend lick it clean.

Apple hasn't been good since 2009-2011. Everything after that is absolute hipster trash.

Nobody cares about your fruit crap, this is the FAG thread.

The real question is why even bother updating?
What are the differences between it and El Capitan?

who /fag/ here?

Don't you have some HIV to catch?

Joke's on you, my entire family has AIDS.

already have on one machine.

Fuck off, iPajeet.

Apple was never good.


POSTED FROM MY Iphone xdddd

You must be 18 years or older to post on this site. You obviously don't know what 2007 was like.

2012+ apple is the best apple

Only if you're gay or a teenage girl.

>You must be 18 years or older to post on this site
Then why are you on here, iToddler?


I've used Android for a while now. Apple used to be good. Get over it.

>Apple used to be good.
Apple was never good, fucktard.

How will iToddlers ever recover?

I'm having second thoughts about getting the 7, feel like I should've got the SE instead. It fits my hand better.

Design is everything.

Ask Jhon ivory

O rly? Because back in 2007 there weren't any phones with an aluminum casing, decent camera, and 3.5 inch touch screen like the iPhone 2G had. The web browsing experience was also better than any other smartphone out. Go back to plebbit.

Incorrect. There also needs to be functionality. iOS still to this day lacks a file explorer or the ability to transfer music without a giant proprietary program that hogs resources like a fat kid eating cake.

>Because back in 2007 there weren't any phones with an aluminum casing, decent camera, and 3.5 inch touch screen like the iPhone 2G had
0/10. You sound like you were 5 when the iPhone 2G came out. Now like I said, why are you on here if you're underaged?

HTC, HP and Sony Ericsson all had amazing Windows Mobile phones that were way more advanced and all had metal (mg-alloy) designs with ~3" screens and real keyboards. Resolutions that don't suck as well (800x480/640x480 vs 480x320 on the iShit 2G).

Also Opera made a superior web browser and the phones actually had 3G HSPA vs 2G EDGE on the iShit 2G.
Literally everyone laughed when the iShit came out in 2007 because of how shit it was, if you were actually old enough for the internet back then.

I like the Beta. Its quicker the El Cap on my 2012 MBP, and the file system tweaks are nice, as in picture in picture. It's not huge tho.

I am tired of all of the pretentious Linux fags with their pretentious desktops on their chinkpads while they sip on Starbucks.


If you have the tiniest sense for good design and usability, you'll realize how incredibly shit Apple is at that stuff

what happens when I upgrade but not all programs are sierra compatible?

Half of your programs will crash. So no difference

for me the only thing that crashes sometimes is an old epson scanner utility program from 2005

For me it's the OS, xcode, finder and the login screen. So nothing important

oh wow

b-but papa craig said it just werks like magicâ„¢

But it does*

*if your hardware isn't older than 2 months

seems legit :)

>Citing Steve Jobs' late but deserved death

craig should've become the ceo, not tim

Is the apple wired keyboard really worth its price?

I've been looking for a keyboard since I'm tired of these $10 pieces of trash but there's a billion mechanical keyboards out there, and then there's this thing.

How do you get screenfetch to pick up disk capacity? Mine is missing too.

Posted this in /sqt/ but someone here might be able to help

Everytime I open certain apps on my friends mac it asks me if I want to allow or deny "incoming network connections".
This is despite those apps being set to always allow incoming connections under the firewall settings.
Anyone who's solved this themselves?


>incoming network connections
Could be that the app is signed incorrectly.

sudo codesign --force --sign - /Applications/Plex\ Home\ Theater.app/

^ Example is to sign Plex so change the path to the problem app. I've had this happen with Steam before.

I hate the Apple keyboards, they're mushy membranes.

Honestly I say bite the bullet and buy a Filco, only keyboard I've owned that's lived 5 years and going strong.

I'm tempted into getting an apple watch. But it means also getting an iPhone.

It makes it quite expensive to get.

Anyone got the apple watch? Worth it? Drawbacks to it?

I'm using the Apple full wired one and it's most certainly using scissor switches. I'll +1 Filco build quality though as I have a Majestouch-2 Ninja at home, you could kill a Yak with that thing.

What's the recommended text editor for writing C code in?

I recently had to develop an App for it. (I also worked with Samsung Gear S, Gear S2, Sony Smart Watch 3 and an ASUS Zen watch. They're just not very useful. The battery life, especially of the Apple watch is also abominable. I don't really see the point of smartwatches. Unless you really need them to notify you, in which case you'd be okay with a Pebble

Thinking more for the health tracking aspects. Fitbit and the like do not bother even attempting to track swimming

definitely not worth it.
Depending on what you do with it (programming?) it doesn't even show you special characters. Get a nice random other keyboard for the same price

>literal /fag/ thread on Cred Forums

>Shitposting this hard

Unfortunately iv'e already tried this with a few different apps yet no effect

/lgbt/ has a purpose, please stay on your containment board

Try clearing the plist associated with it, you can use something like Onyx to clear plist caches if you want a GUI.

Shitposting belongs on Cred Forums

When you hear homophobes beating shit out of a gay guy, is this the type of gay getting the beating? If thats the case, I side with the homophobe.

>pointing /lgbt/ the direcrion to /lgbt/ is shitpostig

Except this isn't a lgbt thread. You're just a terrible person. Cred Forums is where you go for shitposting.

/qa/ has a thread about you and hopefully the mods step up.

There actually isn't a .plist for any of the applications unless I'm not looking in the right place

>terrible person
Back to your safe space, faggot.

>friendly apple general

Lmaoo you can't make this up

The plists are in /Users/YourName/Preferences or in /Library/Caches and /System/Library/Caches, if you see anything like com.appmaker.appname.plist for that app delete it then re-open the app.

Still nothing, the apps i'm looking for specifically are qbittorrent or steam but I can't see any plists referring to either of them