Fsf is cucked

>fsf is cucked
>linux foundation is cucked
>oracle, the arch-enemy of freedumbs is cucked oracle.com/us/corporate/careers/diversity/working-at-oracle/employee-resource-groups/index.html
>microsoft, the all time nemesis is cucked
>google is cucked
>apple is cucked

is there a SINGLE company not going full retard on the sjw bandwagon bullshit? its only a matter of time until fsf goes full retard. as far as software goes, openbsd and suckless tools are one of the few sticking their middle finger to all this crap.

and no, i dont trust stali linux since the kernel is cucked.

also fuck Chad, he ruins everything.


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employment benefits criteria for transfags, if this isnt pretty much shitting on them, i dont know what is.

>Mental health benefits

Normal and well-rounded perspectives are more widely adopted than backwards poltard ignorance.
Oh, the calamity.

It may not be obvious to you and your autistic neckbeard friends back in your hugbox of a board, pal, but in the real world close to nobody is sympathetic of, let alone aware of the extent to which you wish to go back to medieval times and revert centuries' worth of progress that has been made till now.

This kind of culture shock is what you get when you spend your best and most formative years wasting away in your mother's basement blaming your failures in life on whatever new scapegoat you can conjure up.

So by all means, go back to your "homogenous fascist utopia" of a board and keep circlejerking to each other about how you're all just perfect but da ebil sjws and joos are keeping you down.

But we ordinary people on other boards don't care at all for that.

Well said, too bad pol autist cant comprehend what they are reading


>is there a SINGLE company not going full retard on the sjw bandwagon bullshit

AZN/Yuropoor companies.

In my country, for example, hiring quotas are illegal, as well as making lists of what race/sexual orientation/whatever someone is. But even without the law, it's not seen very positively.

nice reddit spacing libtard

Asia is the best. They literally don't give a single fuck for this western SJW shit.

ok, say good bye to merit i guess. but your post wont stop me from creating threads like this one, stay salty.

and btw, ordinary people does not give two shits about technology since that does not impact their lives.

Fsf recently fired someone for being trans didnt you hear.... how is THAT cucked

>technology does not affect the lives of normal people
>current year
you're delusional mate

user is prolly referring to programming, FOSS, Linux etc. Not the latest iPhone and facebook and shit.

first of all they didn't. Second of all they are letting """leah""" walk all over them.

they don't care about the backend and such of technology.
That isn't what they care about.
All they care about is newest shit that gives them X

Top-tier post. Couldn't have said it better myself. Cred Forums is retarded on so many levels...


Not an argument.

Companies supporting SJWs will increase because SJW faggotry was invented by them in the first place in order to desperately profit from a manufactured conflict and from divert attention to irrelevant identitarian differences instead of the currently increasing tension and conflict between socioeconomic classes. Note how the creation of modern SJWs coincides with the economic recession, racial conflicts and the infiltration of the Occupy movement. BLM publicly supporting Hillary is also a clear example. Not even a conspiracy, the exact same thing happened with hippies.

This is due to a sociological phenomenon that can be explained with game theory, where a vocal minority decides over a silent majority. Consider if you have a store and 100 customers per day. They can go to a different store, but yours is the closest for them, so they prefer yours. Now, ten of these individuals are lactose intolerant, and you can only afford to stock one type of milk. Everyone who isn't lactose intolerant prefers the regular milk, but only five of them dislike it enough to shop elsewhere. Although almost everyone would prefer that you had the regular milk, whether they enjoy it or not is irrelevant as long as they keep shopping at your store, and stocking the lactose-free milk will yield 5 more customers. Your choice here is obvious. Other stores will be presented with the same dilemma, and in the end most stores (assuming they have the same logistic capabilities) will only stock the lactose-free milk while a few stores will cater to the 5% of customers who are unwilling to drink the lactose-free milk.

You are one of the five people who doesn't want to drink that shitty lactose-free milk, but in the world we live in, the lactose intolerant people aren't just lactose intolerant, they are offended by the very concept of regular milk.

Nicholas Nassim taleb talks about this in a chapter of his new book


How so? By letting leah take gnu off the name of a repo only she has commit rights to anyway

>We didnt fire her cause shes trans
Wow so cucked

Yes, exactly. Thanks for the link.

Is the thought process of the normals similar to why people complain about rising prices of gas but still buy it? They're not satisfied, but the amount of discontent they feel hasn't exceeded their tolerance threshold, so they don't seek alternatives. This leads to business strategies being "how much shit can we get away with to expand our market without our current customers leaving us?".

Windows is locked down and apying on me but i already know how to play vidya, fap and pirate mp3s so im content

>dont go full retarded on the sjw bandwagon
>get fined
I don't think so Tim.

FSF was always full of 'activist' types
The Linux Foundation exists because of corprate funding.
The rest of the corporations are the ones doing the cucking, they're not cucked when they're making profit.

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