Pixel VS Pixel XL - Size does matter

I'm about to upgrade to a Pixel or a Pixel XL if they are good.

My sweet spot regarding display is a 5.2 inches screen, meaning the Pixel is too small and the XL too big.

For those of you who faced the same dilemma last year, what did you do? If you went for the 6P, did you adjust to the size, or is it definitely too big?

My primary concern isn't one handed utilisation, I got big hands (ladies...). But I want to put it in my shirt and trouser's pockets (I'm not sure the 6P would fit).

Last year the choice was easier because the 6P has better specs, but it seems that this year they'll be on par.

Anyway, what do you think?

Wait, are you actually considering buying the 650$ bezel monster?

Wait for the S8 to lauch and get the S7, thats what Im doing. I have a feeling the Pixel will be a fail, I hope Im wrong tho


It's no more a monster than the 6P, after all.

Yeah, if the Pixels fail I'm considering the same or a 5X/6P.

Also, RM3P users: this one is a biggie too, does it fit into your shirt&trousers pockets?

Anyway, the more I think of it, the more I tend to the regular pixel. No size problem and big enough. I mean, when I see an Iphone I always think this shit is REALLY to small, but we're talking 4.5 or 4.7 inches.

Maybe, just maybe, the leaks are bs and there are no monster bezels

As with every other phone that leaked before which was the final product.

Face it, Google wants to fuck with you all over again. First they get rid of micro-SD only to present it again as a big feuture and now they do the same shit with bezels. Next time they will get rid of LTE since you can just use wireless connections.

>My sweet spot regarding display is a 5.2 inches screen
When you grow up, you have to learn to adapt. One of the things you have to accept is that everything won't be exactly as you want. Another thing you have to accept is that many of your choices that you may believe are yours and yours alone, choices and preferences that you may even consider important, are not only relatively meaningless, but are also not your choices or preferences at all, but things that you were lead into believing by someone or something else.

RN3P fits fine with a case in all pockets of mine, except skinny jeans. Unless you are wearing tight jeans all the time you'll be fine.

Do the Pixel phones have Micro SD?

OP here, all good points. I gotta relax, this is ridiculous.

>chromebook pixel comes out
>it looks beautiful
>pixel phone comes out
>it looks like shit

What happened?


Who cares? You're not getting the software freedom and privacy you deserve.


>Pick one

I'm assuming you mean off stock android

Gopple iPixel

It looks like shit, why would anybody pay $650 for that?

I know that smartphones look pretty similar nowadays but the shape really looks like an iPhone.

Jesus fuck those bezels, what the fuck

seriously? you are considering to buy that shit?

LG V20 master race

Why did you post pictures of iPhones?

YES! Except if it's shit or overpriced, but I'm betting this will be DOPE

There is no fucking way this is real.