Suggest a better smartwatch/health tracking watch

Suggest a better smartwatch/health tracking watch

>Pro tip you can't
>Inb4 rajeet given 5 rupees

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I still think the Samsung Gear S2 looks far better as a smart watch, because you wouldn't notice it is a smart watch immediately.

The iWatch is just like a special needs child. Sticks out like a sore thumb but the "special" doesn't mean better.

Problem is it can't track you swimming.

Well, apparently the S3 is coming so that issue may be solved.

Honestly I wouldn't even bother though. Tracking swimming is quite easy so long as you know how to count.

Nigga do you swim with your watch
Actually do you even swim in general?

You're all forgetting that smart watches are all pretty much useless accessories.

If we're talking about "will be out phones"
Pebble 2 looks legit and for a very small price.

I think they're handy in encouraging your fatass to be more active.

I'm also one of those Gym guys who likes to keep track of what I do everyday. Using the watch instead of having to pull out the phone each time is a major improvement.

>I think they're handy in encouraging your fatass to be more active.
You're thinking of Pokemon GO.

Yes I swim. I would like a tracker to see if I'm improving yes.

Rumours have the S3 at water resistant (I.e. splash proof) but not swim resistant.

Technically the iPhone7, S7, Note7, iWatch2, etc are all water resistant.

We just have to wait and see what IP rating the Gear S3 gets.

The iWatch 2 is not water resistant. It is waterproof.

No watch at all you brainwashed fool

Yes? And? It clearly shows the watch 2 is fine for swimming.

How do I track my fitness easily then?

you'd literally have to pay me to wear a "smart watch", especially something as ugly as that.

And it clearly states that the watch 2 is water resistant and not water proof, which is completely contradictory to the statement I was replying to.

>How do I track my fitness easily then?
By visiting a doctor regularly.

>wearable trash

most people i know who bought health tracking watches bought garmins. that the apple watch 2 has gps may change this.

Don't recent phones have hardware step counters anyway? They gave me a gear fit for free when I bought my S5 in 2014 because of a promotion, I have only used it once and then placed it in a drawer because of how useless I though it was.


Counting sure is hard

>inb4 same applies to walking

You walk a lot more than you swim and you probably do other tasks while walking unlike swimming.

Sure I can count lengths. What I can't do is count the DPS, the speed at which I swim, etc.