Font rendering thread? macOS will win, naturally, but you linux nerds can at least try

font rendering thread? macOS will win, naturally, but you linux nerds can at least try

oh look, another anime thread

plain freetype


Post picture.

no sorry this is a font rendering thread

Comic sans MS

>doesn't have avant garde font rendering
plebs all of u
if ur fonts are designed for young children and esl students you must have taken a misstep somewhere desu

Nice tripcode

MacfagOS will never look this good.

i love you

Desktop threads are b&, why can't you take your shit elsewere?


OS X is the best OS there is. Cred Forums hates it because they want the appraisals of people who they don't even know. The retards don't even know what they're talking about on Cred Forums. Fuck Cred Forums.

No. 56690255
>tfw when your font rendering is so bad you can't even read the OP post

>why can't you take your shit elsewere?


can you post that wall

That's not Descartes, that's Voltaire.

Here you go senpai.

baka (。>﹏

Man, that's blurry as fuck

retina displays don't blur

check out this awesome rendering yo

No, I need to fix it. Notice how there's repeating artifacts

Are you on IRC, I need to talk to you

no, but I could log on, or we could talk in the trash thread.

rate my new chromebook

They actually do. When "non-retina" images are upscaled they don't use nearest neighbor scaling, so pixel art gets blurred and stuff. It sucks for screenshots with bitmap fonts.
The benefits GREATLY outweigh the downsides though.

What about Steam?

My harddrive shit the bed on me a few nights ago so I don't have steam right now.

I have to wait for a small screwdriver to come in the mail so I can replace the damn thing.

i was joking about the retina displays desu

>State a fact
>I-It was a joke GUISE

IRC then please if you don't mind!