I just bought a 1080

I just bought a 1080.

It feels wrong, but AMD has nothing compared to this.

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Thanks yes I am also buying the Nvidia products now. AMD for the poo in loo Indian cannot to compete!


Innovation requires courage.

did you check for wood screws?

One day user you might be able to buy a half decent gpu.

wood screws?


looks like regular screws to me.
is there any downside on using the screws in the pic?


No, it isn't. I really have no idea.
I suppose these screws wear out quickly?
I don't know.

But AMD will soon release a new card with 32 GiB HBM2.


top kek

>mfw AMD literally can't even compete

iktf OP. got a GTX 1080 SC a month ago and it's quite excellent. first nvidia GPU I've bought since 9600GT

>see deus ex dx12 benchmark
>fury x does better than 1080
Yes it does.

>cherry picking

Neither will you in May

>own a 1080 and play BF1
>dx12 on and ultra settings over 160 fps min

Yeah think the fury got fucked on that one

'cause you take your GPU apart daily?

he's memeing


enjoy the best GPU that aaayyymd can't match

Fuck me, 32Gb of HBM2. I just wonder how much that is going to cost and when it will be released.

2 RX 480s compares

>AMD has nothing
AMD has drivers.

Err no.
Id stop there user before you look anymore foolish.


JayZtwoShills sold his nvidiot cards for dual 480's

He's running two Titans though?

I dont give two fucks who did what.
If you think literally plugging in 2 of these toasters and itll keep up with a 1080 you should fuck off to Cred Forums right now you moron

That was fake

but I am also on Cred Forums


I grabbed a 1080 for free through my work and running games in 4k a lot smoother than my old 980. Sadly AMD have nothing that will complete with this card and probably still wont when I put a 2nd one in SLI later this year.

That's not how you greentext

coming from someone who thinks having two 480s is equivalent to a 1080,it doesnt mean much really what you say

For most uses even a 750ti is as good as a 1080. Unless you're using gpgpu, rendering shit, or playing modern big studio games there isn't much point to dropping big money.

Hell most people are getting by fine on integrated graphics laptops or smartphones these days.

You could buy two RX 480s :^)

GPU != video card

Welcome to the world of buying a gpu and being happy that you bought the best one, instead of being happy that you saved the most money, or supported the """nice""" company.

How embarrassing! You accidentally posted this on Cred Forums when you obviously meant to post it on your personal blog. It's alright though, no hard feelings. Just try to be a little more careful in the future.

So anything released in the past 2 years that I want to play at 144hz in ultra then.
Sorry anything under the 970 is really now pretty defunct.

The FuryX2 is better.

Nice counter argument, cucks

There was no need to do anymore. Its obvious you know bugger all about them as you wouldnt have put that in the 1st place.

Stop posting thumbnails

>refers to benchmarks.
>never had the pleasure to use such device and see it destroy anything you throw at it.

Considering SLI/CF ever.

I don't know who that is but if that's true he's a real idiot.

Unless he's got money to spare and just did it for the lulz.

Woods crews are just self-tapping screws.