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Noise isolation ≠ Noise cancellation
If you dislike a suggestion, try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked instead of going "hurr, x sucks"

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amazon.com/Samsung-Headset-Microphone-EO-EG920BW-Packaging/dp/B014DYJ67Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474429660&sr=8-2&keywords=samsung earbud
amazon.com/Samsung-Headset-Microphone-Control-Packaging/dp/B01CO60NAO/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1474429660&sr=8-8&keywords=samsung earbud
amazon.com/Monoprice-107158-Stereo-Adaptor-Plated/dp/B003DBTAZ4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1474435789&sr=8-6&keywords=3.5mm stereo to mono
amazon.com/SoundMAGIC-Gunmetal-Isolating-Earphones-eartips/dp/B00J4SRJWG/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1474501007&sr=8-1&keywords=BONUS Value Pack! SoundMAGIC E10 SILVER (Gunmetal), Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones + Extra eartips pack

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Looking to get my first pair of decent headphones. Thinking of getting the 598 but not sure if I should wait for the 599s to get a little cheaper or any of the newer sennheiser headphones. What are your thoughts? I heard the 598s go on sale on black friday for pretty low so I'm thinking of waiting until then

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What's the general opinion on beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro? Do they need an amp?

Sharp treble, but i like mine. AMP is beneficial, but not necessary, unless you get the 600 Ohm ones.

HELP,I bought the piston 2s because you guys recommended me it and I loved them and they worked great for 2 years. but today the right side has no audio coming out of it, it doesn't cut out , just no audio. The left side is perfect though.
please help!


How's the bass on them, do they perform decently in the sub-bass area (I'm not expecting a subwoofer of course)? I keep reading conflicting shit online. If the bass is OK I may get them, I'll drive them with a Xonar DX if I can get by without buying an amp too.


Based on measurements, they are going to sound like a bad time.

Gee, I wonder if it could be the CABLE - you know, that thing that tethers you to the device and that breaks all the time yet is somehow a good thing that shouldn't be replaced by WIRELESS technology because you'd have to charge it once or twice a week?

The bass on the DT990 is overwhelming. I've owned them and I honestly didn't like them for EDM, It's extremely boomy. Instead of a THUMP in the beat all I get is just BOOOM BOOOM

The 250ohm can go extremely loud on a fiio e10k. I bet a modern motherboard can drive those just fine. There's also the 32 (or 80) ohm version if you don't want to think about it.

Bass is excellent, deep, dynamic and fun.

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Bass is excellent, deep, dark and fantastic.

>Instead of a THUMP in the beat all I get is just BOOOM BOOOM
>Bass is excellent, deep, dynamic and fun.
Well then

>The 250ohm can go extremely loud on a fiio e10k. I bet a modern motherboard can drive those just fine. There's also the 32 (or 80) ohm version if you don't want to think about it.
Sadly I don't have much choice, all I can find is the 250ohm version where I live.

Hello goyim.

Is the Schiit Magni 2/Modi 2 stack decent enough for the 600Ω DT 880s?

Eh, I'm just letting off some steam. It most likely IS the cable though. I've owned a lot of Sennheiser ear-buds and each and everyone of them had a broken cable eventually. And before anyone comments that I should just be more careful with my stuff: ear-buds are for doing sports/exercise. It is literally impossible for me to wear wired ear-buds in a manner that won't result in lots of cable movement.

>muddy bloadet bass
No, just no. 990 and 770 have both great bass.

A dynamic with a midbass hump. It's going to be chock full of D2. It may boom, but it isn't good bass.

I don't know how to interpret most graphs on goldenears.

So you never listened to them? Good to know.

This is probably THE textbook unappetizing /hpg/ dynamic setup.

Listening to them doesn't matter. All the mid-fi dynamics trade with second harmonic bass.

That sounds good, I'll probably get them at least to try them out, in the end I can always return them if they suck.

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Do they still sell the pistons 2? I had my 1st gen pistons for years but they are starting to age. If not, whats a good iem that is sub 100 usd? The only aspect that I did not like about the pistons is that they dont isolate noise that much unless you buy new ear cushions.

My not having heard them is irrelevant to the fact of their having lots of second harmonic bass, just like all equivalent models.

I have the Meze 99 classics and I'm thinking about buying the HD 600s, how much of an upgrade will I be getting?

They are both exactly the same price right now.

Wrong person.

>Listening to them doesn't matter. All the mid-fi dynamics trade with second harmonic bass.
>hurr 200$ cans dont sound like 2000$ ones
>i never listened to them but i know better
Autism off the charts.

No need for $2000 to get an improvement. A $200 stax phone off ebay has nil distortion at 20 Hz at high SPL.

Again, bass distortion is desirable for most music.

>Sadly I don't have much choice, all I can find is the 250ohm version where I live.

I have though. I honestly didn't like the bass

There's no local Amazon, I can probably buy from the German version or some shit since I'm in the EU, but that would make returns/warranty a PITA.

Pls respond ;_;

>that would make returns/warranty a PITA.
Nah. I live in portugal and ordered mine from the UK. Returned them is easy. Just print of the papers they give you in the website, wrap it in a package and take it to a post office. EZ PZ

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>All the mid-fi dynamics trade with second harmonic bass.

>It may boom, but it isn't good bass.
Does not follow in testing.

>bass distortion is desirable for most music.

>>All the mid-fi dynamics trade with second harmonic bass.

They do though. AKG, Senn, Beyer favorites = 3% 20 Hz at 90 dB, 7-10% at 100 dB.


>There is a lot of second order harmonic distortion in the bass, which may contribute to the enhancement of perceptual bass quality.

No this is technology website, go back to Cred Forums you pink faggot

how old were you when you realized soundstage wasn't real

There are many other headphones besides a few of open backed models that just happen to be popular. MSR7 for instance.
>which may contribute to the enhancement of perceptual bass quality
This would be called speculation.

wghat headponhe do i buy

16. About the same age I grew out of metal.

Will someone please answer my question?


>zero effort OP

Asking "Hey guys, what's your opinion on x?" is frowned upon.
Wireless is frowned upon.
Headset requests are frowned upon.
Noise isolation ≠ Noise cancellation
If you dislike a suggestion, try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked instead of going "hurr, x sucks"

Was that you?

Thoughts on Narmoo R1Ms?
Getting a pair in the mail tomorrow

Thoughts on Narmoo R1M?
Getting em tomorrow

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good IEMs for $30 or less?

>good IEMs for $30 or less?
Xiaomi piston 3

What's an adequate DAC/AMP combo for the 600Ω DT 880s?

Budget: $300-400

eppal earpluds with xtra come for when prestenting benis

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Yo guys I'm thinking about buying the HD 419, would you recommend it or should I buy something else in that price range? (50 euros)

I don't know anything about heaphones and only ever bought sennheiser because they seem to do their job well so far.

My ATH M50's right side just stopped working. Should I just get a M50x to replace it?

Summer's over newfriend

50€ flexible budget(55$/42,81£)
Germany, any online retailer
PS4 Controller, N3DSXL, Samsung 32 inch HD ready headphone jack (extension cord), phone and ipad on occasion
>preferred type
full sized
>open or close
>comfort level
Eh whatever as long as it doesn't hurt me. I think I'd like them to be light and secure
>preferred tonal balance
completely neutral, just give me the sound as it was intended to be heard/recorded - but I'm aware of my budget so whatever is 'close enough' will do
>past headphones
absolute trash, but not that I'd be able to tell

Asked about opinions on the Sony MDR MA300 and got linked to goldenears, but again- I'm entry level as fuck.

Under 100 USD
Phone, receiver for records
>Preferred type of headphone
Over ear
>Open or closed
No huge preference
>Comfort level
Very comfy pls
>Preferred tonal balance
Neutral, or warm but not boomy. My main concern is soundstage. Never had headphones with great soundstage so I wanna check some out.
>Past headphones
MDR 7506, porta pros, ergofits.
Pls help.


welcome to EB games

E-MU 0202
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
Don't care
>Preferred tonal balance
>Past headphones
Superlux HD660

I've had listened to ath-sr5 and very liked the sound but I prefer over-ear headphones. What could perform similar as them?

>being an adult
>using headphones

No you should get headphones that aren't shit

I'm thinking about buying the HD 600s, how much of an upgrade will I be getting over buying the meze 99 classics instead?

They are both exactly the same price right now.

newfag here
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
Possibly closed
>Comfort level
Comfy, i may use them 14 hours stright and i want to delay my cancer as much as i can.
>Preferred tonal balance

Hi there! I want to get into high utility low meme level headphones cause I m a gaymer and it would be cool to buy something different from razer shitsacks.
I' ll need some decent headsets for CSGO and possibly using them for music (quality is not a problem as I listen to death grips and nirvana soo avoid le >watns to plai cgso >musiec XD cause i don t give a shit bout music quality, i just want to hear footsteps and aimscopes).
Also the price is flexible and there' s no need for a mich on them, ty.

meze has more sub-bass and less treble, hd600 is overall flatter and better imo

MDR7506, you can play csgo with any shit earbuds dude

What kind of shit earbuds would you buy if you were a poor bastard like me?

Such as?

Not ath-m50s
There's hundreds of good headphones out there, what you have is not one of them

And you can't even think of one in that same price range? Are you just being a contrarian, user?

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I'm not going to hold your hand and say "this is the best headphone for everything and you need to buy it right now"
I'm just letting you know that ath-m50s are the absolute bottom of the barrel.
Take this post as an opportunity to research and discover what you'll want, because coming from M50's, almost anything at their price and upwards will be absolutely amazing
I'll also recommend a hardware EQ because they're very underrated and who knows, they might even make the m50's sound okay for some casual listening uses

I'm not asking for the best headphone I could buy, just an example.

>Take this post as an opportunity to research and discover what you'll want, because coming from M50's, almost anything at their price and upwards will be absolutely amazing

Used to use Sennheiser HD500, recently switched to the ATH-M50 (not M50s, the one with the cable hardwired). The Audio0technica sound 10x better and cost less...

Buy a cheap ebay headset and change the cables yourself. youll need to be able to solder, but its worth it. Have saved like 3 pairs of earbuds this way.

It's not my fault that the threat of buyers remorse is more powerful than the threat of shit audio

Under 100USD
T420 and Sansa Clip+. I'm a walking meme
>Preferred type of headphone
>Comfort level
Very high priority. Super comfy.
>Preferred tonal balance
>Past headphones
GR02 BE. A bit too bassy (what a surprise) for me and didn't fit my ears too well.

I'm overall looking to upgrade form budget to something a bit better.

How do I know where it's dead? I know the left side works and the mic works.

you replace the whole cable, de-solder from the speaker itself, meaning youll have to open them up, figure that out, de-solder the cables and put the new ones in the right order and polarization.

As for the controls find one that has the inline remote and mic for android. its a lot easier than trying to fix the old ones.

Also you could just buy piston 3s, you can find real ones for as low as 10 bucks. And i understand they sounds better than the 2s.

They don't sell legit piston 2s and 3s anymore, and I heard the piston hybrids are decent so I might get those

Help me out boys

How much are you willing to spend?

I got ~160$ on amazon so I'd like to keep it near that price. I know the 599 is a little bit more but could I expect it to go down on black friday or something?

599 is $100 more. But if you really want them go ahead, I don't think the price will drop $90 on black friday.

Damn ok. I might as well wait and see then. thanks for the advice

Is there anything better than the 598 for around the same price?

any opinions on the Creative Aurvana Live? it is 53$ on amazon right now, seems like a good price.

How big is the difference between open-back and closed-back headphones in terms of how much sound they let in? Are open-back ones as bad as non-IEM earbuds?

As long as the shitpost isn't in the op :')

>september 1992
How is that still relevant?

Yeah. It's like night and day.

Care to post something both relevant and updated?

DT770 are ideal for you, but they cost around 140€. Save up, you wont be disappionted. If you want a gaymen headset, get the HyperX Cloud I.

Rock Zircons or Boarseman KR49i. Both are very good low budget IEMs with good bass.

If good bass is important and you're not autistic, bluedio n2 is an option too.


I've heard it has a lot of low end and is pretty good for the price.

Should I get Sennheiser HD 569's?

Any stores near you where you can try them out?

this is what happens if you don't tie your head down with headphone cables

Will the HD600's be fully usable with the Fiio E10k? I've heard rumors that the E10k doesn't fully drive them

Reminder to do this where possible before buying your headphones and headsets.

Not very good at this but here we go.
Laptop & iPhone 6S Plus
>Preferred type of headphone
Has to be ear buds
>Open or closed
I don't care
>Comfort level
Piece that goes into the ear has to be rubber. The stock iPhone headphones hurt my ear something awful.
>Preferred tonal balance
Doesn't matter, maybe something a little heavier on the bass? But again not super picky.
>Past headphones
iPhone Earbuds I like the way they sound wish they had a little more bass but not super picky. Something that sounded similar/better to then for my price budget is what i'm really after.

Anyone here ever rewire their IEMs?
Found this guide

Pretty sure he choked on viagra.

>Piece that goes into the ear has to be rubber. The stock iPhone headphones hurt my ear something awful.

so basically you want the default samsung s6/7 earbuds what come with the phone. picture related, its basically the earpod with rubber tips.

Can't seem to find those on Amazon. Mind helping?

Panasonic ErgoFit Best in Class In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-K

I found these but not sure about the sound quality. Wish there was a guide I could follow.

>Wish there was a guide I could follow.



i remember hearing from another thread that the KZ ED9 was good, but I don't know if that was just someone shilling. go with your guts.

also forgot to mention

amazon.com/Samsung-Headset-Microphone-EO-EG920BW-Packaging/dp/B014DYJ67Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474429660&sr=8-2&keywords=samsung earbud

amazon.com/Samsung-Headset-Microphone-Control-Packaging/dp/B01CO60NAO/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1474429660&sr=8-8&keywords=samsung earbud

looks like there is a lot of fakes, so it might be better to not buy it. its pretty decent, nothing amazing (came with my samsung s7).


I bought the SoundMAGIC E10, I hope they're comfy and I can wear them for a few hours without them physically hurting. The Apple ones physically hurt after 20 seconds.

Buy some foam tips and you'll be able to.

Can someone please answer this question? I have no idea if I can stay with my E10k or move on to the O2 combo.

You could get the hd 600 and see if it's good enough, and if it's not then buy an o2 combo.

Just get the O2 combo if you can afford it. The E10k does have clipping at above 50% volume on high gain and the DAC is effectively only 16-bit even in 24-bit mode.

I remember this story. He's an attractive young man. I hope his surgery helped.

Thanks, girraffe dude

are there any headphones that won't make my ears hurt after 6+ hours of use?

I'm not talking about the eardrums but the actual ears, my current headphones are pressing them in too hard

it would help if you said what headphone you had

some generic over ear gaming headset

hmm do you wear glasses? some headphone aren't very comfy with glasses imo

yes I do but I don't think they are to blame

$150 preferrably but $200 max
United States
Computer, phone
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
I don't really care, but I do want headphones that are good for games like csgo as well as music, so if open headphones are really better than isolated headphones in that regard I would go with them. If not, I wouldn't care.
>Comfort level
At least as comfortable as the ath m50's. Those headphones weren't comfortable, but they were tolerable.
>Preferred tonal balance
Again, don't care unless one is better in games
>Past headphones
ATH m50, some shitty bose and beats headphones I received as gifts

Newegg has DT770's on sale for $110. How's the sound on them? I've tried 880's before so I know their comfort is superb but I've never tried 770's.

Catch is they're 250 ohm, will an amp be necessary or am I good just running them from my PC?

Don't turn your headphones up too loud boys

>will an amp be necessary or am I good just running them from my PC?
You're going to need an amp.


Imma go ahead and say hd558 or ad900x

you need an amp, also read the thread they were talking about the dt770 just above

>tfw my right is semi-fuck and has minor tinnitus so I can't use IEM anymore

5$ Monks from Ali, get the Ex-Pack for the rubber piece.

I have $220. What are the absolute best closed-back headphones I can get assuming I have no amp?

Anyone sleep with their headphones on while in bed? Reminder to remix your music to mono or one side of your ear will be weaker than the other.

Gotcha, thanks. Also I saw 990's talked about earlier but no 770 apart from a couple posts mentioning them.

>remix for mono

waste of time, just buy this for $2

amazon.com/Monoprice-107158-Stereo-Adaptor-Plated/dp/B003DBTAZ4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1474435789&sr=8-6&keywords=3.5mm stereo to mono

I read the reviews. Sounds neat. What I needed. Thanks.

Alright, thanks. What about portable headphones though? If I ever wanted to buy another pair of headphones later and use my headphones with my phone, should I buy the m50x later on since it has the detach cable?

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>tinitus on left ear
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Moral is, tinitus sucks and you can get it from other things, too.

pls respond senpai

I've got a $50 amazon gift card and I'd prefer to keep the headphone price $200 and under (price on amazon)
O2 amp
>Preferred type of headphone
Full sized over ear
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
Comfy :3
>Preferred tonal balance
Neutral, can deal with a bit of coloration but nothing extreme
>Past headphones

Looking for a closed headphone to use when I can't use my HD600, it leaks squeaky animu voices and it wakes up my bf.

What I've tried and not interested in: MDR-7506, ATH-M50. The earcups are too shallow for me.

Anime isn't real, weeb.

>not kiddo

You already made it clear that you weren't a kid, which makes it worse.

>wake my bf up

Fags cant hear over 5kHz

fucking goddamn on ear headphones are so uncomfortable

>shouldn't be replaced by WIRELESS technology because you'd have to charge it once or twice a week
You shouldn't replace it with wireless because the audio quality is patently worse.

Xiaomi Piston 3 or Hybrid?

Huh, didnt know rubber dolls can hear..

Holy fucking shit can you just leave these threads alone for more than half a day? Nobody cares about your wireless advertising. Stop trying to shill wireless in an audiophile thread.


People talked about this in the last two threads, just ctrl+f HD600 and you should find it.

>audiophile thread
That excludes wireless in your mind?

Piston 3, more balanced response and less bass although still very bassy.

You are asking for opinions which might not reflect your preferences. The form is for requests.

It can unless you want to drive them super loud.

y u no rike dac?

I love DAC

Blue board.

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Sauce comes up even with DAC

any earplugs you would recommend?

wow you're right. this is my first time using iqdb

yellow ones from the drug/pharmacy store

Ety plugs seem to be well regarded

>0.1 Rupee have been deposited to your Apple® AirPod™ Pro™ account Mr. Rasheesh
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So, Stax. SR-L500 or SR-507?
Anything else is out of my price range.

Those are headphones. You need the whole set. It should be starting with: "SRS-"


I know that amp is required, will probably get 323S

I'm currently using AKG k545 headphones and M-Audio carbon bx6 studio monitors for mixing, but I'd like to have a pair of open back headphones aswell.
I have Sennheiser HD540 gold references but they lack quite a bit of bass and I also broke the headband.

Any recommendations with a 200€-ish budget?
I was thinking of pic related, any experiences with those?
is a 200€ budget stupid for open back headphones or should I go a bit higher?

>Sennheiser HD540 gold
I want one

>Any recommendations with a 200€-ish budget?
Used HD600 or HD650?

they're falling apart man

What are headphones that sound good and clear without being loud?

Beats Studio Pro by Dr. Dre ™

What are some recommended amps to use with the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 250 Ohm Headphones?

The usual: E10K, Magni 2, Objective2

I have no amplifier, into a desktop
>Preferred type of headphone
full size
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
a-a lot :3
>Preferred tonal balance
I'm using it to monitor my guitar playing on Amplitube
>Past headphones
superlux hd668b

1500 NOK
Laptop, headphones, desktop etc
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
Closed so the world doesn't have to listen to my weeab tunes
>Comfort level
Comfortable enough to use for hours on end while wearing glasses
>Preferred tonal balance
Balanced or treble/mid-biased
>Past headphones
Some German Maestro headphones, they're good and are durable as hell but not very portable, so I'd like something I can use on my commute

Let me append prisguide.no, it's a Norwegian price comparison engine.

I have an O2+ODAC, customized to have RCA outputs on the back.

No matter what I do I can't get them to actually function as outputs. They do, however, function as INPUTS.

You're supposed to be able to trigger the switch by powering off the amplifier (the DAC stays active) though this doesn't work.

Any help would be super appreciated.

A specific kind of V-shaped response can be really nice on low volumes. DT770 is one option. For more normal listening volume a smooth and extended response close to neutral does that. What exactly is the best for you is preference. I'd say a diffuse field response with a sub bass boost is the best.

How do the X2 compare against the HD650?

Much more sensitive, bassier response with an audible lone treble peak.

Is that a young Gianna?

Unfortunately there is no one to refer to in this matter. People even flip-flop on the 507: calling it darker than the L500 and vice versa. The 507 was once favorable with spritzer but now he excoriates it.

I'm also eyeing the L500 and have the SR-307. There appears to be a substantial difference in terms of the ear-diaphragm gap and the use of a vinyl cover on part of the output. Hopefully there is a minor difference in sound sig to match.

Magni2/Modi2 or O2 combo?

Looks like the HD569 uses a different driver compared to the other HD5xx. I'm kind of excited because the impedance swing on those drivers are cancer.

I was recently given a free headset. Does anybody know what brand this is? Or even what model?

Stax. The manual even refers to it being so.

>because the impedance swing on those drivers are cancer.
Doubt that will be gone. It has been in the 5xx -series always and a complete redesign of the drivers is unlikely considering how well they perform already. It's a problem only to people who know about it, have amplifier with high output impedance and cant into EQ in the case they do and the resulting boominess isn't preferable.

While they have their house sound, they've also made plenty of different sounding headphones throughout the years. For me the usual Stax response definitely isn't the clearest.
>The manual even refers to it being so.
What's that got to do with anything?

Considering upgrading headsets since mine is breaking, should I buy a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros and a mic or Sennheiser PC 350s?

>>The manual even refers to it being so.
>What's that got to do with anything?

It says right in my SR-307 manual:

>The lack of distortion on earspeakers tempts people to turn them up loud. This unit was designed to produce clarity at low volume levels. Please refrain from excessive volume.

As for calling them less clear than any model. Well, I guess that is because they aren't DF and you are looking for FR cues rather than observing the excellent time domain response and -66 dB of distortion.

>rather than observing the excellent time domain response and -66 dB of distortion.
Frequency response is always tied to time domain response. You'll have to elaborate better on what you mean by that. Also it's not like distortion becomes an audible problem on any decent headphone unless you decide to blast them painfully loud, curiously what Stax advises against there.

Stax headphones generally do better job at maintaining low levels of harmonic distortion at low frequencies compared to electrodynamic headphones. However that only works as a poor generalization as there are examples of the opposite happening. Tieing harmonic distortion into something audible is hard and past the very low frequencies(where harmonic distortion is very hard to hear), THD levels of Stax headphones aren't exceptional. I'm calling confirmation bias on the Stax clarity and low levels of THD.

Are you the engineer guy who has an AES subscription?

If you are, I'll take your word for it. I don't have a catalogue of headphones with which to sit, listen, and discern whether there is a superlative quality to my stax phone beyond dynamics.

I need some half decent iems
eyeing the xiaomi hybrids atm
anything else I should consider?

>As for calling them less clear than any model. Well, I guess that is because they aren't DF and you are looking for FR cues rather than observing the excellent time domain response and -66 dB of distortion.

Clarity is always FR, for example a lowly MDR-V6 is clearer than most STAX, even SR-009 included. But if you look at objective measurements the MDR-V6 is obviously inferior in distortion and smoothness of the measurements, which probably isn't audible.

pls respond :(

dt770 pro 80ohm limited edition 130usd on amazon goyim

Trips confirms buy hybrids

Or maybe get kz ed9's?

Are the Sony MDR v6 / 7506 headphones worth what they go for now? The 7506 is $80 now and the V6 is $100. What the fuck? Are they still considered to be really good for closed back monitoring headphones that don't require an amp?

They're top tier for closed back monitoring.

DT770 is a garbage headphone, let alone the 80 ohm. Even are much better.

Read and decide.

pls guys i gotta order this shit quick

Sennheiser iem, yes or no?
which one?


lol he literally says to buy the m50's over these.

the fidelity just doesn't match and they cost much more.

>Are you the engineer guy who has an AES subscription?
No, I'm not quite as nerdy but I think that guy has made some posts about these subjects too. Best poster here desu senpai.

>I don't have a catalogue of headphones with which to sit, listen, and discern whether there is a superlative quality to my stax phone beyond dynamics.
Comparing headphones to one another while controlling cognitive biases is hard and can only be done by simulation(EQ), which I think kind of goes against the stuff you meant there. So long as you know what the device is you are listening to, it's going to alter your perception on the sound too. E.g. knowing the headphone is an electrostatic model, knowing it has low levels of harmonic distortion, reading the claims about speed, reading others' opinions on them, knowing the price, country of origin, device they are plugged into, feeling them on your head(possibly even recognizing the model even if you were blindfolded) etc. You can hide amplifiers, digital processors or even loudspeakers to do a proper, completely blinded and controlled listening test but you can't do that on headphones.

And in the end preference is subjective. Maybe you just really like how they sound, sound or not.

>Clarity is always FR
It's mostly that, especially with headphones, unless some other problems arise like completely excessive distortion.
>MDR-V6 is obviously inferior in distortion and smoothness of the measurements
I don't really think that's true, aside from the THD at very low frequencies. V6/7056 has a pretty nice response all around and some extremely low distortion at certain frequencies. I remember browsing through the measurements at headroom with V6 having the lowest measured distortion against a 500 Hz sine wave. Can't check it as the site is down. SR-009 isn't all that smooth.

How 2 Ken Rockwell
1. Use extreme sharpening and saturation
2. Ask readers to support your growing family(as crazy as it might seem)
3. Shill

>doesn't censor the KNOB

was this made by Noctua?

tried to find some lesser know gayming logos, no success
maybe chink
what's the animal?

Neck routine?

future of formula 1

Just buy the MDR-7506 and be done with it.

Realistically speaking do I need anything better than the DAC on my Fiio X3ii?
I know amps depend on the headphones and there are advantages to having a solid amp, but I've read expensive DACs are pretty much a meme.

Why does the buying guide say that these


>HDH50 > K55X > DT 250 > XPT100 > T40RP > MDR-V6 > M40x > DT 770 > M20x > TH-02 > SHP1900

are the best for sub $200 closed back? I've never even heard of them.

Don't be fooled, the AKG K550/K553 are the best sub-200 dollars headphones. Anything else is a meme.

I want to buy a wireless headphone to listen to music while studying

I know, I know "wireless is frowned upon".

Problem is that I don't want to go crazy with wires while studying.


do you use wireless mouse and keyboard? then no.

>I don't want to go crazy with wires
extreme autism?

SRH840 has a coiled cable which might trigger you less

>extreme autism?

you have no idea

Start by specifying what kind of headphone, use the template to do that and ignore kids who focus on the wires/wireless nature.

Yes it does since wireless is objectively shit. Why do you think there aren't any wireless HD 600s or wireless LCD-2s?

No respectable company will touch that dirty shit with their higher end models.

>Why do you think there aren't any wireless HD 600s or wireless LCD-2s?
Is this your argument? Answer is: nobody bothered to make one. Given how the autistic retard average "audiophile" customer is allergic to any kind of out of the norm design, I'm not even surprised why.

>your hotpockets are ready user
>give me 5 minutes mom, someone posted about wireless headphones again on /hpg/
>I must prove them wrong

>Why do you think there aren't any wireless HD 600s or wireless LCD-2s?
Because both of those headphone models are older than you are.

Some sort of lizard, I guess. I'm not really sure.
If I go into options>USB etc. It recognizes the brands of my mouse, keyboard and monitor but not this headset. So I guessed it was a cheap brand.

These are not valid arguments.

I was talking about high end in general.


>These are not valid arguments.
Because of? Actually why not start by elaborating the relation between headphone's electroacoustic performance and wireless data transmission as there seems to be something "objectively shit" about it. Maybe one day someone will agree with you.

Found it.
My friend told me hear cleared a closing store and found a second hand basket in the back of the store and got a bunch of loot. I didn't think to look on their website until just now.

>still no respectable examples

>ideal harman response
>not respectable


Looks like it doesn't exist outside of France, so some chink thing rebranded

Bought some hd 558, my first ever pair of "real" headphones

don't really get the fuss

Under £100 but, for something solid maybe £40 more
Mostly Galaxy S7 sometimes PC
>Preferred type of headphone
Wireless earbuds for gym and walking
>Open or closed
Closed, want noise to be reduced
>Comfort level
As long as they stay in, never found earbuds uncomfortable
>Preferred tonal balance
Dont want heavy bass
>Past headphones
Sennheiser 598, PC363D, some of their buds and currently soundmagic E10 buds.

What kind of ass backwards train of thought is it to require a consumer product to "prove" a point? Products follow market and demand and vice versa. These rarely are dictated by product performance nor do products work as limits on what can be done. Maybe time to shed some light on N90Q is fairly impressive btw.

For $1,500? I could buy an Hd800S with that money and they should sound a 1/3 better than that wireless shit with 8 different buttons on the side.
>What kind of ass backwards train of thought is it to require a consumer product to "prove" a point
>consumer product thread

K702 and E10k

>These are not valid arguments.
Your post isn't an argument either.


If is correct and it's a Harman target headphones, it's miles better than the HD800S which is colored rubbish.

Around £150
Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de
>Preferred type of headphone
>Open or closed
>Preferred tonal balance
>Past headphones
Grado sr60i

I've been looking at AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD 598. Which one do you recommend, or something else?


Whoops, I meant PC

I would recommend the AKG's but thats mainly because I already own them, that said they are a bit quiet without an amp.

Yvonne Craig, but I certainly do see the resemblance.


When can I buy the HD569, I need a non-shit closed back headphone.




>Preferred type of headphone
Full-sized, over ear

>Open or closed
Doesn't matter, but open is preferred.

>Comfort level
Very important, especially since I have a large head.

>Preferred tonal balance
Don't care.

>Past headphones
Cheap ones.

lads, I just got my DT 770s
where do I plug it this big fucking thing into my computer?

Take off the adapter.


\Looks like his neck is going to open from the inside and then an alien is going to pop OUT

HD 558 pham

Any takers?

Are the M20x's any good? Need a cheap pair for work. Liked my M50X's so far.

post more audiophile memes

I've been together with my hifiman re0s until recently when I lost them somehow.
what's a good set of IEMs for about 150 bucks with a similar sound? I don't see them recommended anymore.

Is there a good smaller cord for the HD 600s? The one out of the box is fucking 6 feet long and flimsy as shit

>Is there a good smaller cord for the HD 600s?
I've only seen stupidly expensive ones but would like to know too.

Just ordered me some dt770 80ohms. Am I gonna get meme'd? Should I have gotten the 250? I don't have an amp



>I don't have an amp
Then that was the obvious decision

Go with the Tascam Th-MX 2. As you really shouldn't be looking at anything below the M40X when it comes to the M series line up. If you need a detachable cable then get the Monoprice 108323.

Is it worth getting an amp and getting the 250s? If the difference isn't much it sounds like it's not worth 70+ extra bucks

DT770 250ohms.

I honestly don't think so. The 600ohm version would be a better buy since it has the least treble peak out of them all but you can just use an EQ for the any of them anyway

>Tascam Th-MX 2.
Are those the successors to the Tascam Th-02?

>2 years
like the average life of a battery

Can you explain? Is it because of the V-shape?

That's an 80 dollar cable.

i need an amplifier for my K712 and don't want to break the bank, what should i be in the market for? Budget would be around the 100 euro mark, but it's flexible.

If you know about more costly options that double as an (actually decent) speaker amplified i'm all ears, pun slightly intended.

100€ just for the amplifier? Any around that price is enoug - O2, Magni 2

i've had my eye on the magni 2 for a while

sounds like a good option. Still looking for a loudspeaker one since my CAS4040 is still fried and i'm stuck with a pair of bose fucking speakers

iMessage will receive but not send on my macbook


this was working fine till i had to reset my apple id passwords and emails. i read another thread suggesting i delete file:///Users/Library/Preferences/com.apple.ids.service.com.apple.madrid.plist. did that restarted the app and it still will only receive and not send texts.

looks like macfags are still getting told like it was day 1, huh

Hello how do I clean earpads ?
Had sennheiser 439 for like 2 years and the padsc are in perfect condition just kinda dirty mang

Pictures of them? I'll guess. A lint remover brush?

Frequent beachballing, apps crashing, system crashing

Also, OS seems to "forget" which app should be used to open a MS Office document, using Preview or Text edit instead. Etre Check report:

EtreCheck version: 3.0.3 (307)

Report generated 2016-09-17 11:48:45

Download EtreCheck from etrecheck.com

Runtime 2:00

Performance: Excellent

Problem: Beachballing


beachballing, apps crashing

Hardware Information:

iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)

[Technical Specifications] - [User Guide] - [Warranty & Service]

iMac - model: iMac14,2

1 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU: 4-core

8 GB RAM Upgradeable - [Instructions]


4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz ok


4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz ok





Bluetooth: Good - Handoff/Airdrop2 supported

Wireless: Unknown

Video Information:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M - VRAM: 2048 MB

iMac 2560 x 1440

System Software:

OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G1004) - Time since boot: less than an hour

Warm water and some mild hand soap. Squeeze excess water if cleaning foamies/velour/cloth and let dry overnight or use a soft cloth and moisten with oil if leather.

No one mentions the philips fidelio here? Shame.

I thought we told you to go away.

My Mac Pro is hacked, and this is confirmed by engineers. Because the Mail app and even online ISP mail were not working so good the ISP kicked the hackers out. I found Sparse files on 240 and 480 GB Intel SSD drives in T2 external disk slots: files named 'sparse disk image...' and 'sparse disk bundle...' were appearing in the root of drives. I could easily delete them. But I never put them there. At the same time, Apple Mail app kept resetting ports 993/587 (secure) to ports 143/25 (very insecure). Mail font size 23pt appeared, Font Book listings corrupted, file extensions would not appear or would disappear, etc., etc., etc. The internet connection got bad too, so I called my ISP. ISP found twelve (12) windows computers using various apps on my system. None of the computers were using languages found where I live. Hackers. I also have an Airport with a 2 TB Time Capsule, and it is probably also hijacked. Nothing in my system is encrypted. I just use Firewall, though it gets turned off somehow.

Apple senior advisor suggested I should encrypt my disks. But those sparse files were already there. Indicating someone somewhere on Earth was already encrypting files on my system. The advisor says sparse files are a pretty good indication that its time to get more proactive. So my plan is to use disk utility to wipe my internal OS disk, OS X Extended (Journaled Encrypted). Then install OS X on the EAS-256 bit encrypted disk.

For anyone with Mac encryption experience

1.) Does encrypting and installing OS X to encrypted disk make sense?

2.) How do I wipe all present Airport Time Capsule content, encrypt Time Capsule, and use it with my encrypted system?

3.) How do I encrypt external enclosure disks and use them with encrypted Time Capsule and encrypted internal disk?

4.) How do I manually copy files from encrypted disks (mainly the external SSD disks) to other backup disks that are normally cold (disconnected) for monthly cold backups"

Is that another product on your "To Shill List", my wireless representative friend?

>My Mac Pro




Laptop, iPad, Old shitty iPod

>Preferred type

I'll sacrifice for better sound

>Preferred tonal balance
Couldn't say. IDK.

>Past headphones
I currently have the headphones below. They're good but starting to fall apart a little bit. Wondering what ~$60 would get me for headphones. Got the phones below for ~$30 before and they are more expensive now. I'd rather get something of better sound quality if I am going to spend more.

amazon.com/SoundMAGIC-Gunmetal-Isolating-Earphones-eartips/dp/B00J4SRJWG/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1474501007&sr=8-1&keywords=BONUS Value Pack! SoundMAGIC E10 SILVER (Gunmetal), Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones + Extra eartips pack

Ty anons.
Only issue is I don't know how to remove them .
They seem like they aren't meant to be removed



PC and Phone

>preferred type
Fullsized and over ear

>open or closed

>comfort level
Doesn't matter

>past headphones
M50x and various Phillips headphones



Sansa Clip+, PSP/Vita, N3DSXL

>Preferred type of headphone

>Open or closed

>Comfort level

>Preferred tonal balance

>Past headphones
I own 598s and would like something portable

Are the SoundMAGIC E10 IEMs still the general go-to purchase? I'm looking to replace the world's shittiest earbuds. Budget isn't much of a concern, and I'd like good bass, but otherwise not going to be too picky. Anything is an upgrade at this point.

my brainwavz m1 came with comply preimum foam tips. any reason not to use them?

Just got my k7xx today, and...holy shit the build quality is godawful
it feels like im gonna snap it just from holding it

its sturdier than it looks, right? Even my HD558s have better build quality



next you're gonna tell us the HD558 sounds better

does this have to do with the nigger bass?
I dont really care that much

So i got the HE-350. Treble is piercing. Clamp force is fairly high. Headaches. Only $100 so oh well, and EQ could probably clean it up a bit, but damn is the treble on this terrible.

RE400. This might be worth a read for you

What resistance?

>i'd like good bass
Say no more f'am.


>hifiman re0
>re zero

Rèeeeeeeeèëĕ fuck off with your meme headphones

Question for you guys:
How does Beyerdynamic makes the "same" headphone with different impedance? What exactly is changed from one headphone to the other so that one has 250ohms and the other 600ohms?
As i understand the driver and general acoustics are always the same, which explains why the always measure so similar, so, how do they achieve differente impedances?

different impedances?

different gauge of driver voice coil wire? i guess.

K612 Pro or DT990?

What does the fazor do in Audeze headphones? Is it good or bad?

New thread.


Different drivers (but very similar) are used.



ASUS Xonar Essence STX -> Schiit Magni 2 Uber

>Preferred type of headphone
Circumaural (I think that's the one where it goes completely around your ear)

>Open or closed
No real preference, both have their positives

>Comfort level
I got used to AKG K701s and apparently those dent your head.

>Preferred tonal balance
I like brighter headphones with a lot of detail, but I'm looking for something with a little more oomph in the lower end than my K701s since I listen to some bass heavy music sometimes.

>Past headphones
AKG K701s for the last 7ish years. Fell in love with them, but the left headphone is starting to get some crackling depending on cord position. Feel it's time to try something new.

I'd like to get something outside of the K7XX family. I was looking at the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7s, but I don't like how the plug is 3.5mm instead of 1/4in (although I do have multiple adapters.)


Philips x2, HD600, hifiman 400s

So that they can be used with various audio setups.

If some professional studio or audiophile/autist setup has a big ass amp powerful enough to drive the 600 ohm version, they can buy those and not worry about blowing up ones with less impedance.

Preferably under 30 dollars
S7 and chromebook
>Preferred type of headphone
>Comfort level
As comfy as possible
>Preferred tonal balance
Neutral or V shaped, whatever sounds accurate to the recording
>Past headphones
Panasonic ergofit
I'm interested in the different chink headphone makers but I feel like all of the amazon reviews are shills. pls help.


>typical weeb poster buying akg

Can anyone answer my question please?

Hyper X Cloud/Revolver

Nuff said.

Arent those just rebranded Takstars?

Dunno, but they're the most fucking comfortable headphones I've ever had, and I've no complaints about the Audio either.

I personally prefer the sound of the MDR7506, just put your m50 pads on them and throw away the ones they come with.

Nobody cares about 7.1 audio you gaymuuuur retard.

>using that drivel
It's optional. Don't use it since yeah, it is shit. Just because it's there, doesn't mean you HAVE to use it. I never use it myself