>BST - HermemeMillerEdition<

>BST - HermemeMillerEdition

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Who /communitycollege/ here? Not having to pay R&B is nice.

just got the crt and its wonderful

btw how can i make it less blurry? It seems to be most blurry around the edges

Moved recently, enjoying this layout a lot more.

comfy edition



you ever sip on a piss bottle by mistake?

No but I once took a large gulp from a can that was full of cigarette butts and ash



A model F 122 key? I'm jealous.

>tfw I posted it again



How do you keep the stuff on your desk from falling off?


>tfw no rich bf


I did some spring cleaning.

Cleared out like 15kilos of "garbage".


>calculate income of next month
>subtract money for food etc.
>subtract cost of new setup
>5€ left
im okay with this


>Cleared out like 15kilos of
Did you tidy your fucking cables?

The count down begins. Moving in 2 weeks. Excited for a new set-up.

> wireless keyboard
> wired mouse

It's shadowplay


No no, not the battlestation.

Storage room!

I have the logitech T650 for wireless needs.

When this g502 decides to die and I can't get a new one out of warranty, I'll get a wireless mouse.

Here's a shitty sorta panorama of my newly cleaned station. I'm just happy that it's finally organized again.

Does the guy who recorded the audio still post here? I haven't heard any more since that one night, with that, and the
>The second hand furniture store from the 90's called, they want their desk back

Still got some work to do, but it's finally coming along

Portrait + Landscape or Landscape + Landscape /bst/?

Is portrait worth it or is it just a meme?

Used dual portrait for a few years at work.
>=1440p is better than portrait of a standard 1080p screen (it's just too tall and a bit too narrow).
But it was still much better than having those monitors in landscape.


Plz don't bully

Finally got the monitor mount. Tried going portrait with the smaller monitor, but it wasn't working out

Is that firewatch wallpaper? I tried to find it the other day, but it looked like all the official wallpaper sucked. Can I have it?

This is the one I used

looks pretty confy

Which speakers? I want to suck your feet

Thanks, but one question: wtf is with the artifact at left-center?

That stitching is confusing as fuck.

That Misaka looks like a bootleg.

Looks weird being mismatched and all, o well.

I was set on going landscape + portrait, but that monitor is just pure shit, so I think I'll keep it like that for now. It was also weird just using it, but maybe that's just me but being used to it

Hence shitty sorta panorama. I don't have a wide angle lens and my space is too small for panorama with my phone.

>that Misaka looks like a bootleg
It is.


tfw you want a new desk

I don't understand why those wacom tablet mice exist.


buy one
what case is that

Thats cute.
Oh god I knew something was up when you started looking for people. Dog looks happier and room looks hella comfy must be doing better.
Honestly cause they didnt make it touch capable so when had to use a mouse like speed had to have the mouse instead of going all over the tablet with the pen to reach stuff.
Same man.

liking your network solution man!

Corsair 750D

thank you!

What size are those portrait monitors?

>tfw superior to everyone in this thread

Lg is 25 and the tv is 21.5

Just messing with my lights. Not a perm setting.

what 1440p ips monitor can overlock to 96hz?

hows 1440p for portrait?

Poorfag here, how can i improve?

(Sorry for the absolutely horrendous photo quality i only have my shit phone camera)

Oh shit, i'm sorry

remove cardboard below monitor
remove books on the left
speakers in the corners of the table instead of right next to the monitor
that strange cable going to the front of the desk and then down has to go
make the thing on the wall symmetrical above the monitor or further to the left

The strange cable is from my headphones, so i can't really remove that, but i appreciate the advice, and thanks for the response.

old pic again today - still didnt make a new one.
>2 more weeks for new desk and monitor
cant wait,

not sure if this was a good idea as a mousepad. well at least it will fit the painting(s). hope the chinks ship it fast.

Then why are you still here??

My first proper battlestation, thoughts?

I guess it would be solve the too narrow issue.
Still, I never fully used the total height of my monitors when they were in portrait.

Isn't the piss odor unbearable?

pretty good for a first, i would make more effective use of all that space you have though.

Roommates or lovers ?


they're dudes, how could they be lovers?


Thanks. What would you suggest?

Multiple monitor setup, TV on the side, tiity figurines, something like that

Rug under chair. Less harsh lighting. Even larger paper towels

>SR 71

I reread the groundspeed check story every once in a while

Polk Hampdens. Also no...ok maybe.

The chair is a pain in the ass with a rug under it and I turned on all the lights for the picture quality. Appreciate it.

> baseless appreciation

You took time to reply afterall, which is something not a lot of people does.

>tfw addicted to (you)s

I know my tables are shit


Fellow community college student. /nosociallife/ too

This is really comfy. What keyboard is that? I can see it's IBM.

But your pretty pc makes up for it.


Love the set up!

Dig it

cozy af

Hello Everynyan!!!
No hermun millur yet trying to find replicas.

7/10 Why such big monitors? I dont see the interest.
Also, the pictures does not show much.

5/10 Like you said its just about the mismatched tables. Also put all those vidyas you don't play anymore in a box or something.

7/10 I'm a big fan of large having alot of free space but you need to clean up that surface. Also I dont realy like the mismatched colors of the tables and put that computer on the damn floor.

2/10 Mismatched monitors, no space, useless crap everywhere, stupid stickers on computer case.

8/10 well executed, Just find something else to put your monitor on.

I'm guy with big monitors.

They arent for listening at my desk, my bed is behind my chair and its for when I'm in bed

pls be in london

We're showing a little closer to 1900 on the money

The vomit odor from my vomit wall on the left mostly covers it up

...so it does.

What is a community college?
Britfag @ uni here

a local county college, generally much cheaper and offers 2 year degrees, generally you will go for 2 years before transferring to a larger state university for your final 2 years to get a 4 year degree at the end of it.

To give an example my local community college is about $5k per semester, my local state university is about $14k per semester. So if you can take 2 years at the community college you save a solid ~$20k

So like an undergraduate uni?

We call a 4 year degree an undergraduate degree.

A graduate program being a Masters or Doctorate program.
A masters degree is generally around 2 years on top of a 4 year degree, but some universities offer a 5 year program that gives you a bachelors (4 year degree) and masters degree at the end of the 5 years. (saving you ` year)

Doctorate degrees will vary in length depending on your specialty and other factors, but generally 3-5 years.

to add on to this, a 2 year degree from a community college is called an associates degree.


Classic. That keyboard got me through high school.

Not even a Herman Miller in ops pic..

My desk is starting to get wobbly, what is the Herman Miller of desks?

posturefit changed my life desu

Junior college

what device is this?

What's the purpose of the audio interface, are you just using it as an external dac

painting source?

more like daddys credit card fag

fuck off

>daddys credit card

old hat. i prefer using daddy's cummy card :3


very kawaii

wow look at the wire coming out of the hole

R8, H8, I need a new desk.

I also record guitar and stuff like that

You sure move a lot for being "rich".

Lovely blue painted wall. Poor fag detected.


Was it the piss bottles or the vomit on the wall that gave it away?



mouse? '14/?


Death of Marat

Cute :)

> I'm so minimalist I don't even exist

Here's hoping you're not a dude.

Sorry Dude. Your GF is kinda homely looking.

ugly and barren despite cost

you have no style unfortunately


I saw that you were a pen spinner, so I thought you were cool. Then I saw your watch...nah

fuck whatever these faggots on Cred Forums say. You cannot tell me this station dosent look comfy, sleek, and good looking as fuck. Apples biggest focus is on how their products work. This isnt about hardware. That is a whole different topic. But come on, the imac is a sexy looking computer, and when placed in the right environment, it becomes a wonderful installment to its surroundings. Of course this is all subjective, but i find apple products pleasant to look at.

>fuck you, I only have minion pictures right now. Sorry

>record player


Traps wish they could be as qt as a real grill

>implying you're a real girl

the fuck out

I hope you don't do any serious gaming on that.

Move everything to the centre of the desk, move the monitor further back, and get a new keyboard and a headphone stand.

Oh, and put the desk against the wall, you retard.

The levels of degeneracy have reached an all time high on this board, and females are the highest form of degenerate. But they're definitely not cute

Is the the guy who made "The Kek"?

>brown legs


Nice try bb now buy me some socks.
the wires mannn.

I move the devices or and about a lot. There's no point in making them stationary and trying them down. You should've seen my luck with my Ethernet cables dying. The only working over is a 75 footer that's a frizzled mess behind the dresser.

awww shit man would start cutting down on wired devices at one point. That poor ethernet cable should try to fix it with new connector.

You can do "serious gaming" on IPS panels just fine. All you need is to pick a good one.

r8 h8 masturb8

>right by the mirror


Don't they all have pretty high delays unless you go for really expensive ones? What kind of input lag do you have on your current monitor?

what's the wallpaper?

I still adore it, fellow lefty Blade Runner enthusiast.

I'm not a dude :3

Looks nice
Try to fix the cables

Feelin kinda free

is that a 29" or 34" monitor?

Sub 1ms input lag from signal processing and pixel response time is 5ms on average, half of that amount added to the input lag adds up to around 3ms total amount of display lag. It's negligible and there are a few IPS type panels which achieve this level of performance. Most of them pricey but there's no reason why it should be. Fast panel and little processing is not a costly combination. I'm using this:


i like it simple.

Nice setup J.J Abrahams

Can I get a proper picture on the setup? Looks really nice. You have some very nice rice as well.

What brand of speakers/monitors are those user?

I don't know if this user keeps around, but I totally forgot to reply to him.

>Do you mean by streamings in the back?
I like to see streamins when I die on games or something as that, but not the same as I watch a show, so having it "in the background" and check from time to time is easy if you have it in the TV

A pair of JBL LSR305. They do a pretty good job at giving an accurate sound considering their price.

The 21:9 is 34", the 16:9 is 27"

Thanks user, i like your setup too

college for poor americans because their system is super fucked

the gayest man on earth

>muh record player
>apple anything


>real women
>Cred Forums

nice try

it's physically impossible for women who like technology to be attractive

I didn't know Chuck Lorre posted on Cred Forums.


the only thing i don't like is the bright mouse, also nice retro station

no my child, it's ZIMBABWE


Did make a mech out of a fucking milk carton?
Cute sock btw.

Nexus 7 (2013) with a bluetooth keyboard bought from aliexpress.

yfw these kids probably suck ass at the games they play too


This looks like it's from

Tony do something about that case... and the cables under your desk - including that TP-Link(?).

>i like it simple
>shit ton of things on desk
pick one

I actually like that case though, at least in it's normal version.

>real grill


i dont get this joce

yup its just that


turn on AA your station has jaggies.

haha nice one. the crt is really bright ive been trying for hours to get it look how i want it to with mild succes

broken monitor edition

Same old setup.

Just remember that the next time someone invades your country.

Sunny days.

Going to hang new things soon, probably.

i'm thinking of getting a 21:9 but dont have the money for a 34", is it worth getting a 34" or will the 29" be good enough in your opinion

I heard that someone needs some triggering.

29" ultrawide is as tall as a 23" i believe, way too small. 34" is minimum and a 34" ultrawide is only as tall as a 27" iirc. i might get some numbers confused here but i can assure you 29" is too small.

the cheapest 34" i can find is $699 aud ($528 usd) and the cheapest 29" is $429 ($324 usd)
is it really worth the extra $200 for the 34" ?

i think 21:9 is not worth it at all, for the price you can get a really nice 16:9 monitor.
almost all the cheap ultrawides (below 600$) suffer from heavy backlight bleed and the only advantage it gives you over a 16:9 is no black bars in movies and games look cooler.

you will have black bars in all of youtube
look how much space of your current monitor Cred Forums uses, now imagine the light blue making up 70% of your screen space and only using 30% to shitpost
you can have 2 programs next to each other, but how often do you really use 2 at the same time?

i am not trying to say they are useless and not shilling for 16:9 but i have wanted an ultrawide for so long and upon trying one out at a friends place they i was sure they were nothing for me.

if you watch a lot of movies and game a lot they are really cool. but for movies even 34" would be a little small and not many games even support it.

New desk came in this morning. Still need to get the wires sorted etc but it looks so lonely without anything but the monitor, keyboard and mouse ;-;

Really want to mount the right monitor vertical.
It's comfy.

i have 3 monitors right now, 2 of them were second hand ones from friends, im going to sell two of them in the future and keep 1 and hopefully get a 21:9, i play tonnes of games and sometimes watch movies every now and then. i think i will just wait and save up and see if i would have changed my mind

Not many games support it natively. Modified .ini files or FOV adjusting software have long been common practice for Eyefinity/3D Surround users, and the same tricks apply to ultra wide. WSGF had all the information you need to have almost any game up and running in minutes.

Has anyone ever had Amazon tell you someone bought something on your wishlist? I'm very confused, no one I know has any of my Amazon info to even see my wishlist.

Nor have I posted a direct link from my list of the item to Cred Forums. So i don't think there was any confusion where an user clicked my link, liked the product and bought it for themselves.

What's going on? If it's true I may have a 1440p monitor on the way.

Take it off the stand and just lay it against the corner wall. it should stay up on it's own.

Don't be a jealous fans cuz my shots better than youra

How is everybody doin?
Finally my new pc parts arrived
feels good, next week gonna buy a 1440p monitor and arm
Sorry for bad quality pic

Nice, comfy
Those 305´s, nice
Dat bezel
Too cluttered for me
>Acid trip/10
>weeb shit
Need another matching monitor pls
Those speakers, dayum
Feels too empty
>Goals, but needs an monitor arm
Hi Mr. Doggo


I wouldnt name that a poorfag setup, looks nice to me
Loving the look of those Micca speakers. dunno if I should buy the same setup as you ( mb42x and lepai amp) a subwoffer or a pair of 305´s


nice desk fan and clock

Great case and I love your desk

Full vanity SHOTS

You are awesome user

Does anyone know if the max height for this is 74cm or can the legs go higher?

Also does anyone know if there's a bookshelf at that height?


>LED backlit rack empty besides prosumer """""server""""" and routers you probably don't even know the features of
ikea the post, get that tower off your cheap plastic desk before it caves in
America, the window

bby a/s/l

nice beer fampai
also the headphones are alright

Pretty damn comfy man.

>cheap plastic
have you ever been to ikea?

It's all cheap, but it ain't plastic.

It's basic pressed wood top and aluminum legs.



go watch her stream

Looks like some kids went dumpster diving at lnus tech shills

>>Goals, but needs an monitor arm
Yeah I did the mistake of buying monitors that cant be mounted im trying to find a DIY solution
you got a clean setup yourself.

Had to stop halfway down page. There was a Nigger.


that's right, I forgot
It's pressed painted cardboard that will stop rotting after condensation from a single drink gets on it

cheap plastic would be an upgrade

Kek, it's not meant to last more than 5-10 years user. It costs under $50.

Quit your bitching.

why the fuck isnt your setup centered user?

>UK flag
>sock posting
The entire Atlantic ocean of distance between us isn't enough to make me feel at ease.

for the people with monitors placed high, do you raise the height of your chair or just get use to tilting your neck? want to raise mine so I can fit a plushie underneath it but worried its bad for my neck. Also heard having your feet dangly freely is bad for your legs.

>raised chair
>dangling legs
Manlet detected.

I have never used a chair without putting it at max extension. I sit with my feet flat on the ground. How are you such a manlet?

Yeah. I did finish it today. I'm starting the third game of the series now.

I'd say the second or third are the best games in the series. It's pretty much downhill after that though. I never wound up finishing five and didn't even try six.


Settle down, you butthurt dumb boys.

Do I really need a new desk?

>trips sempai gives an 8/10

What state is that?


Post real battlestation pic.

my half

And inb4 cable mgmt, I'm getting a monitor stand and some Velcro/zip ties this weekend

2/2 girlfriend's half

have you told your gf how shit her kb is`?

Yeah. She doesn't want to put any money into her Battlestation, which is fine, but I do feel kind of bad for her seeing her sit in a really uncomfortable chair and looking at a shitty monitor so I'll end up upgrading her parts incrementally I'm sure