What is the best smart phone does Cred Forums think is at the $400 price point and why?

What is the best smart phone does Cred Forums think is at the $400 price point and why?
Mine is the Axon 7, because
>2k display
>one of the best (if not the best) audio in the smartphone market
>20mp camera (performs horribly in low light though)
>Pretty good customer support (from what I have experienced so far)
>comes with a 2 year warranty

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Lets not forget that the axon 7 also has
>Support for all major US carriers
>Expandable SD card storage or Dual sim

LeTV LeEco Le Max 2

>2k display
>21MP camera, pretty shit at low light like most other smartphones
>snapdragon 820
>4GB ram
>usb type c
>works in the US too

It's pretty much a flagship at a fraction of the cost. They've updated all their older devices from lollipop to marshmallow, hopefully they'll upgrade their marshmallow devices to nougat.

Back in my day flagships used to cost at max $400-500, now they're too much

Looking into this phone now

Honestly its the big companies charging so much just for branding (looking at you samsung)

Galaxy Note 7, the battery thing is blown way out of proportion

No expandable storage is the killer for me on the le max 2, I could live without the headphone jack though.

64 and 128GB variants come with 6GB ram though.

I could live with only 32GB in my phone, but I've had my 32GB Nexus 5 long enough to know that I would prefer at least 40GB in my phone.

I was just reading Android Authority's review on it
>inb4 android authority is a meme
And honestly the headphone jack is dying out since it is analog and most people use Bluetooth anyway.
If someone can afford a new iphone, they can afford a pair of bluetooth headphones.

I can honestly agree, mistakes do happen on the manufacturer's side.
Wasn't it just 92 phones that caught fire? I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time something like this happens

Ive had a Samsung Galaxy Avant (shit tier mid range smartphone) for a year and a half for a year and 3/4, 32 gigs for me is good.

Oh yeah, the 32GB in my Nexus is enough, but naturally I'd like one size up when I upgrade. I doubt I'll need it but it'll be nice to have.

Already using Bluetooth earphones, lol. Good ones are not expensive anymore

Exactly, there is no real need for the 3.5 mm headphone jack in mobile phones, because everyone wants to go wireless. Id be nice to have on a phone, but there is no need.

Pretty much this.

It's nice finding someone rational on g 2bh.

Im on my laptop, which is wireless. I am listening to music on my phone, which is wireless, using Bluetooth headphones.
Now, I understand the use for 3.5mm headphone jack on a PC because of delay of sound or sound quality, but that shit doesn't matter on mobile. Unless you are an audiophile who uses up all your energy scanning for a slight mess up on the treble on a song I doubt anyone would care. If you were looking for a fault in a song, you'd be in a studio.

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I like my oneplus 3 but the axon looks nice

Forgot the image lmao

A legitimate audiophile shouldn't be using his phone for audio.

Love my pebble

I seriously considered the Oneplus 3, because it is such a great all rounder, and is what every phone should be. The Axon 7 won me over though because I use my phone speaker often.

That was the original point I made, an audiophile would be in a studio, not his phone.
The headphone jack is only for dated headphones and earphones, but even then earphones are becoming Bluetooth.

You are mistaken. You can use a device like VMODA Verza or glacier dac plus CIEM for the authentic audiophile on the GO experience.

Make sense. I honestly hat software buttons though so the OP3 is nice

>most people use Bluetooth anyway
Most people don't

Does this work with Verizon now?

Nothing ever works with Verizon

Maybe in your Third World shit hole.
Australia has embraced wireless technology.

Fuck off.
Headphone jacks provide better audio, with cheaper headsets don't drain the battery as much and are an unsurpassed piece of technology for their purpose.

I only use bluetooth headsets.

You fucking Australians always FUCKING shitpost everywhere.

Damn... That sucks. I'm a nuke 7 user wanting to switch this out while the return policy was still in place. I guess I gotta stick with fixed unit for 2 years.

whoa those le specs look le awesome!

how's le warranty, though? Those chinkphones usually come with le shit warranty

the only 2 flagship tier phones available for $400 are the Axon 7 and the OP3. The OP3's software is good but the Axon 7 is more of a premium product than the OP3. It could've retailed for $600 and the price would've felt justified. It's a really solidly built phone.

Stupid American

What about the Honor 8? Im not a huge fan of it but it is in the $400 price range and it has a pretty nice dual camera

>warranty void if bootloader unlocked
fucking chink shit

>HiSilicon Kirin 950

$400? no way. I'd pay $150 maximum for a non Snapdragon Android phone.

>wasn't it 30 phones?
>wasnt it 70 phones?
>wasn't it 92 phones?
Look, the number of defective phones will continue to rise because there's a bunch of time bombs waiting to go off. It's like people saying there's only a 0.1% chance of having a dud. That chance will continue to rise as time moves on and more phones blow up.

Holy shit

Are you faggots listening to yourself? Not everyone wants to go wireless, I use Bluetooth in my car, but I won't use wireless headphones in the future.

That's because you're an idiot

Not an argument

Neither is

I just ordered this fone independent of this thread. Weird af. Hope it doesn't come with some shitty malware infested rom

You can't really expect to escape the botnet in 2016. Especially not on a smartphone.

Is it too much to ask for a clean rom without chinese shit and root added by the seller?

A smartphone itself is a botnet, it's not about the rom.

Feel free to root and debloat it though, but according to reviews bloat shouldn't be too heavy

This. I would buy the Axon in a heartbeat, but the damn EMUI which I hate is effectively forcing me to buy OnePlus 3. I know that I could easily install a custom ROM, but having messed a lot with custom ROMs I know nothing will be more refined than OnePlus 3's original software, with all it's functions. Wat do

But I already have to charge my phone. And my notebook. And my kindle. And my smartwatch. And my powerbank. I don't need another device to charge, especially not the one that I'm using 16 hours a day.

BlackBerry Q10
>physical keyboard
>battery lasts ~3 days
>removable battery
>thing's a fucking tank
>enough money left over for whatever size microSD card you want, a dock, a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, and some NFC tags

> no headphone jack

Oh look, it's one of 3 people on the planet who cares about depreciated technology


>And honestly the headphone jack is dying out since it is analog and most people use Bluetooth anyway.
Just like the combustion engine huh?

Also this. i am still siding with oneplus 3

No one cares.. Lol.

If the bezels wouldnt be so big it would be perfect