You have 5 seconds to explain why you are using Ubuntu

You have 5 seconds to explain why you are using Ubuntu

Protip: you can't, cuck

I'm not using Ubuntu.

Ubuntu MATE

because not windows, not mac, not gay like OP.

for quick learn to GNU, like basic 101, like internet explorer (starter for download other browsers)

i dont like it

> $ uptime -p
> up 3 weeks, 5 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes.

It just werks :^)

I was using it for 26 hours. Mostly because it is the only distro that plays nice with UEFI on my laptop without breaking my efi partition and making my Windows install for work unbootable. Managed to install manjarNO and get it to probe my Windows install, though. Shame regular arch fucks it up, even using antergos to install

Windows has terrible driver issues, Ubuntu works and does everything I need out of the box.

Only distribution outside of Gentoo to support ZFS.

( > )

>not using windows

Ubuntu cola is pretty tasty desu.

i need it for certain things that depend on Ubuntu

> not using a unix-like
> 2016

You probably played a lot of videogames as a kid and never grew out of it.

Honestly it's very sad. My cousin is like you. He's pathetic.

i don't use shitty lincux


Just werks

cos it just works

Cred Forums is 18+ buddy

It's Linux minus the autism

I like apt but I don't like the fact that you can't easily add ppa repositories in Debian.

Mint is a lot better in every way

>not gay
>not Debian

so why are you here??

But I use xubuntu.

Because Ubuntu has a backdoor


it's difficult to go back after trying Linux Mint, my favorite Distro now.


Ubuntu is for cloud devops faggotry.


Windows if for people who get things doneā„¢, not waste hours trying to figure out how to write a simple algorithm in haskell.

Stay mad child Linbabby.

Is that supposed to be impressive? My Xperia has been up longer.

Fuck off newfag

I am though

More up to date packages in the repository than in Debian testing repo
It works
I can get things done
It is GNU/Linux
I don't waste time on system maintenance
Has a company supporting it which means someone has a profit in making the distro good
Good hardware support

I literally just tried it a few days ago and Windows 10 was faster in every way. Ubuntu is ok is you want a cute hobby OS

ubuntu cola is fucking gross


most complete os besides windows

but without lag.

i own a i5 skylake, 8gb machine. just to say.

>windows is garbage


Shhh you'll trigger the delusional lincucks


i'm on arch atm

>casually walking in the supermarket and see this
Holy shit it actually exists

I use ubuntu on my laptop, I use it only for watching videos before bedtime or hook it up to my TV to watch movies. It weeerks so thats all I need.
Im not autistic enough to ruin my desktop by using any linux.

Because he's over 18, obviously.

I make Wordpress websites on Ubuntu, edit images in GIMP and write the content in Google Docs.

Deal with it.

>over 75% of internet servers run on Linux.
>hobby OS

I run Windows 7, but even I know that a moajority of major sites wouldn't exist without Linux.

Ubuntu seems to be the only out of 50 distro's that works with my development environment (W530, nvidiot graphics).

I'd use Debian if I could.

Because Linux Mint exists.

Why wouldn't I? Not as autistic as arch, I can have a minimal install if I want and just use a pre build in a variety of flavours if I don't. Sure, Unity is shit but there are good prebuilds like mate and gnome or Kubuntu.


Pepsi is actually better.
The blind taste test (pepsi challenge) will prove it.
i found pepsi tasted better, hands down.


Yes. I've been very happy with mint for the last few months. Some packages are out of date, but there's always git.
Not any bloat, imo. I use most of the software that was pre-installed.
I've tried several *buntus (including the first release), and haven't liked any.
Ubuntu is the only distro I've ever used where installing some random package, or a routine update totally borked the system.
>Yes, I have a couple years on Arch under my belt.
Kubuntu is absolute trash. I'm convinced those people you see who hate KDE are simply the people who have tried kubuntu.

Because it's pain in the ass adding a new package if it's not in PPAs

Because i figured it was a great starter OS to get me into linux. If i buy a new machine i will be putting another linux OS on there, havent decided which one yet.

> he doesn't reboot after kernel updates
Oh wait that's Ubuntu. It doesn't stay up to date

>drinking the liquid jewd

Why use winblows and join the cucknet? Its fucking bullshit. Open source master race.

The largest amount of developer support. Boom faggot.

ubuntu cant find partitions on my hdd because its literally retarded

The OS is only as retarded as it's user

I have used other distros in the past, but ubuntu is better when you need to use the same version of everything as your coworkers.

It's my first distro please go easy on me :P

It just weks

I don't use a Ubuntu.
Becouse of pic.

do derivatives count?
>lxle, like it

>mx-15, like it

>tharpup, like it to boot on other peoples machine

used to have
>mint, kinda liked it

>ubuntu, what the heck that unity, did i install a phone os?

>lubuntu, no complaints, just didnt dig it

I'm using Xubuntu.
It's the best ubuntu version out there, too.