Your annual income

>your annual income
>do you have M.2?


No, I only have 2x Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB (SATA)

For the cost I'd rather have 1TB or 2TB sata SSD.

i swear I see these fucking threads on here and can't figure out why people reply to it.

What are the parallels between income and a storage device????

8k €


30k and no

12504$/4.200.00 HUF/year
Why would I need one?

Whats the best Intel motherboard on the market with a M.2 slot

Data mining

All Intel-based motherboards made after 2008 hate your freedom with their non-free BIOS / EFI.

Nothing to see here..

>300k (yes, i'm a mathematician)
>Of course

I make money.
No, I don't need an M.2.

>300k (chef at wendy's)

I've got a 9 inch M.2 SSD.

Get at me

77,000, No.


of course i do

I do have an M.2



Got Debian Sid on my Intel SSD. Sometimes you have to Windoze.

Does an M.2 SSD even make a considerable difference in performance for non-professional real life applications versus a SATA SSD?

Editing 4k 60 FPS videos non-professionally
Compiling large software projects non-professionally
Data mining non-professionally

>Using anything but Windows


It makes fuck all difference to anything other than installing.

It's blisteringly fucking fast, but it's not big improvement over a normal SSD.


>$108K base
>no, don't even have an SSD


>~10K €
>No. I'm getting a Inte 750 Series 1.2 next year. I hope I can get one around 500 €. Got me a 1 TB 850 EVO for my games now.

no actually


It's pre-NVM though, so I want to upgrade.

My GA-Z77X-UD4H doesn't have an M.2 slot, and there's no need to do a platform upgrade yet.

The main reason I'd get one is just for the fact that it slots in without needing SATA/power cables, tbqh.

Sm941 nvme 256gb

>buying the 950 pro instead of the 600p
It's almost as if you want to waste money with that unused speed



Not a lot of difference for single users. If you look at the benchmarks the speed becomes amazing with high queue depths, allowing it to service many read/write requests simultaneously. Imagine it to be CPU cores - we consumers only use very few with normal workloads, and can't utilize the queue depths to its full potential.

You probably wont even notice the difference to be honest. But it'll not require additional space from your case.

> 30k €
> not yet

is a pcie ssd worth it, over an m.2?


modern m.2s in modern m.2 mobos are pretty much the same.

m2 is pcie. In fact it will cancer out a couple of PCIEx1 slots.

Most of the time, yes. M.2 tends to share bandwidth with other ports on anything other than top-tier ($$$) boards, and you usually have either X1 mode or M.2 mode as a compromise - both of which will never utilize the SSD to it's full potential, while also potentially reducing the speed of the ports your GPU is in

I have a Z97 board, and had to get a M.2 to PCIe adapter when I found this out the hard way


i plan to when zen arrives

Where do you work to get $300k as a mathematician. Smells a little fishy 2bh


On my motherboard it's either / or. When you enable m2 it cancels out two PCIE x1 slots.

i wanted one SM951 at the time. but decided for the 512GB 850pro instead since average windows usage performance is the same over m.2 or sata6

>since average windows usage performance is the same over m.2 or sata6
no it isn't

yes, 11 of them

No, I don't have time for neckbeard shit, still on a 8 year old laptop with a SATA2 SSD

>About 30K after taxes.
In three machines. None are NVMe because none of the motherboard chipsets themselves support it, sadly.

Which board? Been thinking about getting one, I have a Z97-A

I made $11000 last year
Of course I have the newest and bestest m2 ssd


fuck you and your huge worthless coins desu

desu I have an 850 pro that actually isn't a housefire and I don't see the benefit to replacing it. I might get a nvme drive in a few years should I get a new desktop/laptop.

Mine cancel out all the sataexpress slots
Thank god, I didn't know what I would ever do with not one but 2 sataexpress slots
And it takes 4 PCIe lanes but my processor is modern and can handle plenty of PCIe lanes, plus I don't SLI so I already can use all my PCIe slots/lanes

>no income

ASUS Z97-A USB 3.1, it's pretty alright


£19k GBP
Nah, but got an 850 PRO.


I have 2xSamsung 840 Pro 256GB in hardware raid 0

Fast enough for me.
My motherboard only supports 1 m2 drive since its sandy bridge

Income - Sufficient
M.2 - No, I'm waiting until the end of the year to rebuild machines.

>your annual income
>do you have M.2?

>yes, it came with my laptop

26k USD
Yes, one 950 Pro and one more that is actually m.2 SATA

day to day pc usage, performance wide its the exact same.

Even game load times are identical lol.

So yeah it is


I might buy one when I get a motherboard with a M.2 slot.

50k + 2 950 pro 256gb m.2s in raid 0.

Roughly £18,000 IIRC. No, though I do have a Samsung 840Pro 256GB SSD at least.
Could I get an M.2? Absolutely. My motherboard supports it, but with the 840Pro? No need.


Idk around $3800 if I worked for a full year. Yes, I have a sata m.2 SSD just for cable management reasons.

>he got an m2 drive for normie usage
That's called falling for it

Under £15k.

Nah, but I have a SATA3 850 Pro... H-heh

This is a bad time to buy SSD. Intel is about to release their 3D NAND shit which is gonna blow current SSDs away. Wait for the prices to drop.

>The main reason I'd get one is just for the fact that it slots in without needing SATA/power cables, tbqh.
So does MSATA.

They already did, and if you watch the websites, the prices already have dropped occasionally

True, but I don't even have mSATA port.

Still, I'm pretty sure it's an irrelevant and EOL standard at this point, but I could be wrong.

Not that, I'm talking about their Xpoint stuff

>ITT people self conscious about others learning that someone exists with the income they make.

waiting on the next gen


no, probably will next year though. going to budget at least $2k for a zen/vega build.

Why is it TLC?

massive upgrade if you edit
only an inch long
slots into a hole
5 year usage grantee

for compact setups they are perfection

Because Intel cares

No ones really sure but it's 3D NAND TLC so it apparently doesn't matter against MLC
It's slightly slower than the Samsung 950 pro and $100 less

Might get one at black Friday. Or a new monitor.

Black Friday is the time to get a new monitor, that's like the only thing that there's consistently good deals on

500 bux, trainee in Germany

I already got a SATA SSD, and the monitor I use today is a 6 year old crappy TN display. So I'll probably get the monitor.

>M.2 is an interface. I got an NVME macbook fám.
>These captchas are getting ridiculous.

No, I don't have one. I haven't felt the need for one at least not yet.


i envy you. i would love a job in pure mathematics. but im a brainlet so i do embedded systems architectures :(

63K a year (embedded systems engineer) i'm guy above ^
no. only have a single 240gb ssd for boot and battlefield


Sad life. Get up at 4 am everyday. Go to work. Come home. Shower and eat. Jack off. Watch TV or surf the world wide web. Jack off again... Sleep. Repeat.

99% of M.2 SSDs have the same speeds as their SATA equivalents.

3d crosspoint fucking when?
I will buy at least two, and I don't even need it


No. I'm still rocking my 2500K and I have no intention of upgrading my CPU or mobo.



>degree in math
>300k starting
>any job I want
Nothing fishy about math, unlike some other "sciences".

>full year
i really hope you meant 38k

>90k usd this year

>no, just built a PC and decided it was unnecessary.


But I graduate school in December so I will start making money.

HVAC money is going to be tight yo

>your annual income
$17,160.00 (Kill me)
>do you have M.2?
Yep just bought a 512GB OEM Version of the Hynix SC300 because it was cheap.

No cause I just use my work computer for everything lol

Yep, 512gb 950 pro

That's because 99% of m2 drives are sata based
Or they can't pass the 6GB/s bandwidth of sata
But da fyoocher is here


yes... at work : ^)

Plextor m8pe

Nope. I literally work 6-16 hours a week at $9 an hour. The reason my income is so low is because I took a semester off of school because of depression to try and find a better anti depressant/start a better diet/generally fix my lifestyle, so my psychiatrist recommended I get a part time job. I'm still living with my parents so it doesn't matter how low my income is.

My job is pretty sweet considering the position I'm in with my life. I work at Macy's in the back just tearing the plastic off of clothes after they get taken off of the truck and before they go out on display. I only work 3 (sometimes 4) hours a day for 2-4 days a week. It's a seasonal job, so I'll probably go back to school in January.

For what purpose..

>>your annual income
Would rather not say.

>>do you have M.2?
Yes. In fact same as pic related.
Speed difference compared to SATA SSD is negligible, I honestly went with it mainly for cable management…

>5 year usage grantee
How is this a pro. Samsung's normal SSDs have 10 years don't they?

would not say.. out with it you fag jew, this is an ANONYMOUS board

Just got an MB with it a few months ago. Probably get a 250GB M2 soon. currently i have a regular SATA one and an MSATA in a laptop

Why don't you wait for 3d xpoint if you already have an SSD?

Oh it's this thread again.

People mixing up a form factor (m.2) with a high-speed bus (PCI Express).

Really says a lot.

Zero (left my job due to shitty health).
No, my computer is a x58 board with an overclocked i7 920. Been using it for ages and still works great.

>People mixing up a form factor (m.2) with a high-speed bus (PCI Express)
Doesn't mSATA use PCI express? Doesn't that make it identical to M.2 SSDs?

>33,280 USD
>Yes I do.

But why are these relevant to eachother?
They are relatively cheap and so is a compatible mobo.

I mean I'm also am also six and a half feet tall with a fat dick. That has something to do with it too right?

Ssd are a meme. All ssd are a meme.

High storage >> Muh gotta go fast

AWS Sysadmin


Okay, we will be enjoying our meme over here, you can stay over there :^)

Could be worse. Dirty job but somewhat recession proof.

No and no.


>not having 15TB+ of HDDs and also using an M.2 SSD for boot and another SATA SSD for programs/games.


Also I'm jelly as fuck the post.

>one in my desktop, one in my server
>sm951 and sm950 pro

5k EUR
living with mom

And I might add that this was the most inane thing I've read today.


Might as well add that I have little use for an SSD in general since I rarely reboot


I own 4 850 evo's. 2 128's, a 256(mSata) and 1TB.

Maybe some day I'll buy one when I have a motherboard that supports m.2's full bandwidth. Which will probably be a while because everything I have is high end Haswell.

I've got m.2 cards for 12.99 and m.2 minis for 19.99 but without standoff screws

How long until you can be replaced by a normie on a

It's not that dirty really.




Whatchu talkin' bout? That guy is a normie on a $500 computer. His $300k "math" job doesn't exist.


something around $5k

no, but yes to SATA SSD


Still waiting for the prices to go down on the fast m.2's. At the moment they're a bit pricey for the 1.5gbps and the 500mbps ones arent a performance upgrade and would just ruin my white/black mobo aesthetics.
For now a normal SSD with my RAID0 HDD's will suffice.
If you never shut programs you dont have to worry about load times.

For most PC users? No.


Not yet, I do have 3 SATA SSDs though.
I'm waiting for the Samsung 960 to hit the market and I'm going to throw that into my new build.

No, I'm an AMD waitfag. I'll get one on an AM4 board though.