/csg/ Chink Shit General - Not usual OP

Yes, we know everything already is from China but in here we discuss the no/low-name cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel #/csg/ on rizon

>Discord channel

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki:

user gets a okay tshirt but likes his bluetooth audio module user gets and tests a key shaped USB drive that was ordered with the coupon
user(s) find cheap chink shit with coupon user adds watch section to csg wiki and requests for contributions /cgl/ has chink generals as well Russkie coupon codes for gaybeast and more user recommends nipland for sex stuff and /jp/ thread user likes chinky medicine patches user gets some rock cables, some containers and other chink shit user has $1 mp3 player user gets 3 cent duckie Faulty captcha is preventing anons from making 1 cent purchases while Ali takes its time resolving Chinks try to bait and switch user Anon messes up getting the $2 coupon Anons are still checking pic reviews of lingerie Previous:

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What bluetooth speaker should I get for outdoor use?



any good chinky extra device for my T420?


I did a review on this toothbrush I got from gearbest recently. $19 but you can probably find it cheaper. Good toothbrush I think.



Anybody considered buying cheap (but quality) chink items and then reselling them locally for a profit?

Post your specs and we'll see.

they closed the order for my watch

Hey /csg/ anyone bought/tried xiaomi 20,000mA/h power bank?

Whatever the fuck this is is still available for 1cent:

rock usb cables
crush proof, water proof? box
REEE ultrafire flashlight
led head lamp
orico hdd storage boxes
swiss key utility key
8 inch ruler

But can you actually buy it without the captcha fucking up?

Yes, mvmt watches. Just make a kicksrarter to get 100k for online marketing and you're good to go.

Got one yesterday hope its good for a lupa or smth.

>$1.22 shipping

cant even login anymore to try the new deals. It gives me wrong pass 9/10 times.

Two of the one cent items shipped already



YES! Got it to work.

Link for Aux 1 cent cable:

any other older unused 1c shit?

Awesome, it actually works now

Has anybody found a case that fits the kate/international version of the RMN3P?

type-c microusb cable still avalaible


yes, YES, YES!

anyone else get this?

ali servers are spazzing out, no need to wory.

Why is Ali having all these deals? Is there some holiday? Or are random sellers all deciding they need high order numbers?

any tips on a (>$10) stereo bluetooth headset? any brands i should look for?

Thanks user.

Cheap shit I'm happy with:
(find it on another store, it can go as low as $18) - quite good power bank, it charges charges my OnePlus One at least 4 times.

Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger. It can deliver 18W (5V/3A up to 12V/1.5A) and it should work on most proprietary quick charge methods. Comes with a 1M cable.

Quite good bluetooth OTE headphones, last 20+ hours with a single charge.

Random glass screen protectors for $0.30-0.50, got 3 already for various phones and they are fine.

>Quite good bluetooth OTE headphones, last 20+ hours with a single charge.
what about the sound quality tho?

oh shit nigga I got a box

open that shit homes

disco light rope

5 iphone 6+/6s+ back + front screen protectors

not bad for 8 cents

How surely will this blow up?

how do i pay at aliexpress if they don't take paypal?

either directly with your CC or you use chink PayPal

It's legit, you cant chink the kikes.

Any point to appeal this?

Compared to the Piston 3 (another cheap shit I'm happy with) - these headphones are more balanced and slightly bassy. The sounds is quite good for the price, and are comfortable.

if you want to piss of the seller, sure
appeal it to aliexpress, say that the seller is doing bait and switch campaign, try to get his shop shut down
easy way to get a chink killed

>Deal is over

gaga.aliexpress.com/ is empty. How do I check all deals?

too late

suggest me a chink watch

Apple Watch

fake DW or Nomos are the memest

bumping for this too but for x220
something for the expresscard slot that isn't usb3.0
maybe an internal GSM

Ultrabay battery

External graphics card

What microsd cards do you guys recommend ?







link to aliexpress?



>search google
>click first result
>search aliexpress
>click first result
>search how to google guide
>click first result
>pay $10,000

Any link for a good one? I don't mind a brandless one

Calling all redmeme owners, wondering how you unlocked your phone? It's arriving today but I don't particularly fancy waiting for a code.. This method still working OK? en.miui.com/thread-253680-1-1.html

>It's arriving today but I don't particularly fancy waiting for a code.

You're supposed to apply for a code when you order it.

managed to get the drill

the last page people on that thread say it still works

what a cuck

>p..please mr xiaomi can I use my phone the way I want

true. trust anons >>> miui pajeets though.

what does your SD card do? write and read. Money can learn that, how about shark? Didn't think so yeah. Monkey > Fart. I mean Shark.

>Redmi Note 3 , the New AMAZING is setting fire
what did they mean by this?

If I were you I'd just wait for the official unlock. Dont want to brick your new cleverphone already, do you?
I dont think it took them more than 10 hours to unlock my Mi5.



I wanted to buy gearbest.com/networking-communication/pp_193084.html to get wifi in my room but I got really paranoid about the chinese botnet. How safe are routers really?



Redmi Note 3 , the New AMAZING is setting fire . Its By far the best Redmi Note Series Phone and also the best in the Mid-Range premium phone section . Its been out of stock in seconds each time its on sale. Redmi Note 3 is very popular and is in great demand because of its Stylish Uni metal body finish , finger print sensor , Collosal Battery and what not. From Magnamus Battery backup life to picture perfect Clicks , Redmi Note 3 owns the Stars here.

With such a specification the MIUI geeky Fans cant hold them self from tweaking the device and getting more juice out of it . But due to the new Secure Bootloader Lock policy the Geek Club had a frown , the long wait for 10-15+ days to get the unlock Permission to unlock the Phone was a blow in the face to all MIUI Geeks .

they won't ship all this shit, r-right?

some of them are already shipped

>I dont think it took them more than 10 hours to unlock my Mi5.
rly? might just wait then. rootjunky said 4 days, and pajeets say up to 12.

i know it's a fucking joke.

didn't know this was an issue tho.

where you find this?

missed out on the shoes when looking at US shoe size conversion


I got KZ EDR2 Mic version in the mail today.
They work but the only problem is that the sound is muffled unless I hold down the microphone button. Tried it out on my phone and on desktop, can't be a software issue.
Any way to fix this or should I contact the seller?

tape the microphone button down?

That's too bad ass card.

It wouldn't be if you applied for it when you ordered it, that way you would have had the code already when it arrived.

10 rmb have been deposited to your account chang.

First time I'm ordering my chink shit from a warehouse inside the country, good service from the chinks to use quicker shipping routes. But it's gonna cost more.

Mail just came

Again do packages


Does anyone have more 0.01$ deal ?

literally every hour

Where do I find them?

don't bother all of the orders get cancelled anyway

My earbuds are still not cancelled

Mine didn't get cancelled pham.


From the Russian review of the 120gb Netac 530S SSD

>Quick and inexpensive SSD from the eminent brand Netac in China.

>A brief conclusion is surprisingly quick drive (for the price), a good choice for upgrading a system with all HDD - system and software with SSD will be loaded much faster.

>Acquired Drive August 23, August 25 sent mail, Singapore, received the goods on 6 September. Delivery is very fast, less than a half moon. The track is not paid for - given for free.

>The price of goods on stock $30.99, with GBpoints - $21.71

>The test in AS-SSD is not impressed and even distressed, final valuation is low, and in addition, the program does not correctly identified SSD, possibly due to problems in the program, the results were worse, but on the whole SSD is good for this price (I do not like this phrase, but it's to the point)

>I recommend the purchase.

And in the comments

>Apparently the controller seems to be Marvell 88NV1120 and memory, perhaps, Samsung 16nm 2DTLC, CHGD8U5D

how the hell they do profit from this shit?

recommended chink backpacks? i'm liking this one, but i'm afraid it will be shit and water will leak on my chinkpad

they dont its a new user promotion.

can I buy stuff like testosterone from aliexpress and will it be safe?

please see a doctor

AS-SSD results and a link to the Gearbest sale of the Netac for $33.99

The coupon might still work but then you can't use GBpoints with it.

coupon: GBN530S1
$ 31.99


Ask /lgbt/ they're experts on hormones

Don't get hormones from shady sources.
I'm sure you can convince your doctor to prescribe it to you if you make up some bullshit symptoms.

should as?
I just want to be more hairy and manly

just buy horse testosterone its cheap and works the same really

In case you need extra $0.01 to use that $2 coupon to buy $2 chink shit.

what did they mean by this?

Order Closed

forgot link


If hes lucky he'll evolve into a centaur

but why

ez checkout

I didn't get the message and already spent it on something.

Guess I'm lucky

the coupon, what i meant.


What are the best chwap chink earphones. I haven't had much luck with the xiaomeme hybrids

what did /csg/ buy with their 2$ coupon?

in what way?
i've got some en route to replace my pistons

>mfw I'm going to give one star anyway

I commissioned this for you /csg/.

Artist's tumblr: liefeldianabomination.tumblr.com/

Thanks user. I like it

Idk if this is related but my chinese jeans came "dingdi"

>liefeld parody

That's amazing user! 10/10 will use in next OP.

Wow mitu looks angry, did someone give him 1 star?

everyone is talking about it and I feel left out.

and where can I find the $1 mp3 player.

I used to buy stuff on ebay then found out about aliexpress. Prices are similar to those in China. But for some reason it wont load sometimes on my pc, really frustrating. So I have to use my phone.

open aliexpress.com in incognito mode

so once the $0.01 item has shipped there's no way aliexpress can cancel the order anymore?

visit superdeals.aliexpress.com/en in incognito mode. Fun is over for me though, all my orders get closed

>tfw yodelman still hasn't bought me my redmeme despite leaving the depot 5 hours and 7 minutes ago


New $2 coupon link

I have a bunch that I can recommend.

Not seeing the problem with the one you picked either?

The pressure is real.


is this a scam

What you can expect from aliexpress.

suggest me some 2$ chink shit to buy



r i p, every 1c order I make gets closed instantly

try this one. based item never failed me. it be the true 1c item of ali.



All mine are either "awaiting shipment" or "awaiting delivery", expect the most recent one that closed immediately.

>tfw my card got denied weeks ago and I don't want to sent aliexpress my driver's licence
e-enjoy the 1c items i guess

have you tried this

what is it?

Anyone use the $2 coupon and actually had their item ship without receiving this:

"We regret to inform you that the recent use of coupon(s) in your order has been identified as being in violation of the guidelines outlined in our General Rules for Coupon Use. Your order will be cancelled, and any payments you have made (excluding any fees or charges which you have made to third parties) will be returned to your account."

Not shipped yet, but haven't got that message either.


When will the chink shit versions of these come out?

That's extremely stupid.

But I guess one should nothing anymore from Amazon since their "Fire" phase.

fucking nice

>press the button
>more shark SD cards get ordered



I bought the coupon but never received it and got the same message :'(

Next Mi product incoming, reminder that everyone needs to breathe fresh air.


no one cared who I was until I became a chink

can someone make a nice photo with this as a caption? using the xiaomeme picture ofc


Just got my Moxpad X90

Ordered sept 8, send sept 9 and delivered sept 20 via GearBest for $14.33
Packaging is okay, comes in little box with micro usb charging cable and two replacement tipsets (smaller and larger). They are comfortable and stay in my ears during running and going to the gym, which is the reason I bought them. Sound quality is just a tiny bit above average. Very high freqs get really shallow and very low freqs are enhanced quite a bit. I would place them above standard apple earbuds. They are easy to set up and I haven't had any connection problems at all. Bluetooth range is about 8-10 meters without any big objects in the way like a wall or whatever


Please I really need this

New 1cent chink shit already sold out, I only managed to buy an emoji pillow

Curious on what the battery is like on these. I guess you wouldn't know considering you just got them today

God fucking damnit fuck these chinks. Instantly closed.

probably won't test it either, i just charge them whenever i want to and use them in the gym/running for like 1.5h a day

>awaiting shipment on aliexpress
>not on cc's pending and posted transactions


Guess what I got, csg

whyd u delete it

watch crap

Stick a petty 1-star review at the bottom, slap /csg/ on it, and you have a good OP


Yes mine shipped

>message from PayPal
>Insufficient funds in bank account
>read more
>has been paid with paypal balance
don't scare me like that

Accidently saved as .png first.

12 days delivery time too

thank you it worked

What's wrong with .png?

But does anyone else get the same problem when they try to load the website. Loads like shit. Often just hangs. Tried in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Flushed dns too. But if I use the app or the browser on my phone which is using the same internet it works fine. Anyone experience something similar?

cancer to the wrist

yes, it uses gaga.aliexpress.com wich is an old version of the site used for flash deals in the past

>only 2013 buyers will remember this

gib me some 2.01 shit from ali, plz

do we look like a personalised search engine?




Do they do this every year?

We are, you just have to word it right.
"Ali is a piece of shit, you can't even find anything good for $2.01"

Does anyone have any experience with winning those < .10 usd bids on ebay?

GoodBoy is selling WMDs now

did anyone score a 1c item without getting order closed over the last 2 hours?

I got the necklace, currently awaiting delivery.

the one I managed to get today is in "Payment processing"
the ones I got yesterday are awaiting shipment


$0.50 4gb drive from miniseas came, though the package was empty first as this thing is TINY

$0.50 4gb drive from miniseas came, though the package was empty first as this thing is TINY

my game of memes key rings showed up today. Cost me $5 total. This kinda shit goes for $5 apiece usually. I love China.


Wow they look quite nice.
How heavy are they?

I saw that then I was like I dont need any of that shit. Neither do you


si senor

holy shit man are you gonna start your own shoppe?

How the fuck do you get this shit for a cent or free? What

They're all made of cheap pewter metal but they're quite heavy and solid. The Stark one is the heaviest. Wish I'd gone for a different Targaryen one though cause the red paint is chipped off already.

but they're 1 cent so why wouldn't I order them?

I've been away for over a week.

What's this 1 cent meme?

What do they mean with "У Кypьepa", that it's sent?


I'm just imagining you wearing all that as an outfit

>incognito mode
I don't get it, why would regular consumers with cookies not see those deals?

that's the plan

Damn I really wish I'd gotten that watch, looks better than the two $0.01 watches I did manage to get

because they are only for new users

You better post pictures.

you just need not to be logged in

"At the courier"

Can the wiki have a dump of all the OP pics?

so greedy

will do but my bank is blocking my cc for now so I can't order moar shit

Today I got Rock zircons, KZ-ATE and Xiaomi Hybrids.

Rock Zircons are the best - the memes are real.


Will you do a more detailed review/comparison of all three?

Basically, another way to say "not really sent anywhere yet" right?

Gaybest is doing a fall sale



Business as usual

Applied for code a month in advance, didnt work, used unofficial unlock and havent had an issue. Dont be a retard and follow instructions carefully and you'll be fine.


XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 32GB ROM 4G Phablet - GOLDEN

Discount : 61% OFFPromo ends in: 6 days


Worth it?

Nope. Friend of mine applied when his arrived and unlocked the same day, i applied a month beforehand and it didnt work. Chink servers make the whole process inconsistent.

LUL even chinks know it

APPLE GAY PRIDE top lycra cotton short-sleeved T-shirt 3340 Fashion Brand t shirt men new high quality
(from AliExpress Android)

32GB Shark meme for 7$
not a bad deal

I've got like threefiddy left on my prepaidcard, what to buy?

One thing chink sites are lacking is dirt cheap mass storage. Probably for the best.

But what is the cheapest way of buying mass storage? Just buying 3-4GB bare drives off amazon?


32 GB Samsung EVO+ $10 with registered SingPost. The choice is simple.. Samsung wins.

That's what I paid for my 64gb shark

Costs $14 now, your gaypoints doesn't count. And shipping by GB is more expensive here. All in all gooks will win.

>32 GB Samsung EVO+
Those have really bad reviews on my countries Amazon, average lifespan of 6 months.

Gearbest charges you shipping?

How long does it take to ship from China? It's a fucking flash drive ffs

You might buy senfer instead. But you have bought this shit. Enjoy.

350 1c items

Do you live in Romania where they sell fake cards from chinkland by any chance? Also the nice beef is made from horse meat.

oh I thought you wanted a translation, I don't know. Maybe it means they gave it to the courier already. I'm so confused. Do you speak Russian? If not then why order in Russian?

I'm in Russia so it's not like I have any choice, first time I get Russian tracking stuff so I have no idea what they actually mean by this.

Aliexpress has RN3P at 157 usd

Germany actually, but I checked the reviews of the regular Evo which costs 10€. Evo+ has normal reviews but costs 12€, I can buy a 64GB shark with that.

Nigga link me up, i'm not tryna order hairclips or sum shit like that

>buying EVO anything
Holy shit. You guys are fucking dumb.
Enjoy your data loss due to instant memory wear.

I'm still confused. Russian in Russia or a foreigner working in Russia? I'm going to Moscow this November. Gonna be good. Tried to join Lef Protiv but they didn't reply. I'll try again when I arrive

>visiting 3rd world country
It's like you want to get AIDS or something.
Daily reminder:

I don't know, I paid like $10. I'll try a shark next time. First, the reason I picked it is fast shipping. A 32 GB shark for me is 6.99+1.66=8.56$ so basically not worth the savings. I'd pick it if it was the better card though, although I'm pretty sure they both use the same samsung internal flash just one has chink controller and the other has gook controller.

I have a student visa for a year to Russia, and I'm basically saving lots of $$$ by studying in 3rd world country
Depends on what you do, I'm not in risk. How many gays do you fuck per week user?

but homosexuality is illegal in russia. How can this be the cause? :^)

I'm not you, I don't fuck 5 dollar hookers.
And I'm originally from Ukraine so Russia is my second home

What's it's like from your perspective? Where are you from? Any good stories?

The lust for 1c shit is too much I wont be able to sleep.

Three Russians came and asked me for smoke from the balcony, and I threw them some and they walked on. Best experience ever yet.

just read a few posts up

No it's not. Just gay marriage, which isn't marriage anyway. And the majority of people agree with this.

Got a gf? What is the quality of education? Why dont you want to tell us where you are from

I am about to buy pic related (BM-800) from gearbest, is everything I need to plug it into my computer and record audio included?


>And I'm originally from Ukraine so Russia is my second home
how does it feel to be a subhuman?
>it's not marriage because majority of people says so
Top kek. Great logic you got there, russian dipshit. :^)
ps. majority of people are fucking animals with only one purpose to live - paying taxes.

>tfw no gf from the /cgl/ aliexpress thread yet

you will need a phantom power supply and maybe extra decent quality xlr cables

Something like Behringer PS400.

I have that mic and a behringer psu. Works nicely.

But user, Singapore Post is one of the worst services there is. Only Sweden post is worse.

fuckin chinks cancelling my orders

>Singapore Post is one of the worst services there is
Not him but for me it's one of the best next to sinotrans.

Sweden, I came here since Stockholm has become a new Muslim nation. There is no muslims here, only whites, magic. Quality of education? Well lots of bribery like many post-Soviet states, many buy their degrees etc. But I go to a place that has very high quality education in English, but they are very strict compared to Western schools, I've never gotten this much work before.

I'm the OP, SingPost is one of the best when it comes to speed. Registered airmail always the fastest to arrive from China to my mailbox?

>tfw my faucet chute order has been cancelled

Bought a memeshirt. $9,90 cotton feels good, size xl is almost like western large medium.
Gonna try it on later, feels like my nipples are gonna be visible since it feels pretty thin

some of my orders are already shipped


How long do alipay reFunds take

Really makes you think

>orders are shipped
>get charged the full price instead of just 1 cent

Since a young age my parents have told me that we are genetically superior to others. Sure we don't follow orders very well but we are incredibly resilient. Some of the worlds greatest minds were born in Eastern Europe. Soviet Union had a huge effect on the world. All the inventions, all the things we build. I'm proud of my heritage. I show it off.

>tfw slow internet
>tfw missing all deals

where you from?

how is that possible?

more likey it will just never reach because they will never actually ship it

Material feels really good, more like silk/syntethic then heavy cotton. Nipples arent exactly seen, but I avoid wearing this when in extremely bright lights.

Im 6'0 and 200 punds and it fits really good, quality is higher then H&M shirt. Feels like my levi black tees.

Might go down the shit after a few washes, but my impression is that i would recommend this shirt instead of sub $30 T-shirts.

Link: aliexpress.com/item/Kantai-Collection-T-shirt-Men-Women-Unique-Anime-T-shirt-KanColle-animation-Original-Design-Eyebrows-On/32608518832.html

Is the power from my Desktop audio jack not enough to power it?

Here is a random street poster that can be seen attached to one of the horrible looking blocks over here. Ura for Russia.

anyone knows where can I find electrical cord with soft rubber (like those of headphones) in bulk or pre-made (but not finished)?

>genetically superior
Only an intelectually defective person could say something like that.


Great that you enjoy it. Yes I'm sorry, the social Marxism has taken over your country. Nothing you can do. Ive met many Swedish people in my travels. Nice people

What's wrong with that? It says if you are pressured by utility bills you should vote for the Communist party. Its a democracy. People vote for what they want. What's the problem here? I think its cool. Makes all the old people feel nostalgic

it will come with USB power supply which will suck, the audio quality won't be good.

audio jack won't provide enough power for the mic.

Communism is against the basis of a democratic state so it shouldn't be a legal party for a democratic election.

>order closed

Russia is full of muslims tho. They just aren't that brown, and a lot of them preferred to go fight isis instead of raping white countries

>I don't like something
>it's against democracy

literally KYS

Name twenty democratic countries with no communist party running

>ban parties
Good goy

I dont really know to review earphones.

Rock zircons have more of a bass, better isolation and easily more louder than the other two ear phones and the most comfortable.

KZ ATE is has less bass, clearer, however I think it needs an AMP. They use this memory foam for the ear buds and they easily fall off too.

Xiaomi earbuds I been buying for years and it is high quality materials they use, however rock zircons sound better than xiaomis.

>more bass = better
when did this trend start

Been browsing headfi forums and ended up buying all this dumb shit

Redmi Note 4 on goimbest now

America!!!! Only 2 parties though, easier for the goy to make up his mind.

But seriously Russia is really misunderstood. If there wasn't an information war I think a lot of westerners would see them in a more positive light.

How exactly do the Hybrids compare to the Zircons?

>tfw bought hybrids
>tfw kinda feeling remorse now

any bluetooth earbuds that sound similar to rock zircons?

Hybrids are great. But I feel that Zircons are little more accurate and little clearer. 2bqh Zircons and Hybrids sound better than my Sennhieser 280pro

i'm not an audiophile but how do all of these chinkphones compare to a $10 pair of skullcandy or sony or coby that I can get at wallmart

Who cares, don't you see the future of the white children is at stake?

anyone getting his 1cent orders closed?

chinkphones win


only 1 got approved. maybe they are keeping it 1 per card

Now that an American has had to flee to Russia to escape persecution from an oppressive goverment, I can totally agree with you. Not even joking.

t. jinping

I have one closed out of 10 orders

Much better than what you buy in Walmart shit for only 12 dollars. Anything that is improvement over chinkbuds goes into the 300+ dollars.

yeah its getting harder to get any now
they are selling out within seconds of going up

What's the best option for phantom power right now?

cool, those have been the only headphones i'm accustomed to using

so i'm going to be blown out of my mind when i get these

yeah if its gets sold out before, you get your order closed
most likely people have scripts up now to snap it up fast
or there is probably just a lot of demand

thats not how it works

My KZ EDR2s which I paid 4 dollars for are better than any $10 earbuds I've owned.


wow all the deals are selling out within seconds

>tfw you cannot complete the order within 30 minutes because your wife took your credit card to go have dinner with her boyfriend

it's fuggin impossible!!!
I only got the make up sponge thingy
I really wanted those LED strips


>tfw I got the led strip but I have no use for it so it'll just decay in my basement

So Zircons are better than Hybrids, but how are they compared to Piston 3?

Where do I buy chink ballsacks to light up my bike with?

America has a communist party.
Also isnt the Russian communist party actually fiscally conservative and socially liberal?

I would also like to know where I can get these

click the randomizer a few times or search GB for heart shaped light.

VE Monks are shit, one of /our guy/s is shilling it hard, you should tell by the hipster pandering in the description with all the bashing on Beats
You could have gotten zyclon Bs cheaper on gearbest
Everything else is good

Australia and New Zealand did not have any communist parties in the election. Neither in the senate or the house of reps.


Find any good sheds on Ali?

This chink upped the price after I ordered, how do I get back at him?
I feel like ordering and giving 1 star but I don't want to give him my money.

Who's ready for the intranet in North Korea? github.com/mandatoryprogrammer/NorthKoreaDNSLeak

Today's haul.

My foldable bluetooth keyboard arrived.
From the few minutes with playing, pairing and testing it, it seems good.
Will mostly be using it with my tablet and sometimes phone.

It has 110mA battery, and I have no idea how long it will last in a device as such, so that is my only concern atm.


8gb dongle
Lock pick set and lock fallen apart
Opening tools
And heatsinks, of course I got ones without adhesive paste.

Man that looks tiny

thats not a word

Making new thread now, back in a sec.

Aren't the heatsinks useless without adhesive paste or thermal pad though? For transferring heat you need something more than direct surface contact with the aluminum.

Dear Pajeet, thank you for giving England all your raw resources during the industrial revolution, but give up trying to keep up with English.

Are there any good Kinect clones out there? I need a depth scanning camera for a project, but I'm not willing to shell out for Microsoft bullshit.

did you see the video on facebook too

New thread here

No it won't. If you want a cheap phantom power get a USB soundcard.

I missed out on yet another $0.01 steal ;_;

Are you sexually harassing me!?!

not a lockpick, it's key exctractor set

That explains why it lacks torque wrench, fug.