Cred Forums what is the one thing that really "wow"ed you in the last few years then it comes to technology?

Cred Forums what is the one thing that really "wow"ed you in the last few years then it comes to technology?

Going from a Core 2 Duo E6700 to a i7 6700k with an SSD was literally unbelievable for the first week or so...

I'd literally laugh at how fast it booted. I couldn't believe the speed.

Inb4 you're a poorfag yes, yes I am.

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>i7 6700k with an SSD

The difference between ddr3 and ddr4 ram was exciting

Last thing that wowed me was going from 1080p to a 1440p screen a few years back.

Its a small change, but goddamn did it impress.

spoiler alert
Your meme cpu had nothing to do with the speed increase, it would probably boot just as fast just with the SSD.

going from a 240x320 3.2" TFT screen phone to a 1080x1920 5" AMOLED+ screen phone
viewing porn on this phone is so much better

Going from a X850 XT to a 780ti

150mbps symmetrical internet. It's not even something you appreciate, it's just something you'd want to kill yourself without.

The only technology that I remember "wow"ing me ever has been this current wave of VR.

I've been impressed by shit plenty but nothing like listening to an old man talk about his childhood and point excitedly around as he stands in a simple google street view of the dirt road in China he grew up on.

Fuck, man.

I didn't switch computers for 8.5 years

Not quite. You see my old system had SATA 2 and I got an SSD 1 year before I did the 6700k. The new PC boots in around 10~15 seconds. The old PCs was noticeably faster yes down form 3 or more minutes to 1 minute. There was definetly a big increase once you actually used SATA 3 and state of the art Mobo/CPU.

Damn that must have felt good. What did you play first?

Metro: Last Light

I still don't have an SSD so I haven't gotten to experience that yet.

The last thing that truly wowed me was going from dial up to DSL, Blazing fast speeds and somebody using the phone didn't knock you off the internet.

I switched from windows to osx

Using Steam streaming for the first time.

Switched from OSX to Windows/Ubuntu dual boot, I was already impressed with the speed of Ubuntu compared to Windows or OSX

Then I switched over to Void Linux and it boots in almost no time even without an SSD and runs fast as fuck, I can't stand to use Windows or OSX anymore

The Raspberry Pi

I went normie for a while due to work and school before having more free time for tech hobbies. Besides SOC was never my thing but the fact that they fit the power of my first $1000+ computer (400 Mhz Intel celeron - coppermine) into a board the size of a credit card for $35 bucks really wowed me. Still haven't bought one yet though.

- Going from HDD to SSD
- Going from 16:9 to 21:9 1440p UW monitor and running Witcher 3 or playing Mad Max Road Fury without black bars
- Going from Win 7 to Win 10 just for shits and giggles and realizing Win10 utilizes my CPU waaay better so I ended up saving up shitload of money cuz my cpu stopped shitting itself with new resolution.
- Jumping from C to C++.


I transitioned from 56k to 64k Cable.

I was shocked at the 25~50 ping I got.

While the speed wasn't all that shocking. The fact that I could leave the PC on the entire night and not be woken up by that fucking dialup sound while I was downloading anime or movies was amazing.

But boy 8 kbit/s a second...

Micro SD card storage capacities still amaze me when I think about it.

The first time I used an iPhone, iOS 2.0 and the newly released Appstore completely blew my mind. I remember spending hours just downloading glorified tech demos.

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No video. Was there in the room tearing up. Zuckerberg wishes I recorded it I'm sure because I have never seen a better ad for the power and potential of VR as an art form.

Using a mechanical keyboard I was like "wow this feels nice".

And before iFag I've used Android since 2010.

How about I pet your cat?

When people talk about boot speed are they measuring the time it takes once you leave BIOS / the BIOS screen goes away to get to desktop or the whole process of booting the computer.


Old guy would have reacted the same way using Google Maps without the VR.

but girls don't have cocks

I mean time from pressing power to login screen. Mine is around 1.5 seconds but I boot from an m.3 stick. It's neat but not like it's important like I don't have 5 seconds to spare.

I doubt it. Maybe he would have had the same stories but he was really into it. I don't think looking at a picture of a place is a very similar experience.

Yeah but they probably didn't give him a choice.

If he was using the Google Maps interface to scroll around the street instead of having to walk and move his head around he would probably realize the VR version was a gimmick fairly quickly.

Sauce for this pic?

What motherboard do you have that BIOS doesn't take like 5 seconds?

Yeah and if they just had him look at a topographical map of the area he would have just realized street view is just a gimmick.

I count it as a time of pressing the button and getting my desktop loaded in. It ususally takesa few more seconds to load discord, skype, sharex and so on...

you can set your mobo to skip BIOS

>skip BIOS

New chapter came out literally 25 minutes ago.

Going from a 2006 Sempron with CRT to a skylake i5 with an IPS monitor and SSD.

I couldn't even watch 720p on youtube before, I had to settle for 480p.

Man I remember when the first 720p anime came out.

Sumomo momo and I couldn't watch it it was too laggy.

Last time I was so frustrated was when I installed C&C Generals and it was all just 3 colors White, Black and Blue and half of the stuff wasn't visible because by TNT2 Riva didn't have T&L

Probably when I realized I could vape while I sleep with just the cleaver use of 2 rubber bands.

the power draw of some computers nowadays is what blows my mine, as semi trash as the raspberry pie is as a everyday use computer, the fucker runs on a generic USB 5w cable, nm the intel sticks or sensible computers with low power cpus such as core M and shit that have the same processing power of power hungry monsters of the stone age(Pent 4, Based Athlon 64)

Thanks you kindly, user.

>going from savage 3d to 1080

Did you sleep for 15 years?

>going from colossus to skylake i7/1080/SSD

My journey so far-
>Intel Q8200 + Asus GTX 560 8GB RAM PC
>Intel i7-640M + Nvidia 3100M 8 GB RAM laptop

Shipped today, coming next/end of week-
>Intel i3-6100 + (Same GPU because fucking prices. That, and 750/460/950 are a couple steps above my 560, but I can run the games I normally play which aren't AAA, so that's fine with me.)

Oh, and ethernet instead of wifi as well.

going from
>R7 250
>R9 380 SOC
>on a 720p monitor
(later my mums 1080p monitor which i don't have anymore)

or going from
>8mb 5400rpm HDD
>64mb 7200rpm HDD
whoa that was big jump.

My first SSD
>(I was for the first time going shits too fast even my brain can't keep up.)

going from a garbage tier gpu to something that could run antialiasing was amazing

my desktop has autism and has to check every megabyte of RAM, all 32gb of it
in some cases POST takes longer than booting

Using a mac for the first time.
I mean really using it, being productive.
I had heard about how fast and easy to use they were and half believed that but never actually tried one.
When I finally did, I was really surprised about how incredibly slow, bugged and unstable Macs are. I've never had such a bad experience with technology before.

>inb4 it was a hackintosh

Nope a mac mini from 2015

Going from some shitty 8mbps connection to 75mbps was a wow moment, now it feels stale though and I wish I had google/netherlands internet.

Going from intel hd graphics to a 7790

And no tomorrow I'm going from CTR to LED

Wish me luck

going from one 5:4 display to three 16:9 displays and then switching to a tiling wm

felt like i was in heaven for a very long time

The leap from a single core Athlon CPU and integrated Nvidia GeForce 6150 to a Phenom II quad core and Radeon 7870

It was like a night and day

I was blown away by how awful Windows 10 is. I thought it if I succumbed to the botnet I would be rewarded with a good OS
Oh god
Nothing tech related has blown me away as hard as how shit Windows 10 was, like I didn't think Microsoft had it in them
SSDs are cool but I've had one for a year and the Windows 10 lag completely makes it pointless

>had 1mbit for years
>just went for the 200 mbit


Galaxy 6

I was surprised at how much it covered most of my computing needs. Just need a small smart TV and a bluetooth keyboard and I can actually be productive with this thing.

Don't need a laptop or a desktop really.

Want to get a tower though for video, photo and audio editing even if it's a waste of time.

1080p TN panel television to 1440p IPS monitor

It's a unanimous agreement that minis are shit.

The only real good computers applel makes are iMacs, and it's mainly due to the screen. Because they overheat like motherfuckers.

>mfw going from Windows ME to Windows 7 in 2010

Cred Forums has something to say about that.

>Upgrading from 40Mb to 220Mb internet
>Going from 2 x 1080p displays to 2 x 1440p panels
>Using PCIe SSD for the first time
Using PCIe storage on a 220Mb line is amazing, I managed to download and install InDesign in a minute flat, from absolutely nothing to installed and opened for the first time.

Going from MP3 to FLAC, easily. There's no comparison between low bitrate and the 1000kbit of FLAC. You can hear all of the details you never heard before and it made me realize just how suckered the Internet got with the mass proliferation of inferior lossy files everywhere. I wouldn't even download an mp3 in 2016.

Woah man you should take a double blind test and be the first person ever to actually hear a difference

>going from 1280x1024 to 1920x1080
>going from 1920x1080 to 3440x1440
>going from Pentium 4 to i7 6700
>going from some literal who graphics card to the GTX 1080
>going from IDE to SATA 3
>going from SATA 3 to NVMe (SAMSUNG 950 Pro)


It's easily audible even on shitty earbuds (in 192 vs. FLAC test ofc, 320 vs. FLAC won't be always visibly different), if you aren't retarded hearing-wise.

When I realized I could have an entire library on my phone.

The last thing to truly amaze me was upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S4 from my old Blackberry back in 2014. I didn't even care that the S5 was out and I bought an older generation phone, because I was absolutely blown away by what the device could do. I had come from something that could really only be used for emails, phone calls and brick breaker (the browser was basically useless) to something that was essentially a compact Linux - powered computer. I spent hours just fiddling with settings and taking pictures of random shit. It was amazing what a phone could be capable of.

Now basically nothing impresses me. I feel empty and hollow.

Going from touchjizz to Windows phone 8.1

never knew it could be such a delight to use a phone

you should see iOS

I've used my parent's phones...

Not too impressed, the OS is very paired back, for the longest time the screens were too fucking small, and it just looks ugly. Still better than touchjizz though no question
Getcoin, the world's first centralized decrypto-currency.
It even lets me send messages to people along with the getcoins I send them simply by typing it after the amount of getcoins. Truly the future.

I'm on 1Gbps and it's meh. Unless you're uploading stuff all the time 75 probably is fne

Getting a 750ti gave me chills. I couldn't believe how nice it was to finally have something run at 60fps.

>Skipped XP
I don't believe you

I just ordered a GTX 1080 and 1440 100hz monitor
I've never played a game above low detail settings, above 1080p or above 30hz
I better get fucked when I plug it all in

SSDs were a pretty massive difference when I first got a chance to use one. So much so that no computer I own comes without at least an SSD for a boot drive.

Given the price reductions, the next time I do a full rebuild of my desktop, I'm pretty sure I'll be 100% SSD storage.

I didn't get my first XP notebook (a little blue Acer) until about 2 years ago. I wish I was joking about the ME bit, though. ME was so shitty that it hurts thinking about it

>1Gbps download but 1tb monthly bandwidth limit


What you should feel bad about is skipping the absolute peak of Microsoft Windows in favor of the "good enough" OS that will soon be forced into the garbage pile that is 10

320 and flac are the same.

The only thing I trust to hold my frequency is melted vinyl carved into the shape of the waveform

I was a complete poorfag, senpai. It's not like I didn't use XP before 7, I just didn't own an XP computer until two years ago. My grandmother had an XP desktop for some time that I would use on occasion

>my caveman plastic polymers are superior to CDDA

i can play 720p youtube on my 2005 pentium M laptop

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I went from an i5 750 to a 12 core Haswell Xeon. It was amazing. Also changed from a mechanical HDD to SSD, but the difference there didn't really leave me particularly impressed. It's faster yea but I feel like this offers me no value.

Maybe games load faster. Maybe. Not sure.

RAM density changes per generation.


Shits crazy...

>get a Moto X Pure, can activate Google Now with the screen off
>robo voice lady almost always gets commands right even if i "uhhhh" like a retard in the middle of saying it
>yell for unit conversions while cooking
>set alarms from bed
>turn on flashlight from bed so i don't curbstomp the cat in the dark

Its some Star Trek shit

Naruto, I forget her name. She's the village chief's daughter, though.

Was expecting a romance series though ;_;

Unpacking the m2 ssd for my notebook. This thing is blazing fast and fucking tiny. My first hard drive was noisy as fuck and held around 300mb.
It's amazing how far we've come in storage tech

Various celerons
C2D + iGPU
Athlon ii 620 + IGPU
Athlon ii 620 + 550ti
i3-350m + iGPU

I have never owned:
An internal drive with >700GB
An internal drive with >5400rpm
A screen resolution above 1600×900p

Will 2017 be the year of the 1TB ssd for