How is this acceptable?

how is this acceptable?

Found your problem

That iphone is old op it's either a 5 or a 5s.
The battery is probably dead, i get like 6 hours of usage on my 6s

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what the fuck

Apple has the best products in the market.

turn the brightness down, don't blast the speakers, use wifi instead of LTE,

>7 hours since last full charge
>5 hour standby
>2 hour sot
I thought iPhones were supposed to have good battery life.
My phone can probably last for 12 hours with 3-4 hours of sot and it's an Android.

Don't listen to this faggot with his old ass iPhone 6s. My iPhone 7 has superior battery life due to its removal of the high consuming jack

wish someone would jack your feeding tube so you'd stop consuming

>using discord on mobile
Your gaymen senpai can wait user

>probably spent hours streaming over LTE
>don't specify which phone you used or exactly what you did on Safari
>4 word shitpost

People here will lap up anything without question if its about Apple and something negative. Nobody here thinks.

>I thought iPhones were supposed to have good battery life.
No idea where you got that from

My older brother got the 4s when it came out and the standby on that thing was ridiculous. Granted, that was several years ago and I might just be remembering wrong.

Real life. Unless you're a cretin on 100% brightness with Bluetooth switched on.

I might be wrong & crazy but this seems to happen, when you have an update waiting. Once installed, Safari battery drain goes back to normal

Nice try

Just gonna leave this here. 3 year old 5s

Can't you shut that shit off by dialing background activity?

Sure you can but remember that high percentage doesn't necessary imply large value.

Moto G 2nd gen that cost less than a third of an Iphone



You really need to switch to Android senpai, I did and I don't regret it one bit.

You should try gsam m8, the rate of change graph and list of apps draining battery is really useful.

>tfw my z1 compact lasts 7 days on a single charge
Top kek. Feels great to have a fully debloated android (no gapps at all)

Your battery is dead m8. No, Android wouldn't solve the problem as retards itt think.

Are you retarded? If it was dead then it wouldn't hold up any charge at all. It's just iPhones being iPhones. Dogshit battery life on iPhones is literally EXPECTED. This is the main reason why external batteries as so popular with aplel users. OP is actually getting better battery life than usual on his iPhone, most don't make it to lunch.

Have a three year old Xperia Z1
Still has 5 hour SoT with a day of usage mostly web browsing

Why are you so angry? Any lipo battery will lose capacity over time, especially if it's exposed to heat. I have an old HTC One that lasts 30 minutes on a full charge. But the battery is still charging fine

>I don't know how batteries work
Why are Android users so technologically impaired?

Btw this is my iPhone 6s' battery life after 1 year of heavy use. I think it's pretty good

You get a full day of battery life with the apple(tm) external battery case? Impressive.

No mate just a cheap 5$ silicon case

>that kind of battery life on an iPhone without a battery case
Sure thing boss. I've owned 3 iPhones before I switched to Android btw.

I had it on minimum brightness for about 4 hours. If I don't I get 4 to 5 hours

My iPhone 6S plus would be the perfect phone if the battery power was doubled.

The part where it shows, that the phones has been charged is under the usage and standby as and independent text. The payed apple shill has purposefully made the screenshot with that part not shown on it. Nice try.

What the fuck are you on about?




>buying an iphone yet being to poor to afford portable batteries to recharge
maybe you should switch to android lol



iPhone 6 here. Pee pee poo poo

>you don't get it, you have to spend more to get the same thing you'd get in a cheaper phone
>but it's better because it costs more

What's the average battery life for an android phone/tablet?

>cherypicking the only test the 7 does worst than the 6s


My S3 is about the same as OP's phone.


Christ iPhones are fucking shit.

Posted from my 2 year old OPO with heavy use.

Literally 15+ hours wifi video streaming.