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That's small af



Are SD cards literally magic?

I'll wait until it costs $200 before buying

Is this image real or fake?
Has science gone too far?

SD and MicroSD cards are crazy as fuck, so much storage in a tiny space.

Literally sorcery.

Holy shit
I clearly remember the times when phones had 8-16mb internal memory and seeing a 124mb or 256mb card would mean a lot of space. Feeling old now.

Why don't desktops and laptops just switch to SD card storage instead of using clunky SSDs and HDDs

Can SD cards handle constant reading and writing at high speed?
I always thought that was the main reason.

No, plus sometimes they decide to not work for absolutely no reason.

That size comes at a cost, SD cards can only handle sequential read or write well, but random performance and durability are terrible, meaning it's only well suited for pure storage tasks.

why dont video games come on these things? or at least fucking come on a usb drive. im tired of using 50 gbs of my hard drive each time i buy a new game.

Because discs and digital distribution are cheaper at a mass production level than flash memory.

When you can buy a SD card for pennies then maybe it will be viable.

The biggest option before was 250GB.

I thought full-sized SD cards were dead...

So I'm glad to see they're not. MicroSD cards are fiddly little memes. I hate them.

Get on my level.

> mirrored "mi"

>sometimes they decide to not work for absolutely no reason
fucking this

>Class 7


Well Prototype i should say

I'm surprised there isn't more. 4x 256GB chips from microSD cards on each side would easily make a 2TB SD card.

>tfw no 1tb shark yet

Yeh.... gb micro sd card

Physically impossible. Even if you could store 1 bit per atom, there wouldn't be enough atoms to in a card that size to store 128eb.

nah senpai, its 1 bit per quark :^)

qubits or just quantum entanglement with cloud storage

Is that true? If we assume 1 atom = 1 bit then

1 exabit = 1000000000000000000 atoms
1 exabyte = 8000000000000000000 atoms

How much space would 8x10^18 atoms occupy? Let's arbitrarily say silicone.

He's fucking stupid, that many Silicon atoms occupy 1/1738208 the size of a microsd.
SD cards aren't 2D planes anymore, not for a long time, Samsung's 256GB microSD uses 32 stacks of NAND memory.

Been a while since I did molar mass calculations, but 8x10^18 Si atoms would weigh 0.00037315 629332257356 grams if I'm doing it right, so that'd easily fit into a card that size. Fitting all the actual electronic components would be another matter, though.

0.000147342 cm3

512 geopbyte nanoSD card when? I'm running out of room for my illegal Pepes but it needs to be small so I can swallow it in case I get raided.

atoms/avogadro's number = 8x10^18/avo = 1.3x10^-15 moles => 28.0855g/mole => approximately 3.7x10^-14 grams. So a spec of dust.

>drops 1 TB SD card
>lost 1 TB porn

>have it all backed up on another 1 TB SD card at home

Seriously, they're like $16 dollars on Amazon. You have no excuse to not back up your porn.

>downloading porn

ur stoopid

Assuming the average Pepe is 50KB, how many Pepes could you fit on a 512 geopbyte drive?

Full sized ones won't die until just about every single major camera producer stops using them and I doubt that's gonna happen any time soon.

SD is finnicky as fug and prone to breaking down very quickly

it's like an ant farm you don't maintain, enjoy the piles and piles of dead sectors over time.

You can get a 64gb SD card for $17

I bet that game developers could buy in bulk from a 2nd tier provider for less than that, maybe $11 wholesale.

How are we supposed to read the card? Don't most readers have a 128 or 200 limit?

Wired mouse with covert built in SD card reader when??


No idea what the range on current readers is, but people upgrade their mobile devices often enough that it's irrelevant.

Glad my HTC 10 support up to 2 TB

What do you even need that for? Everyone just streams all their media these days. You should never have more than 1 or 2 apps installed so your phone will always run fast. Photos should be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

You need to go out more often.

I bet it's still got a 4 MB/s write speed. Fucking SD cards man

>$11 wholesale
A BD costs way less than that.

At this stage, are HDD's dead? Will storage servers simply have a shit ton of SD card slots?

>SD is slow & not very reliable as many people can tell you from their fucked up SD cards
>Use for long term storage


TB MicroSD when?

>implying SLC, Industrial grade 2TB SD cards won't eventually come out.

>claims HDDs are already dead "at this stage"
>w-well at some ambiguous point in the future they might have SD cards that can replace traditional drives!

>implying we won't just get 50TB HDDs in a couple years for $85 instead of $85 for 3TB today
remember just a few years ago when 4GB usb thumb drives were like $50? I can get 32GB now for $12

HDDs have pretty much been stagnant in terms of capacity and price for the past 5 years...

fuck, youre right

come to think of it why the hell hasn't anything happened? it would be nice to have 100TB of storage on my PC.


I got a 1GB drive 10 years ago for about $70. Now 1TB is about to be obtainable, fucking hell. Yet the price of a 1TB hard drive only halved over the same time frame.

All R&D funds have been diverted to solid state research. That means no HDD improvements and no upgrades or expansion of the manufacturing facilities. End result is that the tech and price remains about the same.

On the bright side, SDDs have more room for growth than HDDs. Give it 5-10 years.

Is the shark sdcard genuine good or is it just a meme?

What is compression?

>what is compression

>implying we can't qzip atoms

Underrated post

>$80 3tb passport
>$500 1tb sdcard


Meme. It's adequate for file storage on a phone. But my god are the IOPS bad.

Call me when it's microSD

No, most readers just say those numbers because those are the commercial available, the current reader can read up to 2 TB

What's a geopbyte? Bigger than a yotabyte?

I think so. Why don't they just use sd card technology with usb sticks?