Alternatives to Ubuntu

I really like Ubuntu... but it always has some minor annoying bug / problem that makes me think: maybe I should try something else.

Now I'm a pathetic end-user: I can operate an Ubuntu-tier distro, and I'm trying to learn shit, too.
But these are only my baby steps, so please don't recommend gentoo or something like that.

Also I don't like Mint.
It's too limiting, too boring.
Ubuntu has its challenges (which is ok, but having too much bugs - even if they are minor - is not ok).
And yeah, Mint is basically Ubuntu with some autistic extra features that makes it impossible to handle or like.

While having a desktop environment is a must, I'm looking for a lightweight distro.

Tall order, I know, but maybe you Anons can help.

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Windows 10

Debian ?


Install Gentoo

Oh god no....

Install GNU/Hurd

>Windows 10

Also I obviously meant "Linux alternatives to Ubuntu".

Arch. You can use Arch Anywhere or Architect if you find the installation process to be difficult. It's really just following instructions on the wiki, though.

Architecte is good


Ok, here's my question: why?
Why should I use Arch?

While I understand that there are tools to make the install easier, it still makes me uncomfortable.
Why should I use a distro that I can't even install (without external tools)?


>debian, opensuse (deutsch fags).
I guess you can mostly use the
E.g. Some printer/scanner driver are available through AUR and utilise packages from other distos. In these cases you can rely on the corresponding wiki.
I have cinnamon in case a normie wants to look something up but Mint should not be a distro. Its humancentipide shit and the maintainers are illiterate.

Try the other Ubuntu flavors

They kinda fixed the most annoying Xubuntu bugs, but recently Lubuntu has a lot of them.

And Mate is not as lightweight as those two.

Try Debian because Ubuntu is just Debian but more bloated + tracking.


But isn't apps on Debian are outdated as fuck?

update them yourself dummy

Manjaro. Arch for idiots. It will even install your GPU drivers automatically.

I'm glad you found the dirty secret that Ubuntu has. It's buggy as fuck and confusing as hell with all the "features" that are supposed to help newbies, but only confuse and complicate the experience.

I'm tired of these threads that ask for distro advice. I have no idea what you are looking for and what you expect. You seem to believe trying a new distro is a monumental decision. Grow some balls and try a few of them out. Eventually you will find something that just clicks. Do you have other people choose your clothing for you? Your employment, romantic interests, or what you are eating for lunch?

I see.
So basically Debian is Ubuntu minus bloat?

Also I heard Debian's install is more complicated than Ubuntu's?
Is this true?

it's almost the exact same install, and Ubuntu was built off of Debian so Debian came first

>it's almost the exact same install

Hmm... really?
Good news, then!
I might try it.

Does Debian has the same desktop environments?
i mean I really need a lightweight distro, so it's important to me.

>and Ubuntu was built off of Debian so Debian came first

Yeah, I know that.

yes all except the shitty one

Did they manage to sort their repositories. Autists didn't like their naming convention.

It's easy as hell. You would have to be a retard to fuck it up. Even making a system with encrypted /home, /var, and /tmp is easy.

Wrong Unity.

>MATE is not as lightweight as XFCE
Are you fucking retarded?

Wow, thank you very much!
It's good to hear that Debian is not as difficult as I thought.

I actually tried it, more than once.

I think Mate is as much light as Xubuntu.
And Lubuntu is lighter than both.

I've used multiple distros and Ubuntu is still my favorite. Linux is infinitely configured, so you can fix any bugs that bother you. In learning how to fix those bugs you'll also get a stronger understanding of Linux so you can switch distros at will since they're all effectively the same.

As far as the amount of configuring I have to do to get it where I like it, though, Ubuntu has the least.

Just install gentoo.

Whenever a package is being ported from AUR into Manjaro, they'll add -manjaro after the original package name. For example compiz become compiz-manjaro.
You can disable automatic updates from AUR in pamac, so updates will come only from repos. As for AUR updates, you can check them manually with yaourt.
I'm not sure why you would choose to install from the aur repos as a first choice rather than manjaro repos anyway.

Low test argument.

Can you fix the bug where my mouse disappeared each time I suspended my xubuntu instillation? Can you make catalyst work in Ubuntu?

Gentoo. It just werks. Everything else is rubbish.

>Gentoo. It just werks.

I couldn't even install it, dude.

You couldn't follow a simple handbook? It literally tells you EXACTLY what you need to do and in what order.

>You couldn't follow a simple handbook?

So it doesn't just werk.



Ubuntu uses debian testing so you can have the same packages you have in ubuntu if you use debian


>While I understand that there are tools to make the install easier, it still makes me uncomfortable.
you don't need the tools, read the wiki. daily arch user here.
It's top tier os, since you can always be on the most current software if you like.
Also aur, look it up

> using yaourt
please die in a fire

OP, don't listen to the manjaro fags, those are the ones that are claiming that arch breaks when you update etc.

If you want arch, use arch and not manjaro or any other arch based distro

What's wrong with yaourt? I just started using Antergos on my laptop, and I see no problem with it

it runs pkgbuilds before you can view them