Just got this yesterday, after a long wait. Thinking and starting the process of installing gentoo, anything I should know about missing drivers or the likes? Is it a good idea?

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Pic isn't the version I got, this is, my mistake.

Damn, what's wrong with you? feelsbad

>Cred Forums in a nutshell

Seems like a massively overpowerful machine to install a meme os on

I've been using gentoo for 3 years now, and I can't not have portage...

I run CRUX on a XPS 13. Does it have Intel or Broadcom wifi?

Broadcom I think, have to check.

Broadcom for the regular ones, intel for the dev editions.

It's switchable though.

Broadcom doesn't work out the box, you need the drivers.

Are they optional in the kernel?

post actual pics or youre a shill

Ok then, gotta go get my camera.

Not really though, it's not a thinkpad.

Couldn't find my leica, and then had to compress them, sorry for the delay.

Shit headset, I know, gonna buy a new one this month.

lol, living the meme lifestyle

Damn, wanted to show you a pic of my cat with the keyboard, though it's on the old computer...

No, you have to install the modules, the modules are restrictively licensed.


what camera?