Tfw there are no more good browsers

>tfw there are no more good browsers

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Install gentoo


install chromium-nosync

dumb feelposter

I was looking at the Firefox 2 default theme and I almost cried. I miss the old days.

>tfw too intelligent to use chrome

There are tho, Google Chrome, Chromium & Chrome Canary are all God-tier. Only autists will say otherwise.

I'd use Chromium-based browser if only they fucking supported high DPI displays.

You sound ungrateful OP. If you want a better browser, make one. Don't know how? Then shut it.

Go back to krautshit you voldemort face. sage
>it's 2016 and still this meme is forced

Thank you firefox.

No there aren't. The last good browser died three years ago.

>tfw Chromium on Debian
>works like a charm
>tried Firefox ESR when it came out
>works like a charm
basically I have 2 great options, but first one works just fine

Firefox and opera are still great.

How about IceCat? It's litterally the same as Firefox but without all the bullshit. I thought this was Cred Forums, not Cred Forums about saying 'B-Baka, my browser is best browser!!!'

isnt firefox fixed once it is fast again aka electrolysis or whatever its called?

Opera is best browser
>built in vpn
>built in adblocking
>best bookmark manager

>>built in vpn

>>built in adblocking
Nothing beats hosts + uBlockOrigin

>>best bookmark manager
Nah, Opera 12 was the best and then Firefox. Try to manage 5000+ bookmarks with a CHromium browser. It'd make you want to kill yourself.

>now chinese owned

We're talking about two entirely different browsers.

firefox will never be fixed

the bloat is simply too big at this point

I'm waiting for a de-botnet midori fork

there's surf.

unfortunately firefox became bloated and I have to very often close it and open so that it doesn't hoard memory. still my daily browser because of extensions.


What happened to firefox? What i miss?

bloat, social justice warriors took over the project, botnet features

Midori is botnet? Since when?

>Not grabbing your html with wget and viewing in an email client.

>most browsers are now chromium based

There's no escaping this hell. The pleb proof settings page, the interface/shortcut changes and bugs that carry from one build carry over to another. It took months for that fucking screen flicker scrolling bug to get resolved that drove me up the wall. I've contemplated Firefox but from the posts of other anons that has gone to shit as well.

Please come back old Opera, I miss you.

>nothing, but I like to shitpost


>that has gone to shit as well.
It hasn't. If you ask someone what's wrong, you'll only get vague answers.

>what is Pale Moon

It even has a new rendering engine that isn't what Firefox uses. Just werks for me, even on my T420 it's plenty fast.

do your addons still work properly?
first question in the faq is already about plugins not working since theyre starting to diverge from firefox too much

>new rendering engine that isn't what Firefox uses
Goanna is a fork of Gecko.

How is Waterfox?

It depends on what plugins you mean, and what you mean by do they work. Do my specific plugin versions that I'm using right now work without issues? Yes. Right now I'm using:

MEGA 3.5.4
uBlock Origin 1.9.6
GreaseMonkey 1.15-1
4chanX userscript
ViewTube userscript 2016.8.30

Zero issues whatsoever. Don't see the need for anything else desu. Browser is fast as fuck and I love the UI of the Firefox 3. The only downside is that the version they forked can't play 60fps video on youtube. It can in webm format, just not YouTube. Oh well. Not a dealbreaker for me


midori is buggy and slow as hell, I doubt the fork will be worth it




Use ungoogled-chromium and qutebrowser you fucking moron

Mostly the reason why plugins don't work is simply because they're forking a version of Firefox that is too old for new versions of the plugin. Simply downgrading to previous versions works fine for me on most plugins.

But it is still unique to Pale Moon and is being maintained and tweaked for speed, which is all I'm saying. I enjoy using Pale Moon because it is essentially a snapshot of using Firefox 3, but with modern features and -average- compatibility with new plugins.

Just use Chrome.


No thanks.

>not just making your own broswer fork

Care to share some screencaps?

>what is vivaldi

Sure, what kind of screencaps do you want senpai. Like screencaps of my plugin screen?

no arch support

haha xdd


thank you for posting this, user. Trying it out now, its fast as fuck so far. I didn't want to use regular chromium because it still had many google botnets infested inside.

How 'bout Pale Moon as a Firefox alternative and Iridium as a Chrome alternative?

May I know what chromium botnets exactly are you talking about?

I was thinking more of an ui screencap, don't really know how the browser looks like



Safari is good, it's just a thin skin over standards-compliant WebKit. Too bad it's macOS/OSX/iOS-exclusive, those fuckers. Edge is good too, but lacks any kind of syncing whatsoever unless you happen to be one of the few people who made the mistake of buying a Windows phone. Lately I just use Chrome. Yes, it's botnet, not I don't care anymore. I just want a browser that lets me browse the internet without breaking too regularly and syncs between mobile/desktop without throwing a fit.

Yay I'm on a screencap.
Looks actually decent, I might switch to palemoon after all...
Thanks for being so nice user

>Yes, it's botnet, not I don't care anymore
Dude, you obviusly never cared

Yea, I use chrome too. It's the best for me.

Fucking trash.

lol, I don't use it, just saying that someone who says Opera 12 was the best browser should obviusly look into vivaldi

I have, it's ass.

I originally used Firefox, then swapped through numerous FOSS webki-based browsers like luakit/dwb/etc., chrome-clones, and so on before settling on what I think really are the better of the bunch. Safari is literally just a skin over the WebKit standard browser. It's nothing more than that. It's like how Chromium is the core of Chrome, but more WebKit is more minimalist. It's standards compliant, doesn't hog too much memory, well integrated into it's ecosystem, and won't shit the bed. Considering how many web browsers fail multiple or all of those points, Safari's a "good browser" in my book.

Edge is good because Microsoft is actively pushing for a fast, standards-compliant browser now that won't suck up all your memory. Hell, they rewrote an entire JavaScript parsing engine in a typesafe language just to do it. It's well integrated into it's ecosystem which, regardless of whether anyone gives a shit about the Windows ecosystem, is actually a plus.

Chrome is just Chrome. I think it's the worst of the best options because it's no longer fast, no longer stable or even relatively bug- and crash-free, and sucks up all your memory no matter what you're doing. On the other hand, it's the only browser with working, good cross-platform syncing for passwords and bookmarks.

>but more WebKit is more minimalist.
whoops, extraneous more there. My bad.

>Chrome is no longer fast
On what exactly do you base this statement?

>it's no longer fast

>and sucks up all your memory
Using 232 MBs which is 200 less than firefox.

Chrome's performance in Google's own Octane benchmarks compared to Edge.

Do you think someone will come along with a PKGBUILD on the aur soon to extract the .deb and convert it for pacman? I have no idea how to write one myself unfortunately.

Yes, I still use it over Firefox. That doesn't make it "the best", Chrome just has the feature I appreciate and use the most: working cross-platform sync. Just because I like and use Chrome doesn't mean I can't be aware of its shortcomings, you silly chromedrone.

(0.02 cents have been deposited into your account, etc. etc.)

>Safari is literally just a skin over the WebKit standard browser. It's nothing more than that.
Not really - it's been tailored to work on Apple's software with improvements such as using the Metal API and extra features like Reading mode

Although it's not radically different, I don't see why that's a problem. It's standards compliant

I don't think it's a problem. I think it's a good thing, hence why I put listed it as a good browser.

Shortcomings? Please elaborate.

Reread the thread I guess.

Waterfox is quite nice although I had a lot of crashes for a while (probably related to addons). Updates are fairly slow as well.

tried Iridium a couple of days ago
encountered serious issues with video/audio in a lot of pages that Chromium has not

>tfw there are no more good sites to browse

I didn't ask for this.


make one.

I didn't ask for those quads, but you delivered anyway.



>Chinese Chromium reskin is the best browser

Literally cannot believe I'm using a ms browser and have been for 6 months.

Did not think I would ever uninstall Firefox but what other choice do I have?

I use nightly, a dozen addons, hundreds of tabs, everything works fine. Not sure what issues people are having.

i use chrome cause of it keeps sync with my iphone , android phone and all computers with sign in process. also password remembering is amazing

i cant stand google botnet either but its must desu.

I'd use edge exclusively if it would sync to mobile outside of winphones.


no such thing

>can barely handle a few hundred tabs, they get smaller than an atom and the icon disappears, not only that but the tabs routinely crash, bleeds memory like a drug addict
>can't show more than a few bookmakrs without changing the order they appear
>can't play certain formats

>same thing but can play some formats

>is so shit that crashes on the install

>fucked icon, fucked download manager, pentadactyl doesn't work with newer versions

>same problem that chrome has

I am literally stuck on nightly 22, and even that now is shit because 4chanX doesn't work for it anymore, and a lot of shit doesn't work on.
Even then is still better than chrome, it can handle thousands of tabs that I throw at it no problem, tens of thousands of bookmarks and still works no problem.

Even and old and now busted alpha version of firefox from 3 years ago is better than chrome/chromium.

Only firefox has the plugins/security options that I want. I have a lot of tabs open, so many that I've split them into multiple profiles. I was excited about the e10s stuff finally being released... when it's on, performance goes to shit--huge lags and CPU use. Digging deeper I also find that its doing over 1000t/s which added up to 16MB/sec constantly. I tried turning off extensions, putting the profile on a RAM disk.. nothing. Then I remembered the e10s stuff and forced it OFF. Performance much better.

firefox is fine


I don't even go to news sites anymore, since it's all biased political trash. I just browse Cred Forums and watch videos on youtube now.

Enjoy having perfectly unique browser footprints

most of your plugins and addons are placebo

It's all shit, having unique footprints is the last of my problems.

I currently use qutebrowser which is comfy but the performance scales terribly (thanks to qtwebkit)

maybe blink/webengine will solve it, maybe it won't. I just don't want to go back to firefox..

Stopped being good about 40 versions ago.
Stopped being good exactly after 3. But Chrome was God tier then, maybe this skewed my perception.
While 12 is close to perfection, it's simply too old. Chropera is slowly getting there though, in my opinion it's the least worst browser. Mobile version is a no-brainer, even if you don't use desktop version to sync with.
>UI in JS
Detective by design.
Didn't try, has prerequisites I disagree with.

Im using Chromium for 3 months now, it works better than my last browser opera and probably better the browser before Firefox

The internet's become way too politically extreme, it's either hardcore alt-rights or nutjob sjws. i blame the isolated echo chamber culture.

Use Brave, by Brendan "Putting Fags in Body bags" Eich.

It sure feels good to be a problematic degenerate oppressive cuck

>not using Chromium

>tfw pale moon

>what is footprint spoofing


Obsolete, as well as firefox, doesn't have Wayland support.

its slow as fuck

>I just browse Cred Forums and watch videos on youtube now
When I'm watching a Youtube video, I just pop the link into youtube-dl and watch it offline.

hey guys, what about seamonkey?


Who determines what is good and bad?

The virtues in oneself

Read Euthyphro

Waterfox is pretty comfy, uses a lot of ram though

use Midori

What about muh addons?


>Firefox Hotfix 20160826.01
what the shit

are you me?

closed source is objectively bad though

so you're using IE?

Looks simple and fine to me.

This. Fuck the police.

I tried inox but went back to fx dev.

what's best google chrome or chrome canary ?

If you're gonna use Canary, you might as well use Chromium.

Edge, Safari, the latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, etc, in popular OSes, etc are fine in that case

But once you use Pajeet's latest tweaked chromium build on Arch or some shit, and/or have dozens of plugins, your footprint is as unique as it can be.

You can avoid that by using a popular user agent and blocking all JavaScript, but that only gets you so far and most of your pages will be crippled

just switched to brave, i like to think that after fags shitting on him have distanced him from the cancer plaguing FOSS communities while blocking tracking 2bh

I've been doing the same. It's not that difficult, it works better on my shitty internet connection, and you lose nothing by leaving youtube itself unless you god forbid, care about the comments.

I've started moving more and more away from stuff in the browser, mostly because I don't find modern sites to actually be very usable.

Also, fuck everysite that wants to pull down 2+ megabytes of JS and images. A lot of us still use third world tier internet.

Browsers have become too complicated.
There is almost no way to make a good browser and maintain feature parity.