Dongle thread

What flash drive do you use?

Is there a brand or specific model you're particularly happy or unhappy about?

Stories to tell?

SanDisk Ultra 64GB Dual USB Drive 3.0 OTG

Has a micro usb on the other side, literal god tier shit

I use my Phone with DriveDroid, can create an empty container up to 128gb to use as a flash drive.

If carrying an adapter isn't a problem, would it be better to get one with the dual connection, or a regular USB one and use it with a smartphone with the adapter?

Are there any significant disadvantages to having the additional MicroUSB (except maybe the higher price)?

Used a lot of different ones, not particularly happy or unhappy with a specific one. Have honestly not noticed a difference.

>flash drive
>Not carrying all you data in the cloud


I have a lot of cheap Sandick 4GB models from like 2011 that still work so I use those I haven't seen a need to upgrade yet.

>da cloud XD

Cred Forums is dead

>Implying it used to be better


>Those "64GB" printed in different points for every one

I don't anymore. I have a USB 3.0 dual card reader for my desktop (SD and MicroSD) and my laptop has a built-in reader.

Go compare the price of a 64 GB MicroSD card and a 64 GB USB stick. The MicroSD card will be cheaper.

Now consider this: You can hide a MicroSD card virtually anywhere. You can't hide a USB stick that easily, even if you buy the smallest ones available. This becomes kind of important if you're going to use those for backups.

Think about this: I sold some BTC for a minor amount ($200 or something) on Localbitcoins back in 2013 to some scammer who apparently paid using a stolen bank-account or something like that. The Police broke into my home and barked like dogs and confiscated or stole all my electronics (they put some things on the list of confiscated items and just stole other things). I eventually got a notice that no charges would be filed (I had done nothing wrong so there was no evidence they could use to charge) and got the items they did list as confiscated back (mostly in broken condition).

If you are thinking of using USB sticks as a backup solution then forget it, organized criminal organizations like the police will steal those. You need have small microSD cards or something like that hidden both in and outside your home to be sure you have a working backup if you get in a situation where you need it.

I don't use legacy hardware

Why not use a regular USB stick to carry your files around (in case you need to use it with other computers and such), and MicroSDs for backups?

SanDisk or Kingston
Also I can use my phone as a storage system as well
Suck it iCucks

>200 MB/s read
>120 MB/s write

Feels breddy gud

>organized criminal organizations like the police

I have two Leef 64GB USB 2.0 drives, one which I use for Gamecube games for my wii. I also have this drive , which while it is nice, the casing for it fell apart a week after I had it. Flimsy piece of shit, but it still works.

I also have 3-4 8gb flash drives for random shit.

He's not wrong. Look up "civil asset forfeiture"

ummm arent they all the same thing ?

-Mixza 32GB USB 2.0
Chinkshit that looks and works great but sometimes the type-A connector pops loose

-Sandisk Cruzer 4gb 2.0
Fine except for the shit slider that is annoying as fuck to push down and pull out

-Samsung metal 32gb USB 3.0
Gets hot as shit, read speed is great but write is barely above 20mb/s

-Patriot Rage 32gb XT 3.0
Pretty great USB 3.0 drive with a good TPU build and write speeds around 50mb/s
Do I have an older version or something? Mine hardly even gets above 60mb/s write.

-Kingston 256mb
I need to glue this thing back together because the connector is falling loose.

So, which one is the better brand (reliability, general quality, etc)?

If you had to choose one brand to choose a flash drive from, which one would it be?

Pic semi-related. Could also be something other than these three.

none of these. Especially with Sandisk you pay a premium just to have a brand name on it.

Buy the cheapest thing you can find that Newegg sells first-party.

My Friend's one too.
Mine hardly drop under 100 MB/s.
Dunno why 'tho

Aren't there reliability issues with no-name brands?

You wouldn't want to have your drive to die on you when you need it and you're away from home with your important files on it, right?

If the small premium (of at most a couple of tens of dollars) gives me less chances of that happening and a bit more peace of mind, then it's worth it IMO.

you need to avoid chink shit, because a lot of them will hack the firmware to report a larger size. The drive will say 64GB, your OS will show 64GB when you plug it in, but there's really only 4GB of flash on it, and if you put more than 4GB of files on it it barfs and corrupts itself.

But assuming you do manage to avoid chink shit then the only real difference between flash drives of a given capacity is price and how they look. Hence "buy the cheapest thing that Newegg (not a marketplace seller, Newegg themselves) sells at a given capacity level". They're all the same underneath. There's only a few companies that make flash and flash controllers.

Well, sometimes there's margins of error with the flash memory used, such as the Samsung metal bar ones that the 32GB ones write at 20mb/s and the 128GB ones write at more than double.

And how do you know which company uses the good ones and which uses the bad ones?

Also, isn't there a difference in how they're assembled?
Laptops generally have components made by the same few companies, but they have a distinct difference in reliability because even fi they use the same stuff, they put it together differently.

Samsung Bar USB 3.0 64gb

stay plebs, plebs

That's a spicy hot USB drive

>>And how do you know which company uses the good ones and which uses the bad ones?
They're all the same, for the purposes of a flash drive.

There's some sense in thinking about what controller and flash an internal SSD uses, but for a USB flash drive it's of no concern, since everything can max out the USB 3.0 interface.

>but they [laptops] have a distinct difference in reliability because even fi they use the same stuff, they put it together differently.
Laptops are far more complicated than a flash drive. The flash drive is literally one circuit board produced by the hundreds of millions, with a plastic shell around it.

>There's some sense in thinking about what controller and flash an internal SSD uses, but for a USB flash drive it's of no concern, since everything can max out the USB 3.0 interface.
I'm not concerned about speed, but about reliability.

>Laptops are far more complicated than a flash drive. The flash drive is literally one circuit board produced by the hundreds of millions, with a plastic shell around it.
But they still fail. Some must fail more than others, no?

prior to watching the television show Mr. Robot I never heard the phrase jump drive

>flash drives
>trusting devices that can fail at any given moment without a warning


Mah nigga

isn't this the same as an esata to usb cable?

best flashdrive I ever had was sandisk extreme 64gb

>250 read
>190 write

The problem is that I lost the damn thing.

probably still the fastest usb that doesnt look like a gaymer ram stick

Here, have one poorfag OP. Even you don't deserve to have to use a flash drive.

Read and write speeds? Does usb 3.0 bottleneck at all and if so how much?

>250 read
>190 write

Is that supposed to be good?


Corsair survivor stealth 64gb. Or cheap sandisk ones.

If I have to carry one in my bag, I carry a normal SSD in an enclosure.
If I have tu carry one in my pocket, I use a regular USB drive because having that brick in my pocket would be a bigger pain in the ass than using a shitty little dongle.

was breddy gud when I had it a few years back


It's the size of a credit card for fucks sake.

Except I can't put it inside my wallet because it's thicker than a smartphone, and also I'd have to carry around a cable.

No thanks.

Keep making excuses and stay poor, pleb.

Nigger I just told you I carry a regular SSD with an enclosure in my bag.

Not everyone is comfortable with wearing cargo pants user.

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Nice arguments user.

Maybe by the time you finish middle school your teachers will teach you how to use logic.

Nope user, if we talk about different sizes we are talking about controller with more channel than the small-sized one. Like ssds. The bigger, the faster in the same line.
If we talk about same size we probably have a different quality of the chip and a different combination of motherboard chipset and shit

That may be. But we know for sure you will still be poor.

memes are too lightweights. for me, any chink flash drive are good (except the fake size flash drives).
PS: more speed not necessarily raises your sex appeal level.

A bit insecure, huh user?

Maybe your wealth can buy some personality coach so you don't feel nervous about shitposting on Cred Forums anymore.

ive got the 128GB version
looks good and is quite fast

Oh, the irony. I have to tip my hat to this.

The 2gigs SP is for In The Groove 2 arcade
The Black/red one is a Live knoppix drive
The violet one has the installer for Crunchbang++
The white one has pics I took some time back
The black one (keys attached) has most of the important docs, pics, songs and other programs ever

The fucking moment any significant amount of people start using microsoft's or google's "cloud" they're going to start charging for rent.
>Oh well I'm going to Germanistan
>What do you mean I have to pay for a tv license to acess my data?

Literally who tf uses flash drive anymore. Anything can be be stored on your smartphone, you don't even need a usb cable. Just use airdroid nigga.

>not solid-state-electrical-flash-pen-disk

Only mongoloids call them dongles. Pen drives are pen drives.

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I'm sure you've got hundreds rammed in your prison pocket.

Terrible advice. Sandisk constantly top of the pops in benchmark testing. Kingston caught fiddling its figures.

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What a waste of dub-trip-dubs

So I use a galaxy note 7 (I fucking know guys) anyway, Im getting my replacement in a few days, and I saw that SD is coming out with a version of this drive thats for USB type c, should I fuck with it?

Yeah, like wtf

These are shit and keep fucking up when you make them bootable. At least that's what our IT department experienced.

Nobody makes cheap usb drives with write locks anymore? I can only find the ones from kanguru, and those are rather expensive.

My 12 year old one from TwinMOS only has 256 MB storage capacity, and that's not enough for what I need.

Would be useful for work where I have to run portable tools on malware infested computers. Also useful since many antiviruses just deletes tools from my drives since they're seen as "hacking tools". Tools like the ones used for fetching and saving passwords from outlook and ie.

I'll probably just get a 64GB one from kanguru if nothing else is available.

What does "keep fucking up when you make them bootable" means?
They shit the pants corrupting files or they just die?
Because i do regular distro flashing on them and i have had 0 problem over the 6 months i had it

Got one of these but returned it because of the overheating problem, apparently common among USB 3.0 drives. They might be OK for occassional use (plug in, copy files, unlplug). But for long-term attachment (my intended application), it is douttful whether a device that gets that hot could be trusted not to damange nearby peripherals (along with shortening useful life of its own memory). If only the manufacturers were not intent on making them so small; some of us would rather have a device six inches long that did not get hotter than a coffee mug after a few minutes of writes.

I have 2 Flash drives on my Key-chain a 120GB 3.0 SanDisk That has Tails on it and a 64GB 3.0 PNY for work stuff and has a TrueCrypt volume for GPG4usb and a hidden volume for Passwd's.

Both work really good and have had no problems with either. I've always wanted to get a Corsair Flash drive but, always forget about ordering one.

I dont see the point to be honest
I rarely need to move data between 2 computers

spotting fakes lol

in court when they say "not legally binding"

Kingston Digital DataTraveler GE9
Looks nice but gets hot and slow during load.

Indeed, i have the similar petite key
Will never fall off my keys

Kingston. Or SanDisk... I prefer Kingston though...

micro-usb connector

I only buy Sandisk.

pic related


Honestly, the paper could be seen as part of the seal.

Too bad the blue one is actually plastic hahahahahahaha

About the picture, how is "flash drive" god tier and "flash stick" is shit tier? Also UMS is a class of devices and doesn't specifically refer to USB sticks.

As for the question I don't even care as long as it doesn't corrupt my files for the limited time I'm using to transfer them.

Yeah, Cred Forums is dead as they cannot even have a system 24/7 to host files they may need. Instead they rely on having another device on them.

>USB sticks as a backup solution
Using flash devices that won't be on power for long time is a bad idea for backup regardless.

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now gtfo Samsung employee

>shits on flash drives
>posts an oversized samshit flash drive

The size of 4x64GB, at double the price, less space, and quadruple less data security. Also flash drives can be dropped from third floor with only scratches? I think this cannot do that.

About to pull the trigger on this one.

Too slow.

Is this a joke or you're serious?

I don't need extreme performance, as I only need it to move/carry files around, and the occasional light portable program.

Then it's fine. Why would you even ask about this? Everybody knows Sandisk makes great USB sticks.

IDK, maybe there's somethign I don't know or that I haven't considered.

It's great. I keep my loonix distro on a 64gb one. The writing speeds are anywhere between 110-130 Mb/s usually, with rare moments when it goes way above those.

thats a shame, havent used mine for long term attachment due to that reason also, but its handy when moving somewhat large files
im using a 256gb sd card as expansion storage on my xps 13 which is decent but the speed is slower than usb

Cool, thank you.

Yes, the speed was nice. Samsung makes the same model with a plastic shell, which probably does not get as hot to the touch--but with plastic, since the metal is not acting as a heatsink to help dissipate heat, the heat could theoretically be even more damaging to the internal components. Of course, maybe I am wrong; maybe the heat is not as risky as it seems. Those of us who are not hardware engineers may be confusing a "problem" with the "appearance of a problem." But in case of a real problem, people do not trust the manufacturers to give them honest information.